Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Tuesday!!

How was your weekend?
Is your week off to a good start?? I sure hope so! is the LAST day of February. TWO MONTHS of this NEW year have already flown by.

Can you even believe that?? Time is a crazy thing. There are moments or situations that seem to drag on forever....and then on the other hand- a week or even a month can happen in the blink of the eye. 

I started off 2017 with specific goals I wanted to achieve. I also wanted to begin the process of changing my focus on some areas of my life and shift some of my priorities around.

Two months in- I can say that I have been doing great with some of my goals and I have also been struggling with some of them. Through a lot of prayer and reading several great books, I have been made aware of A LOT of things that I need to work on- which I am SO grateful for....but that kind of awareness is also a little daunting- because it shows how much more work I have ahead of me :)

Do you know of Lara Casey? She has an amazing blog, a super inspiring Instagram account and is the author of Powersheets and other tools that can help you plan, organize and realize the roots of your goals and dreams. I personally have not used the Powersheets but am considering getting them for 2018! 

Anyway....I really do have a point to all of this rambling...HA!

Lara is super transparent AND encouraging- which I just love. A couple weeks ago she wrote a blog post and mentioned that come come February- gym attendance goes way down and fast food consumption goes up. Six weeks into the new year- people are already BURNT OUT.

Then she went on to say....YOU don't have to give up. 
Progress doesn't have to happen FAST for it to be meaningful. 

You don't need a "new year" to start over. Goals don't have to only be set on January 1. 
We can start FRESH and re-focus any time we want!! I don't know about you- but sometimes I feel like I have messed up so bad (e.g. a yucky parenting day) that I just feel like throwing in the towel all together. But we have the choice, EVERY day- even every MINUTE of the start over, start FRESH and re-commit to being the BEST version of ourselves.

I am really writing this blog post for myself (I know- I am super selfish- HA!) 
But maybe it will be encouraging to you too?

Have you felt like you started off the year with a BANG- and slowly but surely- you have let go of all of your goals and you are right back where you DON'T want to be?

Or maybe- did you not even bother to make some (needed) changes at the beginning of the year...but are realizing that those changes REALLY need to happen?

Today or tomorrow or whenever you decided your ready- could be your "January 1st." 
You don't need a new year to start working towards your goals and dreams!

So here's to FRESH starts, GRACE and PROGRESS over perfection.

Hope you have the BEST day!

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Full Hands Full Heart

Friday Favorites!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Friday!!

It was a shorter week for us, with the girls having no school on Monday because of President's Day, and I feel like I blinked and now it's Friday! YAY!

I love Fridays for so many reasons: 1) I don't have to pack lunches on Friday's! 
2) I love knowing my kids don't have to get up early on Saturday and get ready for school! 
3) My girls don't have homework on Fridays! 
4) Aaron makes pizza for dinner on Fridays (as long as he is home from work on time).
So basically- I love Friday's because I am lazy and I love that I don't have to cook and help my kids with their schoolwork! HA!

Time to share some FAVORITES of mine from this past week!

I was in Walmart the other day and saw this cleanser by Aveeno. On a whim- I just picked it up since I was needing a new face wash- and I LOVE it!!! It smells wonderful, it feels so silky and soft while I am washing my face- but once my face is washed- it feels clean and moisturized. Also- it gets off all of my makeup- which is saying a lot- because I wear a GOOD amount of mascara. HA! If you are needing a new face wash- definitely check out this one!!

