Friday Favorites!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Hey friends!!! Happy Friday!!

Hope you've had a great week!! We're feeling pretty happy about the fact that we've got an extra day off this coming Monday for Labor Day!!

It's been a full week of school for the kiddos and work for Aaron and me! 
Here's a few FAVORITES that have made me smile this past week!

We went to Charlotte, NC for a quick overnight this past weekend and we stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites Charlotte/Southpark at Phillips Place. We went to celebrate Cora's birthday and to get her an American Girl Doll! The Hampton Inn has an "American Girl Doll package" you can get when you reserve a room- which we opted to NOT get. But- what was SO neat- was that even if you didn't get the American Girl Doll package- they had lots of special things for girls visiting with their dolls! In the dining area where they had the complimentary breakfast set up (which was AMAZING)- they had little booster seats and play food kits for American Girl Dolls!! The girls were SO excited to have their dolls eat with them!! It was seriously SO cute! Definitely a FAVORITE moment for them and me!! :)
I was able to sneak away for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon, after we had finished up shopping, to go see my beautiful friend April. I know so many of you are following along with her daughter Charlotte's journey on Instagram (@charlottesjoy) and are praying for their whole family. April is SO appreciate and just cannot get over the overwhelming support and love. She is so grateful. Charlotte is an angel and I have to tell you- Baby Lochlan is absolutely EDIBLE. It took all of my self-restraint not to put him in my car and take him home with me! HA! Sweet Camille (April's oldest daughter was with her grandma for the weekend- so I unfortunately didn't get to see her). It was SO good to get some quality time in...getting to spend time with April is always one of my FAVORITE things!!
I have mentioned that I started a new job recently and so many of you have wished me well!! THANK YOU!!! 
I am with a new company, working with little kiddos in preschool!!! I am pretty sure most of you know this- but I am a speech therapist :) I am working 3 days a week, from 8 - 12. My schedule is jam packed with therapy and evaluations- so all of my paperwork is having to be done at home...which is a new thing for me. I am definitely figuring out how to balance everything and I know that for the first couple of months, as I am adjusting to my new job and all the "fun" that comes with a new school year for my kids...things are going to feel FILLED.TO.THE.BRIM. And that's ok. It's a season and it will be fine. I just keep doing the next right thing and crossing my fingers I remember to wash my kids uniforms and have enough food in the fridge to pack lunches. HA!
Seriously- I am so grateful for this new work's been a LONG time since I have been challenged professionally and I am really excited about what the future holds for me working with this new company!
I am keeping short and sweet today...because it's my day off and Marshall and I are headed to drop the big kids off at school, get a quick workout in at the gym and go to all school mass with everyone at our at school. I am crossing my fingers AND my toes that Marshall takes a nap so I can get a little work done this afternoon. We shall see! HA!

Do you have any fun plans for the long weekend?
Aaron is on call for the next 5 days...but we are hoping to fit some family fun time in when he is not at the hospital. I am hoping to sneak away to Starbucks for a couple hours to work and other than that we will probably try to go to the pool for one last time before it closes!

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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Hello Monday!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Hi friends!! Happy Monday!!!

How was your weekend??
Our's was great!!

We have a little tradition in our family that when our girls turn 8 years old, they get a "real" American Girl Doll. My daughter Cora Maye is celebrating her 8th birthday this upcoming it was her turn for her special doll!!
Since there is no American Girl Doll store in Raleigh (that's the closest "big" city to us)...we planned a little weekend getaway to Charlotte, NC!

We left Saturday morning, arrived around lunchtime in Charlotte and were lucky to check into our hotel early! We then headed over to Southpark Mall and had lunch at the food court (Chipotle for Aaron and me- Chick Fil A for the kiddos ;) and then went to the American Girl Doll store!!
After shopping, we headed back to our hotel and just had a fun rest of our day playing and swimming at the hotel pool! Later in the afternoon, we went to church and then walked to Whole Foods and had dinner there! They had a super fun eating area especially for parents with kids and we had the YUMMIEST dinners! We got cookies for dessert and walked back to our hotel. 
Everyone got snuggled in their jammies and we watched a couple episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives before everyone passed out! 
 The next morning we were up, bright and early. Because 5 kids in a hotel room. HA!
We went downstairs to enjoy the complimentary hotel breakfast and it was SO SO good. 
We stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites Charlotte/Southpark at Phillips Place and I CANNOT say enough good things about this hotel!! The staff was amazing! I told them we were celebrating Cora's birthday and they had a card and Happy Birthday balloon waiting in our room! Everything was SO clean. The decor was SO nice. The location was AWESOME. You could totally walk to the mall if you wanted to! And the complimentary breakfast was AMAZING. If you are planning a trip to Charlotte- definitely check out the Hampton Inn and Suites Charlotte/Southpark at Phillips Place!!! I know for sure that's where we will be staying the next time we visit Charlotte!!

