Friday Favorites!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Hey friends!!!!

Happy Friday!!!

It's been a go-go-go type of week at our house! I worked more than I normally do, we had an end of the year party, a preschool graduation and construction going on at our house!
Lots of fun stuff going on!!!

I sure hope you have had a great week!!

Here's a few fun FAVORITES of mine from this past week!

Sunday afternoon, the girls and I went out to run some errands. We went to Ulta and while I was looking around and waiting in line to make my purchases, my girls were busy giving themselves makeovers!!
They LOVE trying out ALL the different colors of eye shadows! HA!
They are so sweet and fun and getting to spend time with them is one of my FAVORITE things to do!
Okay- I think I might have a problem with feeling the need to try EVERY brand of dry shampoo Walmart has. Seriously. It's an issue! HA!
With all the brands I have tried...I have found one that I LOVE and plan on sticking with (at least until I get bored and want to try out something new! HA!).
I am loving the OGX brand of dry shampoo AND this hairspray by OGX!
I got mine at Walmart- but I have also seen it at Ulta and Target!
I was previously using Kenra hairspray (which is SUPER pricey) and picked up the OGX bodifying + bamboo fiber full big hairspray on a whim. I ended loving it more than my $25 bottle of Kenra now it is my "go-to!" 
And I LOVE the way this dry shampoo smells! It does not leave a white dusty film on my hair- which is a major plus for me since I have dark hair.
Both of these are under $7 each- so totally worth trying out if you are in the market for a new hairspray or wanting to try out a new brand of dry shampoo!
Saturday Aaron was working all day...but we were able to come over to his office and have donuts with him!
There is a picnic table in the back of his practice for the staff to use for their lunch we picked up some donuts and a muffin for daddy and surprised him with a quick visit!
It was short and sweet- but the kids loved getting a chance to see daddy on his busy day of work!
These are my 6 most FAVORITE people in the whole entire world...I am so thankful for each of them!!
Memorial Day
While Memorial Day weekend represents the start of summer, pools opening, back yard barbecues and picnics, the day itself has an extreme heaviness to it for many families. Many people think that Memorial Day honors ALL service members who have been in the military- but Veteran's Day is actually the official holiday that honors all individuals who have served in our Armed Forces.  
Memorial Day is the official holiday in our country remembering and honoring the people who have died while serving in the Armed Forces.  
So knowing that, it is impossible for me to say "Happy" Memorial Day.    

I don't share these thoughts to be a huge downer about the fun long weekend many of us have planned...but I do feel it is SO important to be informed about this holiday and I just want to encourage you to have an attitude of deep gratitude and remembrance on Memorial Day (and maybe be a little bit more conscientious about wishing everyone a "Happy Memorial Day!!")
We live in the most amazing country in the world and it is because of the sacrifice of many men and women's lives that we have the freedom and privilege to live the lives that we do!
THE WEEKEND. I am sure glad it's here!!!
 We have some FUN things going on and I am SO excited about the next few days!!
Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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Three Summer Must-Haves!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hey friends!! Happy Thursday!!!

Hope you are having a great week...only one more day until the weekend!!!!!

Am I the only one who can't wrap their head around the fact that the month of JUNE is just a week away??? Summertime is almost here and I am SO excited!!

I thought I would share with you three purchases I have made recently!
I am calling them my "summer must haves" because I can be kind of dramatic. HA! 

Let's start with my "summer must have" tank top. It's by the Universal Thread brand at Target and it is currently FIVE DOLLARS. So you need to buy all of them and then just be set for the summer! HA!
I only own one of them- but it is such a flattering tank top! It has wider straps, it is slightly fitted in the chest and then has a nice "flow" to it at the bottom. It is SUPER comfy and lightweight. It looks cute with jean shorts or white jeans! Perfect to dress up with a fun necklace and a pair of cute sandals...or throw it on over your swimsuit. 
Did I mention it is $5??? Go get yourself one! (or two or three!)
Next up are these Sanuk Yoga Joy Metallic Flip Flops! Since high school, I have only bought Reef brand flip flops. I think they are THE BEST. They are so comfy and hold up SO well. 
Well...a couple years ago- I was on vacation and bought a pair of Sanuk Yoga Mat flip flops and OH MY GOODNESS. They gave my Reefs a major run for their money!! 

