Thursday Confessions!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

 Hi! Happy Thursday! 
 How's your week been going?? 
 Sure hope it's filled with some summer fun and sunshine!

 It's Thursday-so that means I'm joining my friend Leigh for her Thursday Confessions link up! 
//1// I am such a  freak about stains on clothes. If you've been reading my blog for any period of time then you know how much I love finding ways to help me in the laundry department:) 
 Anyway - like I was saying I am pretty neurotic about stains. It is something I'm working on :) I literally cringe when my kids eat chocolate ice cream or put ketchup on their hotdogs because I know it's going to end up on their clothes. Ha!!  I know I can get the stains out but it's just one more thing I don't want to have to deal with after dinner! 

//2//  I used to be an ice cream FANATIC. Like literally it was my favorite, favorite food.  Almost 2 years ago I figured out that I am pretty sensitive to lactose and cut out all dairy in my diet... And it's amazing how much better I feel!! All that to say - I look at ice cream so differently now and because I know how it affects me -I don't even crave it one bit!  I will say every once and awhile, I get a hankering for a big ol'  piece of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory-  but not enough to eat it and give myself a horrible tummy ache!

//3// Am I the only one who gets totally stressed out about tupperware and how it can get SO disorganized so quickly?!? I mean...ALL.THE.LIDS!!! HA!
No matter how hard I try to get everything stacked neatly and put away in the can become a cluster of a mess SO fast!  

 Obviously I have some issues...HA! I am okay with it :)

Hope you have the BEST day!

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Weekly Walmart Find!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!!

I have a super fun Weekly Walmart Find for you today!!

So- most of you have probably heard of the Yeti Stainless Steal Tumblers. They are VERY popular and are infamous for keeping drink SUPER cold as well as hot drinks SUPER hot! 
I know a ton of people who have them and LOVE them!! 

I actually got Aaron the 30 oz. Yeti Tumbler for his birthday...I wanted him to have a cup that kept his coffee hot for him all day long...he is always on the go and doesn't necessarily get to sip his coffee all in one sitting.  Anyway...I gave him the Yeti tumbler and while he really liked it and thought it was cool...he couldn't get on board with how much I paid for it (the 30 oz. Yeti tumbler costs $40)- when he felt like his stainless steel Starbuck's coffee mug kept his coffee just as hot as the Yeti tumbler did. WOMP WOMP. So we took it back. forward to a couple weeks ago when I was doing my usual perusing of the website and I came across the Ozark Trail Tumbler!! And I saw the crazy awesome reviews it had and then I did a little internet search on it and read a bunch of more awesome reviews about it- so I promptly put one in my cart and ordered it!

So here's the 30 oz. Ozark Trail Tumbler- it is priced at $9.97 and has a 4.8 Star Review from 928 people!! This is the tumbler I got for Aaron for Father's Day and he not only loved drinking his beer from it- but he absolutely LOVED that I did not pay $40 for it! HA!
Here is the 20 oz. sized Ozark Trail tumbler- it is $7.47! 
The Yeti brand 20 oz. tumbler is $29.99!!

You have to check out this YouTube video, comparing the Yeti Tumbler to the Ozark Trail tumbler!!
It's pretty cool!! :)  I am all about paying full price for a name brand item if it proves to have a unique function...but I am thinking the Ozark Trail tumbler does just as awesome of a job as the Yeti tumbler does...for a fraction of the price!

Even if you already own a Yeti might want to pick up one or two of the Ozark Trail tumblers- just to have an extra on hand! 

So what do you think?? Isn't this a fun "find?" Or am I just a dork and get too excited about stuff like this?? HA!

Hope you have the BEST day!

Tuesday Talk: More Favorite Aldi Items!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday! Hope your week is off to a great start so far!!

So- about 2 months ago I wrote a post about items I buy weekly from Aldi- 
you can check it out here!
Several people commented they would like to know about other items I love and buy from I am back with some products that I buy on a regular basis- they are a little more random and maybe you wouldn't have thought you could get items that these at Aldi!

