Thoughts for Thursday: Baby #5 Update! :)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hi!! Happy Thursday!
How has your week been going??
Our's has been a regular ol' week and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that!
Normal and boring is really great if you ask me! HA!

I thought I would give a little pregnancy update for those of you who might be interested- and I TOTALLY understand if you don't give a HOOT and just want to give the red "X" in the upper left corner of your screen a click! :)

Soo...I am 32 weeks pregnant! I feel like I am getting closer to the "homestretch" but not there yet :) I consider 37 weeks and beyond the "homestretch" so I still have several more weeks to go until I am there :)
I am feeling really great, which I am thankful for EVERY single day. With this being my 5th baby in 7 years along with being "older," ahem, I kind of prepared myself to not have the easiest pregnancy.  God has seriously blessed me and minus the regular "stuff" that comes with being pregnant- I have felt so good, super healthy and really strong!

We are starting to get things organized and ready for the baby which is SO fun! The kids get super excited any time we bring something baby related up from our storage area in the basement. We need to find a dresser for James and Charlotte's room, so I can move the changing table (which also has several drawers that James uses) into the baby's room. I also need to finish re-configuring things in the baby's closet and get some curtains- and then the baby's room will be ready! 

I am beginning to make a list of a few things I need to get for the baby (pacifiers, gas drops, etc) and we also need to get the baby's "coming home" outfit.  With the girls, Aaron went out to the store after we had them and he picked them out their "coming home from the hospital" outfit. With James, as a family, we picked out a boy outfit and a girl outfit and I brought them to the hospital with me. The girls LOVED doing this- so I definitely want to involve them again and have them be in "charge" of the new baby's outfit!

I am pretty sure I have mentioned this already- but we do not know the gender of this baby. We have been "surprised" with all of our babies- and it seriously is THE BEST. We have 2 boy names picked out- and I think it will be a game time decision on which one we choose if we end up having a boy! I love both the names- so I told Aaron he could make the final decision! We also have a girl name- if she is a she- her initials will be the same as the rest of our girls- C.M.L.  
So...the baby's gender is a HOT topic in our house :) The girls are constantly asking- "Mommy- just tell us!! What do you think we are having!!!" And I am not lying when I say I have NO CLUE! I have felt the same way with all of my pregnancies and I totally thought James was going to be a girl- so I am just totally lacking "mother's intuition" in the gender prediction department- HA!
This past weekend- I had the kids write down if they "wanted" a girl or boy. Charlotte took the liberty of making James' and Celine's signs- but she convinced me that James specifically said he wanted a baby brother- HA!
Please look at my daughter Cora's sign. YUP. Girlfriend wants me to have twins like something fierce! HA! I have tried explaining to her multiple times this is NOT happening- but she still insisted she write it on her sign! (And side note- I have NO idea what Celine is doing in this picture- recently she has acquired an inability to "smile" for pictures and let me tell you- it has made picture taking quite the adventure! HA!)
And that's about all I got for now! Hopefully we only have about 8 more weeks until we meet this baby- but considering James was born just shy of 41 weeks- I am mentally preparing for 9 more weeks of being pregnant :) 

SO excited. SO grateful. And SO ready to meet this new little baby!!!

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  1. You look fabulous! I love that your girls all have the same initials! Do they all have the same middle name?

  2. You look amazing!!! You definitely have to show us when you have the babies room all done. So exciting!!!!

    1. Thank you Kendra!! If I remember- I will definitely take a few pictures of the baby's room. I can guarantee you it won't be "Pinterest" worthy- but I think it will still turn out pretty cute! :)

  3. You look wonderful...just glowing! I'm so excited about the new baby!

  4. Wow! You look amazing! All belly!

  5. I'm due in a week and we have had the hardest time with names!! We just can't seem to agree and nothing is striking our fancy---nothing that either of us just loves. We agreed so easily on our first child, so I guess this is Murphy's law at work ha!

    1. Oh my goodness Kim!! ONE MORE WEEK??? So exciting!! I am sure as you meet your new little baby, the perfect name will come to you and your hubby!!

  6. You look great!! Where is your top and jeans from? I'm 15 weeks and needing to start shopping for some maternity clothes. Thanks!

    1. Hi Erica! My jeans are from Old Navy Maternity- they are skinny full panel jeans- and my top is from Target Maternity- not sure if they still have it as I got it last fall. I would say my two favorite places to shop for maternity clothes are Old Navy and Target....I know a lot of people like Motherhood Maternity- but I have not as good of luck there! Happy shopping!

  7. I just stumbled across your blog from a What's Up Wednesday link-up... and I'm so excited that i did!! We have three girls and a boy and I recently found out I am expecting #5 and we are debating on whether we want to find out the gender or not! This has me thinking we should hold off :)


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