Thoughts for Thursday!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hi!! Happy Thursday! This week kind of flew by for us!!! How has your week been?

My plans were to share some pictures from our vacation today...but I changed my mind after putting my oldest daughter to bed last night.

Charlotte starts first grade today and she is SO excited!  She keeps saying, "Mommy- can you believe I am in a GRADE now?!?"  If I am being honest- no I really can't! HA!  I can still vividly remember every detail about going into labor with her 6 weeks early and then delivering a tiny perfect little baby girl.  And now she is off to FIRST GRADE.  

In the past I have struggled with these "growing up" milestones.  I was a mess when I dropped her off on her first day of preschool (that she attended 2 times/week for 2 1/2 hours-HA!) and don't even get me started on her first day of kindergarten last year.  Heck- I got emotional on her LAST day of kindergarten!

All that to say...these milestones, while they cause me some emotional angst- are actually beautiful reminders that I am blessed with a growing, healthy, thriving 6 1/2 year old.  It is an absolute privilege to be able to send her to school, where she feels loved, is safe AND gets to LEARN!  Instead of wallowing in my own momma emotions, I am choosing to be JOYFUL and just so darn happy that I have such a special little girl that can't wait to walk into her first grade classroom.  

So back to last night, when I was putting her to bed....I asked her how she was feeling about her first day of school and her little lower lip started to quiver.  This is very uncharacteristic for my Charlotte, as she typically holds in her feelings.  I asked her why she was started to cry and her little voice squeaked out, "I am excited to go to school...but I am going to miss you."

Well...she summed up exactly what I was feeling too.  

Here's to another "first" for my daughter and I to experience together...FIRST GRADE!! 
I am so thankful and grateful God chose me to be her momma!!

Linking up with Annie and Natalie today!


  1. This is so sweet. Charlotte did sum it up perfectly. Pulls my heartstrings!

  2. The first day of school is always a hard one. I remember the night before Emma went to kindergarten I was driving home from work and the song by Darius Rucker "it won't be like this for long" came on and I just started bawling. I hope today goes well for both of you!!!

    1. Hi Johannah- oh my gosh. I would have done the same exact thing!! Haha! Her first day went great- now to have our first day of preschool for my two younger girls on this upcoming Monday...and then hopefully my momma emotions can get a little break- HA!

  3. That is beautiful! I got a little emotional putting my 3rd and 1st grader on the bus this morning and we have been through that motion plenty of the past few years - every once in a while it just gets you!

    1. Hi Leigh! You are right- sometimes the emotions just sneak up on you!! I hope your precious kiddos have had a great first couple days of school!!


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