For Mother's Day, I asked Aaron and the kids to get me a new pair of flip flops and they ended up picking out these Sanuk Yoga Joy flip flops and I absolutely LOVE THEM. 
I am still very loyal to my Reefs- but these flip flops have taken over as my "everyday" summer shoe. They are ridiculously comfortable and very sturdy. I got them in the platinum color and they have such a nice look to them. They are definitely more expensive than your $5 pair of Old Navy flip flops- but they are WORTH it. Aaron got mine on Amazon for $32.
If you are looking for a good, comfortable pair of flip flops to wear all summer- I highly recommend you check these out!!

And I thought I would also share about these Teva flip flops for men!! I just ordered these for Aaron because he was in desperate need of a pair of flip flops to just wear around the house. They are under $17 and he said they are SO comfortable!! They would be a great little gift for Father's Day!!
FYI: These run true to size- Aaron wears a size 14 shoe- which is SO hard to find by the way- and the 14 in these flip flops fit him perfectly!
Same with my Sanuk flip flops- they are run true to size...and I would say if you are a half size- you might want to go UP to the next size!

And for my final "summer must have" I present to you- the BEST bikini bottom.

I have had the hardest time finding a swim suit bottom that is NOT super high waisted 
(I think that is such a cute look on some women- but NOT on me), but that provides ample coverage not only in the booty region but also comes up to an appropriate height in the front! 
I have had the HARDEST time finding swim suit bottoms that meet all of my criteria! HA! 
BUT- I found them!! 
They are from Athleta and they are called the Shirred Full Tide Bottom.

In full disclosure, these bottoms are NOT cheap. They are $42.00. 
BUT- in my opinion- they are worth every.single.penny. because they fit like a glove and are made out of excellent quality material. My kiddos and I go to the pool almost every day during the summer- and I have found that investing in a couple GOOD swimsuits versus 4 or 5 cheap swimsuits is what works best for me. I need swimsuits that I am not yanking on and trying to get in "just the right place" while I am wrangling 5 kids at the pool. 
All that to say- if you have been looking for the perfect swim bottom- and you don't want a super high waisted bottom- but you also don't want to try and squeeze into a bottom that is cut for a 16 year old girl's body- give these a try!! If you spend $50- you get free shipping and returns are FREE too!

There you have it! My top three "summer must haves!" 

What about you?? What are your "must haves" for the summer??

Hope you have the BEST day!

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Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hey friends!!!
Happy Tuesday!!

How was your weekend??
Is your week off to a good start??

We had a good weekend...Saturday it rained alllll day- except for 2 hours in the morning- which we were outside the whole time. I have a slight obsession with checking the weather app and I timed it so the kids and I could go on a trail run, play at the park and eat donuts outside before the rain started!
It was supposed to rain on Sunday...but it didn't! And it made for such a nice day. We were so thankful to be able to play outside and enjoy the sunshine!

We've hit the ground running this's a jam packed one for us...but what else is new, right?!? HA!

So...there's no real point to this post other than to chat about a few things I thought would be fun to share. 
I am the queen of the most random blog posts...but I am okay with that! HA! ;)

We had Celine's Birthday "re-do" this past Saturday and it was such a fun, sweet time!
Celine requested I make her a rainbow layer cake this year. I LOVE to bake...but I pretty much stay in a safe zone of using a cake mix and then making homemade cream cheese icing and calling it a day.
Needless to say, I was a little apprehensive to make a 6 layer cake...but I used this recipe and it seemed pretty foolproof!
It ended up turning out SO good!!!
It's obviously not "Pinterest Perfect" but we all loved it and Celine was just SO SO excited about her cake...which is all that mattered to me!
She picked out the colors for her layers...and called them "unicorn rockstar" colors! HA!

