Menu Plan Monday + Some Fun Grocery Store Deals!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hi!! Happy Monday!  It is a big day at our house- my two youngest daughters start preschool!  Cora went last year and is very excited to start 4 day Pre-K this year! My little baby girl Celine is starting 3 Day Beginner preschool and I just know she is going to have SO much fun!! 

How was your weekend?  Has school already started in your area?  Or is it starting soon?

In my most recent Friday Favorites post, I mentioned a new store had opened just down the road from our house (it is so close we can walk there!!).  It is called Fresh Thyme and it seriously is my new happy place!  They have EXCELLENT sales, so I have been checking their weekly flyer before I hit Aldi.  While the "regular" prices of their items are higher than Aldi, a good amount of their sale items are cheaper than Aldi's prices- which is kind of crazy- because Aldi has lloooowww prices :)

Anyway- here are some awesome deals I took advantage of:
Fresh, beautiful green beans: 0.88/lb!  I got this huge almost 3 pound bag of beans for $2.42!!

Boar's Head Ovengold Roasted Turkey lunch meat- $6.99/lb!  That is nuts!  Boar's head is usually $9.50 to $10/lb- the lowest price I have ever seen it is $8.99/lb.  They have weekly, awesome sales on various kinds of Boar's Head lunch meat! 

And now for my favorite Aldi find of the week!  I have mentioned several times how much I LOVE peanut butter.  I don't love the fat and calories that just come in 2 tiny tablespoons of regular peanut butter- so one of my favorite alternatives is Better N Peanut Butter.  I usually get mine at Trader Joe's for $5.99/jar.  I checked at Fresh Thyme and it is $6.49!  As I was walking down the "seasonal buys" aisle (our's is parallel to the produce section at our Aldi) I saw my favorite Better N Peanut Butter for $3.99!!! YAY!  My first reaction was to buy a whole case....but after my initial excitement wore off and I told myself to calm down over a jar of peanut butter- I put just one in my cart.  I am REALLY working on sticking to our grocery budget (which we have lowered- so that's been a fun challenge- HA!) and I just can't over buy on things I don't NEED for the week!  Needless to say- I am crossing my fingers they still have some more next week so I can get another jar!! :)

Okay- now onto our menu plan for the week!  My husband is gone two nights this week for work meetings- so some of our meals are super simple :)

Here is what we are eating!

Monday: Mexican Crockpot Chicken Burrito Bowls

Tuesday: Grilled cheese, cucumber/carrot sticks and watermelon

Wednesday: Taco Chips + Green Beans

Thursday: Baked Chicken Tacos

Friday: Pizza Night

Saturday: Dinner Out!

Sunday: Grilled polish sausage, mac 'n' cheese and steamed broccoli

For tonight's dinner, I am going to put a few chicken breast in the crockpot with about 1 1/2 cups of salsa and cook them on low until they are cooked.  Once the chicken is done, I am going to shred it up and we will be ready to assemble our burrito bowls! We will also be having some Spanich quinoa I picked up at Aldi, and for toppings, we will have romaine lettuce, sharp cheddar cheese and sour cream! SO easy and SO good.  I know this is a common meal for a lot of people- for good reason!!  

Tuesday night, Aaron will not be home, so it is grilled cheese night at our house!  My girls will be very happy about this :)

On Wednesday night, Aaron will be gone again, so I am going to make cheesy taco chips for the girls.  I just break crunchy taco shells in half, sprinkle some shredded cheddar cheese on them and put them under the broiler until the cheese is melted.  Sometimes I will add ground turkey or chicken on top too.  The girls think they are yummy and I love that there is no complaining at the dinner table :)

Thursday night, I am taking the leftover chicken I made in the crockpot on Monday and making baked chicken tacos with it.  Pretty self explanatory:)- just stuff some chicken and cheese in crunchy taco shells, pop them in the oven at a hight temperature or on broil and let the cheese get melted.  We top our tacos with the traditional favorites: salsa, sour cream  and lettuce!

Friday night, my parents will be here for a weekend visit!  We are going to get some Take N Bake pizzas from Papa Murphy's! Our local Papa Murphy's has $5 Take N Bake pizzas- you just can't beat that!!  My parent's are all about their 5:00 happy hour, so while they are sipping on their wine and we are baking the pizza, I am going to put out some hummus, veggies, cheese and crackers.  I love having an excuse to make things just a little fancier than usual!! 

Saturday night we plan to pick up some barbecue and fried chicken for dinner. My mom is going to bring some homemade mashed potatoes and I am going to make coleslaw.  It will be the perfect "semi-homemade" meal!  And I know my Texas born and raised hubby is VERY excited about getting to have some brisket :)

For Sunday's dinner, we are keeping it SIMPLE.  I know we will all be tired from our busy weekend with my parents and I will NOT want to be doing much in the kitchen.  I am planning on us grilling some polish sausage, making some mac'n' cheese (my kiddos enjoy the organic kind from Aldi), and steaming up some green beans.  Easy and yummy and no fuss.  Just what we will need before we start another busy week of school and work!

Do you have a meal plan for the week? Have you found any great deals or new products that you are loving?

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Monday and an awesome week!

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