Friday Favorites!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Hi!!! Happy Friday!!
Isn't weird on how Monday the weekend can feel daaaayyyysss away- and then- BOOM- you blink and Friday is here?!? While I definitely enjoy our weekdays...Saturday and Sunday are my FAVORITE days- until Summer Break is here at least! Then every day is like a weekend day! HA! 

It's been a good week at our house! We have been taking full advantage of the warmer temperatures and the extra daylight- such a great combination!!
I sure hope you have had a great week too!

And now it's time to share my FAVORITES from this past week!

So- I am trying to figure out what I want to hang on the walls in the new baby's room. We will only be living in our house until next July- so I don't want to go crazy with the decor. On one of the main walls in the room, I am going to do a "gallery wall" of sorts. I got each of the kids a canvas and they are going to the make the baby an "original piece of art." My husband is going to make some frames and we will hang the canvases inside those frames- I think it is going to look really cute!
 I am trying to decide what should go on the wall where we have the crib. I want to get a big print made, frame it and hang it over the crib. I am actually going to follow this DIY and try to make our frame out of foam board! I will definitely let you know how that goes!
Anyway- below are my three FAVORITE "quotes" I am considering getting put onto a print. I would love to know which one is your favorite!! Right now- I would say #3 is my favorite- with #2 in a close second place!

Yesterday- I mentioned in my post how much we are loving Daylight Savings Time!! As soon as we get home from school, my oldest daughter gets her homework done (as fast as possible) and James, Celine and Cora immediately head outside. They all 4 play right up until dinner time and then eat their dinner without ANY complaints (which is UNHEARD OF- HA!) so they have time to go back outside before it's time to take a shower and go to bed. They are just happier little people when they get to be outside- and seeing them jump and play and laugh- is totally one of my FAVORITE things ever!!

We had such a fun time celebrating St. Patrick's Day!! Since we had to be out the door early for school, we had a simple and festive breakfast of Lucky Charms :) For dinner, we had a "GREEN" breakfast: green milk, green applesauce and green pancakes. LOTS of artificial food coloring was consumed :) I downloaded the cutest printable Andrea posted on her blog and had a little treat for the girls in the morning- they were SO excited about their new little journals (I snagged them from the Dollar Spot at Target!! Just FYI they are one of their $3 items:) Fun, little NO PRESSURE holidays are so my FAVORITE. I treated the girls to a little something and put a bunch of food coloring in their milk and pancakes- and they were happy as clams!

I have had my Easter decorations up since the beginning of March and I just love how fresh and "Springy" they are!! I don't put out many decorations at all- just a few things on my mantle- including that pink little egg you see! I made that when I was in Girls Scouts in SECOND GRADE!! My mom saved it for me and it is one of my FAVORITE decorations!! And the girls looove it because inside of the egg sits a little porcelain bunny on some Easter grass :) 

The other area I put up decorations is what I call my "psuedo-mantle." My parents made me the top shelf, Aaron made me the bottom shelf and the table underneath the shelf. I am always decorating these shelves according to the seasons/holidays and my Easter decorations are definitely one of my FAVORITES to put up!! Nothing fancy or overdone- just simple, bright and festive :)
Aaron had to work extra late last night- and I was already in bed by the time he got home- so I am going to wrap up this post with something that is always my FAVORITE- coffee :) And not just one cup- but two :) I am off to get a quick coffee date in with my FAVORITE person before we get our day started!! 
Hope you have the BEST Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Being outside makes us all happier, too! It is so refreshing after being cooped up for the winter months. Can't wait to see how that frame turns out. The gallery wall sounds just precious!

  2. I've been so happy that the weather has been so nice lately. It's still pretty muddy here, but if we can get out and at least play in the driveway, that makes me happy!! I love all your Easter decorations! I don't decorate at all for Easter, mostly because I don't have any Easter decorations, but maybe next year =) I love your Easter egg! So cute!! Have a GREAT weekend, Justine!!!

    1. Oh...I feel you about avoiding the mud!!! Luckily we have a trampoline and we just tell the girls they have to stay on that versus tromping through our swampy backyard. James, on the other hand, just gets covered in mud and we hose him off in the kitchen sink when he comes in from being outside :) And as far as Easter decorations go- check Hobby Lobby after Easter is over- maybe you can snag a few cute items on super sale for next year!!!

  3. It looks like triplets on the trampoline!! And I love your shelves and table - your decorations are on cue!! Happy Friday!!

  4. Everyone in our house has had a great week, too, largely due to the sunshine and playing outside! We love spring and summer around here. I hope you have a fantastic weekend with your little cuties!

  5. Your backyard sounds like a blast!! We've been enjoying the extra daylight, too. Glad you had a fun St. Patrick's Day! The kids looked so cute and I bet they loved their little treasures. I gave Olive those Lucky Charms and she quickly gobbled up all the marshmallows. Easy, fun breakfast for the win! Your Easter decorations look so cute. I love that vintage egg you made & your Happy Easter banner. So sweet!! My Easter decorations are buried in storage so we've got just a few things out. I'll be sure to make up for it next year :) Hope you have a great weekend!


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