And just a tip- for the icing I mixed my homemade cream cheese icing with about a 1/2 tub of cool whip and it turned out SO good. I thought with such a large cake, using a TON of cream cheese icing would be too sweet- so mixing some cool whip with it really lightened it up and the icing came out nice and "fluffy!"
Let's talk about going out to eat with your kids.
Or let's not. HA!

So- up until last year- we RARELY took the kids out for dinner. Since moving to Greenville last year, we started going out once a month, on a family date. Our girls do a great job (minus a few reminders for having proper manners) but our boys are a WHOLE different story. James is 3.5 and Marshall just turned 2- and they are WILD. and NAUGHTY. and make going out to eat somewhat painful. HA!

We usually go to Mellow Mushroom for our family date night- we can eat outside and the restaurant is very family friendly. The boys do fairly well when we go there- but I would definitely not call it a relaxing dining experience.
Well...outside of eating at Mellow Mushroom (or Chick-Fil-A)- the boys just do NOT get the memo on how they should act.
Soooo...a couple weeks ago- we went out to eat at Red Robin for Celine's birthday dinner- and James and Marshall (and to be honest- the girls too) were being AWFUL. So awful that about 2 minutes before they brought out our food- I threw in the towel! HA!
I had Aaron tell our waiter to box all of our food to go and we went to a park to eat our dinner. 
Sometimes you just have to wave the white flag- which is exactly what we did!
It ended up being a fun evening- the kids were super happy to go to the park- but Aaron and I weren't happy about the fact we didn't get to take advantage of the bottomless french fries Red Robin is famous for.
Parenting 101: You win some. You lose some.
We have a fun project starting at our house tomorrow!!
We are getting an enclosed porch put on the back of our house!!
We have hired a contractor to do about 1/2 of the job- and then Aaron will finish the rest of it himself.
We need professionals to frame the porch, put up a roof that is connected to the back of our house and wire it for electricity. Aaron will enclose the porch, put in all the windows, doors, and all of the finishing touches. 
I found this picture as a inspiration for how I would like him to finish the ceiling of the porch!
Aren't those boards so neat? 
I will want our boards to be painted white...but you get the idea!
We are SO SO excited to have this new space added to our house. I am going to live out there this summer!! I cannot wait to drink my coffee and watch the sunrise from our new porch!
I will be sure to keep you updated on the progress! It should only take the building crew about a week to get their work done. Then, it will be a little longer before the porch is totally finished, since Aaron will be doing it as he has available time.

So- now that I have shared some super randoms...what about you??
What's going on in your life??

Share something random with me!!

Hope you have the BEST day!

Friday Favorites!!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Hey friends!!! 

Happy Friday!!!
We are all VERY happy we're at the end of this week! I mentioned HERE that the kids and I got super sick this past Sunday- and it has felt like it has taken all week for us to get back to normal!

How was your week?? 
I sure hope it was a good one!!

Since it's Friday...I am sharing a few, fun FAVORITES of mine from this past week!!

