Show and Tell Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hi! Happy Tuesday!
Today, I am linking up with Andrea and sharing all about my beauty routine!

Behold: The oldest hot rollers you have ever seen! HA!
No seriously- these rollers are ancient!  My brother got them for me when I was 16 as a birthday they are pushing 18 years old!  But they still work great- so I keep using them!

Anyway...I start off my beauty routine by plugging in my curlers and letting them warm up.
Then, I take my tweezers and pluck my eyebrows.  I have dark hair and a lot of it :)  I feel like my eyebrows grow SO fast!  Needless to say, I make sure to give them a daily once over and pluck any hairs that need to be gone!  I feel like my face automatically looks so much fresher once I have my eyebrows taken care of! Is that weird?? :)
Okay- so once my curlers are hot- I start rolling my hair.  
As you can see I look PRETTY darn amazing before I even start curling my hair! HA!  
Because I have so much hair, I separate it into sections.  I start with a bottom chunk of hair and use my biggest rollers. A tip that someone gave me, that has totally changed the way my curls come out- is to curl your hair around your hot roller just like you would on your curling iron.  So- I take a section and start with the curler in the middle- then I wrap the bottom piece of hair around the curler and then finish up by rolling the curler upwards to my head. Once I am done with the bottom section of my hair, I curl the middle section of my hair and then finally do the top section. Uninterrupted, this takes me about 10 minutes!
While I am curling my hair, this is my view :)  My youngest daughter's favorite thing to do is take alllll the pillows off of everyone's bed and make a pile of them for James and her to play on.  Great idea Celine!! 
This activity will allow mommy to finish her hair and put on her makeup! HA!
After I have all my curlers in, I spray a GENEROUS amount of hairspray all over my head.  This is my favorite hairspray!! I have used it for at least 6 years- it is light and doesn't make your hair crunchy (at least not my hair- I feel like different textures of hair can react differently to hair products), but it holds my curls really well.  Love my big ol' can of aerosal hair spray! HA!
Oh look who got tired of playing on the pillow mountain!  
James' favorite thing to do while I am doing my hair and putting on my makeup is to pull everything out of the cabinets until he has found a certain box filled with feminine products.  Forget balls and trains...this boy just wants to throw tampons all over my bathroom! HA!
While my antique hot rollers are working their magic, I put on my makeup!
Since it is summer time, I am not using a foundation or tinted moisturizer.  I just go straight for my pressed powder then I use this cream blush, and then apply this bronzer all over my face!
Onto my eyes! I have used Cover Girl Champagne eye shadow as my "base" for years now.   I apply some of that to my eyelids and then use my favorite eyeliner on both my bottom, inner eyelids and my top eyelids.  I blend my eyeliner in a little bit and then apply my favorite mascara.  I use a good solid 5-6 coats of mascara on my top lashes and a very light coat to my bottom lashes.

Some days, I will just use my cover girl eyeshadow and that's it.  Other days, I like to add a little bit more color.  If I do add an accent color, I use my Naked palette by Urban Decay.  I LOVE these eyeshadows! I have had my palette for almost 3 years!! 
My favorite accent color to use is is a light, shimmery gray color- SO pretty!
After my makeup is done, I take out my curlers, brush out the curls with a wide tooth comb and give my hair another good spray :)  
I have some pretty big hair right after I take my curlers out...but it always deflates- especially in the summer time :)

This is my most "involved" beauty routine.  I do this once a week, on Sunday mornings, before church.  I usually start curling my hair around 6:30 am- and am done with my hair and makeup by the time I need to feed my crew breakfast.  Getting myself "ready" is super important to me- so I have to carve time out to do it!

During the week, my beauty routine is a little less involved.  Most days, I take a shower at the gym after I work out.  I will either use some dry shampoo and wear my hair down or throw it up in a bun.  I always do my makeup- but that usually only takes about 7 minutes. 

For me, my beauty routine is a "must" for me.  I am that girl who shows up to have a baby with full makeup on and my hair done- HA!  I feel my best when I have taken 10-15 minutes to apply some makeup and do a little something with my hair!

Here is my "after" curled, makeup done, and the cutest baby ever on my hip!  

What kind of beauty routine do you have?? Are you like me- and do full hair and makeup? Or more like my mom? She can spritz a little water in her hair and apply a bright red lipstick and be ready to go!  

Hope you have the best day!
Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. I wish my hair looked that good before I did anything to it! Jealous, I have stick straight hair and I love some good curls!

    1. Hi Lindsay! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! Let me tell you- I don't know if you want my "before" hair- it is WILD-HA! Thanks for your sweet comments!! :)

  2. Your hair looks great! You've found something that works, so why change it? Hot rollers are still great!

    1. Hi Kathy! I totally agree with you- if it isn't broke- don't fix it! HA! Hot rollers are great and I love thinking about my sweet brother buying his 16 year old sister hot rollers for Christmas every time I pull them out to use them! :)
      Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments!!

  3. Love this!!! I haven't hot rolled my hair in ages but I should give it another try!!

    1. Hi Erika! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! If I have extra time, I use my curling iron, but using hot rollers can give me the same "results" in such a shorter amount of time! I love using mine! You should totally pull yours out and give them a try! :)

  4. Ok I totally need to check out hot rollers, you are beautiful mama!

    1. Hi Cara! YES! Hot rollers are SO awesome! I love that I can have them in and they are working their magic while I am getting my makeup put on! It definitely saves me a lot of time!!
      And you are so sweet- thank you for your kind comment!! :)
      Have a great day!! Justine

  5. Okay, you look so great! I haven't thought about hot rollers in ages, but I think I've still got a set tucked back in a closet somewhere. Beautiful make up, too!

    1. Kelly! You are so kind! Thanks for your sweet comments! And YES- find those hot rollers! They are great!! :)

  6. I totally use hot rollers sometimes, too. Love them. So quick and easy. I, too, showed up to give birth in full hair and make-up. I just felt better, you know?!
    The BB

    1. LOVE that you showed up with your "face on" and hair done when you had your baby! Just like me!! :)

  7. You aren't the only one with ancient hot rollers! I inherited mine from my mom so I have no idea how old they are!

    Also, you look like Connie Britton in your last picture -- gorgeous!! :)

    1. Angela! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! LOVE that you use ancient hot rollers too! HA!
      You are so sweet to say I look like Connie Britton!! What a HUGE compliment!!
      :) Justine

  8. Can I have your before hair? Love it! I keep things pretty simple with my makeup on most days. And my hair? UGH! I style it or curl it and about 10 minutes later it falls flat. Usually ends up in a topknot most days.

    And I agree with Angela look a lot like Connie Britton from Nashville/Friday Night Lights! Beautiful!

  9. I am on the hunt for a good pair of tweezers. Do you love yours?

    1. Hey Ramona!! My all time FAVORITE pair of tweezers just broke after having them for about ten years. They were Tweezer brand and worked SO well. I needed a new pair immediately when my Tweezer pair broke- so I ran to to Target and got the pair pictured above by Revlon. They are okay. They were only $10 and they get the job done- but I would highly recommend checking out the Tweezer brand!!


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