Friday Favorites!!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Hi friends!!!

Happy Friday!!!
WOW. It's a been a WEEK.
We hit the ground running after our trip to Illinois last week and if I am being honest, I don't really feel like I have caught my breath yet!! HA!
Aaron and I both jumped right back into work- which has been busy for both of us (definitely MUCH more so for him than me) AND we've had a FUN + FULL week celebrating our oldest daughter's birthday. 
We're finishing up the week by having a sweet little party for her this afternoon- which will be a lot of fun!!!
I am crossing my fingers I get to sleep a little bit this weekend. HA! (I can tell you right now I need to let that dream go. HA!)

Ok. Enough it's time to share a few FAVORITES with you!! 

This past Sunday, I did my weekly grocery shopping at Aldi and found this fabulous candle in the seasonal aisle! I shared about it on my Insta-stories- but I also had to tell you all about here on the blog!! This candle is $7.99 and is TOTALLY like a candle you would find at Anthropologie! The scent of this candle is called Fir and Firewood...basically the perfect evergreen scent. They also have one that is JUST LIKE the capri blue volcano candle!
I picked one up for my friend and she couldn't believe how pretty much identical the Aldi candle was to her volcano candle!!! And then the next day, she sent me this picture of her totally stocking up on ALL THE CANDLES at Aldi for Christmas presents!!! 
If you are near an Aldi this definitely need to stop by and see if they have these candles! They are AWESOME!

A couple days ago, I shared about my new FAVORITE top. It's from Walmart- OF COURSE- and it is SO cute!

It is under $13 and I really think it would look SO good on anyone!! You can check out the full post about this fun top HERE!
And so fun...just a couple days ago, the fun account @whoawaitwalmart on Instagram featured this top!! 
It really is SO cute! Definitely be on the lookout for it this weekend if you happen to be at your Walmart!

I know many of you already know about this website...but I just wanted to share how great Teachers Pay Teachers is and let you know there are SO many FREE activities for kiddos that are not only fun- but educational!! And you definitely do NOT just have to be a teacher to utilize this website!!
This is my go-to website when I am looking for a new activity to do with my clients or if I am looking for a certain activity that will target a specific goal I am working on with a client. 
As a mom- I love printing off FREE activities like this Christmas following directions activity or these Christmas math games!! All I have to do is download them and print them out!! These free activities are super fun too if your kiddos enjoy playing school at home and want "homework" to give out!! If you've never been to the Teachers Pay Teachers website before...head on over and type in "Christmas Free" in the search box. You will have SO much fun looking at all the different activities you can print out for your kids!!
My least favorite part of my job is all the paperwork that is involved with it. I do my very best to try and get as much as I can done before I pick up Marshall from school...but some days- it's just NOT possible because I am seeing clients right up until the time I have to go get him. On those kind of days...I have to work while he's napping. Which is BLAH. HA! new FAVORITE place to work and get stuff DONE is my sunroom. You guys are probably sick of hearing about how much I love this room...but it is just so bright and cheery and it just makes me HAPPY! So while doing progress notes at home while my baby naps does NOT make me very happy (HA!)...sitting in my cheerful sunroom while I am typing said notes is my FAVORITE!

I just purchased this new book, The Advent of Christmas, written by Matt Maher and it was bundle sort of deal- so it also came with his new Advent/Christmas CD. If you like a mix of traditional and non-traditional Christmas music- GO GET THIS CD. You can get it right here on Amazon! And you should get the book too!! We LOVE celebrating the magic of Christmas in our house...but our MAIN focus is journeying through Advent and preparing for the coming of Jesus. This book has beautiful illustrations and is so perfect for teaching little kids about everything that happened leading up to Jesus being born!

Alright...time for me to go get myself ready for the day!!
I am taking Marshall to all school Mass this morning and then we are getting our new couch delivered!!! YAY!!

Charlotte's birthday party is this afternoon and we have a couple fun things planned for over the weekend. 