Yesterday- I made a batch of our FAVORITE chocolate chip cookie dough. I am part of our funeral luncheon ministry at church and I signed up to bring several dozen cookies to a luncheon tomorrow. I love this cookie recipe- because it not only makes a TON of dough- but it freezes beautifully! I didn't have time to bake the cookies yesterday- so I just got the dough made and then today- I will bake the cookies! And just because I am so pathetic when it comes to cookie dough- I had to share a non-scale victory I had...I didn't taste one tiny single bite of the dough!! Woo-hoo!! This is huge for me- as I LOVE cookie dough! But- I have GOALS and snacking on butter, sugar, and chocolate chips isn't going to get me to where I want to be! HA! But seriously- you should try out this recipe- it makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies (or sub out the chocolate chips and add macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips!! YUMMMMMY!!)
Have you ever bought books from Thriftbooks? It's an online book store that sells used books (they clearly state what kind of condition the book is in). I just received my 2nd order I placed with them and I am SO pleased with them!! Shipping is free if you spend $10- which is SO reasonable in my opinion! I am not a huge fan of buying books- as I think the library is the way to go (hello FREE!)-  but my daughter Charlotte is a HUGE reader and is currently reading a series of books that she LOVES and she wants to "collect" all the books in the series. I can completely identify- since I was OBSESSED with The Babysitter's Club books when I was her age! :) Anyway- I treated her to a few of the books she hasn't read in the series and they were each about $3. Our books arrived super fast and they looked almost brand new! This is totally NOT sponsored- I just wanted to share my experience with you!! :)
The weather has been SO AMAZING this week!! The boys and I have been getting out for a walk every day before they eat lunch and it has just been WONDERFUL. My little buddy James is such an ACTIVE boy- being able to play and run outside has done such amazing things for his behavior (just keeping it real: when we are cooped up inside he kind of gets like a mad, caged animal. HA!) James loves pushing Marshall in our Step2 buggy (P.S.- the pink version of this buggy is on sale for under $50 on Amazon right now and would make an AWESOME gift for a little 6 month- 18 month old in your life:) James got this for his 1st birthday and it has been one our most used toys with him and now Marshall!!) 
Marshall is happy as a clam being pushed- he loves to periodically reach down and grab leaves off of the sidewalk to eat- HA!! 
Hands down- my FAVORITE moments from this past week have been these walks with my precious boys!!
We have a fun weekend ahead of us!! Today- Celine, James, Marshall and I are going to go to my daughter Cora's kindergarten class because I am her "celebrity reader." It is her "all about me" day and she gets to pick someone special to read a book to her class. She has requested that "if I could please not wear my workout clothes and wear something pretty instead." HA! Tomorrow- we have a first birthday party to attend and we're having friends over for a taco bar for dinner! Sunday- all we have on the agenda is going to church and I am crossing my fingers I can talk my girls into helping me clean the bathrooms :)
While our weekend plans aren't anything big or exciting, I just love when we get Saturday and Sunday to be all together!! I am my happiest when I have all of my crazy crew home with me! :)
Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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Thoughts for Thursday!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Thursday!!

How has your week been going??

If we were friends in real life and meeting for a cup of coffee...I would totally have a bunch of random stuff I wanted to talk guess what you get today??? Random links to ALL.THE.THINGS! HA!

I have been reading a lot about the benefits of drinking a tablespoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar every day (diluted in 1 cup of water)....I am getting some today! 
Aren't these jeans SO cute?? I just saw a commercial last night saying they are going to be 50% off this Saturday and Sunday in the stores!! Definitely thinking about picking up a pair!!
Check out this Airbnb listing for a secluded treehouse in urban Atlanta!!!
UM. Seriously!! This place is amazing and would be SO fun to stay at for a couple of days!
Speaking of amazing getaways...our WONDERFUL friends have offered to watch the kids so Aaron and I can have a quick getaway before we move!!! We are thinking about visiting the small town of Madison, Indiana and checking out Clifty State Falls Park. Any Midwest friends who have ever been there before??? We are only going to be gone for about 24 hours- so we just wanted a fun place we could visit that was within short driving distance. We haven't been on an overnight little trip, just the two of us, for almost 5 to say I am excited would be an understatement! HA!
I saw these SUPER cute sleep shorts in Walmart yesterday and made sure my girls saw them so they could tell Aaron to get me a couple of pairs for Mother's Day! HA! They are only $7.88 and will be perfect for summer- when it is no longer appropriate for me to wear my beloved Old Navy flannel PJ pants :)
I am going to make these brownies this weekend because I am craving a yummy treat BIG time!! Gina never disappoints with her yummy AND healthy recipes- so I can't wait to see how they turn out!!

And that's all the random I have for you today.....

What about you?? Tell me something going on in your life!!

Hope you have the BEST day!

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What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hi friends!!! Happy Wednesday! is the last Wednesday of the month (how is that even possible?!?!)...which means it is time for a What's Up Wednesday Post!  I am excited to be joining MelShay and Sheaffer for their super fun link up party today!

What we're eating this week...As always- our menu for the week is all about SIMPLE and EASY meals.  I like to get as much prep work done for our dinners while my boys are sleeping and the girls are at school...that way when 5:00 pm rolls around- I am not having to make dinner...just assemble it all together! 
What I'm reminiscing about...
With Marshall just a couple months shy of turning ONE YEAR OLD (HOW?!?!?), I have been thinking a lot about being pregnant with him and how it seriously has been a DREAM having him become a part of our family. I cannot put into words how incredibly loved he is...he completes our family perfectly!!
What I am loving....I picked up Not Your Mother's She's a Tease Volumizing Hairspray when I was at Ulta about a month ago and finally used it for the first time a couple days ago. UM. I LOVE it! I have been a long time user of Tresemme's Extra Hold Hairspray...but I think I might be converting!! I am also loving Tresemme's Volumizing Dry Shampoo...I have tried A LOT of dry shampoos- and I really like this one the most out of all the ones I have tried!

