Friday Favorites!!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Hey friends!!!

Happy Friday!!!

It's a fun day for us...the kids don't have school today and neither do my niece and nephew who live in Raleigh! So...the kiddos and I drove up yesterday after school and we had a slumber party with the cousins (and my sister-in-law)!
We have plans to do lots of playing outside this morning! Then we will be back on the road home and by lunchtime, because Cora has a doctor appointment later on this afternoon. Just a short and sweet- but super fun visit with our family!

I sure hope you've had a great week....and if it hasn't been extra's to finding at least an hour over the weekend to take a nice walk or enjoy some quality time with your favorite people :)

Here's a few FAVORITES of mine from this past week!

Progress has started back up on the sunroom we have added to the back of our house!!
We had a guy come in last week to re-route the fireplace exhaust and Aaron got started on installing the siding over the weekend. We are getting the inside walls finished tomorrow (they need dry-wall and then to be mudded) and then Aaron will be able to paint them and install the crown moulding. SO excited for some progress and love these 3 guys so much!
While Aaron will be the first one to tell you he isn't always the most patient person...he REALLY loves having the boys around him when he works. They love learning about what he is doing and what tools he is using!! Seeing the way Aaron teaches our boys (and girls!!) about all the different things they can do is definitely one of my FAVORITE things about him!
I shared this little note earlier this week on Insta-stories- but had to share it here too!!
Morning time at our house is absolutely NUTS. Totally a disaster most mornings. No matter how much I plan ahead or do the night is always just ridiculous getting us out the door. HA!
Wednesday morning we have to leave particularly early and I put Charlotte in charge of writing everyone a lunch box note. She wrote me a note too and stuck it to my phone.
I am so lucky to be her Mom!!!
On Wednesday, I shared some super cute tops from Walmart I am can check out the post HERE!
I personally own this athleisure 3/4 sleeve cowlneck hoodie and LOVE it. It is definitely my most FAVORITE hoodie to wear right now in this weird transition from summer to fall weather. It is not a heavy weight material and it is SO comfy. Do yourself a favor and order it or go pick one up at your Walmart this weekend when you are getting your groceries!!
I have been using the L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara for probably about a year now and LOVE it. A couple months ago- I bought this primer to put on my lashes before I put on my mascara and OMG. the difference when I use the primer is HUGE!!!
I wanted to use it regularly before I posted my opinion on it- and I am here to tell you- GET SOME OF THIS PRIMER!

It looks kind of creepy on...but here is just the primer on my upper lashes.
Here is the mascara that I use and LOVE. Definitely my FAVORITE mascara I have ever used...and let me tell you...I have tried A LOT. HA!
You can find it HERE on Amazon (or just pick it up at Target or Walmart!!)
And here is what my lashes look like after I have used a couple coats of the primer and then a couple coats of mascara!!! I have barely any eyelashes and they are short and not full or thick at all. The combination of using the primer and the mascara together has really stepped up my lash game a couple notches. HA! If you are searching for a new mascara..give the L'Oreal Lash Paradise a try!! And be sure to get the primer too!
They are my FAVORITES!

This Sunday I am running a 5K with the local Ainsley's Angels chapter here in Greenville! Aaron and I have been running with this group for about a year now and whenever I get to do a race with them, it always ends up being my FAVORITE race :)
If you aren't aware of what Ainsley's Angels is all about- go to this link to read all about this incredible organization. I love being a part of our local chapter!!!

Okay friends! That's all I have for today! I am to go have some fun with my kiddos, niece, nephew and sister-in-law! 

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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Weekly Walmart Finds: Fun Fall Tops!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Hi friends!! Happy Wednesday!!!

How is your week going so far??
I sure hope it's going well!!

While the temperatures are still in the high 80's and low 90's here is Eastern NC...I am definitely getting the itch to add a few fall pieces to my wardrobe. So of course- I looked no further than my favorite place...WAL MART!!