What's going on for you this weekend?? Doing anything fun and festive? Just going to lay low and enjoy some down time?? I hope you have a great time doing whatever you have planned :)

Have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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Weekly Walmart Find: My New Favorite Top!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Hi friends!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

Sure hope you're week is going well!! about a couple of months ago- I picked up a super cute top from Walmart...but held off on sharing it with all of you- because I couldn't find it online. I really like to provide a link to the items I recommend...because I know that for some people, Walmart is super inconvenient to get to in your town! Or you might be like me and prefer to do 95% of your shopping online!! ;)

Anyway...I kept checking back on, periodically, to see if the shirt had been put on the website and NOTHING. 
I couldn't wait any longer to share it- so- unfortunately I can't provide you a link to this top...but hopefully...if you love it- you will be able to find it at your local Walmart store!

I love this top so much- I ended up getting it in another color! HA!
Here are the two colors I have- the left top is a heathered dark navy blue and the one on the right is a heathered gray.
The material of the top is a cross between a thin sweater and sweatshirt material. Does that make sense?? It is super soft and very comfortable to wear!!
 This top has the CUTEST sleeves! Halfway down the sleeve...there is gathering and then the bottom half of the sleeve is embroidered with really pretty flowers!!
This is a close up of the navy top's sleeve details!
 Here is a more up close picture of the gray top. You can see there is almost specks of black running through the gray. At the bottom there is a finished "waistband"- but it is not tight at all. Just another little detail that makes it extra cute!
 Here's an up close shot of the gray top's sleeve detail! You can see this one has more earthy colors whereas the navy top has purples, turquoises and pinks!
 Here is what it looks like on!!
You can is not an extra long top. I am 5' 8" and it hits me at mid-hip. If you're would be even longer on you! 
 This top is by Walmart's new-ish clothing line, Time and Tru and it is $12.94!!!!
Such a STEAL!!!
They are calling this top semi-fitted and I would agree with that! I typically wear an XS and find that Time and Tru's smalls are a bit too big on me...but with the way this top is cut- the small fits me perfectly!! 
At my Walmart- they have this top in the gray and navy colors I have shown you as well as in a beautiful ivory color and an army green color. 

It is such a CUTE top and I really think it would look good on ANYONE!!
The "balloon" sleeves with the flower embroidery is my absolute favorite and I love that it is such a comfy top to wear!!

Have you seen this top at your local Walmart?? Do you happen to have this top?

Speaking of cute tops...have you made any recent purchases from Walmart that you are loving?? They have so much great stuff right now!!!

Hope you have the BEST day!

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Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Hi friends!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Checking in after a little break last week to celebrate Thanksgiving with my side of the family in Illinois!!

It was a really good visit. LOTS of cousins! There are 9 total on my side of the family! Sticky hands. So much laughter and happy squeals. WAY too much food. 
Quality time spent with all of my siblings and their was the first time we had all been together in 10 years! CRAZY!

It was a wonderful time and definitely left us feeling SO thankful!!
We made the 16 hour trip home on Saturday, arrived home around 10 pm and as soon as we got the kids cleaned up and in bed- Aaron and I collapsed into our bed! HA!

We went to church Sunday morning and then spent the rest of the day getting organized to jump right back into "regular" life. 
And now here we are....the "in-between" week...just a few days left of November...and then all of the holiday goodness officially RAMPS up.

I don't know about you...but I am feeling a mixture of excitement for all of the special holiday activities coming up in December...but also experiencing a need to
You know?? Am I alone in this?

I LOVE the smells of Christmas. The twinkling lights. The JOY and excitement the kiddos have over Santa. Advent is one of my most favorite Liturgical seasons in our Church.

BUT. I refuse to feel frantic. Or like I don't have enough festive activities planned for our family. I will NOT ignore our budget just because something is 40% off! And free shipping! And an extra 10% off if I buy it in the next 10 hours!

YES. This is exactly how I feel!!!

So here's to savoring the last few days of November...we are celebrating a birthday in our house later this week and everyone is SO excited!

Feeling grateful for RIGHT NOW. For hot coffee. The twinkle in my husband's eyes when he smiles at me. The way my daughters LOVE to spray on my perfume. My boys' soft chubby cheeks and the way they squeal when I try to kiss them.

