Friday Favorites: Family Fun Edition!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Happy Friday!!
We have had a great first week of officially being on summer break...and I already feel like it is going by too fast!!
We had a lot of fun together as a family this past I wanted to share some of my FAVORITE moments!! 

My girls and I ( and Marshall :) went on a little shopping trip this past Saturday and we had SO much fun! The girls each picked out a travel size body spray at Bath and Body Works and it was HYSTERICAL seeing them spritz each spray and then decide if they liked how it smelled!  By the time we left, I think I had 20 different scents all over my arms! HA!
Spending time with my girls, just having fun at Bath and Body Works is one of my FAVORITE things to do!! :)
After the girls and I were done shopping at Bath and Body Works, we met up with Aaron and James and I treated everyone to a fancy drink at Starbucks (I had a gift card :)
The girls thought this was the coolest thing EVER and seeing them get so excited about a cute little Starbucks drink was definitely a FAVORITE moment for me!
On Memorial Day, our neighbors had an open house for their son who is graduating high school. We had such a fun time chatting with people, eating yummy food and letting the kids play with their HUGE german shepherd!! I am pretty sure each of my kids ate at LEAST 5 cookies if not more. HA! James was covered in doggie fur when it was time to leave and the girls haven't stopped asking when WE ARE going to get a doggie. UM. How about never?? HA! (I am NOT a pet person:)
I roped my neighbor's daughter into taking our picture and we managed to get a half way decent's my new FAVORITE picture of all seven of us!
The outdoor pool at our YMCA is open for the summer and we have gone 3 times in the past 4 days! A morning at the pool and a picnic lunch after the kids have swam their little hearts's my FAVORITE way to spend our day!!
And I had to include a picture of my 5 FAVORITE people!
Um. Please tell me how cute their outfits are?!? My amazing and wonderful friend Laura sent the kids these outfits + some other items and I just LOVE them!! 
We love you Miss Aurora!! ;)

I sure hope you have had a great week!
I hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!! :)
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  1. I have a new baby about a week younger than yours. When you go to the pool, what do you do with your littlest guy?

  2. You need to print out every single picture from this post! Girl, such precious memories & such darling & happy photos. I smiled scrolling through!

  3. Love all the happy pictures!! and the red, white, and blue!! what a fun week y'all had! Hope your weekend is amazing!!
    you have inspired me to become a Wal-Mart shopper and I even have a few "finds" to share next week! You should make your Wal-Mart finds a link up!! :)

    1. Thank you Heather! And I am SO SO excited to see what your finds from Walmart are!! YAY!!
      Have a fabulous weekend!!

  4. What a great week you had!!! The picture of the 7 of you...PERFECT!!! That defiantely needs to be framed =) I'm jealous of you pool time already! Summer hasn't hit Maine yet. For instance, Wednesday it was in the high 80's, and yesterday the high was 62. Today it's rainy and chilly again. Ugh. I'm ready for 80's and the pool!! =) Have an amazing weekend Justine! =)

  5. How fun that you have a friend named Aurora. I'm sure your girls love that!! ;)
    Such a nice family picture for Memorial Day! Definitely a framer!!

  6. Sweetest kids ever. Really... The photos in this post were all so precious. The kids are all looking and smiling. Sounds like fun to have a little shopping trip and I love that they got so excited about the Starbucks drinks. The littlest things are the sweetest! Those outfits... Swoon :). Also 3 kids, a TODDLER and a NEWBORN at the pool on your own?! Without a preteen helper?! Girl- you are an inspiration. I'm sweating now just thinking about the potty breaks.

  7. Moments like those at Bath & Body Works and Starbucks are the best! I'm so glad you all had such a fun weekend! :)

  8. And the award for the cutest family goes to... YOU!! I love your tales of Bath and Body Works with your girls. I bet it was hilarious to see them trying to decide on a scent :) Those tiny Starbucks drinks are so sweet, but not as sweet as those SMILING faces behind them. Glad you're already packing in tons of fun with your cuties.


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