First- We LOVE the pre-made Mama Cozi's Pizza Crusts! Shown here is the "original" style- Aaron loves the "thin crust" version. Pizza crust is included- so all you have to do is add your favorite toppings! Aaron likes to put pepperoni, mushrooms and thinly sliced peppercinis on his. We get all of those ingredients at Aldi as well as our shredded mozzarella cheese! 2 pizza crusts and 2 sauce packets- they come in one package- costs 2.99! Such an easy and yummy way to make semi-homemade pizzas!!
And if you or someone in your family is gluten free- Aldi also carries a gluten free pizza crust mix!! It is in the baking aisle!! I am not sure exactly how much it is- but I want to say it's under $4!
LOVE this Italian loaf of bread!! It is $3.29 and we get MULTIPLE meals out of this loaf of bread! I use it for meatball subs, "fancy" grilled cheese, toasted Italian bread alongside spaghetti and it would be perfect for paninis!! And it freezes beautifully!
While I will always be a DIE HARD peanut butter gal...I have been trying to eat more almond butter lately. I have checked multiple stores- and Aldi- hands down- has the lowest price on Almond butter! It's definitely not cheap at $5.99 for 12 oz. but I don't use a ton of it and like I said, I haven't found it for cheaper at Sam's or Walmart (the other two places I shop). It is SO yummy. You can find it right by the peanut butter and jellies area at your Aldi!
My kids are obsessed with these white cheddar puffs!!! I know other mommas whose kids love these too!! They are almost exactly like Pirate's Booty- except so much cheaper! This bag is $1.99 at my Aldi and it is definitely one of my kids' most favorite snacks!
And finally...roasted red pepper hummus. OMG. This stuff is SO good!! Almost every day for lunch, I have a couple tablespoons of this (I have to measure it out or I could eat the whole container!!) with baby carrots and cucumber slices! Aldi carries several different flavors of hummus- their classic flavor and extra spicy hummus are also delicious!! I haven't met a hummus at Aldi that I didn't like- HA! A 10 oz. container of hummus is $1.99! Again- I haven't found a store that carries hummus for a more inexpensive price. And seriously- it is SO good!
So there you have- a few more Aldi products that always end up in my cart!!
If you are an Aldi shopper...what are some items that you love?
Any NEW Aldi shoppers out there?? What are your thoughts on it??

Hope you have the BEST day!

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Friday Favorites!

Friday, June 24, 2016

I have got one of the most RANDOM "Favorites" posts I have written in a looonnggg time...but I am a pretty 'random' it actually suits me just fine- HA! :)

Here's some things that I have been loving this past week! 

For Mother's Day, Aaron and the kids got me some awesome workout gear from Walmart. The pants they got me ended up not looking super great on me- so I exchanged them for these Avia running capris and I LOVE them!! They have a good amount of spandex in them so I feel nice and held in, they are actually a nice medium weight- not super heavy but also not so light weight that they are see through and the color of them are SO fun! If you are looking for a new workout pant- I would check these out! They are definitely my new FAVORITE workout pants!
And to go with my new running capris, I got this super cute top! Get this- it's on sale right now for $6.50!!! It fits SO great, it's got great stretch to it- but not so much that it's super tight and rides know what I mean!? I am loving this top so much- I am definitely going to pick up a few more in the other colors they have!! Yay for a new FAVORITE workout top that actually FITS! HA!

Ok- so...switching gears JUST A BIT.  HA! 
Sweet little Marshall has pretty sensitive skin and it definitely gets extra irritated with the hot weather we have been having. My new FAVORITE body wash for him is Cetaphil's Baby Wash and Shampoo! I got a sample of it the last time I was at the dermatologist office and last week, when his heat rash was pretty bad- I decided to try it out. Oh my goodness- first it smells so nice!! And it really seemed to help moisturize his little skin and calm down his bumps. My James also has super sensitive skin- thanks to me :) - so this is definitely going to be our new go-to in the bath tub!! 