I was at the Dollar Tree last week, picking up some things for my daughter's birthday and saw these fun summer plates! We are getting ready to re-do our back porch/patio area and I thought these plates would be SO FUN to use when we start dining al fresco more!!
They are not a super "sturdy" plastic plate...but I figured for $8 (I got 8 of them) they weren't a bad deal. They just scream SUMMER to me!!! 
We went on a family trail run this past Saturday and treated the kids to donuts afterwards. My absolute FAVORITE way to spend a Saturday morning is exercising together as a family...then getting a fun treat! Aaron has been on call more than usual- so it was extra nice to have a morning where we could go running and get donuts as family!
We ate breakfast at our church for Mother's Day and in our spiritual life center there was also a craft fair taking place. I saw this super fun wreath and convinced Aaron I needed it for our front door. I just love how bright and cheerful it is! And the woman we bought it from was the I loved being able to support her small business!
*SUPER awkward selfie alert!*
A couple nights ago, after we got the kids in bed, I checked my Fitbit and realized I needed some more steps to hit my goal for the day. So- I got my earphones and walked several laps around my neighborhood while listening to my FAVORITE Pandora station- Matt Wertz Radio. 
I have to tell you: it was SO LOVELY to just stroll, listen to music and just decompress from the day!! I decided I need to start taking an evening walk more often- it might just turn out to be a new, FAVORITE activity for me!!
I recently brought some chocolate chip cookies to a cookout and several of my friends immediately asked me for the recipe. I have actually blogged about my chocolate chip cookies HERE- but thought it would be fun to just share the recipe again! This recipe makes THE BEST chocolate cookies (in my humble opinion). This is an adaptation of the recipe my mom used when I was growing up and I like to think I have perfected it! :) 
Make a batch this weekend and it might just turn into your new FAVORITE chocolate chip cookie recipe!! ;)
So what's on the agenda for you this weekend??

We are supposed to get random storms and rain all weekend...and as luck would have it- Aaron is on call all the kiddos and I are flying solo. I am going to have to get creative so we don't go STIR CRAZY being cooped up inside!!

I am thinking we will hit the gym and grab some donuts on Saturday and on Sunday we will go to church and then probably just stay home and get ready for our last FULL week of school. And I should probably do some laundry too.....MEH. HA!

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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Thankful for Laundry

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hey friends!!! I am checking in later in the week than I normally like to...but we hit a bit of a wall on Sunday!

Soooo...Sunday was not only Mother's Day, but it was also my  youngest daughter's birthday!

We woke up and had a fun morning of opening presents, going to breakfast at church, opening Mother's Day presents when we got home from church....and then things started to fall apart. HA!

FYI: I am getting ready to talk about throw up- so if that grosses you out- you might want to skip reading this post. HA!

Back tracking just a bit- in the middle of the night on Friday, my youngest son woke up in the middle of night because he has thrown up in his crib. Luckily, once we cleaned him up and got his sheets changed, he went back to bed easily. Saturday, his tummy still seemed a little off- but overall he was fine.  
During church, on Sunday morning, my middle daughter, Cora, kept telling me her tummy hurt...but in true "get over it fashion" (which is totally how I react most times my kids tell me they don't feel good! HA!), I told her she probably ate too much at breakfast and that she would be fine. 

Okay- so it was about 1 pm on Sunday and Cora says she really isn't feeling good. She then went to the bathroom and started throwing up!! Poor thing!! We got her cleaned up and settled on the couch. I decided to take my son James for a walk while Celine road her bike.
Well- wouldn't you know it- James started throwing up IN THE STROLLER on our walk!!!! 
So- I got him home, we cleaned him up and Aaron got the stroller sprayed off. 
Then Cora and James just started taking turns throwing up.

Then....I started feeling weird. 
But I tried to ignore it because it was Mother's Day! It was Celine's Birthday! 
But- I finally had to throw in the towel around 3 pm and crawled into bed. 
Well, then Celine told me she wasn't feeling so great. She got into bed with me and THANK GOODNESS I had a trash can by me- because she started throwing up in it!!! 
Poor thing!! On her birthday!!

So- then she was down for the count too. Then Charlotte started feeling horrible and around 7 pm started throwing up and it didn't stop until about midnight. I won't even go into detail about me. Let's just say I became good friends with the toilet. UGH. 

So- that was our Mother's Day/Celine's birthday. Aaron ended the evening by holding little girls' hair back while they puked and ordering himself a pizza from Pizza Hut. HA!

