Tuesday Talk: Walk It Out!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!
I hope your week is off to a great start so far! with 5 of the them being a newborn and another one being just shy of 2 years old- with a very WILD 3 very cute but very opinionated little ladies...well- it can be A LOT at times. HA! 

I would say 90% of the time things are totally great...things aren't perfect by any means...but I am able to manage everyone and all the different little scenarios that pop up throughout the day. All the kids, for the most part, are playing well together, James isn't getting into anything that's super dangerous and Marshall is chill :)

Then there's that 10% of the time- where it is a complete nuthouse (I could also use a few other choice words to describe it- but I am going to keep it G rated- HA!)
My daughters won't stop tattling on each other. James has somehow managed to climb on the kitchen counter and get a knife- all while I am going to the bathroom for 2.2 seconds. Marshall doesn't want to take a nap. When I ask the girls to get their things cleaned up- I get "NO!" "I don't wannnntttttt to." "But I am just so tiiirrreeeddd." 
You get the picture. Things aren't pleasant- HA!

What I have learned in my very short time of being a parent- is that when situations like the one I described above are happening...sometimes you have to change the environment to change everyone's mood- including my own (I get pretty crabby when my kids don't want to be a team and/or be not kind and respectful).
I really really hate when I lose my patience and temper with the kids...and with all of them being home for the summer..I am trying really hard to think before I blow up speak :)
So instead of barking at them for the 20th time- I calmly say- "Everyone stop what you're doing. Get your shoes on. We are going for a walk!" 
We leave the mess. Marshall may be screaming for a minute or two while I get him in the Ergo baby carrier. James may not want to get his crocs on- but we GET OUT THE DOOR.

And guess what...almost soon as everyone breathes in some fresh air, feels the sunshine on their face and starts to walk down the sidewalk...the YUCK dissipates.

I found this picture and quote on Pinterest and it is ABSOLUTELY right!!
As long as it is not raining...summer time makes it so easy to get out for walks.
During the winter, it can be a little trickier...but we absolutely get bundled up quite a bit and get out for some fresh air whenever we can! I find that the cold weather months are especially challenging because the kids are cooped up inside so much more! 
Even if it is fairly cold...taking a walk- even if it is only for 10-15 minutes benefits our WHOLE family! 
Here's proof of our winter was pretty freezing..but you can tell by everyone's smiles that no one was thinking about the cold. We were just happy to be outside in the fresh air!
And here's the kids and me after a walk we took to the store last week.
Our morning was NOT going well. My mood was going south and I knew I needed to change the trajectory of things. So I fed Marshall and then we loaded up for a walk to our local Fresh Thyme market. And wouldn't you know it- we had SUCH a fun time on our walk and the rest of our day was SO much better!!
Taking care of little people can be a crazy adventure...and there are so many ways experts suggest you deal with challenging behaviors or tough situations. And I definitely try to put into practice all of those "strategies." 
But sometimes I just don't want to talk about how anyone is feeling or deal with another time out. HA!
And in those situations- at our house- we just get outside and WALK IT OUT! :)

What about you?? When it is crazy at your house or if you are having a particularly hard day parenting or "adulting"- how do you change it for the better??

Hope you have the BEST day!

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  1. Getting outside is such a game changer for us, too! We need our outside time daily!

  2. Seriously great advice! I couldn't agree more with you. When we are having a challenging day, outside we go as well =)

    1. Thanks Johannah! Fresh air does wonders for the mind and body for SURE!!

  3. Great idea! We used to do that more when the kiddos were younger. Now I generally send them to their rooms for a "break"!

    1. Thanks Heather!! We definitely have "breaks" in the house too...but there is something about getting them outside that really seems to even things out! :)

  4. Great advice!!! One of our strategies for sure with 3 energetic boys !

    1. Thanks Kendra!! I bet you spend A LOT of time outside with 3 boys! That is the only place my son wants to be!!

  5. I love this - I need to remember to get out - bikes or walking with the kids. I take time with myself, but they would like it too and I think would change the moodiness that takes over our house. That and reminding myself and Jonathan to "let it go"!!

  6. I think I just had an AHA! moment!! Although I do try and get the kids and I out of the house at least once a day, we've recently fallen into a bit of a rut. Between rain and some errands, there hasn't been as much play for playing's sake the last week or so. Thank you for the reminder that we need to go out and breathe and move our bodies! :)

    1. Thanks Kendall!! And I couldn't agree with you more about getting in a rut. It just happens!!
      Here's to sunshine and getting outside to play! :)

  7. I always love hearing your mothering tips. The change of scenery is a brilliant idea when things are not going so hot. Sometimes it feels like too much work to get out of the house, but in reality it is good for everyone. I can't wait to be in a neighborhood again so that I can just load up the stroller and go for a walk. I have to remind myself that we can all have do overs and restart our day multiple times. It's not the end of the world if you have a bad hour or a bad morning. It is good for everyone to get a fresh start :)


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