Weekly Walmart Find!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!!

I have a super fun Weekly Walmart Find for you today!!

So- most of you have probably heard of the Yeti Stainless Steal Tumblers. They are VERY popular and are infamous for keeping drink SUPER cold as well as hot drinks SUPER hot! 
I know a ton of people who have them and LOVE them!! 

I actually got Aaron the 30 oz. Yeti Tumbler for his birthday...I wanted him to have a cup that kept his coffee hot for him all day long...he is always on the go and doesn't necessarily get to sip his coffee all in one sitting.  Anyway...I gave him the Yeti tumbler and while he really liked it and thought it was cool...he couldn't get on board with how much I paid for it (the 30 oz. Yeti tumbler costs $40)- when he felt like his stainless steel Starbuck's coffee mug kept his coffee just as hot as the Yeti tumbler did. WOMP WOMP. So we took it back. forward to a couple weeks ago when I was doing my usual perusing of the website and I came across the Ozark Trail Tumbler!! And I saw the crazy awesome reviews it had and then I did a little internet search on it and read a bunch of more awesome reviews about it- so I promptly put one in my cart and ordered it!

So here's the 30 oz. Ozark Trail Tumbler- it is priced at $9.97 and has a 4.8 Star Review from 928 people!! This is the tumbler I got for Aaron for Father's Day and he not only loved drinking his beer from it- but he absolutely LOVED that I did not pay $40 for it! HA!
Here is the 20 oz. sized Ozark Trail tumbler- it is $7.47! 
The Yeti brand 20 oz. tumbler is $29.99!!

You have to check out this YouTube video, comparing the Yeti Tumbler to the Ozark Trail tumbler!!
It's pretty cool!! :)  I am all about paying full price for a name brand item if it proves to have a unique function...but I am thinking the Ozark Trail tumbler does just as awesome of a job as the Yeti tumbler does...for a fraction of the price!

Even if you already own a Yeti might want to pick up one or two of the Ozark Trail tumblers- just to have an extra on hand! 

So what do you think?? Isn't this a fun "find?" Or am I just a dork and get too excited about stuff like this?? HA!

Hope you have the BEST day!


  1. I have a Yeti tumbler but it was before I found out about the Ozark! I have heard GREAT things about the Ozark! I have added quite a few monogram decals to the Ozark! Ha

    Great find!

  2. Thank you SO much for posting this!! I have been looking for the Ozarka in store, but couldn't find it. I didn't think to look online. Michael has the 20oz Yeti, but I'd like to get him the 30oz for cold drinks. I've heard the Ozarka Trail is perfectly comparable, so I'm definitely ordering one for him! Thanks!!

  3. And by looking online, I see that it IS available at a Walmart nearby, just not the one I usually go to. Cool!

  4. I saw this at Walmart the other day! I was THISCLOSE to buying it too. With your review, I might need to go back!

  5. My mom was just telling me about these Yeti knock offs! I love having ice cold drinks all day so I need to keep my eye out for them. Apparently they sell out super fast. Kevin's birthday is coming up and I think he'd love to have a big one for his coffee. The hunt is on :)

  6. I seriously just bought the Ozark brand one!! I have yet to use it, but after reading the reviews I had to have it =) Brian loves his Yeti, and Emma loves hers as well, so I thought I would give it a try =)


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