I really cared less about it being Mother's Day...I was so bummed out for Celine!! I had made her a special rainbow cake and we were all so excited to see how it turned out!

 Monday morning, everyone woke up feeling a tad bit better and most of our day looked like this....watching TV and eating crackers :)
Celine took this picture of me on Monday afternoon, and at the time, I will be honest- I was super annoyed she had my phone and was snapping a million pictures. 
But looking at it now- I kind of love it.
I have continued to feel pretty crappy the last few days, but life goes on...and that's what this picture shows. 

And it makes me SO thankful the extent of our "troubles" lasted only about 24 hours. 
My kiddos went back to school yesterday and they are all fine. 

I have a wonderful husband who took care of us and came home early from work on Monday to take us out for dinner since we had been cooped up in the house all day.

I have a big, sturdy washing machine and dryer and running water and did about 10 loads of laundry on Monday without even thinking twice about it. Not to be melodramatic- but I think we often realize WHAT A PRIVILEGE that is!!!
 And we are! It's Wednesday and I am finally feeling like myself again.
The kids are great and the only reason we are headed to the doctor this week is because Celine has a well-check.
Aaron has an immune system of STEEL and NEVER got sick. (I attribute that to the many years he has worked in hospitals. He has been exposed to every germ known to man! HA!)
We are going to do a birthday "re-do" this Saturday for Celine and have her birthday dinner and her rainbow cake!

Life is GOOD (even though it's been a little rough the last few days) and I am SO thankful :)

Hope you have the BEST day!

Friday Favorites!!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Hi!! Happy Friday!! 
What a WEEK! We had a lot going on and while it felt a little crazy at was a really good week!!

I know so many of you are in the same boat as me...feeling pulled in 1,000 different directions over these next couple of weeks as ALL.THE.SCHOOL.ACTIVITIES. take place- so I had to share this hysterical quote...I mean...seriously- could this be more true?!?! HA! time to share some of my FAVORITES from this past week!

My oldest brother, Mike, was in town for medical military training he was a part of- so he came over one night for dinner! He brought one of his co-workers with him and we had such a fun night! Mike lives in San Diego- so we don't get to see each other much- so it is always extra special when we get a visit with him!!
BIG NEWS AT OUR HOUSE. I got a laundry room sink!!! Our laundry room is fairly small and was SUPER basic when we moved in.  We weren't sure if there was going to be enough room to fit in a sink- but Aaron made it work and found a sink that would fit! We had the plumbing hooked up and the sink installed last week and it has been SO nice. As you all know, I am obsessed with stain removal (HA!)- so having a sink to soak and scrub all of my kids' dirty clothes is making me so happy! 
About a month or so ago, my beautiful friend Whitney shared she had a coupon code to use for the Etsy shop, ADVdesigns. I got these minty-turquoise leather teardrop earrings and LOVE them. They are the perfect pop of color and they are SO SO light! Like I can't even feel that I am wearing them!! One of my ears has become super sensitive in the last year or so, because Marshall tugged on it really hard when he was a baby, and really opened my earring hole up. Since then, I have had a hard time wearing heavy earrings! 
That's why I love these so much! I just ordered another pair- they are a silvery color- and I can't wait to get them!
My sweet Celine and I get to share Mother's Day and her birthday this year!!
Celine was actually born on Mother's it's SUPER special to be celebrating it AGAIN together, 6 years later! We are definitely going to have a FUN weekend with her birthday party, family birthday date night 
and then celebrating her actual birthday along with Mother's Day! 
This girl is such a crazy mixture of sugar and spice....I just love her so very much!!
Wishing all of you who are mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, aunts, honorary mamas- the happiest Mother's Day this Sunday- you are truly AMAZING!
And for those of you longing to be a mother or mourning the loss of a child- please know you are always in my prayers. 
Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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Weekly Walmart Finds!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hey friends!!! Happy Wednesday!!!

