Friday Favorites!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Friday!!

I hope it's been a great week for you!! 

It's been a full week and today and tomorrow we are having a garage sale!!
AND we are celebrating Marshall's FIRST Birthday tomorrow!!

How in the world it has been one whole year since I had him- I really don't understand!?!?
While this year has moved at lightening speed- and we went through our fair share of trials- it has been SO amazing. 
Marshall is the most PRECIOUS baby you will ever meet and the joy he has brought to our family is indescribable!!
After we had James, Aaron and I were pretty sure that our family was complete with 4 awesome kids. But....God put it on our hearts to pray and think about adding another baby. While my pregnancies are not complicated by any means- they are far from easy due to me having extremely severe varicose veins. We were honestly a little scared to say "yes" to having a 5th baby- but we both knew in our hearts that we were meant to have another baby.

And then we had this absolutely perfect, precious baby boy. And he came into this world in a completely UNEXPECTED way. After having four "regular" deliveries, Marshall was born via a C-Section at the VERY last minute. After my water broke, my doctor found out that Marshall had become breech. If you can believe it- he was head down earlier that morning- but somehow flipped. 
We had to move very fast to get him delivered since I was basically ready to have him. 
Low and behold- he ended up being 11 pounds 2 oz and 23 inches long- the biggest baby my doctor had ever delivered in her 20 + year career!!

He was an extremely difficult delivery due to his size and orientation of how he was laying in my uterus. I ended up losing over 2 liters of blood during his delivery and my recovery was VERY difficult the first 72 hours after I had him.

I am sharing this because- despite EVERY single thing going completely different than how I planned on it going- it was such a lesson to me that I am NOT in control. 
And that was such a beautiful and hard thing to come to grips with as a started out my journey as a mommy to 5 kiddos!
I can honestly tell you I have enjoyed EVERY SINGLE moment of Marshall's first year. 
I LOOOVVEEE babies and really cherished all of my babies- but knowing that this is our last baby- has made me literally soak in every bit of Marshall being a baby. 
Marshall has the most joyful, calm, precious demeanor and he is just SO SO special. 
Everyone in our family is truly obsessed with him and he has just brought so much light and joy to our lives. 
We always joke since our other 4 kids are SO crazy, God knew he needed to give us an angel if we were brave enough to have a 5th baby. HA!

While it is a little emotional for me to think about this being the last "first" birthday we are going to celebrate in our house (until my kiddos start having babies!!), I am mostly just SO excited to watch Marshall grow and develop and to see what type of little person he is going to become. I am BEYOND grateful we have a healthy, thriving baby boy. 
So- here's to saying "YES" to something that is scary. Here's to going through hard stuff and still being JOYFUL and GRATEFUL in the midst of it. Marshall has been tangible evidence of God's grace and mercy for me and I am eternally thankful for that.

Hope you don't mind I didn't a little something different this morning than the traditional "Friday Favorites" post...just really wanted to share my heart with all of you!

Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

I am off to get my garage sale on! HA!

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Weekly Walmart Finds!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hi friends!!!
Happy Thursday!!!

How was your week been going??

We're doing just's been a bit busier than usual for us- because a couple days ago, while we were packing boxes, I decided we needed to have a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday. Why not, right?!? 
Despite us having a huge garage sale last summer AND giving away SO. MUCH. STUFF. We still have a bunch of things we need to sell/get rid of!
The weather is looking not the greatest- but the neighborhood next to us is having their subdivision garage sale- so I am hoping we get some good traffic from that! Keep your fingers crossed for me! ;)

Okay- so last Saturday, Marshall and I snuck away for a little bit and went to Walmart to pick up some things. 
UM. I know you all think I am obsessed with Walmart- which I guess I kind of am- but seriously- right now- Walmart has SO MANY AMAZING THINGS!!
I told Aaron that I could have easily walked around, looking at things for a good, solid 3 hours. He looked at me like I was crazy, but then said, "I have no doubt you could've Justine." HA!

