Pinspiration Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hi! Happy Wednesday!!
I am SO excited about today! 
I am joining Erica and Leigh for our monthly Pinspiration Wednesday Link-Up Party!

Our theme for this month is Favorite Easter/Spring Décor and/or Favorite Easter Recipes! !!
Let's first start with some fun Easter decorations!

I absolutely LOVE this rustic and vintage Easter "look!" I think this would be so pretty if you had a shelf in your kitchen or in your dining room- this would be SO perfect- understated and festive at the same time!

Okay- this Easter mantle is PERFECTION!! I love how bright and cheerful it is with the multi-colored egg "wreath" and I love the yellow flowers in the vases! The banner adds a fun touch to the somewhat "dressy" look of the mantle. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Now onto Easter treats!
One of our family's Easter traditions is that we make a bunny cake for dessert after our Easter dinner. I always kind of wing the "design" of our cake and was so excited to find this step-by-step tutorial on how to make the "perfect" bunny cake!

And speaking of cake- what says Easter more than a homemade carrot cake??!? This recipe looks absolutely amazing and actually fairly easy! I don't know if my cake would look as good as this one does- but I am thinking it is worth the try!

My girls LOVE doing crafts and I thought this one making bunny ear napkins was SO perfect to do with them over Easter weekend! I know they will just love making these and will be so excited to set our Easter table with the special napkins they made! These bunny ear napkins are a great example of why I love Pinterest- SO many amazing ideas- that I would NEVER think of on my own! :)

I thought this Easter I Spy Printable was so cute! This is something my daughters could do without my help and I know ALL of them would have fun! Sometimes it can be hard finding activities or crafts that work well for not only my oldest daughter but my youngest daughter too! This little printable totally fits that bill!

Okay- now it is your turn!! I hope you will link up with us today and share some of your favorite Pinterest inspired Easter recipes, crafts and decor ideas!

And just for fun- since we are talking all things Easter today- do you plan out coordinating outfits for your family on Easter Sunday? Or are you good to go as long as everyone has their hair combed and something other than PJs on? :)
I am on Team Coordinating Outfits :) I have my girls dresses, cardigans and bows ready to go and got James the CUTEST little slacks, button-down shirt and tie to coordinate his sisters!!  

And just in case you are a planner like month's Pinspiration Wednesday will be on April 6th and the theme is: Favorite Spring "Look" or Outfit!
So start pinning Spring outfit inspirations now and plan on sharing them with us on the first Wednesday in April!! :)


  1. I love all of these pins! Now, we just need the weather to cooperate! I'm hosting Easter for my parents & aunt & uncle this year. I'm so excited!

  2. All these pins are great!! My mom made me an Easter Bunny cake one year for my birthday when it fell close to Easter and I will forever remember it =) I love carrot cake, and I have a recipe that actually calls for baby food carrots, and it is sooo good and moist!
    Thanks for hosting this fun linkup!

  3. "Rustic Easter" is officially a theme!! That's the look I'm going for this year!! Can't wait to see pics of your matching kiddos in a few weeks!

  4. Indeed a wonderful party! Seems you all enjoyed a lot in this party. I am planning a get together with my friends and will visit few party venues in Los Angeles to shortlist one of them. Hopefully, will be able to book one within our budget.


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