Thursday Confessions!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hi!! Happy Thursday!!
How's your week been going?? 
We've had a mix of busy and laying's been good!

It's Thursday, so that means I am joining my fabulous friend Leigh for her weekly 'Thursday Confessions link- up!
//1// Last week I confessed I love getting up super early - and so many of you agreed with me!
Well..I never thought I would say this but I am LOVING working out just as the sun is rising! Since I am waiting to take Marshall to the gym daycare for a few more weeks, I have been going running at 6 am before Aaron has to leave for work. I have never been a super early in the morning workout person until now... and I have to say it's pretty awesome to be running, listening to my music and seeing the bright sun come up for the day!

//2// I know there's a lot of "mom guilt" out there for almost anything you don't do perfectly for your child...and I am included in feeling guilty over lots of things I am or am NOT doing as a mom. One thing I don't feel guilty about? What I feed my kids! 85% of the time their meals are balanced with a veggie, protein and whole grain starch. The other 15% of the time... Well I do what's easy. The other night, Aaron had to be gone RIGHT at dinner time. Marshall was screaming, James was starving and I think my daughters told me how hungry they were about 100 times in the span of 3 minutes. So I took out a bag of tortilla chips and shredded cheddar cheese...and everyone got a plate of cheesy chips + applesauce. It wasn't organic, they didn't have a green vegetable...but you know what- they ate their dinner without complaining, the mess was minimal and all's well ends well. No mom guilt here for the occasional less than balanced meal :)

//3// I have been trucking along on Weight Watchers and while the progress has been slow and steady-  I am getting closer and closer to my first goal! It feels SO good to be feeling like 'me' again and also it's been nice to zip of my shorts without having to find a top to hide my muffin top! Ha! (Is that TMI?? Sorry if it was :)

//4// I was not prepared for how challenging it can be to parent young little women. My older girls are such good little's that they are getting just old enough that there are lots more questions getting asked...some about topics that I just wasn't ready for quite yet!! (Don't worry- nothing HUGE or serious- they are just thinking about things on a deeper level). 
And can we please talk about getting a big 'eye roll' from one of your precious children? My two older girls have got the eye roll DOWN and I have started telling them if they roll their eyes like that when mommy asks them to do something...they're going to get stuck! Ha!

And those are my confessions for this week :)

Hope you have the BEST day!!

Also linking up with Annie and Natalie today!


  1. I really need to make myself exercise first thing in the morning on a regular basis because if I don't I make every excuse! I go through good and bad weeks!!

  2. My daughter is 8 going on 16 and I am just not ready for all of this. You are so right about parenting little girls. I just want to keep her innocent and little for as long as I can. And I feel the same way about meals around here...balanced and healthy and then to celebrate the first day of summer the kiddos made homemade ice cream sundaes for dinner...HA! Have a great day!

  3. YES!! Some days it is hard to peel myself from the bed, but it is always worth it to get my workout done in the morning. I love that time!! So if I had chips and melted cheese as an appetizer last night I would fit in your family right?? I had a craving!! Ha...we will guide each other through raising daughters, I HEAR you!! Happy Thursday, and thanks for always linking up, you make my day!

  4. I love my early morning walks. And I am having chips/cheese with guacamole for lunch!

  5. I feel like I'm most productive early in the mornings! So productive I'm late to work here lately. Oops. haha

  6. Eye rolling?!?! That's great except probably not so great in the moment. I think I'll die the day Olive rolls her eyes at me haha. Glad you've been able to get into a good running routine early in the morning. I bet it feels really good to get it done early before the craziness of the day kicks in. Confession: sometimes we have mac and cheese for lunch or dinner if Kevin's not going to be home. Olive and I love it so it's a fun treat. Your nachos for the kids sound delish.


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