Anyway- I picked up some fun items and I thought I would share them with you today!
First up- is this super cute birthday decor!
The girls want Marshall to have a "baby farm animal" party and I was SO excited when I saw all of these things in the party aisle!!
Did you know Walmart has an AWESOME selection of party decorations, paper plates, cups, cute banners, big, fun balloons??
And you just can't beat the price- each of these items were only $0.99!!
I honestly usually go to the Dollar Tree to get my paper products for birthdays- but I am definitely going to start checking Walmart now that I know they have such a big selection of super cute part items priced at $0.99!!
You all know how much I love the 719 Walnut Avenue candles that Walmart carries...well- guess what- now they have an essential oil, soy candle!! They smell WONDERFUL and are $5.97- which is an absolute steal for an all natural, soy candle that comes in a ceramic jar!!
I got this candle for my mom as part of her Mother's Day present- I am SO excited to give it to her!!
I looked on Walmart's website and couldn't find this candle- so you will need to check your local store for it! Just like the regular 719 Walnut Avenue candles- this candle can be found in the air freshener/glade plug-ins/laundry area of your Walmart- NOT the candle section!
 Okay- I am REALLY excited about these tank tops I found!! I was needing some tanks to wear under my workout tanks- I am freak and have to layer everything with a tank top. HA!
Anyway- I saw these and thought they would be perfect- they are SUPER soft, super stretchy and are a great length- which I love- since I am on the taller side. So- I picked up this fun neon coral-ish color shown in the picture as well as one in a super fun, bright hot pink color. And now I want to go buy 7 more!! I am not only wearing them when I go to the gym- but I have been wearing them with my colored shorts from J.Crew Factory and just loving them! And for $3.88- I can afford to have one in every color!! I couldn't find these online- but at my store they were on the same display/section where the No Boundaries ribbed tanks were. These are technically from the "junior's" section- so they run a bit smaller. I wear a medium in these and they are pretty fitted- so if you like your clothing to be a bit looser- I would say you might almost want to go up two sizes. 
Definitely check these tanks out- I am going to be living in them all summer long!! :)
 Mainstays has been doing such an amazing job this past year with having fun, festive flour sack towels available for every season- and their summer towels are just SO cute!!
I picked up these two towels to put up in our new kitchen and I just love them! These flour sack towels are $1.88 and are really big and very absorbent!!
I am thinking about going back and getting each of the girls' teachers one of these towels and wrapping it around a fresh baked loaf of banana bread for their Teacher Appreciation Gift!  They also have a really cute cactus pattern available and I think one other pattern- I can't for sure remember :) Again- kind of a bummer- these are not available online- but you can find them in the home/kitchen section of your Walmart. Normally- they stock these towels on the outside of an aisle!
 I picked up my oldest daughter a couple pairs of super cute and AFFORDABLE shorts! Did you know Walmart has girl version of the Danskin Now brand of workout clothes?? They are such great quality and you seriously cannot beat the prices. The shorts on the left are from the Danskin Now line- and they are super lightweight with a mesh liner. The shorts on the left are from Faded Glory and are just a cute pair of elastic waistband shorts- and they have the cutest little pompom detail on the edge of them!! These shorts for $4.88 each!! 
And finally- I forgot to take a picture of these in the store- but how amazing is this 2 Tier Rectangular Server from Better Homes and Garden- it is in the store and currently in stock online- for $17.88! How cute would this be on your outside patio table??
They also have this 2-Tier Round Serving piece- which is SO fun and sells out ALL THE TIME. It is also $17.88 and I saw this in my store and it's available online right now!
I would love to know- have you found any great deals at Walmart lately??

Like I already mentioned- I could have spent several hours looking around- there are SO many cute boy clothes available right now, the baby clothing section is stocked with the cutest summer items, I found some SUPER fun items in the sleepwear section for women, of course, the workout clothes they have right by Avia and Danskin Now are SO cute and fun and I just did a quick walk through- but from what I saw in the swim suit section was amazing!! There were so many fun options and some really adorable coverups!!
SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!! I love Walmart! HA!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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Tuesday Talk: Lighting for the New House Update!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Tuesday!!!

I hope your week is off to a great start!!
We have had sunny, beautiful weather the last few days here in Indiana and it is making me SO happy!! 

So- a couple weeks ago I shared with you some lighting options that Aaron and I were considering for our new house.  You can read it by going HERE!

Well...since I know all of you have been hanging on the edge of your seats waiting to see what we picked out- I thought I would share it with you today ;)

For the eat-in portion of our kitchen- 
We've decided to go with this ceiling fan!
Isn't it SO cool?!? It's from Home Depot!! I don't know how I came across it- but I was SO excited when I did. Aaron loves just as much as I do- so I consider that a major win!
For over the kitchen sink, we decided to just go with a super simple single pendant light. We found this one on Wayfair- but actually last night- Aaron found one almost identical to this light on Home Depot's website- so I think we will get that one instead! On both Home Depot's website and Wayfair's website this light is on sale for under $30- so we are SUPER excited about that!!
 Next up- is the lighting fixture for over our kitchen island!!
We are getting this fixture from the lighting company. This is a definitely "splurge" - but we are bringing a couple of our own ceiling fans to our new house- so we are getting credits for those and it is all working out just fine :)
Don't you just LOVE it??? Or is that just me?
What do you think about it coordinating with the ceiling fan and single pendant light? 
Obviously they aren't going to match EXACTLY- but I feel like they will coordinate really well together!

