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Friday, June 17, 2016

Hi!! Happy Friday!!
Is it me or is summer just FLYING by?!?
I have got a tight grip on these precious summer days with my kids...I just love this time with them so much!!

I always love sharing some of my FAVORITE things and moments that have made me smile over the past always makes me realize how grateful I am for my life...not just when things are "perfect" but also when things get messy, hard or not so perfect :)

Marshall was baptized this past Sunday and it was definitely the highlight of our week! He wore the baptismal gown that my siblings and I wore (my mom made it) and all 9 of the grandchildren on my side of the family have wore it for their baptisms too!
My parents were able to come into town for the baptism and we had a really lovely lunch afterwards with our dear friends. It was a beautiful day!
And as you can tell...James was NOT having the family picture- HA! He was mad because he wanted to hold my mom's mini-tape measure. Such a hard life he leads! HA!
I had my 6 week postpartum checkup earlier this week and got cleared to start exercising again- which made me SO happy!! I have gone running and I use the term "running" loosely- as I am easing back into it- twice this week and it feels SO good! 
I had to get a picture of me with my girls after my first run since having Marshall...I was super sweaty and was hugging the girls really tight  ;) They thought it was so funny and super gross at the same time! HA!
Switching gears just a smidge...but I had to share one of my FAVORITE items I use all summer long...Thirty One's Fresh Market Thermal Tote! I was gifted this tote by my former co-workers a couple years ago (Hi Laura!!! :) and I LOVE it! I pack our lunches and snacks in it every day for the pool and it does such a great job of keeping things cold! I also always bring it with us on road trips so I can have our lunches packed and keep our drinks cold! Definitely a great item if you are on the go a lot!! You will use this tote all the time! :)

I know I probably sound like a broken record with how much we love summer and how we are at the pool every day- but it's TRUE! Sorry I am not sorry. HA!
The girls have gotten into "relaxing" and "sunbathing" and before we had our picnic lunch yesterday- they wanted to get into a little time on their lounge chairs. So then James got our picnic blanket, laid it on the ground and spread out on his tummy just like his sisters! It was super cute- he is such a funny little boy!! I just love these summer days with my precious kids!!  
(And FYI- not sure if you can see it- but my thermal tote that I just mentioned above is sitting on the lounge chair in both the top and bottom picture of the girls. I am serious when I say I use it every day! :)
And how could I do a "FAVORITES" post without mentioning our FAVORITE guy??
We are so excited to celebrate Aaron on Sunday...the girls have made him so many cute cards, we have his presents ready to go and we plan to get him a nice big steak for dinner!
Aaron is one of the hardest working guys you will ever meet- he will do ANYTHING for the kids and me and he can all make us laugh so hard that we might just tinkle a little bit in our pants! HA! (Seriously it happens quite often! HA!)
So grateful my children have him as a father and that he is my partner in this beautiful journey through life!! 
Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!!
I am off to sneak in a run before the baby gets up and Aaron has to leave for work!!

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  1. I wish we had a splash pad close by. Cash & Wyatt would love it!

    I love all of my Thirty One totes & thermals!

  2. Love all your favorites this week!
    Green is your color! You look FAB in that green dress!!
    Enjoy your run and celebrating your favorite guy this weekend!!

    1. Thank you Heather!! You are so sweet! I have had that dress for ever and it is definitely one of my "go-to's" in my closet!! :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend too!! :)

  3. Even though James is crying in that picture, it's still a great picture!!! I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!!!!

    1. I kind of love that he is crying...just makes the picture that much more "real life." HA!
      Hope you have a great weekend too friend!

  4. Your family picture is great! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Hope you have a fabulous weekend too!

  5. Ha - that sweaty running picture eeek!! But way to go getting out and running, I am impressed!!! Have a wonderful weekend celebrating your number one guy!!!

  6. God Bless Baby Marshall and Happy Father's Day to Aaron. I remember that tote...glad it gets some good use. I also text you this week about the lovely pictures :) Enjoy the pool; I know we are!

  7. That tote does look good! Love the family pic! 5 kiddos!? WOW!!

  8. That tote looks great. And you always look so happy :)

    1. It is a GREAT tote! So functional!! And you are so kind...I am very happy...glad it shines through in my pictures!! :)

  9. Your family is adorable. And I love that everyone in your family has worn that baptism gown. Soooo sweet.

  10. Hooray for baptism weekend! So exciting. And I'm just a few weeks away from the 6 week all clear for working out and I am anxious to get back at it!! Great job on squeezing in a few runs! Hope you all are having a great week! Thanks for linking up again with us at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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