Weekly Walmart Finds: Furniture Edition!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Wednesday!! 
It's time for another "edition" of Weekly Walmart Finds! :)
(Please try and contain your excitement- HA!)

So- today I thought I would share about some pieces of furniture that not only have super great ratings on but that we actually OWN and have in our house! 
 I think furniture can be a tricky thing to: 1) buy online and 2) feel comfortable buying from a "discount" store. So- I am here to tell you about 3 items that I would highly recommend!

We got this organizer when we moved into our house about 1 1/2 years ago. One of our playrooms is the first thing you see when you walk into our house and I wanted a piece of furniture that could hold all of my kids' toys- but didn't scream- PLAYROOM! HA!
Here is a picture of our actual 8 Cube Organizer. I love it! It is SO sturdy and even when we are done with needing it for a playroom- it will be a piece of furniture that can be used in another room of our house! This organizer has a 4.4 star rating out of 1,268 reviews! And right now it is on sale for $68.00!! I think that is such a great value- especially for how well made it is!
The organizer does NOT come with the storage cubes included- but you can find them here- in a BUNCH of fun colors for $7.97 - $11.34 for a pair of two! The prices vary a bit depending on what color/pattern you want. We have the boring taupe colored ones...but I wish we had the fun aqua colored ones pictured below!!
Next up is this TV table by the Sauder Harbor View Collection. It is made for TV's up to 60 inches. The color of this particular TV stand is called "Salt Oak" - and it also comes in Antiqued White and Antiqued Paint. It is on sale from $229.00 to $184.97 and it has a 4.6 Star Rating out of 126 people!
Here is how the Sauder Harbor View TV stand looks in our living room! We absolutely love it. We keep our DVD player and the girls' favorite DVDs inside the closed cabinet- I love that there are no "visible" electronics. 
I absolutely LOVE the Salt Oak is very unique and a cross between a gray and distressed brown- if you are looking for something different than your standard oak or dark wood stain- you might really like this color!
Obviously- at $185- this is not a CHEAP TV stand. But when you start comparing the same size/style of TV stand to similar ones at Pottery Barn or Ballard Designs- you quickly realize what an awesome value it is! 
Just for a quick comparison, this Logan Large TV Stand from Pottery Barn, which has a similar (and I know I am using that term quite loosely here) look to the Sauder TV Stand from Walmart, is $799!
And finally- I wanted to show you these nightstands, also by the Sauder Harbor View Collection. The nightstand is $123 and it has a 4.3 Star rating out of almost 20 people!
Here is the actual nightstand in our master bedroom (and just FYI- the lamp is also from Walmart :) In this picture, the nightstand looks REALLY dark, but the stock picture from Walmart is more accurate in showing that it has some "distressing in the finish." The color is called Antiqued Paint.  The top drawer is super spacious and I think they are the perfect size end table to have on either side of our bed! 
So- this is NOT the greatest picture showing off our side tables- but I wanted to show you that they don't perfectly match the color of our bed (which my husband made!!) and we LOVE it that way. We didn't want to have a matchy-matchy look in our bedroom- but did want to stick with the darker kind of distressed wood theme. Eventually- these nightstands might get re-purposed to another bedroom and I think it would be fun to paint them a totally different color!
So there you have it! Some of our most favorite pieces of furniture- all from Walmart!
Just a few things to mention- we bought all of this furniture online- but I know you can definitely get the 8 Cube Organizer in the actual store. Shipping is free on anything over $50 on so there was no shipping charges for these LARGE, heavy boxes filled with furniture! All of these items DID have to be assembled- which is definitely something to keep in mind if that is something your husband or you are NOT inclined to do.
Finally- I think it's important to note- these items are not what I consider to be priced "cheaply." For our two nightstands- it was $250. That's a solid chunk of change! Again though, like I mentioned with the TV Stand, while it is not super cheap- it also way less than somthing we could find at Pottery Barn or a store similar to them. We are at a stage in our life where we wanted some nice, sturdy pieces of furniture in our home- but didn't necessarily want to invest in pieces that are in the $500-$1000 range. 

So- what do you think?? Do you have any pieces of furniture in your home from Walmart? 
Would you consider buying furniture from them??

Hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. I am so impressed that your husband made your bed! I haven't bought furniture from Walmart recently (because we don't need any right now), but I think their quality is pretty good. They have really kept up with the latest trends. We have bought several things from Ikea, and love it. They are not "heirloom" pieces but have held up for about 10 years so far.

  2. I love the TV stand - I need something for our bonus room and that would be a great addition!! Love your Walmart finds!!

  3. I have been thinking about getting a cube organizer like the one you have for a while now. It would perfect in the girls room for their books and such. When I lived in my apartment about 13 years ago I bought a TV stand from Walmart and I loved it! It was built sooo well and I was really impressed with it. But when I moved out I was living with my cousin at the time and she didn't have a stand for her TV so I let her keep it. Our stand we currently have came from Target, and I do like it, but i'm ready for a change, and the one you have is beautiful!! You always have awesome weekly Walmart finds!!!

    1. Johannah- I think you would LOVE the organizer! It is really SO sturdy and holds SO much stuff! And we really like our TV stand- it's a great size, very much our style and didn't break the bank! :)

  4. I literally just bought that 8 cube shelf for my playroom! I got it in espresso and LOVE IT! Such a great find!!!

    1. So fun Linsley!!! That espresso color is GORGEOUS!!

  5. You are the first person who has ever made me excited to shop at Walmart!

    1. HA! Thanks Sarah! I have a lot of fun finding great deals at Walmart! :)

  6. Great finds!! I love that tv stand and will have to see if they have something similar for our new family room. We purchased all of Olive's nursery furniture from and have been really happy with it. The crib and dresser were far cheaper than similarly priced things. We also purchased an art easel for her for Christmas from So much cheaper than other sites, free shipping and their online furniture selection is much more impressive than their in store assortment.

    1. Walmart has SUCH CUTE nursery furniture!! They have several types of TV stands by the Sauder brand- so definitely check them out. I love the "look" of all the pieces from that brand!!

  7. Great Post,Such a beautiful high quality Furniture.So many times we see things on blogs when people buy them but they never get mentioned again. homepage

  8. Thanks for sharing, those furniture look very nice!


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