Here's the chandelier we chose for our dining room!
This is also from Home Depot!
We were seriously getting so frustrated that we couldn't find anything that we liked for the dining room and then we took a little to Home Depot this past Saturday to look at paint colors and decided to check out their lighting department. And I saw this chandelier and was like, "YES! This is IT!" 
I love that it is a mixture of rustic, slightly modern, a mix of metal and wood and that the lights are very simple. I didn't want Edison lightbulbs or regular lightbulbs that were visible in our dining room chandelier. 
Also- I love that the rectangle shapes in the chandelier coordinate with the rectangle detail in the chair rail that is in the dining room! 
And finally- here's the lighting fixture we picked out for the foyer/entrance area when you walk in through the front door! This fixture is from Wayfair!
It's kind of hard to tell- but the fixture is oil-rubbed bronze and I think it coordinates really nicely with everything else we picked out! I love that it's simple but classy at the same time. I don't think it will overpower the foyer at all- but will definitely add some "interest!"

And there you have it!!! We are really excited with what we have picked and Aaron just wants to get everything ordered ASAP so I don't change my mind. HA! Lighting has been a hot topic lately and the poor guy is ready for me to stop saying, "I don't know! What do you think?!?!" HA!

So- the next step for us will be figuring out if we can order the fixtures from Wayfair and Home Depot and have them sent to the lighting company that will be installing all of our other lighting. We would REEALLLLYYY like it if they could install everything all at one time versus Aaron having to install the fixtures we are buying on our own. 
We're keeping our fingers crossed that works out! :)

And just for fun- I thought I would share the latest picture of the exterior of our house!!
This is taken from the road that runs parallel to our house- so it's not the greatest quality- but you can see the stonework, the shutters and the siding are all done!!
It's starting to feel REAL! This is our house! 
I still can't really believe it :)
Hope you have the BEST day!!

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Full Hands Full Heart

Friday Favorites!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Hi friends!!
Happy Friday!!!

Wow. You know how sometimes you just have a crazy week...but when you try to pinpoint why it's felt crazy- you really can't?!? If I am not making any sense- I totally understand. HA!

Basically- I have just been a loony tune this week. That's all. HA!

VERY glad the weekend is here tomorrow!!
Anybody else with me?!?

Okay...let's get to the fun stuff...time for some FAVORITES from this past week!

This past Saturday we took a walk to our local Fresh Thyme Market and had so much fun! It was a gorgeous morning and my FAVORITE way to spend time as a family is when we are being active and are outdoors! The kids got a free cookie from the deli counter- so their day was MADE :)

Do you read my friend Whitney's blog?? If not- you must start NOW. She is the SWEETEST person and always has the best, creative ideas for how to make everyday life fun and special. She did a post where she shared some fun Easter ideas- and one of them was serving your kiddos' lunch or snack out of an egg carton! I saved our egg cartons all through the week and then put the kids snack in it on Saturday- they LOVED it! Such a cute, simple and FUN idea!
I know I have mentioned how much I love Thriftbooks before- but I have to give them another shoutout. I had several books I wanted to order in my Amazon cart- and they were totaling about $40. I REALLY didn't want to spend that much- so I went over to Thriftbooks to see if they had any of the books I wanted in stock. They had all but one of them!! And guess what?? I paid $17 for 5 books!! Such an awesome deal!! You should really check them out the next time you are looking to purchase some books!
So- I have to mention my friend Whitney again because she has the CUTEST little Etsy shop!! I ordered some earrings to put in my girls' Easter baskets and she not only sent them to me right away- but she packaged them up SO cute AND included an extra pair for me! My girls LOVE them (and so do I)!!! They are bright, fun and lightweight- the perfect little earring to wear in the summer when you want to have on fun jewelry but don't necessarily want to bother with super dangly earrings!
This guy. He is my FAVORITE.
Aaron is SUCH a hard worker and with our big move coming up in just under 8 weeks- he has really been extra amazing taking care of all sorts things that just need to get DONE.
Love him and really, really appreciate him.

Little Marshall (who is going to be ONE next Saturday- HOW?!?!) is squawking in his crib- so I gotta run! Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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Recipe Club: Pancake Muffins!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday!!

It's the third Wednesday of the month...
so today I am joining two of my blogging besties- Johannah and Heather
and linking up with their monthly Recipe Club!!
Okay- I have the EASIEST little muffin to share with you today.

You probably have already made them!
I don't even know if you can consider this a "recipe," because- guess what- all you need is 
1) Pancake Mix
2) Water
(or whatever ingredients your pre-made pancake mix calls for- I use the Aunt Maple's "just add water" mix from Aldi)
 So- heat your oven to 350 degrees, mix together your pancake mix and pour the batter in either a muffin tin or another fun pan you have! 
I have a heart shape donut pan- so I used that and they turned out so cute!
 I also made some in a muffin pan and added some cinnamon sugar to the top of them!
One of my daughters likes to eat her muffins plain and my other two daughters like to dip their's in syrup!
Either way- add a side of fresh fruit and maybe even some scrambled eggs- and you have such a good, EASY breakfast!

