What I am Loving Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Hi friends!! 
Happy Wednesday!!!

How has your week been??
I feel like our's is moving right along...busy..but not out of control busy. Just enough to make it seem like we are getting closer to the weekend in a timely fashion. HA!
You know what I mean though...there are those weeks that you literally feel like you are running in quick sand and it is just painful. Or is that just me?!? HA!
Thankfully I do NOT feel like that this week. What about you? Is it a running through quicksand kind of week...or are things moving and grooving for you and your crew?

Ok..I have a few fun things that I am loving this week to share with you today!!

I love the cosmetics brand Milani and always enjoy trying out different products in their line of makeup. I was at Walmart a couple days ago and picked up this highlighter- they call it a "glow powder" and I am LOVING it!
 There are several different shades and I picked up the one called "Afterglow." It seriously is SO pretty. Not overly shimmery at all! I love how they give you a little tutorial on the back of the powder of how to apply it! As I mentioned, I got mine at Walmart but I am sure you can pick it up at any local store. You can find it HERE on Walmart's website! It's only $8.97!
I feel like most of you know, but I follow a dairy free diet. I haven't had dairy of any kind for over 5 years!!
When I first cut dairy out of my diet, there really wasn't that many dairy free alternatives- especially in the coffee creamer department. Well- over the last few years- SO MANY new products have come out! I have used just about every kind of dairy free coffee creamer there is- but my favorite is the Califia brand. Normally, I use their unsweetened almondmilk coffee creamer but HELLO FALL IS HERE AND I LOVE PUMPKIN SPICE! :)
I was SO excited to see they make a pumpkin spice flavor and I may or may not have bought 10 bottles of it. HA!
I am mixing it with my unsweetened coffee creamer along with a little stevia in my morning cups of coffee (yes I said CUPS ;) and it is just making me so happy!!
 Another non-dairy product I have been loving lately are these protein shakes by the Purely Inspired brand. They are vegan and dairy free and only 120 calories but packed full of 20 grams of protein (2 SP for any of you that follow WW)! They are the perfect snack for me to have on hand if I know I am going to be out and about and not home in time for lunch.
 I keep mine refrigerated and I think they taste the best over ice! They are also delicious mixed with iced coffee! They are definitely on the pricier side ($7.27 for 4)- but I don't drink them all the I consider them worth it. It can be really hard to find a clean ingredient protein shake that isn't 400 calories! I will NEVER be one of those people who can drink a shake for a meal- I like to chew my lunch. HA! These are great as a snack or as breakfast on the go paired with a piece of peanut butter toast or a few hard boiled eggs!
I shared on Instagram last week about these fun throw pillows I picked up from Walmart and wanted to share them here on the blog as well as give ya'll the link to them!!
You can find them HERE!
They come in navy, gray, black and red and they are REVERSIBLE!!
One said is plaid (pictured above) and the other side is this fun buffalo check!!
They are $12.87 each and are made SO well!! I also got the yellow pillow at Walmart! It was just under $10 and I love the saying on it! It's also SUPER soft- so it's great for snuggling!
I do NOT need another throw pillow...but I am thinking the red version of these pillows would be SO cute for Christmas and Valentines!!

My mom got this book for me last Christmas and I was reading it daily for several months...then I stopped due to #LIFE. I just pulled it off of my bookshelf and I am keeping it on my desk. I have been getting back into the rhythm of reading a reflection every day and they are SO GOOD. I love Maria Shriver and the way she writes is so relatable and inspiring. I feel like this book would speak to women in so many stages of would be a lovely gift for someone special in your life or for YOU! :)
You can find it HERE on Amazon!
I read this post by Emily Stimpson Chapman yesterday and it just spoke so beautifully of motherhood. "Motherhood is a holy vocation. It's also crazy hard. Don't make it harder by only viewing it through carefully edited frames. The reality is far more complex and far more beautiful than will ever fit into any square." You can read the rest of the post HERE!
I would love to know what you are loving lately!!! Share with me in the comments!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. I am loving the Silk Almond Pumpkin Spice creamer!

  2. I just hopped over and read the post by I love the connections I get from the internet world, but I'm so grateful that it wasn't really around when my kids were babies. I think the comparison game would be so tough. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  3. Gosh, I love those pillows! I bought a mustard colored pillow like that and it says Grateful. It's so pretty. I couldn't believe it was under $10. I'm really go back and forth with reading so much. I enjoy it, but like you, I have to put it out on my desk to remind myself to keep reading :)


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