Currently: 4 Things I Can't Live Without!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!!

Soooo....I was going about my day yesterday and for some random reason started thinking about, "what items I truly can't live without." 
Many things came to mind...but I narrowed it down to 4 items that I make sure I am never without :)
(Obviously this is melodramatic and I can definitely live without all of these things....but for the sake of being a drama queen- play along with me :)
//1// My sunglasses. For some reason, I have freakishly sensitive eyes and HAVE to wear my sunglasses pretty much any time I am outside. Even on cloudy, sometimes rainy days- I will be wearing my sunglasses. I definitely can't drive without them. Even if I just pop outside with the kids for 10 minutes to play in the back yard- I HAVE to have my sunglasses. I have tried to go without them and always end up getting a head ache from squinting. I am so obsessed with always having a pair of sunglasses on hand- I own two of the exact same pairs :) I keep one in my sunglasses holder in my van and another pair tucked away in my diaper bag- just in case :)

//2// Coffee. I am just going to go ahead and admit it- I am addicted to coffee. And I am totally okay with that :) It is truly my only vice in life. And if my life depended on it- I could definitely stop drinking would be a slow, painful process- but I think I could get there. BUT- I have NO plans on doing that! HA! Not only does coffee give me that extra boost I need in the morning (and, ahem, in the afternoon), I really enjoy drinking it. I LOVE waking up super early, while the rest of my family is asleep and sitting down with my first cup of coffee. We always have coffee on hand and if we realize we might not have enough for the next morning- you can bet Aaron is doing a late night grocery store run! HA! (And we aren't fancy coffee drinkers- good ol' Maxwell House is what I am currently sipping on :)

//3// Baby wipes. I am OBSESSED with baby wipes. I use them for EVERYTHING! Obviously- I use them multiple times a day when changing James :) But- if our bathroom sink needs a quick wipe down- 2 baby wipes totally does the trick! My girls get peanut butter all over their hands and face from eating their PB sandwich at lunch? I am wiping them down with a baby wipe. James decides to throw his applesauce on the kitchen floor- you guessed it- I am grabbing a baby wipe to clean up the mess. I literally have baby wipes EVERYWHERE in our house and in several places in my van. I do NOT leave home without a pack of baby wipes- HA! We use the Up and Up brand from Target and actually get a box of them sent to our house monthly. I use their subscription service and it's great!

//4// My pregnancy pillow. I have had my pregnancy pillow since I was pregnant with James and I know the reason I sleep so well- especially while pregnant with James and now this baby is because of my pregnancy pillow! It is SO comfortable, totally provides support for me in all of the achy areas of my body and I would definitely go to pretty extreme measures to make sure I wasn't without it! HA! Even my girls are obsessed with it- I will walk into my room and my youngest daughter will have dragged it on the floor and she will be on snuggled up in it playing with her stuffed animals! :)

And there you have. Right now- the four things I can't without :) 
As you noticed- I didn't mention any facial care/beauty/hair products...that's a whole separate post on it's own! HA!

What about you? I would love to know some things you MUST HAVE in your daily life!
What are some items you currently use ALL the time and can't live without? 

I hope you have the BEST day!

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  1. This is great! I have a pair of sunglasses in my car & in the house & I can rarely drive without them, too.

  2. I am like that with my sunglasses, and I'm trying to get my daughter Grace to start wearing them. She has always squinted so much in the sun, so she must be extra sensitive to the light. I can try to take a picture of the two kids outside, and she is always squinting while Jack has his eyes wide open.

  3. I am the exact same way about sunglasses. Anytime I am outside, I HAVE to have them on. Even if it's cloudy, snowing or raining, haha =) And coffee...I'm right there with you! #addicted
    I hope you have a great Tuesday, Justine!

    1. Coffee addicts UNITE! HA! And I am glad to know I am not the only one who HAS to have their sunglasses with them at all times! HA!

  4. This post speaks to me! I am the same exact way with my sunglasses!! I have several pairs stashed places and back ups in my car in case I leave my "good ones" at home. I'm also obsessed with baby wipes. They are in my car too and I don't have a baby just yet... and I can't sleep without my snoogle!!!! 5 more weeks until I meet this little baby and I don't know that I'll stop using it when he arrives!! As for the coffee - I prefer my coffee in ice cream form!! Haha

  5. I am with you on sunglasses - on cloudy days I am constantly putting them on and back off, on and off to adjust to the light. Happy Tuesday!!

  6. I'm the same way with sunglasses! It's so hard for me to concentrate or do anything outside on a sunny day without sunglasses! I fell ya girl!

    1. Seriously! My husband is the exact opposite and doesn't really wear sunglasses- and I do not understand how he can be outside all day, especially when it is sunny and not have a migraine!!

  7. Fun list! I've always heard great things about those pregnancy pillows. I'd say I can't live without my phone, iced coffee of the mocha variety, jelly beans and my planner :) Thanks for linking up with us today!

  8. I soooo agree with you on the baby wipes!!

    1. Obsessed with them! Seriously!! I know I even when I no longer have a kid in diapers I will still be using them! HA!

  9. 1. Coffee 2. Coffee 3. Wine 4. Coffee

  10. I am totes with you on the whole sunglasses thing. I can NOT do without them, I can't stand squinting and yes, I even wear mine on rainy days too! We are soul sisters on this one, girl.

    Oh, and the whole getting up before the fam and enjoying that first, savory cup of joe?
    Heck yes. This is the stuff (early morning) dreams are made of.

    Always enjoy your posts on Tuesday Talk, girl!


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