My girls get really burnt out on having the same breakfast over and over again- and this is such an easy way to switch things up- but also keep it SUPER easy. Because this mama can't handle anything more than that! HA!

Also- check out this fun post on doing fun mix-in's in your pancake muffins!

Hope you have the BEST day friends!

Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hi friends!! 
Happy Tuesday!! 

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!! We had gorgeous weather here in Central Indiana (minus a few showers here and there on Sunday) and had the best time being outside and celebrating Easter!  
I will be TOTALLY honest and say that Aaron and I were MORE than ready for bedtime on Sunday night...I swear...there must be some sort of special sugar put specifically into Easter candy...because...WOW. My kids were super special by the end of the day!! HA!
Seriously was a beautiful Easter for our family and I am so grateful!!!

Some fun highlights from our weekend: The girls and I had a lot of fun coloring eggs on Saturday, we were on time (early in fact- woo-hoo!) to 7:30 am Easter Sunday Mass and we made our traditional Easter Bunny Cake! I used a silicone mold for the cake and the girls LOVED it :) I let them totally decorate the cake themselves and I think it turned out so cute!! 
It tasted really good too!! (Semi-homemade baking for the win: Aldi white cake mix + homemade cream cheese icing!)
So totally switching gears- but just thought I'd share a few random things with you today...

1) You need to follow Julie Lundgreen on Instagram- you can find her HERE!! She also has a YouTube channel...and I LOVE her videos. She is funny, extremely insightful, encouraging, honest and every time she posts something on Instagram- I am nodding my head yes and just thinking, "YES! This is SO SO good!!" If you like following REAL, funny, motivating people on Instagram- definitely check Julie out!! 
(and P.S. Julie has no idea who I am or that I follow her on Instagram...I am just a big fan of her's!)

2) Thank you SO much to the ladies who gave me some GREAT bra suggestions!! I tried out the Maidenform Comfort Devotion bra that several of you suggested- and I REALLY loved it! BUT- I ended up not keeping it- I was in between sizes- I really needed like a 34.5- so I sent it back :(
I did order a bunch of bras from Aerie per another reader's suggestion and I am excited to see if they fit- FINGERS CROSSED- because this Mama's bra situation needs some CPR stat. HA!

3) I totally forgot to share with all of you- I achieved my Lifetime Membership with Weight Watchers a little over 2 weeks ago! WOO-HOO! It was a big deal for me! :) The kids and Aaron came with me and I was so proud to have my family there!! I was thinking about writing a post about my weight loss journey (spoiler alert- it's been a LONG one)- would you be interested in reading about that? Don't worry- you can say, "Um. No." HA!'s that for some randomness?? HA! 
You can ALWAYS count on me for random ramblings ;)

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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Full Hands Full Heart

My Hope Is In The Lord...Happy Easter!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Taking a break from my usual Friday Favorites post to share just a little bit of my heart with you :)

I hope if you know anything about me from reading this blog, it's that my Hope is in the Lord.
I am nothing without God's love and presence in my life.
On this Good Friday, I am awestruck at the REALITY of what Jesus did for all of US.
The sacrifice of him dying on the cross for ME (and YOU) convicts me, humbles me and inspires me.

Wishing you the most beautiful Easter and praying you feel peace and joy in your life that ONLY God can provide!
I am FAR from an expert on theology and religion- but if you would like to chat more about God's unconditional love for you- please email me! I would love to talk to you more about my personal faith journey!

Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL, BLESSED Easter!

Thoughts for Thursday!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Thursday!!

Time for a little girl talk today :)

 So I have a serious question to ask you today.

What is your FAVORITE bra?? 

See- I told you it was SERIOUS!


No really- I am in major need of some new undergarments now that I am done nursing Marshall :) I have seen several bloggers recommend this wireless bra by Wacoal and this underwire t-shirt bra by Natori...BUT- I just cannot afford to spend $65-$75 on a bra right now :) I know that you definitely pay for what you get in this "department"- but unfortunately that is just not the price range that fits into our budget at the moment!!
So- here's where you come in- tell me your FAVORITE bras- in the $30 or less range!!
I am okay with wireless or underwire! 

I am assuming Target, Walmart, Kohl's, maybe even Amazon Prime has great bras available- I just honestly don't have the time to go try on 50 bras to see if one of them fits! HA!

So- if you could share some suggestions with me- I would be so grateful!
5 babies in 8 years, nursing each one of them and gaining and losing weight with each pregnancy definitely has encouraged gravity to work against me...if you know what I mean!!
Ha! ;)

Thank you soooo much and I hope you have the BEST day!!
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