What are you grateful for today???

Hope you have the BEST day!
And see you back here to tomorrow to tell you about my new FAVORITE top 
(from Walmart, of course) that's under $15 and is SO SO cute!

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Hello Monday!!!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Hey friends!!!

Happy Monday!!!

How was your weekend??
We had a good one. Aaron worked allllll weekend long. Poor guy is tired.
The kids and I got a lot done around the house, including a couple fun projects!

And now it's the week of Thanksgiving!! 
I know it's SO cliche to say this...but I seriously feel like last week was Halloween!! How did this last month fly by so fast?!!?

So...just a few fun things to share with you today...

I got a new nail polish this past Friday...but before I tell you about it- here's what you need to know. I fall into 3 categories when it comes to my nails- 1) Every once and a blue moon- I will get a gel manicure and it lasts for a month, 2) I paint my nails with cheap nail polish and they take forever to dry- even though they it's "quick" dry polish (and smudge easily) and they last maybe 2 days, and 3) I just don't paint my nails. HA!

So I decided to try something different when I was at Walmart! 
I spent more than I normally do and chose this really cool dark, shimmery plum color by Essie and I am LOVE it! The biggest difference I noticed with the Essie polish is how easy it went on and how fast it dried. My nails, including my top coat (my favorite is Seche Vite) took maybe 10 minutes! 
(I know Essie is a SUPER popular nail polish brand...I just have never tried it!)
I will be honest and tell you that I have a few chips on a couple of nails and it is day 3 of my manicure...BUT I was REALLY hard on my nails this weekend. I am going to re-paint them and see if they last a little longer or if that is as long as I can expect it to last!
Two packages arrived in the mail this weekend and I wanted to share about them!
We get our family photos professionally taken once a year and this is the second year I have used to print them out. If you talk to any photographer, they do NOT want you printing your pictures at Walgreens or Target. does an AMAZING job and the quality of the pictures is SO good. Their prices are super reasonable and they are always running some kind of sale!! I think I got 10 prints..several of them 8 X 10 size and my total was under $15!! Definitely check out Mpix if you are looking for a high quality photo printer...I can't recommend them enough!
The second package I got was our Christmas cards!!! YAY!!
I used a completely new-to-me company this year for our Christmas cards. I literally googled "beautiful, affordable Christmas cards" and Simply to Impress was one of the websites that popped up! 
I headed over to their website and was so excited to see so many different Christmas card options...and SO affordable! They were running a great sale at the it was definitely a good time to purchase our cards!!

Anyway...I bought our cards and they came in this beautiful box!! I am a sucker for packaging and I just love this mint green/gold dot design!
When I opened the box, there was a "thank you" note and another note expressing appreciation for using their company. The cards were wrapped securely in plastic and then wrapped in foam wrapping. I was just REALLY impressed!! Our cards turned out beautiful and the color quality is PERFECT. I am so happy I went out on a limb and tried a new company this year...sometimes it's a bust (definitely had those years where I have had to print our cards TWICE) and sometimes it's a WIN! This year is definitely a WIN!
If you are looking for a high quality, affordable printing company for your Christmas cards, I can personally recommend Simply to Impress!!
This past Friday, I showed a couple pictures of our new sunroom decorated for Christmas!! You can find the post HERE! We have the cutest little tree up and the kids totally decorated it themselves. I LOVE it! We have our "fancy" tree up in our foyer, so it's fun to have this quirky little tree up too! 

Since it's an artificial has that horrible FAKE, skinny metal tree "stump." I originally wanted to get a tree collar...but because of how tall and skinny-ish the tree just didn't work. So I do what I always do...I search the internet for what I am looking for and then I ask my husband to make it for me. HA! I found this DIY Scrap Wood Christmas Tree Stand, absolutely LOVED the look of it and showed Aaron. Two hours later, he had one made for me!! He is THE BEST.
We both agreed we think it would look great once we take the tree down this year, he is going to stain it for next year!
That's all the random stuff I wanted to share today!! We have a FULL two days ahead of us...then we are in Thanksgiving mode!! We are spending it with my family and it should be a wonderful time!!

