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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

About 8 years ago, my sister started selling Avon.  I placed an order to support her new little business, but ended up falling in love with Avon's products.  She has since stopped selling Avon, but I  have continued to order several beauty basics from them on a regular basis!
Also- Avon is always having sales and promotions on their products- I never buy anything unless it is on sale!  

(P.S. this post is NOT sponsored by Avon :)  I just wanted to share with you my personal experience of using their products because I really do think they are great!)

This is my favorite mascara.  Hands down.  It makes my lashes super full and thick.  I have used a lot of other mascaras and always come back to this one! Right now it is on sale for $4.99!! Such a steal!
I am loving this blush!  This is a new purchase for me and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, since it is a cream based blush versus the traditional powder blush I am used to using.  I am so glad I ordered it because I love it!  It is SO light, the color is so pretty and it blends really well.  If you are thinking about trying a cream blush...I would highly recommend giving this one a try!  
 This pressed powder is great!  It provides very nice coverage- but doesn't look cakey at all.  I have used A LOT of pressed powders in my many years of makeup wearing and I prefer this one over all of the top brands you can find at Target or Walmart.

Hands down- this chapstick is my absolute favorite.  I order several at a time and I have them all over my house and several in my van :)  I can't STAND feeling like my lips are chapped...but I also hate feeling like I have goop all over them.  Kind of high maintenance, aren't I?!  But seriously- this chapstick has a very light, pleasant smell, glides on so smooth and really moisturizes your lips.  These are also nice to give as a little gift!   I like to send a friend, my mom or sister a "thinking of you" note and include one of these chapsticks and a cute pair of earrings- what a fun little package! 
 You should definitely order a couple of these!!

Have you ever ordered any products from Avon?  
Do you have any favorites to recommend?  


  1. I LOVE Avon. I sold it years ago (mostly to myself). Their products are great and your right the prices and sales are wonderful. I love their jewelery and their eye liner. I am now going to try the mascara :)

  2. Yes! Definitely try the mascara!!!


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