Hope your week is going well so far!!!

Ok- so I have a few RANDOM Walmart finds to share with you today!!

The first one being my new favorite stain remover! Many of you, who have read my blog from the beginning, know I have strong feelings about stain removal. HA! I love finding the best products out there- because I am CONSTANTLY doing laundry and trying to get out all sorts of stains in my kiddos' clothing! My tried and true way of getting out stains is using Dawn dish detergent. I have also used several brands of "spray" stain remover that I have really loved, including Dreft and Resolve Gold. I actually wrote a post about it! HA! 
You can check it out HERE! Walmart doesn't currently carry the Dreft laundry stain remover (you can find it on Amazon) and I can't find the Resolve Gold stain remover last week, on a whim, I picked up this Spray 'N' Wash Max stain remover. My store had it in the area where all the laundry stuff is and you can also find it online HERE. It is $3.82 for a 22 ounce bottle and I am here to tell you- it is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY! It works SO well!!! Just in the past few days I have had to get out chocolate ice cream stains (those are the WORST) and horrible mud stains from the boys playing outside. 
Both totally came out with me using this stain remover! 
*Sidenote- I always start by treating ALL of my stains with some Dawn soap and then move into using a "spray" stain remover if they seem super stubborn.
So- if you need a new stain remover- definitely give this one a try! I have been so happy with the results when I use it and I love that I can pick it up right in my store- versus having to think ahead and order the Dreft laundry stain remover from Amazon!
Also- just wanted to mention- as it is always a worry of mine- I have used this on brightly colored clothing items and it has not bleached them out at all!  
Next up is a fun "end of the year" teacher appreciation gift! Or since it's Teacher Appreciation Week- THIS WEEK- maybe you can use this as a last minute idea to give your kiddos' teachers!

I am in charge of the end of the year party for James class and wanted to have something for both of his teachers from the class when we had the party. Another mom donated a bunch of fun, individually wrapped candy (she even put cute little sayings on them!) and I picked up a cute beach towel and water bottle from Walmart, this lime green little tub from the Dollar Tree and VOILA! For under $14- I think we've got an ADORABLE and super functional teacher gift!
 Here's the towel I got! Don't you just love the bright, fun watermelon pattern?? It came in other patterns- but this one was my favorite :)
So currently- at my Walmart- there are 3 "levels" of beach towels. There are some that are just under $6, this towel, which is $8.94 and then some oversized towels for $12.94. I was trying to stick with a certain budget- so I went with the "middle" priced towel. I have to tell you though- both Aaron and I thought this towel felt softer and more plush than the more expensive towels!
 The towel is from the Mainstays brand and you can see by the size dimensions listed on the tag- it is a BIG towel! Like I mentioned- it is just under $9- which I think is a total steal!
At my Walmart, all of the beach towels are in an aisle kind of towards the front of the store where they set up all the seasonal items. You can also find it HERE online!
This was the other towel I was thinking about getting before I decided on the watermelon print...I mean- how cute are those flamingos??? 
This towel paired with a water bottle and gift card would be such a PERFECT gift for a graduate or a maybe a babysitter that is going away to college!! This towel is also $8.94! 

So along with the towels, I also picked up two of these super fun and BIG water bottles! These water bottles are $3.94 and they had several colors with different sayings. These water bottles have a straw inside of them and a "clip down" mouth piece (does that make sense??) and are just perfect for the pool and the beach! I found mine on a side aisle just a couple rows away from where the beach towels were located. 
I looked online for them- but it looks like they might just be an "in-store" item.
So there you have it! An easy, fun gift that you can pick up at Walmart- that is super useful and budget friendly! I am always trying to think of gifts that I would like to receive when I get things for the kids teachers...and I would LOVE a new soft beach towel and fun water bottle! :)

Have you found any great finds at Walmart lately!?!?! 
Tell me about them if you have!!

Hope you have the BEST day!!