I plan to take the rest of the week off from blogging (and I am hoping to disconnect from IG too) and just focus on being with my people and experiencing joy in every minute.

I am wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday and I hope you know, that you taking precious time out of your day to read my silly ramblings is something I am SO thankful for. I know my blog isn't much in the BIG blogosphere...but it sure does make me happy to show up here a few times a week and share my life with you. 
THANK YOU being a part of it.
Sending you all much LOVE!

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Friday Favorites!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Hi friends!! 
Happy Friday!!!

How has your week been?? I feel like our's flew by! 
It's been rainy and gloomy here all week...which does NOTHING for my productivity. 
Please just give me all the blankets, coffee and PJ pants and don't make me do anything. HA!

Okay...time to share a few FAVORITES from the past week!

Can I tell you how GRATEFUL we are to be only 90 minutes from the ocean?? We recently went and spent the day with Aaron's brother and his family (who live in a beach town) and it was just SO fun. We love the ocean any time of the year- not just in the summer. The kids had a ball getting their feet wet and looking for shells. 
It still feels surreal that we live so close to the beach!!
Aaron took the boys out to run some errands this past Saturday and my sweet James walked in with this beautiful bouquet of flowers!!
He was SO precious and kept on asking if I loved them. He is such a wild little boy but has such a SWEET heart!!
Ok. So this isn't a FAVORITE...yet. 
I need all of your opinion on this Funnel Neck Pullover Sweatshirt from Gap. 
I personally think it looks SO cozy and would be so cute with leggings and Uggs or with jeans and tall boots. I also could see myself wearing it with my PJ pants and just being super comfy. My question is: do you think the funnel neck is too much?? Like it might feel a little suffocating to wear?? Much to my surprise..Aaron likes it. So I have his vote. What do you think?? Do you happen to already own this sweatshirt?? If you do- give me your reviews!! It is VERY expensive, priced at $ I am crossing my fingers it goes on sale for Black Friday or Cyber Monday...and if it does I am thinking I will at least buy and try it out! I can always return it!
Anyway...major yes? or heck no?
Give me your vote!!
I got our sunroom all decorated for Christmas and it is definitely my FAVORITE space in our house right now!!!
This is a view from the back corner of the sunroom.
I have always wanted to have wreaths hanging in a bunch of windows and I was SO excited to put them up last weekend!! 
 This is a view from the door leading out to the sunroom from our living room. I just got the rug and the coffee table. What do you think about the coffee table? Do you think it goes with everything else?? I think I love it...but then I have moments I am not sure. 
Either way... this space has definitely become the new FAVORITE spot for all of us to hangout!
This weekend is Aaron's weekend to work and he already knows he's pretty much going to be living at the hospital. So...the kiddos and I will be rocking it out on our own! I don't have big plans except the girls and I are volunteering at our local food bank on Saturday morning and the girls want to make pillowcases for their travel pillows.
 (we are road tripping next week!)
If I can also get the laundry that I have ignored all week done...I will feel like I am winning at life. 
But before I do any of that...I will be drinking LOTS of coffee! HA!
Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?
I sure hope whatever you have going get some time to exhale and just enjoy the moment. Being still and quiet is underrated.....even when I just sit down, in a quiet space, for 5 mindset and physical well being is SO much better. Give it a try!! 

 Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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Company is Coming!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hi friends!! Happy Wednesday!!!

How is your week going so far??
I sure hope all is well!!

Thanksgiving is just one week away (HOW?!) and Christmas is right around the corner. For many people this means family and friends will be visiting from out of town. So...I thought it would be fun to share some ways I like to make our guests feel special when they come visit us. My mother has always been a wonderful hostess, so I like to think I learned from the best :)

Okay- so we are fortunate enough to have a dedicated guest room in our house. There is not an en suite bathroom though- so when we have people stay with us- they use the girls' bathroom. It is RIGHT next to the guest bedroom, which is nice. I make sure to clear out all of the girls' stuff- shower gel, hair accessories, etc. and put out "special" shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a brand new hand soap. 
For the guest bed- even if the sheets are clean...if we haven't had guests for awhile, I will re-wash the sheets to make sure they smell nice and fresh. I just have bright white sheets on our guest bed. I love that I can bleach them and they just feel FRESH (and they're super soft)! We have an armoire in our guest bedroom and that is where I keep our guests' towels. To go with the white sheets, our guest towels are also white. I always make sure to include a darker colored hand towel for my lady guests who wear makeup. I know I feel terrible when I have "messed" up someone else's things- so having a dark colored hand towel to catch any leftover mascara or foundation is just nice to have on hand!