Here's what my shopping cart currently looks like!
I thought it would be fun to show you some tops I am going to buy and then I can let you know what I think of them!! Also- I have a few other tops I found that I wanted to share too!
So the first item in my shopping cart is this ADORABLE peasant sleeve sweatshirt!! It just looks so soft and comfy...but classy at the same time! I feel like you could wear this top with flats or wear some really cute booties with it! I also think, worn with a nice pair of black pants, it could be a great top to wear to work (depending on your employer's dress code)! 
This top comes in several other colors..but I am loving this charcoal's $14...a total steal!
Next in line in my cart is the prettiest blouse!
How unique is this lace fluted sleeve blouse???
I have been looking for something fun and special to wear for Thanksgiving and I think this top could be PERFECT!! I LOVE this mustard color and I think I am going to order one in black too! 
I don't have this sweatshirt in my cart because it is in stock at my local store :)
I walk by it every time I am there and I have to fight the urge to buy it! HA! It is a simple, hoodie sweatshirt...but it is a little longer than most sweatshirts- which I love! They are calling it a tunic..I don't know if I would say that..but it definitely has a longer length to it than most traditional sweatshirts.
It comes in a great cranberry color, light pink and a grey-ish blue. I just think it would be a great closet staple to have...perfect with yoga pants, cute with jeans and would be great layered with a vest!!'s on sale for $12.00 (marked from from $14.96)!!
Ok- so next up is another hoodie. HA! 
I personally own this athleisure 3/4 sleeve cowlneck hoodie and LOVE it (I actually mentioned it on the blog about a month ago). It is SO comfy and seriously the perfect little casual top to have in your closet for the transition from summer to fall!! The material this top is made out of is NOT sweatshirt material- it is a medium weigh jersey's super soft...but it's not going to the sweatshirt you throw on when you're freezing. It's perfect for when it's just a tad chilly..and you don't want to be in a t-shirt- and it's still warm enough to wear flip flops...but not cold enough to be in a full on fleece lined hoodie. 
You know what I mean?!?!
The final item I wanted to share with you today is this classic long-sleeve woven top by the brand Time and Tru. I have seen this top in the store and it is SO pretty. And talk about a classic piece to have in your closet!! It comes in this beautiful dusty rose, along with several other solid colors and a couple beautiful floral prints. It is $14.96!!
I love it because it is not SUPER flowy (sometimes I think those shirts can make people look pregnant- when they're NOT- HA!) but it has just a bit of swing to it that makes it a shirt that can look good on ANY body type! This top would be perfect paired with a vest or just worn by itself with some jeans and a cute pair of boots! now it's your turn!!! I know so many of you are shopping at Walmart these days...have you made any fun purchases lately?? What's sitting in your shopping cart??
Definitely check out my friend Whitney's blog post from yesterday- she shared about a beautiful floral top she got from Walmart ((that is only $9.96!!) that is perfect for fall!!

Hope you have the BEST day!

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Hello Monday!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Hey friends!!! 
Happy Monday!!!

I am linking up with Johannah, Heather and Lindsey today...How adorable is their new "Hello Monday" graphic for the fall??? 
I LOVE IT! was your weekend??

Our's was pretty good. I feel like we did A LOT. But don't necessarily have a lot to show for it. HA!

Saturday, we spent the morning cleaning and Aaron worked on our sunroom addition. 
This is the second month in a row where the girls and I take a whole morning and knock out A TON of cleaning. They are given 2 jobs- one of their jobs is not paid, because they are a part of our family- and everyone has responsibilities and another job that is paid. For instance, Charlotte's unpaid job is to wipe down all the baseboards upstairs and downstairs. Her paid job is to wipe down every set of blinds in our house. She gets paid $1 per every set of blinds she does. Cora's unpaid job is wiping down the stairs and her paid job is wiping down all of the wood details/chair rail/baseboards in the dining room. There is DEFINITELY some moaning and groaning about not wanting to clean...but for the most part they are happy helpers and they LOVE earning a little money. I always make them do their unpaid job first- as that is their "responsibility." The paid job comes second because that is extra and my girls are smart and would totally do the paid job first and then duck out for the unpaid job. HA!

Here's a little list from our cleaning day in's a lot to get done but having my little helpers makes it so much easier for me!!
So we worked hard all Saturday morning and then headed to Sam's Club for a fun lunch in the snack bar and then did a little shopping!
The girls got hot dogs and fruit punch...and were just so.darn.excited. 
Living the good life I tell you!
 The rest of our Saturday was spent grocery shopping, getting all the laundry done and then I was OUT by 9 pm on the couch. 

Sunday we had church in the morning and then we were home for the rest of the afternoon. 
Aaron graciously took the 4 big kids out for about 2 hours in the afternoon so I could finish up an evaluation I needed to do for work. I got everything done right as the kids were walking in the door and I was SO happy I had just enough time to finish!! They greeted me with a diet cherry limeade...which was SO yummy. 