We got home to Greenville in the early afternoon yesterday and after we got unpacked, I got right to work on packing lunches for the week. I mentioned in a post last week I am trying SUPER hard to stay on top of making lunches...especially now that James needs a lunch 3 days a week! I made the girls and James lunch for the 3 days, Marshall his lunch for Tuesday when he goes to daycare while I work and Aaron lunch for tomorrow. After I showed Aaron all of the lunches I packed...he said, "I think we need to get a separate fridge dedicated just for lunches." HA! It's actually not a bad idea at all! We have a deep freezer in our garage...but I would actually love to have a separate fridge to put all of our lunches, extra milk, eggs...stuff that can be bought a little bit ahead of time- but that needs to be refrigerated versus frozen!!!
I also made some muffins for the kids to have for breakfast this week!
This recipe is from my friend Jackie...she makes these muffins all the time and my kids go NUTS for them! This recipe makes a dozen muffins- so next time I will double it just so I can have some ready for breakfast for the week and some in the freezer for the following week!
And now it's Monday! What are your plans for the week?
If your kiddos are in school...have they started yet? Do they start this week? How is all of that going??

Marshall and I are going to the gym this morning and then running errands until we have to pick James up from school around lunch time. I start working with clients tomorrow at my new job AND it's Cora's a BIG day at our house! 

It's going to be a FUN and FULL week. 

I hope whatever you have going on this week, even if you are dealing with HARD stuff, can be filled with JOY! 

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Friday Favorites!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Hi friends!! Happy Friday!!

PHEW. We've made it through the first FULL week of school for 4 of my 5 kiddos! 
They have had a great week and I am SO proud of them!!

How has your week been??
I sure hope it's been a good one!!

Here are some FAVORITES of mine from this past week!

First day of school for Charlotte, Cora, Celine and James!!
I can't tell you how WIERD and AWESOME it has been to drop all 4 of them off at school every morning! James is doing a mixture of 1/2 day and full day pre-k...and he has been a rockstar! Every day this week, when I have picked him up, without even asking him, he tells me, "I had a great day mom!" 
Seeing them all so happy and loving school is for sure a big FAVORITE of mine!
Marshall had to join the crew for a picture!! Crazy to think in just a couple more years it will be all FIVE of them at the same school!
Several months ago, we created a "locker" set-up along one of the walls in our garage. We have a small laundry room and keeping all of the kids' backpacks in there was just NOT working!! 
So- Aaron took the boring white wall and put up shiplap and then took a sturdy, big board, painted it and attached 7 hooks to it! Then we ordered the shelving from Pottery Barn, got the rugs from Target and the metal bins from Walmart.
And voila! A perfect little space was created for all of our kiddos' stuff!
Here's another view of it! 
We just love that we have a space that we can keep organized AND that has enough room for everyone! I don't think this qualifies as a "room" in our house...but it's definitely a FAVORITE space of mine!
Over the last couple of weeks, I have been busy doing a fundraiser for my dear friend April's precious daughter Charlotte. Most of you know that Charlotte was recently diagnosed with a rare, genetic disease that is incurable and terminal. April has the most AMAZING group of friends in Charlotte, where their family lives, and they have taken such incredible care of her family over the last couple of weeks. I have felt so helpless as a friend who isn't local to Charlotte and wanted to help in some decided I would make homemade cinnamon rolls and sell them as a fundraiser! I contacted my friend Owen and she contacted another friend Emily (who lives in a nearby town) and we were able to come together and sell 105 pans of cinnamon rolls...allowing us to donate $2505 to Charlotte's medical fund!!! 
I am SO grateful to Owen and Emily for spreading the word about the fundraiser, as well as delivering soo many cinnamon rolls to the people who bought them! Shout out to Johannah for making our incredible graphics!! She is the BEST!
Working together with Owen and Emily and being able to help April's family in a small way was absolutely one the most FAVORITE parts of my week !
I shared this picture on Instagram yesterday...but thought it was too cute NOT to share here on the blog too ;)
We found out corndogs were $0.50 at Sonic last night and quickly threw out our original dinner plans!
It was the MOST gorgeous evening, so we decided to have a fun picnic dinner at one of our FAVORITE local parks. 
Not only did we have tons of fun...the major bonus was that I didn't have to cook dinner or clean up the kitchen...which is basically the best thing ever!! :)
We've got some super fun plans for the weekend and I am just really looking forward to our pizza picnic tonight...and a couple days "off" from our new school routine! 
I always say weekends take on a whole new meaning once school starts and we are so busy during the week!!
Saturday + Sunday = FAVORITE days of the week!
Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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Weekly Walmart Finds: The CUTEST Ankle Boots!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hi friends!! Happy Wednesday!
I got a fun package in the mail yesterday when the kids and I got home from work and school! I ordered a couple of pairs of boots from Walmart .com and I was SO excited to see if they were going to fit and if I was going to like them!!

