Friday Favorites!

Friday, June 24, 2016

I have got one of the most RANDOM "Favorites" posts I have written in a looonnggg time...but I am a pretty 'random' it actually suits me just fine- HA! :)

Here's some things that I have been loving this past week! 

For Mother's Day, Aaron and the kids got me some awesome workout gear from Walmart. The pants they got me ended up not looking super great on me- so I exchanged them for these Avia running capris and I LOVE them!! They have a good amount of spandex in them so I feel nice and held in, they are actually a nice medium weight- not super heavy but also not so light weight that they are see through and the color of them are SO fun! If you are looking for a new workout pant- I would check these out! They are definitely my new FAVORITE workout pants!
And to go with my new running capris, I got this super cute top! Get this- it's on sale right now for $6.50!!! It fits SO great, it's got great stretch to it- but not so much that it's super tight and rides know what I mean!? I am loving this top so much- I am definitely going to pick up a few more in the other colors they have!! Yay for a new FAVORITE workout top that actually FITS! HA!

Ok- so...switching gears JUST A BIT.  HA! 
Sweet little Marshall has pretty sensitive skin and it definitely gets extra irritated with the hot weather we have been having. My new FAVORITE body wash for him is Cetaphil's Baby Wash and Shampoo! I got a sample of it the last time I was at the dermatologist office and last week, when his heat rash was pretty bad- I decided to try it out. Oh my goodness- first it smells so nice!! And it really seemed to help moisturize his little skin and calm down his bumps. My James also has super sensitive skin- thanks to me :) - so this is definitely going to be our new go-to in the bath tub!! 

OMG. This made me laugh SO hard!!
Now first- let's clear the air..I love ALL of my children the same. DUH.
But wow...the kids who go down for a nap sure are great, aren't they?! HA!
James and Marshall take a great afternoon nap and it's WONDERFUL. For them and me :) My oldest daughter hasn't napped in years and she is totally fine without one.
My other two daughters are in the "in between" phase with naps...they can make it through the day without one...BUT the hours of 3:00 - 5:00 pm are pretty gnarly. Not gonna's made for a few rough days for all of us. Sooo..we are going to try something new and have them sleep for an hour..not any longer. Bedtime is going to be a little later..since they got a little "refresher" but I can handle that. I just need the scream-whining to decrease..DRAMATICALLY. Ha! All this to say..naps are one of my FAVORITE things. Here's to hoping we get them figured out at our house before the summer is over! Ha!
And I saved my best "FAVORITE" for last :)
Earlier this week, we took a little day trip to my friend's lake house!
Her family goes every year for a week (the house is owned by her father's company and he gets to use it for a week) and they always invite us to come!
You guys. This house is INCREDIBLE. Like absolutely amazing. 
We went last year and had the best time! We could only go for the day this year- since we have some other stuff going on this week- but it was still SO much fun.
The girls swam all day, we hung out on the pool deck and chatted, ate lunch outside, the girls went on a long boat ride and we ended with everyone passed out in the car on the way home and Dairy Queen kid's meals for dinner. BEST.SUMMER.DAY.EVER.

Making memories and getting to spend precious time with my family will ALWAYS be my FAVORITE. So thankful for them!!
Hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Oh naps! My 2 almost 3 year old is suddenly fighting his nap and it's driving me bananas. I'm hoping the fight passes soon. Good luck with resetting your girls' schedule!

  2. That funny family picture is the best! It screams SUMMER FUN! Mmm. I could go for a blizzard!

  3. I need those workout pants, like yesterday!
    I was drinking my coffee and scrolled to your funny family photo and almost spit out my coffee!! LOVE it! It cracked me up!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. That summer lake house sounds incredible, and your funny family picture is the best! I think a mandatory nap/quiet time is a great idea. Sometimes mama needs a nap too! My role is kind of reversed these days...I wish my kids would come OUT of their rooms more often. Ha, ha! Every phase brings its own challenges and rewards too. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  5. The nap meme - hilarious!! Can be said the same for the kid who sleeps through nighttime storms at our house!! What a fun day at the lake - love your fun family pictures!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. Oh naps! Jack is 3 and a half and on the weekends he does not want to take a nap until four which is too late for a nap. So then I get to try and make him stay awake and he is miserable and so am I.

  7. Loving your new workout gear!! I'd love to have some new things to motivate me to get moving. So I set a goal and when I reach it I get to pick out a new outfit. I'm hoping that'll be motivating for me. That lake house sounds amazing! Glad you got to go with your crew. We've been dealing with baby heat rash so I'm going to have to check out that baby Cetaphil. Your nap joke mad me LOL. Olive rarely naps these days, but I think a daily quiet time in her room needs to be part of our afternoon routine. Fletcher is napping great so I think we'd all benefit from some quiet in our days. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  8. Sometimes I read a post and I'm like "did I write that post?" I agree with everything you said and love all of these favorites! Especially the Baby Cetaphil. I actually thought of adding that to my favorites last week. My four year old and two year old both have sensitive skin. We used regular Cetaphil for a while on them, but couldn't figure out a shampoo to use, then I found this & it's perfect!! I LOVE the way it smells, too! There is nothing better than a clean kid!! Or maybe a napping one! I love that ecard, too funny!!
    I've been buying new workout clothes lately in the hopes if getting motivated to workout again. I have been pretty impressed with Walmart workout clothes, too. I also bought some cute stuff at JCPenneys, that is light and comfy.
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  9. Aaahhh lake house time! Fantastic! And love the workout pants. The colors are so pretty in that. I like that you said they aren't too thin or thick. Hope you're having a great week so far!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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