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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hi! Sooo...we were supposed to be leaving for a fun little trip to Cleveland today...but my oldest daughter came home from school yesterday feeling awful and went to bed with a 102.5 fever.  My 2nd oldest daughter came into our room at 4:00 am this morning..saying she couldn't sleep- which she NEVER does- and low and behold...she has a 101.5 temperature!! UGH.  Sooo...yeah.  NOT fun. Poor girls- I know school germs are just part of the territory- but I really do hate when they decide to attack at a time like this!  

Anyway...trip to Cleveland or daughter Cora's birthday is tomorrow!! 
At my girls' school- you are allowed to bring a "birthday treat" to share with the class...but it has to be a NON food item!  I don't know about you- but every birthday treat I think of- is a FOOD item- HA!
I really had to do some thinking about what she could bring her class...because I am NOT a fan of just buying little, cheap trinkets at the dollar store.  I know it might not sound very nice- but I always cringe when my girls come home with some tiny toy that is going to break within 5 seconds of touching it. So- with that thought it mind- I wanted to get a treat that her friends could actually use.  The idea we came up with was FUN SOCKS!
We totally utilized the Target Dollar Spot for these treats.  It can be SO hard to find BOY and GIRL treats!  Girly stuff is SO easy to find...but cute boy stuff- man- I have a hard time finding it!  
We got the 8 boys in her class a mix of Cars, Dragons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle socks!  
The girls got Hello Kitty Socks!  
About 9 months ago, I was shopping the Dollar Spot at Target and saw a LOAD of girl socks on clearance! Honestly- I was SO surprised that things would be on clearance- in the DOLLAR spot!  Anyway- I picked up enough socks for Cora and Charlotte to give away as favors at their birthday parties for the upcoming year and just tucked them away.  Well...Cora has decided to have a family party this year- so we didn't need the socks as favors.  We were able to use them for her birthday treats at school and we had enough left over that she can give a pair to her sisters :)  

All that to say- I got the girl socks for $0.50 each and the boy socks for $1.00 each. For 12 kiddos- I spent $10!  SCORE! :)

We put the socks in a clear little gift bag, Cora made her own name tags and we tied them up with a little ribbon.  They turned out so cute and she was so excited to give them to her friends!  

If we hadn't ended up doing socks as the birthday treat, here were a couple other ideas that I thought would be cute...

My girls are ALL about coloring- especially with markers.  I thought a fun idea would be to give each kiddo a pack of markers along with a little notepad.  These WASHABLE markers are $0.50 each at Walmart (and I think they are just as great at Crayola!) and a pack of 4 little notepads is $1 at my local Dollar Tree.  Such a fun little treat- that won't break the bank if you are having to buy for a larger sized class or party!

I thought this idea was so cute!  I am sure you can find sunglasses, probably on clearance now, since summer is winding down at Walmart, Target or your local dollar store!  Also- I love that this is an easy unisex treat.  All neon colors, minus hot pink, work for both boys and girls! And honestly- some boys might even rock the hot pink!! I know my husband would- HA! :)

Here are a few other ideas I had for NON food birthday treats:
- bubbles/bubble wands
- coloring books
- set of watercolor paints for each child
- play-dough

Now it is your turn- does your kids' school require birthday treats to be NON food?  If so- give me some ideas!!! My oldest daughter's birthday is up next and my youngest daughter will have to bring treats next spring- I need to start stockpiling ideas!! :)

Hope you have a wonderful day!! 

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  1. What cute gifts, lady! I bet everyone will love it :)!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the sweet comment! :)

  2. Cute ideas!! It would stress me out to bring in non-food treats for birthdays...but you made it look easy!

    1. Leigh! It does stress me out to think of non-food treats! HA! Thankfully- the socks were a hit- so I might just do those for my other two girls' birthday treats as well! :)

  3. Our treats have to be non food this year too! Thanks for the ideas; I am all set for the first graders. I will be stalking this post and comments for older kid ideas. 3rd grade? I think the girls would still love the socks, but what about the boys? This happens when we go in for mystery reader as well, it has become a thing that you bring a treat for the kids. Also, I am choking back the sobs about the C'land trip not happening. So sorry your crew isn't feeling well. My girl is a mess too. YUCK.

  4. Seriously! What a great idea with the socks!!! At my oldest daughters school, they can bring in treats for birthdays. They encourage a healthy treat. And it has to be nut free and egg free. That can be really difficult. So usually it's a fun fruit platter that I bring in. And sometimes I make a fruit dip to go along with it =)

    1. Hi Johannah! I love the idea of a fruit tray with a yummy "dip" to go with it!! Also- I have seen people do really cute fruit skewers in rainbow colors..that's a fun idea too!


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