As We Speak...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

One of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie, occasionally does a post titled, "As we speak..."
She just did one and it inspired me to do the same!

WATCHING the Bachelor finale. It was pretty obvious he was going to pick Whitney, right?!? Becca is absolutely stunning. I am still really confused about what is going on with the Bachelorette and I thought Britt and Kaitkyn were so wierd and blah about the whole thing!

FOLDING laundry. Alllll day eeevvvvrrryyy day. Seriously- I do on average about 2 loads of laundry per day. Not my favorite chore by a landslide but so thankful we have a laundry room, washing machine and dryer and that we all have plenty of clothing to wear!

MAKING cupcakes for my oldest daughter. She is one of the students of the week at her school and I thought vanilla cupcakes with pink icing would be the perfect way to celebrate her!

WISHING my husband and I could sneak away for a weekend getaway to celebrate our 7 year anniversary at the end of the month. NOT going to happen ;) Some sweet friends of ours offered to babysit our kids so we could go out on our anniversary... Which is seriously the next best thing!  My husband is keeping the restaurant a surprise- can't wait for a couple hours with my best guy!

EATING veggies and the roasted red pepper hummus from Aldi. OMG. It is sooo good!! 

THINKING about how this time last year I was pregnant, we had no idea where we were moving next and we were on pins and needles waiting to find out where my husband matched (for his residency).  What a difference a year makes!

FEELING every emotion in the book.  A little down about things happening to loved ones in my family, happy that spring and warmer temperatures are just around the corner, frustrated because I messed up my knee last week and it has impacted my workouts- but above all feeling SO BLESSED.  My life is beautiful and I am really, really thankful for it.

LOVING how unique and funny each one of my children are.  I seriously look at them and marvel at the fact I get to be their mommy!

How are you today? I hope you are having a great week!

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