Shopping For My Tall Guy :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I am very happily married to a tall man :)  My husband, Aaron is 6' 4", wears a size 14 shoe and has a very trim, athletic build.  It is NOT easy to find clothes that fit tall, muscular, slender guys.  After trying out a bunch of different fits and brands- we have found some certain items that totally work for him!  So if you have a tall guy in your life and nothing ever fits him- this might be your lucky day! :)

I got Aaron a pair of these shorts last year and I hit the jackpot!  They fit PERFECT!  They are from J.Crew Factory.  They have an 11 inch inseam and they hit him right above his kneecap.  Most shorts in the store are just a little too short on him.  Another great thing about these shorts is that they come in multiple waist sizes, including 35- which is Aaron's size.  Very rarely do we ever find a shorts or pants in the store in a 35. They come in several different colors and I am sure as it gets closer to summer they will stock some fun, bright colors.  Aaron has a pair in yellow, purple, and turquoise.  
If your husband/significant other is looking for a great pair of shorts to wear this summer- 
try these out!!

When I ordered his shorts from J.Crew factory, I thought I would try out a slim fitting polo for him too.  I got him this shirt and it totally fit him great!  We have bought him so many polo shirts over the years and none of them ever fit right!  They were either too big or too short.  
I got him an XL and this one fit him just right- FINALLY!  
So- we have since bought him 5 of these polos in different colors! 

If Aaron isn't wear scrubs or dress clothes, he will most likely be wearing an athletic shirt and shorts. As I mentioned above, with him being taller, but trimmer, buying a straight XL in a shirt would end up being too baggy and getting him a large wouldn't be long enough.  Well we found this shirt on Old Navy online and it is awesome!  It comes in regular and tall sizes- perfect!  He wears a large tall in these shirts and they are totally long enough and fitted just the right amount.  Major bonus- they come in a bunch of fun colors and are SO affordable!  Even if your guy doesn't need a tall size, you should check these shirts out- they are so great for working out, running, or just everyday wear :)
 And to wear with his Old Navy shirts, Aaron has found that he really likes these shorts- from where else, than Wal Mart!  They are crazy affordable, so he has them in every color, they are made of a great material and they fit him really well.  He would typically wear an XL in shorts, but these run big, so he wears a large in them.  They are not a super long basketball style short- they hit him right above his knee.  He wears these when he works out, goes running, plays basketball or is just lounging around the house :)  Aside from these shorts, Wal Mart's active wear lines for men AND women have so many great items!! 

Do you have a hard time finding clothes for your husband?  Any stores you would suggest?

Hope you have a great day!

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