Hello Monday!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Hi friends!!

Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend??

Our's good! I was flying solo with the kids- Aaron was out of town on a men's retreat in Kansas City, Missouri! He got back super late last night and left super early this morning for work- so I am crossing my fingers we get a chance to actually talk to each other tonight! HA!

The kids and I had a fun donuts and park playdate Saturday morning with friends and then knocked out grocery shopping at Walmart and Aldi. 
We ended our day with blizzards in our Halloween jammies at Dairy Queen!! James has been working on having good behavior at school and his latest reward for getting 5 "happy faces" in a row was a blizzard party for the whole family! 
Sunday morning,  I surprised the kids with mini pumpkin waffles!
Whitney shared about this adorable pumpkin waffle iron she got from Amazon and I had to get one for our house! 
 I made protein waffles using our favorite Aldi protein pancake mix (it's just like Kodiak Cakes) and added some mini chocolate chips!
I also got all of the kids' lunches prepped for the week and was so happy to have it DONE before we went to church!
I got my act together and put together a meal plan for this week. I always have a loose idea of what we're eating every week- but I don't always plan out a good menu plan. Either way- my hubby and kids are always fed (HA!)- but I definitely feel way more organized and put together when I plan out actual meals and pick out a couple recipes to make!
Here's what I have planned out for us to have:

Sunday: Chicken nuggets, steamed broccoli and mac ‘n’ cheese
Monday: Burgers, green beans and sweet potato fries
Tuesday: Cheese quesadillas and pork carnitas bowls
Wednesday: Meatball subs, parmesan cheese pasta and steamed broccoli
Thursday: Pork carnitas tacos, brown rice, black beans and steamed corn
Friday: Pizza!!
Saturday: Nuggets and Hot dogs for kids- A & J date night!!
Sunday: Easy Crock Pot Chili, grilled cheese and side salads

Click HERE for the recipe I am using for the pork carnitas- it's from Skinnytaste and it looks SO good!

Also- I shared how I made my easy chili in last Friday's blog post- you can find it HERE! Spoiler alert- I just followed the ingredients on the back of the McCormick's chili seasoning packet and cooked it in my crockpot!

Okay friends. Are you ready for the week??
I shared some weekly goals last Monday and thought I would share again what I am hoping to focus on this week:
1) Continue working on making healthy choices with my nutrition. Last week was REALLY good for me and I want to keep that momentum going! I have a tendency to get very "snacky" as the temperatures get cooler and it gets darker quicker at night- so I want to keep that under control!

2) Complete all household chores that NEED to get done. I haven't been the greatest on sticking with my cleaning schedule. My goal is to get a chore or two done each day- and STAY ON TOP OF IT- so when the weekend comes around- I can be more focused on hanging out and having fun with my kids!

3) Don't get overwhelmed in isolated, stressful moments. Overall, I would say I deal with stress pretty well. Where I really struggle are in situations like when everyone comes home from school exhausted and hungry and 3 of my 5 children start throwing massive tantrums. Or when Aaron calls and says he won't be home for dinner- which means I am flying solo for dinner, baths and bedtime. Nothing that is a BIG deal at all- but I have a tendency to get overwhelmed, cranky and it's just not pretty. HA! 

Aaron has a pretty big work thing happening on Friday morning and we are coming off of him being gone all weekend. I know this week is going to feel a little extra bananas and I am making it my TOP goal- to BREATHE. Own the mantra: Hard is NOT the same thing as Bad.
And to just do the next.right.thing!

Hope you have the BEST day!

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  1. The kids are out of school again today so I feel like I am all over the place. We really do need routine in our life! Ha
    I have that waffle maker on my wishlist. I need to just purchase it! So cute!

  2. I love that thought...hard is not the same thing as bad. It goes right along with We can do hard things and Just do your best. Those are two things I tell myself and the kids frequently. Hope you have a great week. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  3. That mini waffle maker is so fun! I totally know what you mean about actually getting to talk to your husband - I feel like we've been passing each other in the night with how busy things are! Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I love "hard is not the same thing as bad". When I had three kids age 3 and under (all 3 in diapers), my Mom told me to take one hour at a time (instead of one day at a time), and that helped me a lot. I would just think about what needed to get done in the next hour and do it. I really enjoy your blog...thanks!

  5. Blizzards in jammies sound like a wonderful reward! I find meal planning helps me feel like there is one less thing for me to worry about each day and I love that you had all their lunches put together for the week too! That's amazing.

  6. Emma bought a heart shaped waffle maker just like that last year! It is super cute and I was surprised at just how well it works!! I am so jealous you have all your kids lunches done for the week. Here I am, Monday night at 8:30 pm and I have yet to pack my girls lunches for tomorrow! ha!! Happy Monday!!

  7. I need that pumpkin waffle maker in my life!! So cute!! I enjoyed reading your post! I hope you are able to have a healthy week and also not sweat the small stuff! I can totallllly relate!! <3

  8. Isn't that pumpkin waffle maker SO CUTE!?!?! I just love it! Solo parenting wears me out, too. I've noticed that my attitude is contagious which is super convicting. I'm trying hard to be thankful for work opportunities for my husband and thankful to be holding down things at home. Easier said than done :)


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