You obviously don't need to go out and buy new towels and sheets for your company...BUT- I sure do think it's nice to invest in some linens that are JUST meant for your guests. And if your budget allows it- how fun to have some holiday themed sheets and hand towels!!
These beautiful holly sheets are flannel and from Walmart. They have amazing ratings and are so affordable! And these adorable holiday hand towels are from Target and $6.00 for a set of two! An easy and inexpensive way to add a simple holiday touch to the bathroom your guests will be using!

Bath and Body Works has the BEST hand soaps! And they have so many festive scents to choose from during the holidays. I always make sure I have out a special , brand new hand soap in the guest bathroom as well as in our half bathroom downstairs when we have guests visiting us. I love that the holiday hand towels from Target come in a pack of two- one for the guest bathroom and one to have in the downstairs bathroom or "main" bathroom that everyone uses throughout the day!

I always try to find out if our guests are coffee drinkers (or tea drinkers or bourbon get the picture :) and then make sure to have their favorite drinks on hand. Being a big coffee drinker myself, I love to have GOOD coffee on hand. Starbucks is easy to pick up at any local grocery store or maybe you have a local coffee shop that you could buy some coffee from! I think it's really fun to share fun local shops/restaurants with your guests. Picking up some coffee from a local shop who roasts their own coffee beans or getting some fresh bagels from the best bakery in your town is just another simple way to show your company you are really happy to have them visiting you and your town/city!
How fun are these Rae Dunn look alike mugs from Walmart?? They are only $7.88 for the set of 4 and I think they would be so cute set out for your guests to use (and then to send home with them as a special little "thank you" gift for visiting)! Of course, if you can find out what type of creamer your friends like to use...have that on hand! I usually just err on the side of having a BUNCH of fun creamers in the fridge so they can pick from a variety! 

As far as feeding your guests...this is where I am probably a little bit more untraditional. Cooking big elaborate meals...especially if the people  we have visiting also have young children...STRESSES ME OUT. So I am all about SIMPLE and YUMMY.

If our guests arrive on a Friday night, I will get several pizzas from Harris Teeter- which is a grocery store here in the south. They make the most delicious artisan pizzas and are very affordable. I will make a salad or have a veggie tray and serve that alongside the pizza. 
Obviously you can get your pizzas from anywhere...but again, I think it's fun to get pizza from a place in your town that is "known" for their pizza or from YOUR favorite pizza place. 

For dessert- I always have the BEST chocolate chip cookies made! I make the cookies ahead of time, put them in the freezer and on the day our guests are arriving, I let them thaw on the counter top!

For breakfast...I like to suggest we go to a fun, local donut place, grab some STRONG coffee (because you know the kids were up late while the adults were hanging out!) and then go for a nice walk or to a local park. I love getting out and about with our friends who visit us!
Lunch is sometimes a big tray of chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A with veggies and dip and fresh fruit. Or sometimes, I like to make big sub sandwiches and serve those with chips and fresh veggies. Again- VERY easy- but still really tasty!
Dinner is sometimes out or if we want to stay home- grilling out hamburgers and hot dogs is always a great way to feed a big crowd. I also love to do a big taco bar. Everything can either be bought pre-packaged or made ahead of time! My favorite way to cook for a big crowd!
If our guests stay through Sunday, I love to serve my semi-homemade cinnamon rolls! I also usually make a batch of sausage gravy ahead of time so that can be ready to have with biscuits (from a can! I get the "fancy, big buttermilk" ones and call it a day!) for biscuits and gravy. Definitely not a healthy meal..but hearty and yummy...and everyone usually loves it.
Sidenote- I am NOT a big breakfast eater at all. So I always keep that in mind when we have people staying with us. I make sure they know to NOT feel obligated at all to eat and if they want something outside of our mealtimes to make sure they help themselves to whatever they want. This obviously should just be understood, but I always think it nice to make people feel EXTRA comfortable. I know I always feel like an odd ball when someone points out I am not eating. I am not being rude...I just don't want to eat! HA!

