Tuesday Talk: More Favorite Aldi Items!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday! Hope your week is off to a great start so far!!

So- about 2 months ago I wrote a post about items I buy weekly from Aldi- 
you can check it out here!
Several people commented they would like to know about other items I love and buy from I am back with some products that I buy on a regular basis- they are a little more random and maybe you wouldn't have thought you could get items that these at Aldi!

First- We LOVE the pre-made Mama Cozi's Pizza Crusts! Shown here is the "original" style- Aaron loves the "thin crust" version. Pizza crust is included- so all you have to do is add your favorite toppings! Aaron likes to put pepperoni, mushrooms and thinly sliced peppercinis on his. We get all of those ingredients at Aldi as well as our shredded mozzarella cheese! 2 pizza crusts and 2 sauce packets- they come in one package- costs 2.99! Such an easy and yummy way to make semi-homemade pizzas!!
And if you or someone in your family is gluten free- Aldi also carries a gluten free pizza crust mix!! It is in the baking aisle!! I am not sure exactly how much it is- but I want to say it's under $4!
LOVE this Italian loaf of bread!! It is $3.29 and we get MULTIPLE meals out of this loaf of bread! I use it for meatball subs, "fancy" grilled cheese, toasted Italian bread alongside spaghetti and it would be perfect for paninis!! And it freezes beautifully!
While I will always be a DIE HARD peanut butter gal...I have been trying to eat more almond butter lately. I have checked multiple stores- and Aldi- hands down- has the lowest price on Almond butter! It's definitely not cheap at $5.99 for 12 oz. but I don't use a ton of it and like I said, I haven't found it for cheaper at Sam's or Walmart (the other two places I shop). It is SO yummy. You can find it right by the peanut butter and jellies area at your Aldi!
My kids are obsessed with these white cheddar puffs!!! I know other mommas whose kids love these too!! They are almost exactly like Pirate's Booty- except so much cheaper! This bag is $1.99 at my Aldi and it is definitely one of my kids' most favorite snacks!
And finally...roasted red pepper hummus. OMG. This stuff is SO good!! Almost every day for lunch, I have a couple tablespoons of this (I have to measure it out or I could eat the whole container!!) with baby carrots and cucumber slices! Aldi carries several different flavors of hummus- their classic flavor and extra spicy hummus are also delicious!! I haven't met a hummus at Aldi that I didn't like- HA! A 10 oz. container of hummus is $1.99! Again- I haven't found a store that carries hummus for a more inexpensive price. And seriously- it is SO good!
So there you have- a few more Aldi products that always end up in my cart!!
If you are an Aldi shopper...what are some items that you love?
Any NEW Aldi shoppers out there?? What are your thoughts on it??

Hope you have the BEST day!

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  1. Great Finds! I really need to start shopping at Aldi!

    1. It really is such a great store Heather!! You gotta let me know what you think once you go there!! :)

  2. Thanks for the tips! They just opened up an Aldi store near my house and I've been very impressed with their low prices, but still not familiar with most of their products so it's nice to see some tried and true ones here. :)

    1. So fun you have a new store by your house! They really do have great products- so glad my posts are helpful!

  3. Thanks for more of your Aldi favorites, a few things I always buy is the ranch dressing, fresh fruits and veggies and my girls love the yogurt that is like the gogurts.

    1. My girls love the go gurts too! We put them in the freezer and turn them into yogurt pops!

  4. I still haven't shopped at our local Aldi, but this gives me more ideas of what to add to my shopping list. A helpful post, as always! Have a happy Tuesday!

  5. No Aldi's around here =( But everything looks so good. We love those easy pizza crusts with the sauce that comes with it. Our local grocery store carries something similar. And I as well cannot get enough hummus! Garlic hummus is by far my fav! Have a great day, Justine!

  6. I don't have one of those stores where I live but it sounds awesome - especially that giant loaf of bread, WOW. Also, fellow roasted red pepper hummus lover over here! The pizza crust seems like it would make dinner pretty simple too, nice!

    Hope you're doing well, Justine, always enjoy checking out your stuff!

    1. Thanks so much Ruthie!! And yes- I can't get enough of hummus- it's just so yummy!!

  7. Great finds! We love homemade pizza so I'm going to have to pick up that 2 pack of crusts. We also really love hummus and I can't believe how cheap it is at Aldi. I usually pay $4ish for a similar sized container. Thanks for the tips.


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