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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hi! How has your week been?? 
We have had Vacation Bible School all week- so our schedule has been a little different.
My 3 older girls are attending VBS while I take James with me to volunteer in the nursery.  There is a group of us that is watching all the kiddos 2 years and under who's parents are volunteering at VBS.  
So, I have been spending my mornings this week watching about 20 toddlers and babies!

While it is definitely a long morning- we get there at 8:30 and we aren't home until 12:45- my girls are having a blast and I am having a lot of fun hanging out with a bunch of cute kids and some women who go to my church, but who I have never met before! 
There are adult volunteers in the nursery and then there are about 10 young ladies, in junior  high and high school volunteering as well.  I have been SO blown away by how awesome these girls are!! They are SO helpful, so kind, wonderful with the children- I have really had so much fun getting to know all of them!

Let's see what else I can ramble about today.....

My kids go back to school in 2 1/2 weeks!! I am SO sad about this!! I have absolutely loved summer with my kids!! So much so that I asked my oldest daughter if she wanted me to homeschool her this year- HA! I was being only being half-serious- but she immediately, granted with a sweet smile on her face, said- "NOPE! I want to go to school!"  DARN! :)
In all honesty, I think I would entertain homeschooling my children if I felt more equipped to teach them.  Just because I have 2 college degrees doesn't mean I am cut out to be a teacher! I seriously don't think I could get beyond 2nd grade math if my life depended on it- HA!  

My precious baby James is SO dang cute. I really can't handle him!! He is "talking" up a storm- but still hasn't said a "real" word yet....he is following several little 1-step directions like- go get your milk, wave bye-bye, clap your hands! and my personal favorite- give me a kiss.  I literally ask him to do this 10 times in a row and the sweet boy walks over every time I ask him and plants a big open mouth kiss on me. CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH!!

When you get your hair colored or highlighted, do you ever feel like your hair needs a week or two for it to "adjust" to the color?  I always feel like my hair looks better about one week post getting highlights.  I got my hair done last Tuesday and I really liked it when she was finished, but now after washing my hair a couple of times- I am LOVING the color.  I don't know- I am probably just super weird! HA!

The weather has been absolutely GORGEOUS here the past few days and since we have been at VBS all morning, we have been hitting up the pool every afternoon.  Our family LOVES the pool.  My kids NEVER get sick of swimming- which I think is so awesome! I love having a place, outdoors, for my kids to just play and have tons of fun.  Yesterday, my girls were all playing at the splash pad together, making "stew" in one of their buckets...and I just said a huge prayer of gratitude for that moment and tucked away the simple, precious memory of my girls smiles and sun-kissed faces.

Fortunately for kiddos are all up and at 'em (I usually write my blog posts early in the morning :) so my rambling must come to an end :)

Hope you all have the best Friday EVE!

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