My mission when we have people come stay with us...even if it is just for a short overnight to make them feel WELCOMED and LOVED.
And I really do think it is in the small details where you can make your company feel extra special! NOTHING fancy at all...just touches that show you thought about them and you appreciate them making the effort to visit you and your family!

If you are like me and LOVE a good list- look at this checklist I found from The Happier Homemaker!! It really covers everything! So great!
I know most of you probably do some of these things when you have friends and family visit...but hopefully some part of this post was helpful!! Goodness knows I am no expert...I just do my very best to make sure our guests know how much we appreciate them and how happy we are that they took the time to come visit us!! I am ready to have some people come stay with us! HA! Who wants to come visit??!? As much as I love having company...we actually don't get a ton of visitors and I would LOVE for that to change. So if you want to come visit Greenville, me and you have a place to stay. HA! Kidding! Not really!! ;)

Now it's your turn!! PLEASE share in the comments the extra special things you do for your guests! It is always SO helpful to get tips from other people and I don't know about you- but I can use all the help I can get..especially in this beautiful but extremely FULL holiday season!!

Hope you have the BEST day!

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Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Hi friends!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Ok. So I do not want to be a complainer AT ALL...but can I just please tell you I don't feel like there are enough hours in the day lately??
I have SO many things I want to do...NEED to do...would really like to do...and I never seem to get to all the of them. And I am not talking like organize my spice drawer or go through old photo albums. I truly feel like I need 5-6 more hours in the day and I would be GOOD TO GO. Please tell me I am not the only one who feels this way?!?

Dr. Seuss knows how I feel. HA!
With that being said...the fact that there is NOT 5-6 more hours available...has really led me to pray about my priorities. What MUST get done (whether I like doing it or not), what do I want to make sure I GET to do and what can WAIT. When I plan out my day, I list everything that I need to do, want to do and "it would be nice to do"- then I organize everything according to it's importance. And then I just do the best I can!! Some days everything goes right and ALL THE THINGS get done. Other yeah. NOTHING is accomplished. And for's finding that balance of being ok with both kinds of days and being grateful for EVERY minute!

Are ya'll doing Operation Christmas Child? I picked up a box at Hobby Lobby this past weekend and the girls had so much fun picking out thoughtful and USEFUL gifts for a girl their age! This is the week that you drop your boxes off at a "drop-off" location. If you want to participate in this amazing project- you still can!! If you have a Hobby Lobby- go get an Operation Christmas Child box (or 2 or 4!), follow the instructions as far as what you should put in the box and you have until November 19th to drop it off! I feel like one of the BEST things we can do for our kids is make them AWARE of the world they live in...and that their tiny bubble is not necessarily the "norm." My girls kept saying, "Why are we sending new toothbrushes?" I had to explain to them that simple things like hygiene items are not things that everyone just has! It was eye opening for them!!
Thankful we got to have a tiny part in blessing a beautiful young girl somewhere on this big, beautiful earth for Christmas!
 I feel VERY weird posting this picture of I am basically allergic to selfies. HA!
But- I had to share my pretty lip color I wore to church on Sunday! It is Lipsense in Bombshell with Lipsense Orchid Gloss on top. 
I actually use A LOT of makeup by Senegence (the company that makes Lipsense)...would ya'll be interested in me doing a post about the makeup products I use from them?
I feel like it can be a little tricky to want to buy a product from a "distributor" if you aren't able to see it in I thought it might be fun to show you what I LOVE and wear on a regular basis! Let me know!!
And if you already know you love Lipsense and other products by my beautiful, wonderful friend April, on Instagram, on her handle, @smoochbyapril and she will be able to get you ALL.THE.THINGS. and answer any questions you might have about products. She is AMAZING!
 We got our Christmas trees up this weekend and I just have to tell you- these ornament storage boxes from the Container Store are LIFE CHANGING. You must get them. They make putting UP your ornaments so easy and then when it's time to put everything's a BREEZE! Up until 2 years ago, I had all of my ornaments in random shoe boxes, wrapped in tissue paper and it was just a hot mess. I bought a bunch of these storage containers, re-organized all of my Christmas decor and ornaments and it has just been the BEST. I used to get SO stressed out when it was time to put up our decor and also when we had to take it down- but having everything put away nicely, in good quality containers has made it not even big deal!!
 That's all I've got for today! It's the start of my work "week"- I work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I think I have everything ready to go to keep us afloat through the end of the week...but I am sure my girls will remind me of something that has to be done RIGHT NOW. HA! Kids keep you, humble- don't they!?!

