Thursday Confessions!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hi!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
How has your week been?
Our's has been good...but I will say- I am NOT mad at all that Saturday and Sunday are just a couple days away! ;)

Today, I am joining Jess, from The Newly, for her fun, weekly Confessional Thursday link-up!

Here's what I am confessing this week.....

//1// I LOVE Daylight Savings time SO much!! Like- I had it marked down in my calendar since January and was so excited for it this past weekend! We are extremely early risers in our house- so "losing" the hour of sleep didn't phase us. The extra hour of daylight has been glorious and I am seriously considering starting a campaign to ban the country from having to "fall back" and end Daylight Savings time in November. Arizona never changes their time...why can't the rest of the country be like them?!

//2// Speaking of being early risers at our house...yesterday, I woke up at 4:50 am (like I do every morning) and felt SUPER YUCKY. I still got up and started to make my way downstairs- but I was NOT feeling it. So I got back into bed. And then our family proceeded to sleep until 6:20 am!!! I woke up feeling like it was 11 am and was a frantic mess. HA! Aaron usually gets up around 5:30 am and we get the kids up at 6:00 am and everyone is dressed and eating breakfast by 6:20 am!! Needless to say- we were a tad bit behind schedule :)The good news is- we were actually ready to leave for school with time to spare!

//3// So if you would have talked to me about 5-7 years ago- I would have totally claimed "I would NEVER drive a minivan." Flash forward to NOW and I am here to say my minivan is my dream car! HA! I had a Honda CR-V (which I LOVED!!!) when we just had Charlotte and Cora and right around the time we got pregnant with Celine, my friend asked me to help her research minivans- and in doing so- I decided we also needed to get one!! We ended up getting a used, older model Honda Odyssey and it was such a game changer for us-especially once Celine arrived! Last fall, we traded in our Odyssey for a new (to us- it is a couple years old) Toyota Sienna and I have been IN LOVE with my van since the day I started driving it. HA! I know some people just DON'T like vans- but when you have 4- almost 5 kids and all you have to do is pop open a sliding door and they can all file into the van, instead of climbing over seats (like you have to do in a big SUV)- it makes life A LOT easier (in my humble opinion!!) We were fortunate to find a van that is "loaded" - so basically I drive my kids around in a darn chariot- and they love our van just as much as I do! HA! We have plans for me to drive our Sienna until it falls apart- and truth be told- until all our kids are out of high school- I will probably keep driving a minivan!! No shame in my game!! :)

//4// This past weekend, Celine (my youngest daughter) was sitting on my lap, quietly singing a cute little song, while my husband and I chatted. After about 5 minutes of us talking and her singing, Aaron asks me, "Do you know what song she is singing?" I had NO idea! It just sounded like a cute little melody to me! He proceeds to start laughing and then says, "Justine- she is singing "My House" by Flo Rida." I started dying laughing!!! She was singing it in such a sing-song, sweet way in her little chipmunk voice that I had no clue that was the tune she was singing....but then I started listening very closely, and sure enough, I heard her say, "Welcome to my take control now..." And the funny thing is- she does this all the time with "pop" songs. Aaron is ALWAYS playing music and he has quite a lively (all with appropriate language of course) playlist he plays for the kids in the morning while they are eating breakfast- so the girls definitely know their Top 40 hits. Just the other day, I heard Celine singing, "Sorry" by Justin Beiber on the way to get the older girls from school! HA! Some parents want their kids to memorize all 50 states and their capitals- we focus on memorizing One Direction and Justin Bieber songs at our house! HA!

That's all I've got for today!! Time for me to go wake up my kiddos! I set up a festive St. Patrick's Day table last night and I am excited to see their reactions when they see the huge box of Lucky Charms they get to have for breakfast (instead of their usual whole wheat waffles with peanut butter :)

Hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. Your family must have needed that extra sleep. :) Glad you guys weren't late! The extra hour of daylight is GLORIOUS!

  2. I am with you on Daylight Savings - doesn't bother us much and we are all early risers!! Cracking UP at Celine's song. But, my kids were singing it this week too and asked me who sang it so I could "search it up" on my phone and I didn't know. You have educated me today!! :)

  3. "I drive my kids around in a darn chariot"....laughing out loud in my office by myself on that one. I LOVE daylight savings time too, but I really hate getting up and it still being so dark...SO hard to get out of a warm cozy bed when the room is pitch black.

    1. Oh...I HEAR YOU on the warm cozy bed!!! And yes- our van really is like a chariot- it has a 19 inch TV screen! Can you say SPOILED?!?! HA!

  4. Wait..does Arizona really not change their time!? haha
    and bahahaha about the "my house" humming. I love the cute things little ones do!

  5. I am LOVING the extra hour of daylight in the evenings!! And on the topic of minivans. We have one, and I do love it. It rides nice, there is a TON of room and it's so easy getting the kids in and out of it. However, we've been having issues with ours and car issues drive me insane! I've also started to realize that don't really use all the space in it, so I've been tossing around the idea of going to a smaller vehicle again. I blogged about it before and I know you commented, but I'm loving the CRV!! We went and looked at them a couple of weeks ago and I basically fell in love with them. We're still just thinking about it, but maybe this summer!! =)
    Have a great day, Justine!

    1. I was actually wondering if you had decided to go with the CR-V!! I think they are the perfect size vehicle for a smaller family- because there is still so much space in the back + a good amount of storage space! Definitely keep us posted on what you decide!!

  6. I love Daylight Savings time also! and YES on the minivan. I stubbornly kept our Honda Pilot through adding baby #3 and mid-way through that year got the Odyssey. What was I waiting for?? It's amazing! Power doors, changing diapers on a flat surface out of the rain (our middle row has only 1 seat). I love love love my minivan now. And 6 cupholders in the front is a win -win for me :)

  7. Glad you all got some extra sleep!
    I'm with you on banning falling back. I LOVE the time change right now!


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