5 on Friday- Wedding Anniversary Edition!

Friday, March 27, 2015


My husband and I are celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary this Sunday, so I thought it would be fun share 5 "Favorites" from our wedding! We had a destination wedding and got married in San Diego. We made a whole weekend out of it and everyone stayed at the same hotel right on the Pacific Ocean!  We even had a 5K "Love on the Run" race on the morning of our wedding!  I made shirts for everyone and we all had breakfast together after the race.  Then everyone parted ways to get ready for the wedding.  It was such an AWESOME weekend...definitely one of the best moments of our lives!

Our church.  So...I did all of our wedding planning on the internet and over the phone.  We did not see our church or our reception venue until we arrived for the wedding.  I just figured it would all be fine...I just wanted to get married :)  Anyway...we went to have our meeting with the priest who was marrying us and I was so nervous and excited to see the church where we were getting married!!  We pulled up and I was SO HAPPY!  We got married at Saint Agnes Catholic Church in Point Loma, CA and it is the most beautifully, quaint Spanish mission style church.  It was almost exactly what I had envisioned and I couldn't believe how perfect it was when we went to tour the inside of it!!

We got married the week after Easter, so the church still had their Easter flowers up on the Altar.  We brought some artificial arrangements just to tie in our wedding colors and we put white, tulle bows on the pews.  We didn't do any other decorating and it was just perfect.  The inside of the church is gorgeous and I loved the simplicity of using the beautiful church as our main "backdrop."

My dress.  Oh I just LOVED my dress!  I had a very specific idea in my head of what I wanted my wedding dress to look like.  I also knew I was NOT willing to spend a lot of money on it.  You are probably not going to believe this...but I got my wedding dress off of EBAY!! For $100!  :)  I made sure to get a dress a size bigger than my dress size just so I could have it altered to fit me perfectly.  I also had satin, spaghetti straps added to it.  My alterations cost $250- so the total for my dress was $350 :)  I also found my veil on Ebay for $15 and got my shoes at Payless for $20.  I absolutely LOVED everything about my wedding ensemble (and really liked the fact I had more money to spend on the open bar!) HA!

The back of my dress had beaded buttons and a sprinkling of beads.  It also had beautiful box pleats, which I thought were different, traditional and so PRETTY!

My wedding bouquet.  One of the first magazine pictures I added to my wedding binder (I got married before Pinterest :) was a picture of a HUGE hydrangea bouquet.  My wedding colors were hydrangea green, white and accents of hydrangea purple.  While I tried to keep the flower arrangement centerpieces for our reception budget friendly, I totally splurged on my wedding bouquet and I am SO glad I did!  When it got delivered to the church, I did a little happy dance and clapped like a giddy school girl.  It was EXACTLY what I envisioned and I just felt so much like a bride carrying it!

Our cake.  So like I already mentioned, I did all of my planning from Austin, Texas.  We did not go out to San Diego prior to the wedding.  So when it came time to find a bakery for our wedding cake I just crossed my fingers and asked a friend of my brother's who had gotten married in San Diego a few months prior who they used for their wedding cake.  Again, we just ended up getting so lucky!! Our cake was ABSOLUTELY delicious and SO beautiful!  I sent the bakery a picture of what I wanted our cake to look like and they totally created my vision perfectly!  We added the hydrangea flower accents once the cake had been delivered to the reception venue.  Our top layer was white cake with fresh strawberries and a cream cheese filling, our 2nd layer was white cake with lemon and raspberry filling layers and our bottom layer was chocolate and vanilla marble cake with a fudge layer.  It was all iced in the most dreamy butter cream icing.  I may or may not have eaten the majority of the top of our wedding cake once we got back to the hotel from our reception..... ;)  It was THAT good!

The people. We had 45 guests at our wedding.  From the beginning of our wedding planning, Aaron and I were both on the same page about wanting a small, intimate wedding.  We did not have a wedding party....we really just wanted it to be about US.  The people who  were at our wedding were our closest family and friends- and we were so honored they chose to spend a weekend with us, celebrating our marriage.  We had the best weekend together...hanging out at the hotel, having bonfires right on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and we danced the night away at our reception. SO thankful for all the special people who shared in our day with us!

This guy. Can't really fully explain how grateful I am for him.
3 years of full time school and work, 4 years of medical school,
 3 states and 4 different houses....

SO many laughs....
7 years of choosing each other...even when it was (and sometimes is) really hard...
FOUR beautiful babies in the last 7 years...

Being married to Aaron is an absolute gift.  SO thankful he is my husband.

Happy 7 years Babe...I will be by your side...always and forever.

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  1. Great post! - Seri from

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! :)

  2. Your wedding was beautiful, I can tell it was a wonderful day! Happy anniversary!

    1. Thank you!! It was a lot of fun to look back through all of our wedding photos! :)


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