Show and Tell Tuesday: One of My Most Embarrassing Moments :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I am linking up with Andrea today for her Show and Tell Tuesdays Series!  
Today's post is about my "Most Embarrassing Moment."  Well...I have had quite a few of I had to pick one of my best embarrassing moments to share today :)

Let me begin this by giving you a little background.  I was not athletically inclined AT ALL in junior high and high school.  I was also quite awkward and a little goofy.  Needless to say, in 7th grade, several of my girl friends were trying out for the cheerleading squad and I wanted to wear the cute new outfits the squad was getting that year- so I decided to try out too!
It is important to note that at 12 years old, I still had not mastered the ability to do a cart wheel or a round off- both REQUIREMENTS of the cheerleading tryout.  I had a hell of a lot of spirit though- so I thought that might inspire the judges to look beyond the gymnastics portion of the tryout. is how the tryout went.  All the judges are lined up and each girl had to go into the tryout by herself.  It wasn't nerve wracking at all.  You were expected to yell, cheer and have the same amount of spirit you would with an entire squad at a basketball yourself.  in a quiet gym.  in front of 5 judges.  

I did all of my cheers and was super spirit girl.  Think Mary Catherine Gallagher.

Next up was the gymnastics portion of the tryout.  
First up was my round off- I gave it my best effort- but imagine someone putting both hands on the ground and then attempting to throw both their feet over and then pop up- with spirit of course!
It. Was. NOT. Cute.
Take the Olympic Symbol out of this picture and this is a good depiction of what my "round off" looked like.  UM YEAH.  

So, after my round off- it was time for my "optional" tumbling stunt.  The problem was I didn't have a "stunt."  As evidenced by my pseudo round off, I didn't have any other tricks up my sleeve.  I decided  to "fake it till I make it" and maybe the judges would give me some points for trying.  I went to the far opposite end of the gym and starting sprinting full steam ahead towards the tumbling mats....

And then I threw myself into a semi-airborn somersault.  YUP.  A somersault.

This would have been an improvement compared to what I did for my stunt.  

And then I hit the ground with quite a thud and immediately popped up and did this again:

The judges's faces said it all.  They were slightly stunned and then just smiled politely and nodded their heads real sweetly at me.  It was pathetic! HA!
The funny thing is I walked out of the tryout thinking, "maybe I made it?!" Oh GEEZ Justine!

In case you didn't already know...I didn't make the 7th grade cheerleading squad.  I decided to skip the 8th grade tryouts :)  

Soo...that is one of my several most embarrassing stories!


  1. So funny! And isn't it nice we can laugh about this stuff now. Junior High is brutal

  2. Oh my gosh I love this. I love this sooo sooo much. I never tried out for Cheerleading. But if I had, I'm pretty sure my story would be just about exactly the same. This is amazing, you are amazing. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Hi Erin! Thanks for the support :) I mean- what was I thinking?! HA!

  3. This is too funny! Loving all of these posts. I can totally relate, but it was fifth grade. I, too, somehow thought there was a chance my name would be on that team list after tryouts. Not so much! I stuck to 5'9 I probably wasn't the cheerleading type anyhow. ;)

    1. Hi Whitney! At least you were able to make the volleyball team! My track record with try outs in general was not impressive! HA!

  4. Oh no, Justine!!
    At least it happened when you were fairly young, so I'm sure no one else remembers :) :)


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