OMG. This made me laugh SO hard!!
Now first- let's clear the air..I love ALL of my children the same. DUH.
But wow...the kids who go down for a nap sure are great, aren't they?! HA!
James and Marshall take a great afternoon nap and it's WONDERFUL. For them and me :) My oldest daughter hasn't napped in years and she is totally fine without one.
My other two daughters are in the "in between" phase with naps...they can make it through the day without one...BUT the hours of 3:00 - 5:00 pm are pretty gnarly. Not gonna's made for a few rough days for all of us. Sooo..we are going to try something new and have them sleep for an hour..not any longer. Bedtime is going to be a little later..since they got a little "refresher" but I can handle that. I just need the scream-whining to decrease..DRAMATICALLY. Ha! All this to say..naps are one of my FAVORITE things. Here's to hoping we get them figured out at our house before the summer is over! Ha!
And I saved my best "FAVORITE" for last :)
Earlier this week, we took a little day trip to my friend's lake house!
Her family goes every year for a week (the house is owned by her father's company and he gets to use it for a week) and they always invite us to come!
You guys. This house is INCREDIBLE. Like absolutely amazing. 
We went last year and had the best time! We could only go for the day this year- since we have some other stuff going on this week- but it was still SO much fun.
The girls swam all day, we hung out on the pool deck and chatted, ate lunch outside, the girls went on a long boat ride and we ended with everyone passed out in the car on the way home and Dairy Queen kid's meals for dinner. BEST.SUMMER.DAY.EVER.

Making memories and getting to spend precious time with my family will ALWAYS be my FAVORITE. So thankful for them!!
Hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful weekend!!!

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Thursday Confessions!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hi!! Happy Thursday!!
How's your week been going?? 
We've had a mix of busy and laying's been good!

It's Thursday, so that means I am joining my fabulous friend Leigh for her weekly 'Thursday Confessions link- up!
//1// Last week I confessed I love getting up super early - and so many of you agreed with me!
Well..I never thought I would say this but I am LOVING working out just as the sun is rising! Since I am waiting to take Marshall to the gym daycare for a few more weeks, I have been going running at 6 am before Aaron has to leave for work. I have never been a super early in the morning workout person until now... and I have to say it's pretty awesome to be running, listening to my music and seeing the bright sun come up for the day!

//2// I know there's a lot of "mom guilt" out there for almost anything you don't do perfectly for your child...and I am included in feeling guilty over lots of things I am or am NOT doing as a mom. One thing I don't feel guilty about? What I feed my kids! 85% of the time their meals are balanced with a veggie, protein and whole grain starch. The other 15% of the time... Well I do what's easy. The other night, Aaron had to be gone RIGHT at dinner time. Marshall was screaming, James was starving and I think my daughters told me how hungry they were about 100 times in the span of 3 minutes. So I took out a bag of tortilla chips and shredded cheddar cheese...and everyone got a plate of cheesy chips + applesauce. It wasn't organic, they didn't have a green vegetable...but you know what- they ate their dinner without complaining, the mess was minimal and all's well ends well. No mom guilt here for the occasional less than balanced meal :)

//3// I have been trucking along on Weight Watchers and while the progress has been slow and steady-  I am getting closer and closer to my first goal! It feels SO good to be feeling like 'me' again and also it's been nice to zip of my shorts without having to find a top to hide my muffin top! Ha! (Is that TMI?? Sorry if it was :)

//4// I was not prepared for how challenging it can be to parent young little women. My older girls are such good little's that they are getting just old enough that there are lots more questions getting asked...some about topics that I just wasn't ready for quite yet!! (Don't worry- nothing HUGE or serious- they are just thinking about things on a deeper level). 
And can we please talk about getting a big 'eye roll' from one of your precious children? My two older girls have got the eye roll DOWN and I have started telling them if they roll their eyes like that when mommy asks them to do something...they're going to get stuck! Ha!

