Show and Tell: Favorite Areas in My House!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I am linking up with Andrea and showing some of my favorite areas in my house!

We moved to the Indianapolis area this past May for my husband's 3 year surgical residency.  Since we know we do not plan to stay in Indiana after his residency is completed, we decided to rent versus buying a home.  We found such a wonderful house for our family!  It is VERY big, it has a huge, FENCED in backyard and is in a wonderful neighborhood!  Seriously- we are so fortunate!! 
Since we are renting, though, there are a lot of things (cosmetically) that we would change if it were our house.  A game my husband and I play all the time, "what we would do if this were our house." 
Anyway- I can't say that I have a favorite room in our house- but I definitely have several favorite areas in our home.  And really...where my kids and husband are in the house- well that is my favorite spot :)
Enough are some of my favorite areas in our home! 

If you were to open our front door- you would see this table/shelving set up.  It is on the back wall of our house.  I love this area for several reasons: 1) My creative parents made the top shelf for me and it is one of my favorite home accessories!
2) My husband made the bottom shelf for me AND he made me the console table too!  I switch up the decorations on the shelves throughout the year to go with all the different holidays.  This weekend I plan to put up our Easter decor!  
3) It acts as a good "separator" between our kitchen (to the left of the shelves/table) and our living room (to the right).  I just really like how it looks! :)
 Next up is our fireplace/mantle.  I have ALWAYS wanted a fireplace with a mantle!  When we lived in Texas, we owned a home, but it did not have a fireplace.  Our home in Cleveland also did not have a fireplace.  When we were looking at homes in Indianapolis, I told my husband it would make me the happiest girl in the world if we could find a house with a fireplace/mantle.  I was so excited when we found this house and saw that it had one!  I switch out decor according to the seasons/holidays and just have so much fun playing around with how things look!  
Here is what it currently looks like for Easter...simple and festive!
 Here is what it looked like at Christmas time!
It is definitely a happy little spot in our house! :)
We have a really nice sized playroom on our second floor.  
I love being able to have the majority of my girls' toys kept up there.  
One of my favorite spots in their playroom is their dress up area.  
It makes me smile every time I walk by it!  It is girly and fun and I love it!
 My last favorite area of our house is our master bedroom.  
I love this wall because it is pictures and sayings that we incorporated into our wedding.  
I call it our wedding wall :)
 Finally, my favorite piece of furniture in our house is our bed.  My husband MADE this bed from scratch without any sort of a plan.  He designed it and it is beautiful!  
 Not only is our bed beautiful, but it is really comfy :) In the rare occasion I get 30 minutes to relax during the will find me right here! 

There you have it...just a few spots in our house that make it feel like "home" to me!


  1. Love this room!! Your bed looks awesome! And like a totally stylish and comfy place to sleep at night :-)
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

    1. Hi Erin! Thank you for your sweet compliment! Gotta love having a stylish place to lay your head at night! HA!:)

  2. Your home is beautiful!

    That bed is very impressive. I would have a hard time getting out of it every morning.

  3. So cozy! Love the shelves and console table. And THAT BED! How awesome that he made it and that you get to enjoy it


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