I hope you have the BEST day!!!

Friday Favorites!!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Hi friends!!!

Happy Friday!! Another week has flown by and we are well into November. HOW?!? 
Time really is flying by so fast and if I am being honest...I just don't know if I am ready to embrace all the holidays things!!!

I am feeling conflicted (that sounds kind of dramatic...doesn't it?!? HA!) because we are putting up our Christmas trees this weekend due to the rest of November being packed with work (for Aaron) and traveling over Thanksgiving. I don't necessarily put up our decorations early because I am feeling it but more so because it's make the most sense and if we don't do it this weekend we seriously won't have a chance until the 2nd weekend in December. Anyway...I am rambling. HA!
Despite not feeling "ready" our trees are going up tomorrow and I hope that by blaring Christmas music and putting in my Christmas tree scented wall plug-ins....I will get in the spirit. HA!'s a few things that have made me smile this past week!!

We are LOVING our new sunroom! It has quickly become a new FAVORITE place for all of us to hang out and I absolutely love getting to drink my coffee and watch the beautiful sunrise...we have the best view from our backyard and all the big windows in our sunroom allows for us to fully enjoy it!
One of my friends got us the NEATEST little gift. It's called Turkey on the Table and you can read all about it HERE! Essentially- it's all about cultivating gratefulness AND helping others! Within every purchase of a "Turkey on the Table," one dollar is donated to Feeding America..and that one dollar can feed 11 families a meal. Amazing! I am so excited to start this new tradition with our kids!!
 I am so excited to start writing what we are grateful for on those paper feathers!!

I shared about my new FAVORITE top from Walmart in my post on can find it HERE!
It is such a CUTE, comfy "athleisure" top but it looks so much more pulled together than a traditional sweatshirt. It's $12.96 and you seriously need to go to Walmart and pick one up!!
I picked up a new lipgloss and lipstick at Walmart earlier this week and I am loving them!!
They are both by Revlon. The lipgloss is called "Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss" in Snow Pink and the lipstick is "Super Lustrous Lipstick" in Pink Cognito. Both the lipgloss and the lipstick have just a hint of a pink color and look so pretty paired together!! 
For both of them- the cost was under $12! 
Veteran's Day is this Sunday. Our school is having a special Mass today for all Veterans and Marshall and I are going- so we can honor and pray for ALL of the Veterans.

Aaron and I are especially privileged to have 6 Veterans in our families...2 of whom are actively serving our country. I know many of us are feeling pretty discouraged about the current state of our political system...but there is ONE thing we all MUST agree on- This country is NOTHING without the men and women who have CHOSEN to serve our country in the Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy and Army.

EVERY freedom that we have and truly take for granted, if we're being honest, is because of our EXCEPTIONAL and COURAGEOUS military. 
If you are so inclined, I encourage you to take just a little bit of time this weekend to say a prayer for our Veterans AND their family members or better yet- if you see someone in uniform- approach them and THANK them (we should be doing this ALWAYS- not just on Veteran's Day)!!

With respect, honor and the deepest gratitude- 
I say THANK YOU to our Veteran's today.

 Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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