New Momma Must Haves!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My little baby James is going to be 8 months this upcoming Saturday and I can't believe it!! 
I feel like I was just bringing him home from the hospital a couple months ago!!  After having 4 babies, I feel like I have really streamlined my list of must haves for me after having a baby.  Honestly, my list hasn't changed much from having my first baby to my fourth! 
I have found some "go-to" products and brands and have stuck with them!  
So- if you are pregnant or just had a baby or plan to have another baby in the future- this list might be helpful for you!  And by the way- don't you feel like SO many people are pregnant right now?!? I know so many people who are and it is SO exciting!!

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1. I have been fortunate enough to be able to exclusively breastfeed all of my babies right up until their first birthday.  I have several nursing bras that I like just okay.  What I absolutely love and wear everyday, from the minute I have had my baby in the hospital, is the Glamourmom Full Bust Long Nursing Tank.  This tank is serious.  As the title depicts, I am rather, ahem, well endowed.  This nursing tank is SO supportive- so much so that I can wear it as my bra!  Along with the fact that this tank is nice and long- well- it is a match made in heaven for me.  It is not cheap- but for me- the price is worth the quality!  If you are looking for a really nice, supportive nursing tank- I would DEFINITELY this one a try!

2. Lanisoh nursing pads.  Pretty self explanatory- but a big necessity for me (and anyone who is going to be nursing :)  I pack several of these in my hospital bag and wear them consistently for several months postpartum.  I have tried other brands and in my opinion- these are the best!

3. And open front cardigan is such a must have for me!  I am always cold so I like to have something I can wear- but with easy access for nursing.  And it needs to be cute- HA!  You probably have several of these in your closet already!  If not- the one pictured above is from Target and it comes in several colors.  Instead of wearing a robe in the hospital, I like to wear my nursing tank and an open cardigan.  I just feel more put together- but still super comfortable!

4. Loose fitting, colorful t-shirts.  I found the one pictured above on Nordstrom's website- it had awesome reviews! So- I am all about having a "momiform," especially in those first couple of months after having a baby.  I am sleep deprived and 15 pounds heavier than I normally am- I am not trying to stress about what I am going to wear!  So- I have my go-to nursing tank (which also functions as my bra),  I put on a pretty color t-shirt over my nursing tank, an open front cardigan and a pair of black yoga pants (I will get to those in a second).  It is a simple, comfortable, but put together outfit.  I don't look like a slob but I can also be easily running up and down stairs, changing diapers and playing on the floor or at the park with my kids in this outfit!  I like these t-shirts because all the reviews say how soft they are, that they are looser fitting, but not baggy and the price isn't bad!  Also- gotta love Nordstrom's free shipping and free returns!

5. This next item is kind of a mom cliche- a pair of black yoga pants :)  But you know what- I don't care!  If you can find a pair of black "yoga" or "exercise" pants that look nice, have some structure to them and are comfortable- then why not wear them?!  The pants pictured above are from the Zella line at Nordstrom and they look SO nice!  I don't have a pair myself- but I am seriously considering getting them!  Again- you might have a pair of these in your closet- I do- and they are always packed in my hospital bag as my "going home pants" :)  It is nice to have a comfortable waist band, but the black is slimming (which is nice to have after having a 9 pound baby- HA!).  Again- those first few months postpartum, especially when you already have other children at home- function is a priority!  So- for me- a pair of good, structured, black yoga pants is a must have in my "momiform."

6. The Ergo Baby Carrier.  This carrier is my absolute favorite and if you are about to have your 2nd, 3rd or even 4th child and do not have one of these I highly recommend it!!  The best thing about this carrier is it does NOT hurt your back!! So huge!  I wear my babies a large part of the day in the first 6-8 weeks after they are born.  With other young kiddos at home, it is not always possible to be holding the baby- I need my hands free! The Ergo is so supportive, the baby feels very held in (I have the infant insert too) and all of my babies have loved the Ergo!  Seriously- they kind of just melt once they are settled in and snuggled up on me!  It is a perfect compromise- I still get that important close, snuggle time with my baby, but I am able to help my daughter tie her shoes or make everyone lunches!  Get the Ergo!!

7. Amazon Prime. HA!  Such a new mom must have for me.  I can't tell you how many things I thought of that I needed or someone's birthday that was just a few days away that slipped my mind...all while nursing my baby in the middle of the night.  Amazon prime to the rescue!  Free shipping and at your door within 2 days!  Especially when we had our 4th baby and getting out to the store was not super easy in the beginning- our Prime membership was a life saver!  Also- if you have a smart TV you can access a TON of kid shows from your Amazon app and they are FREE!  It is a fun treat for my girls to get to watch an "Amazon" show and it helped me so much in the beginning when I was nursing James a ton and my girls were all wild and crazy.  Amazon show to the rescue!  If you don't have a prime membership- I would definitely check it out- whether you are going to be a new mom or not! :)

8. I am a coffee drinker.  I love coffee!  It is also a necessity for me :)  A certain almost 8 month old is still not sleeping through the night- and I get up very early regardless- so yeah- coffee is one of my best friends.  This mug is AWESOME.  It is from Starbucks and I love it because when the lid is shut- it can be knocked over and it DOES NOT leak!!  I carry my coffee with me all around the house...and my girls are always right by my side- jumping, dancing, wanting to help James and I can't tell you how many times my coffee mug has been knocked over!  Not a problem with this mug- because as long as I have the lid shut when I am not drinking it- there are not spills.  If you need a new travel mug you should try this one out!

So there is my new mommy must have list!  And I don't qualify as a new mommy anymore and I still use almost every single one of these items on a daily basis!  
Now your turn- what are some items/products that you can't live without after you have a baby?!?


  1. Yes yes yes!! Such a great list. I actually have Netflix and then borrow my moms prime login if I need to ship something fast :p I used the target Gillian o Malley nursing tanks 24/7 and loved them! I'm interested to see how different recovery in May is than recovery in November.

  2. Really amazing products for new mama and its helped allot for caring your baby i really like this thanks for share it Mary Adams .


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