And those are my confessions for this week :)

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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Weekly Walmart Finds!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!

I feel like it's been a long time since I have done a "Weekly Walmart Finds" post!!

I am really excited about some super fun dresses I have found at good ol' Walmart- they are all under $15 dollars and just as cute as can be! 

First- how cute is this little t-shirt dress?!? I am loving this patriotic pattern...Hello- perfect 4th of July outfit!! It comes in a couple other patterns as well solid colors like black and a pretty charcoal gray! It is on sale for $9.00 and has a 4.6 out of 5 star reviews!
To me- this is just the perfect summer dress. Throw it over your swimsuit or dress it up a little more with a cute pair of sandals and a pretty necklace!
Next up is this simple little tank top dress! I actually picked this dress up this past Sunday for our upcoming beach vacation and it is SO cute!! It is very flattering, super comfortable and you can wear a regular bra with it- which is huge for me since I am nursing Marshall! This dress comes in several different solid colors and patterns- I got a black one because I am boring :) HA! It is $9.88 and just like the t-shirt dress above- it would be perfect as a cover up to the pool or more of an everyday sundress! It would also look super cute with a cardigan or a jean jacket!
When I picked up my little black sundress, I also saw this dress and let me tell you- it is SO cute!! This is a belted woven sundress by Faded Glory and it is $12.94. It is made of 100% rayon so it is going to keep you nice and cool. I am just loving this classic red color- how cute would this be with a pair of wedges and a big, pretty pair of earrings?! It comes in several different colors and patterns, including a really lovely olive color that I think is SO classy. Depending on the dress code at your workplace- I think you could totally wear this to work! It's definitely perfect for church or date night- but also casual enough to wear with a fun pair of sandals if you are out and about with your kids! 
And I had to end with this ADORABLE 3/4 length sleeve shift dress!! AAHH!! I just love this dress!! I feel like this style of dress is flattering on every body type and is just so VERSATILE! You can wear it with a pair of flip flops to run to the store or wear a dressier sandal and statement necklace with it! It is the perfect "transition" dress- this could be worn in the spring or fall with a jean jacket and booties. Come winter time- you could wear leggings with it and pair it with a fun, long sleeve cardigan! And get this- it's $8.50- on sale from $14.88! It comes in this classy navy blue and white stripe pattern, as well as a peach/cream stripe and a heather gray color. You can't go wrong with this dress!
Soo....whose ready to do some shopping?!? :)

FYI: All of these dresses can be found, in stock on
Every Walmart store has different inventory- so your local store may have all of these dresses or just one of two of them. 
And I know I say this all the time- but the great thing about ordering from is that you can return anything you get online at your actual store. And they also now have an option where you can have your item "picked up" at the store- and there is no minimum- free shipping- if your item is eligible for that shipping option! I just ordered a pair of workout capris and a workout top- and picked it up at my local Walmart! It took just a few days and I didn't have to pay shipping! LOVE that!

Definitely let me know if you end up getting one of these dresses and what you think about it!!

Hope you have the BEST day!

My Patriotic Front Door Summer Wreath!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

 Hi! Happy Tuesday!! Hope your week is off to a great start!

Sooo...I am just about the least crafty person alive.
I feel l can decorate pretty well.
I can come up with some pretty good ideas- in regard to home projects/decor.
Actually creating yeah. Not my strong suit!

That's why I was SO excited when I made my first ever burlap wreath for my front door!
The internet is awesome and by watching a couple videos and reading some blog posts..I was able to say I MADE something! Ha!

Here's how I made my wreath!
First, I watched this awesome You Tube video showing how to make a burlap wreath- its only two minutes long..which I love because nobody has time for a 15 minute video- HA!