What we've been up to...a couple weeks ago, the boys and I went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum with my friend and her adorable baby boy and had the BEST time! I had heard SO many amazing things about the Indy Children's Museum and I have to say- it totally lived up to all the hype! We have plans to go back when the girls are on spring break! This past weekend, we went to my parents' house for the weekend and we had so much fun playing outside! It's always SO great to go back "home!" The rest of our month has just been full with school, activities, keeping up with homework and projects and trying to keep the laundry pile at a manageable height! HA!

What I'm dreading...nothing really! 

What I'm working on...well...we picked out all of the selections for the house we are building a couple weeks ago and I am SO excited thinking about how everything is going to look!!
For the exterior of our home- we chose a dark blue siding, black shutters and white trim. There will also be a couple portions of the home that have stone on them! Aaron and I have always loved blue houses- so we just decided to go for it with our new house!!

Isn't this house BEAUTIFUL?? This is the color scheme our house will have. And if you look closely around the front door- there is some stone. That is similar to the stone we picked out! The exterior of our home is set up totally different from this- but this gives a good idea of what the blue siding/black shutters/white trim will look like!

This is not the best picture...but this is what our hardwood floors will look like! The name of the stain we picked out is called "countryside gray fog." I absolutely LOVE it!! 
The city of Greenville just did it's inspection on our lot and our builder should be breaking ground sometime this week or early next week! We are anxious for them to get started- as we are moving in 4 1/2 months and would REALLY like it if our house was ready when we got to Greenville! HA!

What I'm excited about...we're having some of our best friends over this Saturday to hang out and eat tacos, I am looking forward to trying out some new mascara I had Aaron pick me up at Walmart (I am a total dork- I KNOW :), spring being just around the corner- warmer temperatures just make me SO DARN HAPPY, and an upcoming trip we're taking to Chicago at the end of March!

What I am watching/reading...
Like almost everyone else I know- I am still loving "This is Us!"
Also- Aaron and I are big fans of Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med. And we love watching Blue Bloods too!! 

What I am listening to...Brett Eldredge, Vacation Bible School CDs and podcasts! I love Jamie Ivey's Happy Hour!

What I'm wearing...leggings- love these from Nordstrom and these from Old Navy, a layering tank- my favorites are from Old Navy, a sweatshirt tunic and a vest- I have this one from Old Navy and this one- which I got on sale from Nordstrom about 3 years ago. 
Since the weather has been so freakishly warm this past week- I have been rocking my flip flops!! Also- LOVING my $20 army green utility vest from Sam's Club! It's the perfect layering piece for this crazy spring-like but still winter weather!
What I'm doing this weekend...I have my weekly Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday morning, the girls and I are going to a first birthday party for our friends' sweet baby boy, we have some friends coming over for tacos Saturday night and we have church on Sunday! I also need to get to the grocery store and make sure our refrigerator and pantry is stocked for next week!

What I'm looking forward to next month...the beginning of Lent, celebrating St. Patrick's Day (I got the girls' the CUTEST outfits to wear!!) and a family trip to Chicago!

What else is new...nothing! :) Life is FULL, somewhat chaotic and absolutely wonderful!

BONUS QUESTION: Beauty Must Have I Can't Live Without: My whole entire makeup bag! HA! I know that's not just one product- but I am a girl who doesn't feel complete without her face being "done." Mama NEEDS everything inside her makeup bag! 

Hope you all have the BEST day!!

Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hi Friends!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Did you have a 3 day weekend like we did??

The weather was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! Like- I don't care that we're still in February- 
I am ready to wear my shorts and flip flops! 

On Saturday, we took a quick trip to visit my parents, who live in Central Illinois, and we got home yesterday afternoon. 
I spent the remainder of the day getting organized, unpacked, and we snuck in a family walk to the park before dinner :)

Once we got the kids put to bed, I basically flopped on the couch and VEGGED OUT. 
And I didn't write a blog post. 
whoopsie :)

So- I am sorry I don't have an "official" blog post for you today!!

Even though I am a slacker- I sure hope you will link up with us and share your Tuesday Talk Post!!

Hope you have the BEST day friends!

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Friday Favorites!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Hi friends!! 
Happy Friday!!

