Friday Favorites!!

Friday, October 18, 2019

Happy Friday!!
How was your week?

Well friends. Let's just say I am VERY happy to see the weekend on the horizon. HA! And that's saying quite a bit considering it's Aaron's weekend to work. HA! I mentioned in my post on Wednesday that my sons, James and Marshall, AND my daughter Celine all got a stomach bug earlier in the week. 
Well..mama wasn't spared. UGH. I got SUPER sick and was pretty much down and out for about 36 hours. Which in the grand scheme of things is not a big deal- but we had quite a bit going on this week and the timing was just not super great. ANYWAY. 
I am better and feel SO thankful to not have the chills and actually have an appetite! HA! I feel like the yuckiness would have hit my 2 oldest daughters by now- so I am really hoping we are in the clear and our weekend is puke free. HA!

Moving on to bigger and brighter things....
Time for a few FAVORITES from this past week!

My friend April shared these eye masks with me awhile back and I LOVED them so much- I ended up buying my own stock of them. They are ridiculously cheap, you can get them off of Amazon (HERE's the link) and they seriously WORK. As I have gotten older, my under eye region is definitely PUFFY if I don't get enough sleep or if I have been sick. Gold Eye Masks to the RESCUE!
I will put these little pillows of gold, as I like to call them, under my eyes and then do my hair, brush my teeth, make my bed, etc. After about 10 minutes (I sometimes leave mine on longer)- you just take them off and BOOM! Under eye puffiness is seriously decreased. 
I won't say it completely goes away- but I can tell a BIG difference! 
They are one of my FAVORITE beauty products for sure!
FYI: There are a lot of these types of gold eye masks on Amazon if you did a search for them. I made the mistake of ordering a different kind than the ones April shared with me and I could tell they were if you want to make sure you get the ones I am recommending- check them out HERE!
Aaron was out of town last weekend and one of the adventures I planned for the kids and me to do was go hiking! We had the BEST time! Being in nature, with my kids, moving our bodies- is one of my FAVORITE things ever to do! I told my husband- we need start going hiking more regularly now that our kiddos are a little bit older. They had a BLAST finding sticks and looking for tadpoles and it was just the best way to spend an afternoon!
I shared about this adorable mini waffle pan in my post on Monday- but thought it was worth sharing again!! One of my blogging friends Whitney mentioned it and so of course, I promptly went and bought one for our family!
It make the CUTEST mini waffles and was such a huge hit with my kids!! It is $9.99 on Amazon- you can find it HERE! A cute little festive kitchen tool that is under $10?? 
On Tuesday, my daughter Celine was home sick- which meant we couldn't go anywhere. Poor thing just felt so terrible! 
I ALWAYS leave the house- it's just part of my day- and I have to tell you- I was feeling some anxiety about the fact I was "stuck" at home. 
It was such a beautiful day and I had really hoped to take Marshall to the park and get in a nice long walk. 
I decided to make the most of the gorgeous weather and took Marshall on a walk in our neighborhood! We did several laps and had the sweetest time chatting and enjoying the sunshine!
Can we please talk about how adorable my Marshall is?!? 
His scrunchy nose smile gets me EVERY TIME!
We have a FUN fall weekend ahead of us!! The kids and I have plans to go to our town's children's art festival tomorrow and then once Aaron gets off work- we are headed out on a DATE! YAY! 
It's been a couple of months since we've gone out and I am definitely looking forward to an evening with my FAVORITE person.
Sunday, after church, we are going to a fall festival at the camp my daughter went to this past summer! Should be lots of fun!
In case you missed any my other posts this week- you can check out my menu plan for the week HERE! I shared about a few things I am loving lately HERE in this post! And yesterday I did a VERY informal review of a high end pair of yoga pants and a more affordable pair! You can check it out HERE!

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL Weekend!

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  1. Oh my goodness. I am glad everyone is feeling better! It's always rough when mama gets sick.
    How fun to take your gang hiking! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  2. Hope everyone is feeling better and that you have the weekend to rest and recover! I know what you mean about getting out of the house each too!

  3. So glad you are all feeling better!! It is no fun to pass around germs like that :(. You need to frame that picture of you and the kids on the hike! It's like it's straight out of an adventure magazine! Big kids are so much fun.

  4. Oh so sorry to hear everyone was so sick; that's the worst. My family always jokes that moms can't get sick.. and yet I usually do just after everyone else is starting to get better.


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