The girls and I made a quick trip to Walmart to pick up a few things and I got a sugar cookie mix to make some cookies for our Sunday dessert. I LOVE Aldi's sugar cookie mix, but they don't carry it year round. This Great Value mix is $1.64 and I am happy to report it makes SUPER yummy cookies...approved by every member of my family.
And you know what I love about this mix??? It is SO easy and not messy at all- so it's the perfect baking project to have the kids help with. I am not one of those chill moms that is totally cool with flour and sugar flying this mix is perfect for me :)
All you need is a softened stick of butter, one egg and this mix. DONE AND DONE!
 Celine helped me make this batch of cookies...she rolled the dough balls and dipped them in the sprinkles. 11 minutes in the oven and they came out perfect! 
We ended our Sunday with hamburgers on the grill and sugar cookies in the front yard :)

And now it's Monday... and we're ready for a GREAT week!
Monday is one of my days off and I REALLY look forward to having the first day of the week off to go to the gym with Marshall and run any errands that need to be done!

I got my act together last night and planned out our's what our family is eating this week! 

Menu Plan

Monday: Teriyaki Chicken (made in the crockpot) over brown rice and broccoli
Tuesday: Shredded Chicken Tacos
Wednesday: Pigs in a Blanket + Green Beans + Applesauce
Thursday: Car Picnic (we are taking a little road trip!)
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Grilled cheese + applesauce + carrots/cucumbers 
Sunday: Hot dogs on the grill + tator tots + green beans

What's on your menu plan?? Trying out any new recipes?? Pretty simple and boring at our house...but simple and boring = easy! HA!

Hope you have the BEST day and a great week!!

Friday Favorites!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Hi friends!!!
Happy Friday!!!

We made it! YAHOO!
So thankful it's been an uneventful week weather wise for most of North Carolina. While everything is back to normal for us, the many, many people who suffered damage from Hurricane Florence are still on my mind and I am praying for them every day. One of our very good friends, who lives in Fayetteville, NC experience HORRIBLE flooding. It is just a VERY overwhelming experience to work through everything that it takes to re-storing and re-building homes after storms like these- so keep praying and donating if you feel led to do that!

We're looking forward to a pretty low-key weekend! We will have a family cleaning morning tomorrow and then hopefully get outside to do something fun! Sunday we have church and then really no plans in the afternoon! An open calendar on the weekend is I am going to enjoy every minute of it!! now it's time to share some FAVORITES of mine from this past week!

Yesterday, I posted about the little touches of fall I have put up in our home! My entryway table is totally a FAVORITE of mine...I love changing it up for the different seasons and holidays and I really love how my fall "scape" turned out!!
You can check out the full post HERE!
Aaron volunteers once a month with one of the men's groups he belongs to at church and they put on a super yummy breakfast. Charlotte asked Aaron if she could volunteer the next time Aaron went to help with the breakfast and of course he said, "YES!"

She did such an amazing job and had our family's table set up when we got to the breakfast!
It is SO, SO fun to see your baby turn into an actual grown up little person. I LOVE LOVE LOVE babies (I wish I could have at least one more!!) but I tell you what- I LOVE this stage we are in with having kids who are older. It's just REALLY special and super fun!!
Doing things together as a family outdoors is absolutely one of our FAVORITE activities.
We went to a local nature preserve and rented a little paddle boat and Aaron took turns taking the kids out for "rides."
It was just a simple little adventure...and the kids had SO much fun. So did Aaron and I!!
We can't wait to go back and rent kayaks next time!!!
One of my really good friends and I text back and forth every day, keeping each other accountable to eat healthy and get our workouts in. I always send her pictures from the gym bathroom to prove I actually went. HA! We both follow Weight Watchers and it is just SO amazing to have an accountability partner! We are TOTALLY honest with each other, motivate each other and speak truth to one another when it is needed. Katie- if you are reading this- I love you and SO appreciate you!
I had to share about the capris I am wearing in the above picture. These are my FAVORITE workout capris!! They are from Old Navy and they are just their plain jane mid-rise compression crops! If you want to feel HELD IN- then get these!! They do NOT move when I am working out which is so important since nobody has time to be yanking up their pants during a sweaty workout! HA! They are on sale right now- GO GET SOME!
The girls have really been into making bracelets lately!! They made me these to wear as my "everyday" bracelets and I just LOVE them. They just make me HAPPY!
That's all I've got for today!!
I got hit hard yesterday with just feeling BLEH (if you saw my Instastories- you know what I am talking about ;) and I am ready for a couple days "off." I will have plenty to do this weekend- but I love knowing we don't have to be anywhere.

What are you up to this weekend?? Any fun plans??

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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Little Touches of Fall!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Hi Friends!!

Happy Friday- Eve!!!

How has your week been??
Our's has been good!! We had a little hiccup when James got a fever Monday afternoon- which meant I had to miss work on Tuesday to stay home with him- but thankfully it was just a little short-lived virus and he was back to school yesterday! Fortunately, I have a fairly flexible schedule and was just able to move all of my clients to Friday. PHEW. HA!