Then I found a written tutorial I liked. There are a TON of blog posts out there showing you how to make a burlap wreath...this is the one I used: The Easiest Burlap Wreath You Will Ever Make! The key word for me was EASIEST- ha!
Once I got my wreath made, I followed this tutorial to make the big American flag bow!
I think I only messed up about 3 times before I got it looking the way I wanted! Ha!
Before I attached the bow, I just randomly shoved in some white artificial flowers I had into one side of the wreath and then secured the flowers and the bow to the wreath with thin floral wire.  Aaron made me the 'L' but you can get big letters similar to mine at Walmart (in the craft section) or at Hobby Lobby AKA The Happiest Place on Earth. Ha!
And there you have it! A cute, simple summer wreath for the front door!
Since I had so much success making this burlap wreath, I made another one and I use it to decorate for fall and winter. I don't attach anything to it permanently, so I am able to re-use it for each season, using different little accents that go with the particular season!
I would love to know- did you get the crafty gene?? 
Or are you more like me and rely on the crafty geniuses that post their tutorials on 
Pinterest?! HA!
If you enjoy making things, what is one of your favorite crafts/projects you have made??

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Monday Mish-Mash!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hi!! Happy Monday!!
How was your weekend??
Our's was really nice!!

We had some friends who are moving back to their hometown, over for a cookout on Friday night and Aaron grilled some SUPER yummy burgers for dinner.

Saturday, we went to the pool in the morning and had a picnic lunch there before heading home for naps and taking a break from the hot sun.

Sunday we celebrated our favorite guy!!
Aaron requested his favorite breakfast dish for brunch- biscuits and sausage gravy.
I tried a new biscuit recipe and they turned out SO good!
I actually made them before everyone was up Sunday morning, then popped them into the freezer. When we got home from church, I took them out of the freezer, turned on the oven and put them in the oven frozen. They came out great! It was so nice to have them already made since the process of making homemade biscuits is a little time consuming and VERY messy- not something I like to deal with when I have 5 hangry people staring at me to serve them brunch! HA! 
Here's the recipe I use to make the sausage gravy that goes over the biscuits- it is SO easy and SO yummy!
I think if you asked Aaron, he would tell you his Father's Day was just perfect :) We didn't do anything special...but I made him all of his favorite foods, the kids made him the cutest cards and we got him some new polo shirts he had been wanting and he was able to relax on the couch with a beer while the boys napped and the girls and I went out to run errands.
We ended his special day with triple chocolate chip cake outside in our backyard!

We really hit the jackpot with Aaron and it is always so much fun to have a day to celebrate the wonderful father that he is!
And now we are back to Monday!
Today the kids and I are getting organized...laundry needs to be put away and the girls need to do a little overhaul with all of the trinkets they like to hoard in their room- HA!

Hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful week!!

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Friday Favorites!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Hi!! Happy Friday!!
Is it me or is summer just FLYING by?!?
I have got a tight grip on these precious summer days with my kids...I just love this time with them so much!!

I always love sharing some of my FAVORITE things and moments that have made me smile over the past always makes me realize how grateful I am for my life...not just when things are "perfect" but also when things get messy, hard or not so perfect :)

Marshall was baptized this past Sunday and it was definitely the highlight of our week! He wore the baptismal gown that my siblings and I wore (my mom made it) and all 9 of the grandchildren on my side of the family have wore it for their baptisms too!
My parents were able to come into town for the baptism and we had a really lovely lunch afterwards with our dear friends. It was a beautiful day!
And as you can tell...James was NOT having the family picture- HA! He was mad because he wanted to hold my mom's mini-tape measure. Such a hard life he leads! HA!
I had my 6 week postpartum checkup earlier this week and got cleared to start exercising again- which made me SO happy!! I have gone running and I use the term "running" loosely- as I am easing back into it- twice this week and it feels SO good! 
I had to get a picture of me with my girls after my first run since having Marshall...I was super sweaty and was hugging the girls really tight  ;) They thought it was so funny and super gross at the same time! HA!
Switching gears just a smidge...but I had to share one of my FAVORITE items I use all summer long...Thirty One's Fresh Market Thermal Tote! I was gifted this tote by my former co-workers a couple years ago (Hi Laura!!! :) and I LOVE it! I pack our lunches and snacks in it every day for the pool and it does such a great job of keeping things cold! I also always bring it with us on road trips so I can have our lunches packed and keep our drinks cold! Definitely a great item if you are on the go a lot!! You will use this tote all the time! :)

