Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How about a little girl talk for today?

Ahhhh...the joy of being pregnant and all the changes that come along with it!!  So...when I was pregnant with my 4th baby I had some pretty funky changes happen to the pigmentation of my skin....with the biggest area being my upper lip.  UM. YEAH.  It looked considerably darker than the rest of my face and I was so self conscious about it!!  The term for it is melasma.  But, since I knew it was totally pregnancy related- I just did my best not to freak out about it.  And then when I had my squishy, chubby, adorable baby James...I decided my dark upper lip was totally worth the end product- HA! :) that I am almost 9 months post-partum, the darkened skin has faded considerably- THANK GOODNESS.  But guess what has happened now??? 
The hair on my upper lip has gotten considerably darker and much more noticeable. UGH.  Every time I would ask my sweet husband if I needed to take care of my "situation" he would kindly say- "Babe- you don't have a mustache." OMG. Seriously?!? HA! just really started to bother me, so I headed off to Ulta in search of an at home waxing product that I could easily use, that was not overly expensive and that took care of my "issue." 
I cornered a really sweet sales associate and she totally counseled me on several different options.  It was so nice to talk to someone who could refer me a good product but who also didn't make me feel like a weirdo! :)  
After a good 10 minute heart to heart, I left Ulta with these

I have used the wax strips twice and I am so happy with the results!  You warm the strips by just rubbing them in your hand to activate the wax...which is so convenient and nice not to have a mess!  All of my unwanted hair was removed with a swift pull of the wax strip and my skin was minimally irritated. The box of 24 strips (which can be cut to different sizes) is $12.99- but I used a $3.50 off coupon- so for $11 I will be able to wax multiple times versus paying $11 at a salon for just one visit.  If you are looking for an at home waxing product- this line has several different options and I would definitely recommend giving them a try!

Now your turn...any changes you have seen since being pregnant/postpartum?  How have you taken care of them?  Any great products you would recommend??

Hope you are having a great week!!


  1. I am for sure going to try these for the price and convenience . After pregnancy I felt like my hair was coming out in mass amounts, but thank goodness I had mass amounts to start with. It was never noticeable to anyone but me.

    1. Hi Penny! Same thing for me! I have a HUGE amount of hair and shed SO much post partum! We do not have any animals at our house- but you would think we did with the amount I shed! HA!


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