So...I mentioned in my post on Tuesday that last year I did not put any fall decorations out. I had just gotten done unpacking and decorating our home and I just didn't have it in me. HA!
Also- I basically got rid of all my fall decor because I had been using the same decorations for the past 10 years and I was just ready for some new, fresh fall decor!

So- here we are...we've been in our house a little over a year and I am excited to show you some little touches of fall I have put up around our home!!

First- let me tell you about these wax melts I get from Walmart. They are $3.97- a little pricier than the other brands of wax melts- but they are by Yankee Candle and they smell SO GOOD. I am not ready for anything "pumpkiny" these scents are perfect for the transition period of: summer is kind of over...but it's not crisp, chilly fall yet. You know what I mean??!? HA!
I use this simple, INEXPENSIVE wax warmer to melt the wax and it makes our whole entire house SO lovely! And so much safer than candles. My crazy boys can't be trusted about open flames. HA! the first thing I wanted to show y'all is this open frame/sign we just put up in our laundry room. It's not fall decor- but it's new so I thought I would show it off :)
Our laundry room is a VERY small space that you walk into from the garage. You see this sign as soon as you walk in the door and I just love it!!
I got the "it's so good to be home" sign from TJ Maxx and the open wood frame from Kirklands!
Next up is my entryway table. I just changed out the sign (got the "happy fall" sign from Kirklands!) and then added the pumpkins. It's simple and neutral and I just think it looks so pretty!
I got this cute little "I am thankful for.." chalkboard pumpkin from the Dollar Tree!
I got the open frame from Walmart- you can find them in their craft area!
I have plans to change out what I hang on the frame when the seasons/holidays change. I thought it would be cute to have a "countdown to Christmas" sign up there for Christmas or maybe even a little Christmas wreath!
I LOVE changing out my throw pillows on our couch, chair and loveseat for the different holidays/seasons. I got the striped pillow- they came in a set of 2 and the "hello fall" pillow from Kirklands. Can you tell I love Kirklands!?!?! HA! They soo many amazing things!
I also have these two pillows on our loveseat.
On our couch, I went with neutral, fall colors. The orange pillows and the "sweater" pillows are both from Walmart! You can find the orange pillows HERE. Unfortunately the "sweater" pillows are no longer available on! :( I got them several months ago and then stashed them away. 
P.S. I know I don't need to give this disclaimer- but please pay no attention to our nasty couch. HA! It is on it's last leg and I am crossing my fingers in the next couple of months we will be getting a new couch and this one can be moved up to the kids' playroom! 
I decorated our mantle very simply. This is not the best picture as it is SO hard to take a picture with that huge TV giving off a ton of glare! 
There is not a lot of room on our mantle because of said TV...but I wanted to have a few fall "touches" on it! I picked up the pumpkins and the faux greenery at Michael's!
Here's a more up close picture of the greenery and the pumpkins!
And the last area that's decorated for fall is our little "porch!" 
Aaron made the "Harvest" sign and the wooden pumpkins and I made the burlap wreath. While I didn't decorate the inside of our house for fall last year- we did decorate our porch. So these decorations are the same as they were last year!
So there you have it! Just a few fall touches to make our house feel a little extra special over the next couple of months!!

I would love to know- do you decorate for fall? Or do you do more "Halloween" decorations? Or a mix of both? If so- have you gotten out your decorations yet??

Hope you have the BEST day! See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites!!

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This and That!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Hi friends!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

How was your weekend???

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you already know, that thankfully, our little town of Greenville was spared from Hurricane Florence. We experienced A LOT of rain, wind and in some areas flooding and trees feel down- but overall- nothing major happened. And we are SO GRATEFUL.

It's so hard though, knowing what so many people are dealing with on the coast and even in some towns just 45 minutes away from us. One of our most favorite little towns in North Carolina, a place called New Bern, is totally flooded and so much devastation has happened. We are just continuing to pray for everyone's safety and that hopefully things will slowly but surely return to normal. We are hoping that our church will be putting together a crew to help nearby towns with cleaning up and re-building and we will for sure be helping out with that!!

AMEN to this. we are back to school and work and fingers will just be a normal, boring week :)

We are hopefully going to be making some good progress on our sunroom...we have been at a standstill for the past month because we need some work done- that can only be done by a certain company. They called Aaron yesterday and said they can come down (they are based out of Raleigh) and do the work we need done TODAY!

Once that work is done- basically we are having to re-route the exhaust for our fireplace- we can have the walls drywalled and mudded!! YAHOO!!

Then Aaron will paint, lay flooring down and then do the trim work. I am crossing my fingers we will be enjoying our morning coffee in our new sunroom in about one more month!!