I know I probably sound like a broken record with how much we love summer and how we are at the pool every day- but it's TRUE! Sorry I am not sorry. HA!
The girls have gotten into "relaxing" and "sunbathing" and before we had our picnic lunch yesterday- they wanted to get into a little time on their lounge chairs. So then James got our picnic blanket, laid it on the ground and spread out on his tummy just like his sisters! It was super cute- he is such a funny little boy!! I just love these summer days with my precious kids!!  
(And FYI- not sure if you can see it- but my thermal tote that I just mentioned above is sitting on the lounge chair in both the top and bottom picture of the girls. I am serious when I say I use it every day! :)
And how could I do a "FAVORITES" post without mentioning our FAVORITE guy??
We are so excited to celebrate Aaron on Sunday...the girls have made him so many cute cards, we have his presents ready to go and we plan to get him a nice big steak for dinner!
Aaron is one of the hardest working guys you will ever meet- he will do ANYTHING for the kids and me and he can all make us laugh so hard that we might just tinkle a little bit in our pants! HA! (Seriously it happens quite often! HA!)
So grateful my children have him as a father and that he is my partner in this beautiful journey through life!! 
Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!!
I am off to sneak in a run before the baby gets up and Aaron has to leave for work!!

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Thursday Confessions!!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hi!! Happy Thursday!!
I hope your week has been going well...the weekend is within reach! :)

Since it's Thursday, I am linking up with my fabulous friend, Leigh, who hosts a super fun link up party called "Thursday Confessions!" 
//1// Soooo...I have NO idea how Snap Chat works. It looks super fun and I actually tried to download the app on my phone- in an attempt to be cool- and yeah. got the app downloaded and then couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do next! HA! I am seriously the least technology and social media savvy person you will ever meet!!

//2// One of my most favorite parts of every day is waking up super early in the morning before everyone else is up. Depending on when Marshall wakes up to nurse, I am sometimes up as early as 4:30 am and I LOVE it. That sounds so love being up that early- but I really do. I drink my beloved coffee :), write my blog post for the day, catch up on other things and get the kids lunches ready for the day. It is quiet and I am productive. Also- getting up super early totally makes me a better mom. I really don't enjoy being woken up by my crazy crew and not having any time to "prepare" for the day. Is this just me?? Anyone else like this?

//3// I am SO not a "gifts" person- but I have already started a birthday/Christmas list! HA! My birthday is in that is the time of year when I get most of the things I want/need. Any time I think of something I want/need- I just write it down in the December portion of my planner- so when my husband and my mom ask me for ideas- I have some! Just in case your curious, right now on my list I have glamorous and exciting items such as a hand mixer, a hand immersion blender, new kitchen tools (measuring cups, measuring spoons, spatulas, etc) makeup items, and of course workout clothes- because I can't get enough of them! :)

//4// We go to the pool almost every day, which provides me the opportunity to see a variety of swimsuits that other people are wearing. I am ALL ABOUT you wearing what you feel comfortable in. SERIOUSLY. YOU DO YOU. However, I can't get on board with the swimsuit bottoms that literally cover half to maybe a 1/3 of the booty AND that look like they are in a semi-wedgie position. First- how is that comfortable??? Second- I don't particularly want to see your bare bottom in my face while I am splashing around the baby pool with my kids! HA!

And on that note....I think I will stop- HA!
Hope you have the BEST day! 

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