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Monday, March 2, 2015

Hi!  Happy Monday!  How was your weekend??  Our's was pretty husband had to work and my two youngest battled nasty that sounds like a barrel of fun- HA!  But seriously- we still managed to have some fun!  Friday night, we went and explored at our local Goodwill and picked up an almost brand new board game to play!  Do you remember the game, "Guess Who?"  That's what we got and we had so much fun playing it!  We decided frozen yogurt for dinner was a good idea and we gave our baby James his first tastes of it!  To say he liked it would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!  He got very impatient an made some serious grunting noises if we weren't putting it in his mouth fast enough! HA!

My oldest daughter had a basketball game on Saturday, we went to the library and hit up Target.  Sunday, it snowed all day and we had to stay home from church as my poor baby had a fever and terrible cough :( but my girls got to play out in the snow and their daddy built them a snow tunnel- so that was pretty awesome! :) All in all- it was a good weekend!  And now March is here!  I am excited for March!  Longer days, the promise of warmer weather and Spring Break for my two oldest daughters at the end of the month!  

So- I am in one of those ruts with meal planning.  This always happens around this time of is still cold and gloomy- but all I want to do is grill out and eat outside!  Needless to say, it took me a little longer than usual to come up with our menu plan for the week.  I thought I would share it in case you are feeling less than inspired with your menu plan for the week too!  The thing with menu planning is- it can be a bit of a pain to plan out- but I am ALWAYS so thankful I took a little extra time to organize my meals for the week and have all the ingredients on hand.  If you don't menu plan and have been feeling a little stressed around dinner time- give it a try!  I promise you feel so GOOD when 5:00 pm rolls around and you have a plan for what you are making for dinner! :)

For Monday's dinner, I picked up a frozen bag of meatballs at Trader Joe's and the baked ravioli at Aldi.  I am going to use half the bag of meatballs for this meal and save the other half for another meal later this week.  I am going to use an organic jar of marinara sauce from Aldi for the sandwiches and the dipping sauce for the ravioli.  So easy!

Tuesday, I am using this recipe for the crockpot lasagna.  This is a new recipe so I hope it is yummy!  I will freeze half of the lasagna for Sunday's dinner!

I have some elbow macaroni I need to use up, so that is why we are having "noodles" and meatballs on Wednesday.  I using the remainder of the meatballs from Trader Joe's and another jar of organic spaghetti sauce from Aldi for this meal.

Thursday's meal is pretty self explanatory :) I have Hillshire Farm kielbasa on hand and some mashed potatoes in the freezer that I made a couple weeks ago.  Did you know mash potatoes freeze really well?  Always make extra when you are going to the trouble of making them- and have some on hand for other meals!

I shared the recipe I use for homemade pizza last week.  Since it is Friday, we will be having cheese pizza. 

On Saturday, we are having a couple we recently met over for dinner.  Casual and easy Taco Bar for the win!  Christina recently shared how she puts together a taco bar- that is pretty much how I set mine up too!  I am going to make some refried pinto beans in the crockpot too...they are SO GOOD!

For Sunday dinner, it is leftover crockpot lasagna! I will also make some "cheesy" bread and serve a salad.  

I hope this helps if you needs some ideas for meal planning!  I would love to know of any recipes you love and use in your weekly menu plans!
Have a FABULOUS week!!

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