I put up some fall decor this past weekend and I think I am going to put my fall wreath on my front door this week!! I have a few other things I put out to decorate our front little porch "area" to decorate for fall and even though its still in the high 80's here...I feel like it is just TIME.  Have you decorate for fall yet? Do you decorate for fall?

Last year I didn't. We had just been in our house for a couple of months and honestly it just sounded too tiring to pull out fall decorations after I had just gotten done unpacking and decorating our house after moving in. I felt "ready" to decorate for fall this I just went with it! HA!  

We got our family pictures back from our photographer and they turned out SO SO good!!!
I am SO excited.  I did NOT like our family pictures at all last to have had a good experience this year PLUS having lots of photos that I actually love makes me SO happy!!

Here's a screen shot of one of my FAVORITE photos she took!!
Well friends...I think that's all the random I have for now!!!

Just wanted to "chat" and fill you in on some of the randomness going on in our life....I wish we could all meet up for coffee and chat for hours! That would be my FAVORITE!

Hope ya'll have the BEST day!

Friday Favorites: Checking In!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Hey friends!! Happy Friday!!!

How are you??

Sorry for the lack of posting this week...between work, school AND getting ready for Hurricane Florence to hit Greenville....well...let's just suffice to say it's been a bit crazy around here! HA!

Just thought I would check in and share a little bit of what's been going on this past week!!

This past Sunday Aaron and I ran a 5k together and it was AWFUL. HA!
The run itself is WONDERFUL- it's for a great cause and so many of our friends were there- but it was SO SO hot and the race was at 3:00 pm. Aaron drank waaaayyyyy too much water right before the race (stupid mistake on his part) and was so water logged he could barely run. My legs felt like 100 pound weights were attached to them AND I had to push the boys in the double stroller since Aaron was feeling so crappy. I literally chanted the whole run, "DO NOT STOP. DO NOT STOP." HA!
It was ridiculous and we were SO happy to cross the finish line!!!
Definitely not one of our finer moments...but so GRATEFUL we finished!!
And we had the cutest cheering section when we got to the end of the run, so that was AWESOME!
Today is our 12 year "first time we met and started dating" anniversary!!
About a month ago, I found out that the Zac Brown Band was having a concert in Raleigh and just KNEW I had to surprise Aaron with tickets. I checked with my sister-in-law and they could watch the kids. My brother bought the tickets for me so Aaron wouldn't see the charge on our credit card.  I called his secretary and had her secretly block off his schedule for Friday afternoon so we could leave on time to make it for the concert. EVERYTHING was SET. And then Hurricane Florence showed up!!! The concert was canceled earlier this week- which I completely UNDERSTAND. It's not like we could've gone! But we were SO bummed. Seeing the Zac Brown Band in concert has been on our bucket list since we started dating. But this is definitely a FIRST world problem. Aaron LOVED that I planned to take us to the concert and we're just crossing our fingers he comes to Raleigh next year!!

Did any of you do any shopping when Lilly Pulitzer had their sale earlier this week?!?!
I was texting my girlfriend telling her all the cute things she needed to get and she was cracking up. I was shopping for Lilly and the rest of Greenville was buying batteries, generators and water. 
HA! I have my priorities straight! Gotta get that Lilly when it's on SALE!
I picked up several REALLY pretty, fun items including this top!!
I think it will look so cute with white jeans!!
 I will be sure to share the other fun items I got once I get them in the mail!!
So, the kids had a 1/2 day of school on Wednesday and school was canceled yesterday and today. Even Aaron's practice is closed!!
I will be the first one to admit...I don't do well when things veer off our normal routine...unless I am PREPARED for it. Weekends, vacations, random Monday's off from school- I LOVE IT!
Being off school and work for a hurricane and potentially not knowing if we're going to have school next week due to flooding.'s just not my cup of tea ;)

We had a pretty good day yesterday and we stayed super busy for most of it...I did lots of cleaning and got ALL of our laundry washed and put away. Aaron did final hurricane preparations around the house and we were even able to be outside a good amount!
The girls spent the afternoon making bracelets and I just LOVED watching them chat and create. We have been having a bit of a rough time with some behavior issues it just really makes my mama heart swell when we have a "good afternoon."
We don't have much planned for the weekend...most of Greenville is shut down!! My beloved Walmart is CLOSED. Say WHAT?!?! HA!
I don't know what to do with myself!!

What are your plans for the weekend???
If you are in the path of Hurricane Florence...I am PRAYING for you and your family!!!
Whatever happens...the truth is: if we have God, we ALWAYS have ENOUGH.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend and a FABULOUS Friday!

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