Tuesday Talk: Deep Thoughts Courtesy of The Bachelor :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hi!!! Happy Tuesday!!

Sooo...did you watch the Bachelor Finale last night???
If you didn't- but still have plans to watch it- AND you don't want to know who Ben picked- you might want to stop reading now :) 
Before we go any further- can we please talk about the fact that the finale was THREE HOURS LONG?!? I thought that was a bit much myself. HA! 
I was SO pumped to watch the finale last night and even convinced my husband to watch it with me (he has watched Ben's whole season- he couldn't bail out at the end!!).  About a half hour into the show, he asked when it was going to be over and when I told him 11 pm-his response was, "WTF?? 3 HOURS LONG??? I need a beer." HA! 

Anyway- For a GOOD portion of the show- I really thought he was going to pick JoJo in the end!!! What really got me was how they both talked about how "safe" they made each other feel and that they had become best friends through the whole process.
BUT- He picked Lauren in the end!!! And I love how he called her father, how sweet his proposal was and how genuinely excited and happy they were!!!
Then, "After The Final Rose" came on and that's where my thoughts got all deep. HA!
Lauren mentioned when Ben proposed to her and they talked about it again on "After the Final Rose"- that that it was the "best day of her life" when he proposed to her. While that sounds melodramatic- I have to totally agree with her!!! The day Aaron proposed to me was HANDS DOWN, one of the best days of my life- even more so than our wedding day!! I know that might sound backwards- but it's true :) Aaron planned the perfect proposal for me and while I knew, 100% without a doubt, I was ready to marry him, I did NOT expect him to ask me when he did. And for a girl who had some serious doubts whether she would EVER meet a man who loved her unconditionally- and then want to marry her too- well- it was truly a dream come true for me and definitely one of the best days of my life!!! 
So- I totally LOVED it when she said that and I loved that you could tell she really meant it when he asked her again on the show last night.
And....JoJo. Wow. Is that girl gorgeous or what?!?
I thought she was absolutely perfect last night and I am SO excited she is the next Bachelorette. You can bet I will be watching come May 23 :)
Soooo...I am sitting next to my an extremely oversized pair of pajama pants, a tank top that doesn't really fit me, an unflattering maternity shirt, no makeup on, hair all kinds of frizzy, looking at beautiful Miss Jojo- who is all tan and looking incredible in an amazing black, TIGHT dress. HA! I can be such a SPAZ sometimes and I totally was last night when I looked over at my husband and was like, "UGH. I want to be like Jojo!!!" Mind you- this is right after we had both just got done agreeing what a pretty girl she was :)
He, of course, looked at me like I was crazy and said, "You are perfect and I don't want you to look like Jojo." And I knew he meant it :) 
And I as I went to bed last night, 25+ pounds heavier than I normally am, snuggled up next to my pregnancy pillow and NOT my husband, quietly grunting while I tried to find a comfortable spot so a portion of my body wouldn't go numb- I couldn't help but feel the giddy, excited feeling that Lauren and Ben must be feeling right now. They are still in the midst of their newfound, whirlwind love. And it couldn't be quite the contrary for Aaron and me :) We lead the most BORING lives, I am VERY pregnant with our 5th child, money is tight and we almost always have a child squeeze in between us when we are trying to sneak in a hug or a kiss- HA! And it is beautiful and more than I ever could have dreamed of when he asked me to marry him 9 years ago. 

So while The Bachelor can definitely be ridiculous and crazy dramatic- I love the fact that it truly works for some of the couples!! I met Aaron through so I totally get meeting your spouse in a non-traditional way :) 
Everyone deserves to find "their person" and to be truly, unconditionally, no matter what happens, LOVED by them.

Here's to a beautiful life for Ben and Lauren!!
And my fingers are crossed for Jojo!! 
(And if not anything else- watching her season of the Bachelorette will be SUPER motivation for me to get my post baby body whipped back into shape- HA!)

Thanks for playing along today and listening to my ramblings that all stemmed from watching "The Bachelor." Who knew such deep thoughts could come from a show about a guy who dates 25 women and is in LOVE with 2 of them until the very end?!? HA!

Hope you have the BEST day!!!
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  1. Awww! Your husband is the sweetest!

  2. What an awesome night! This finale was probably one of my favorites in a long time. I was so nervous for Ben going into it but it truly all did seem to work out for the best in the end. Both of the their families seem so sweet!! And I am over the moon excited for Jojo to be The Bachlorette, there were rumors it was Cailia and as much as I liked her too, Jojo will be amazing!

    1. Hi Karen!! I had heard the same rumors about Cailla- and I totally agree - she is such a sweet girl but I think JoJo is going to be an amazing bachelorette!!

  3. We posted about the same exact thing! ha!!! I LOVED this season! And I am so so happy with the outcome of last nights show =) So glad JoJo is the next Bachelorette!

    1. Great minds think alike!! Ha! This was definitely my favorite season so far!! And JoJo is going to be so fun to watch-those are 25 lucky guys for sure!!

  4. Awwww - you are so cute!! I think you have a great hubby for watching with you and I know he loves this fun time in your life - 4 kids and pregnant included!!

  5. What a GREAT season! It will be hard to top, but so glad it's Jojo that will be the next one!


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