How was your week??
It was FULL and FUN week for us...we had a lot of fun celebrating Valentine's Day, Marshall had a checkup at the doctor, I have been able to make it to the gym a couple of times AND I have somewhat stayed on top of the laundry. HA! Except- currently, as I type this- there is a load in the dryer that needs to be folded and put away and another over flowing pile of dirty clothes upstairs. Oh well...I was caught up for like a day. HA!

Here's some of my FAVORITES from this past week!

I made treats for all 3 of my girls' classes for Valentine's Day (there was a sugar cookie explosion at our house last weekend! HA!) and I also got to volunteer in my daughter Cora's class for her party!! My friend was able to watch James and Marshall came with me. Cora was beside herself to have mommy AND Marshall come to her classroom! We had so much fun and I have decided that kindergarteners are my FAVORITES :)

On Wednesday, I shared a recipe for the BEST apple crumb pie! It is my husband's FAVORITE! It is super simple to make- it just takes a little bit of time...but I promise- no skill is required!! HA! You can check out the post HERE! I made this pie for Aaron's Valentine's dessert and he was one happy guy. He brought the leftovers to work yesterday and he said it was demolished in about 10 minutes flat! :)
Aaron and I don't really get each other anything on Valentine's's not a "big" holiday for us. With that being said, we definitely always make sure to write each other a love note- which is my FAVORITE! For Valentine's Day this year, he not only wrote me a love note- but got me these gorgeous hot pink roses!! They are SO pretty and cheerful! He also got each of our girls 2 roses and had them in a little vase at their spot at the kitchen table for when they woke up on Valentine's Day morning!! So sweet and I see it being a "tradition" he does for them every year!! I love the idea of him still sending his girls roses once they are all grown up!! :) P.S. He got the roses from Aldi!!! They have AWESOME flowers for SO cheap!!
We are headed to visit my parents this weekend and are SO excited. We were originally supposed to go visit them in January- but an ice storm cancelled our plans. This weekend the weather is supposed to be SUNNY and close to 70 degrees. I am seriously beside myself with happiness!! We plan on playing outside the whole time we are visiting! 
I am SO looking forward to some family time, fresh air and warm sunshine! Three of my all time FAVORITES for sure!
I am skipping #5 today because my kiddos are home this morning- they have a 2 hour delayed start to school today and I want to take advantage of the extra time i have this morning to get organized and ready for our day!

I hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL week!!

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Recipe Club: Classic Apple Crumb Pie!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hi!!! Happy Wednesday!!

It's the third Wednesday of the month...
so today I am joining two of my blogging besties- Johannah and Heather
and linking up with their monthly Recipe Club!!
 I wanted to share one of my husband's favorite desserts with's classic, simple and SO YUMMY: Apple Crumb Pie!!

I know there are many recipes out there for apple pie- this happens to be a recipe I got from my mom about 10 years ago and it's the only one I use when I make an apple pie!

To start- you can either make your pie crust from scratch OR use your favorite brand of pre-made pie crust!! I LOVE the pie crust from Aldi (big surprise- right?!? HA!)- I always keep a couple in my freezer so I have them on hand when I want to make a pie!
Once you have your pie crust in a greased pie pan (I just use cooking spray), it's time to start peeling and slicing the apples for your pie. I always use Granny Smith apples....but you can use whatever you like best! 
Once you have your apples peeled and cut up- it's time to add sugar and cinnamon. Mix up the apples well- making sure each slice got coated with some cinnamon and sugar!
You put all of your apples in your unbaked pie crust and then it's time to start on the crumb topping! I just use the same bowl my apple slices were in (because I am super lazy!) and you mix together sugar, flour and butter. I use a pastry cutter to get my butter pieces to a nice, crumbly texture.
Top the apples with the flour/sugar/butter mix!
Then- pop your pie in the oven for about 40-50 minutes.
Just a warning- your house is going to smell AMAZING!!
And here is the finished product!! 
This recipe is SO simple and I think that is what makes it so delicious! 
And I love that it is fool proof!! If you have a little bit of time to peel and slice up the apples- you can make this pie!!
Top a slice of it with some cool whip or vanilla ice cream and you have yourself the perfect treat!! 
Here's the full recipe!!

Apple Crumb Pie

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees

1 unbaked 9" pie shell
6 cups peeled and sliced apples
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
3/4 cup flour
1/3 cup butter

Place sliced apples in unbaked pie shell. 
Combine 1/2 cup of the sugar with cinnamon; sprinkle over apples.
Combine remaining 1/2 cup sugar with flour; cut in butter until crumbly.
Sprinkle crumb mixture over apples.
Bake at 400 for 40-50 minutes.

I hope you enjoy this pie as much as we do!!
Please let me know what you think if you end up making it!

Hope you have the BEST day!