Weekly Walmart Finds: School Uniform Edition!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hi!! How has your week been going so far?? oldest daughter goes back to school tomorrow and my other two daughters go back to preschool this upcoming Monday.  I am so not ready to get back on our "school schedule" but I don't have a choice in the matter- HA!  Time for momma to suck it up! daughters' attend a Catholic school and they are required to wear uniforms.  My oldest daughter's uniforms must come from a specific uniform store; but, my 2 younger daughters' uniforms can be bought anywhere- as long as they are in the right color scheme.

Walmart happens to have an awesome "uniform store" and that is where I get all of my younger girls' school clothes! The quality is great and you can NOT beat the prices!

I love this polo shirt for my girls.  It is SUPER soft, comes in several colors, including navy, white and red, which are our preschool's approved uniform colors (also comes in light blue, soft yellow, hunter green and pink!) They are only $4.97 each!! And for the colder months, Here is the long sleeve version!
This is the toddler sized jumper my daughter Cora wears.  It also comes in navy and is only $9.97!!  If you are looking for a "girl" size- check out this jumper. I love when Cora wears her jumper- I think she just looks so darn cute in it!! :)
This navy polo shirt dress is SO cute! I love how easy it is too!  Some days having to put on a shirt AND a skirt can just be too much- HA! This dress takes care of that- put it on with some white socks and a big white bow- and we are good to go!
I love this skirt and leggings combo!! Since it is still hot right now, Cora will just wear the skirt (she will wear a pair of bike shorts underneath it)- and then when it gets colder- she has leggings to wear with it!  This combo was only $11.97! 

This is the skort my daughter Celine has- in both navy and khaki.  I LOVE that there are already shorts built in the skirt!  The shorts are not super tight though- so she is easily able to wear leggings under the skort during the colder months.  

Walmart has SO many options for school uniforms- I only talked about what we actually own.  You can check out their entire "uniform shop" here!

If you aren't a huge Walmart person (I totally understand!! Some people just aren't! :), I know Target, Kohl's, and Land's End all have great uniform shops!  Also- if you have Meijer grocery stores in your area- they also carry really nice school uniforms in the their kids' clothing department! your kids have to wear school uniforms?  I know it is not just a "private school" thing- a lot of the public schools in our area also require you to wear a uniform.  I personally LOVE uniforms!  It makes getting my kids dressed in the morning SO easy- because they only have a few clothing items to pick from.  Also- it totally helps our overall clothing budget- because my girls don't need as many "regular" clothes- because they are only wearing them on the weekends!  

Hope you have the best day...we are going to soak up our last day of summer by spending it at the pool!! :)


  1. Cute! We had uniforms for 3 years and no longer do....I miss them!!!

    1. Hi Leigh! Bummer that your kiddos don't wear uniforms anymore! Do your kids miss them as much as you do?

  2. I can't even begin to tell you how much I wish my daughter had uniforms at her school. It would make mornings so much easier at our house, and kids look so cute in them too =)

    1. Johannah- I LOVE that my girls wear uniforms!! It seriously simplifies everything!! I think it is a win-win situation for everyone! Who knows? Maybe your school will change its policy in the next few years?? I know a lot of schools are moving towards students wearing uniforms!

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