I ordered 2 different sizes because I can vary between a size 10 and 11 (I know- I have HUGE feet! HA!). I love ordering online from Walmart because I know I can always return what doesn't work for me at the store!

So here is the first pair of boots I ordered! I saw these in the store and knew I had to get a pair in my size! These boots are by Time and Tru and you can find them HERE!
Here's a picture I took of them in the store! As you can see, they are $24.98- which I think is a STEAL for a cute, on-trend pair of boots!! They are VERY comfortable and I just love the little bit of extra fun detail from the leather straps that go around the ankle portion of the boot!! I think they will be so cute with comfy sweaters and jeans! 

The other pair of boots that I ordered are also by Time and Tru. As I am typing this blog post, I went to find them on and just saw they are SOLD OUT :( :(
It doesn't surprise me though- they are SOOOO cute, super comfortable and the PERFECT transition bootie to go from the warm summer weather to the cooler fall temperatures!
Here's what they look like in person. I just LOVE them! You HAVE to keep your eye out for these at your local Walmart store! And if you see them in your size- GET THEM!
They are $19.97- which I can barely believe because they look so much higher end!!
Finally- I didn't get this pair of boots- but I saw them in the store and thought they were SUPER cute! These are also under $20 and I think they are SO fun with that fringe detail!! You can find them HERE on!
Have you seen any of these boots at your Walmart???

If you are needing some new boots for the fall and winter I would definitely check these out!
You can't beat the price on any of them PLUS they are SO SO cute!

Have you found anything fun at Walmart lately??

Hope you have the BEST day!

Hello Monday!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Hi friends! Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?

Our's was good! Aaron had to work all day Saturday so the kids and I got some stuff done around the house in the morning and then headed out for a power walk and some play time at our favorite park! 
I have felt like there have been A LOT of challenging moments with these 5 kiddos lately...which is just how it is sometimes! 
But our time together on our walk and at the park was SO fun. And I just felt so grateful!! 
 I promised the girls we would do "makeovers" on Saturday afternoon...and only one of them showed up. HA! Cora and Charlotte were ZONKED from all the first day of school excitement and took a nap (which they NEVER do). Celine, on the other hand, was SO excited to do my makeup and as you can see by looking at the picture...she did a FABULOUS job! HA!
Aaron and I were supposed to have a date night Saturday night once he got off work...but our babysitter ended up having to cancel. So...we turned it into a family date night! We went out for pizza at Mellow Mushroom and had a great time. There is a big open lawn right next to the restaurant and the kids and Aaron played tag while I sipped on my lemon water and had just a couple minutes of uninterrupted silence. It was LOVELY :)
Just as we were finishing our pizza it started to TORRENTIAL downpour! Luckily, we got in our car just in the knick of time and I said an extra prayer of gratitude for our attached garage when we got home because it was POURING!
Sunday morning Aaron left bright and early to go to the hospital, so I made the kids pancakes for breakfast and made a bunch of waffles to have for breakfast throughout the week! We went to church and when we got home, the girls and I got to work on packing lunches!

Both Aaron and I needed a lunch today as do all the girls and James. The girls also got their lunches packed for Tuesday too! Even though it takes more time and effort, I am REALLY going to try and get in the habit of having the girls help me prep lunches every Sunday. They love to do it and it really helps me out!
It's a big day for the girls and's their first FULL day of school! 
They are all so excited and I can't wait to pick them up and hear all about their days :)
I am going to be in training for my new job for the next few it's going to be a FULL week at our house! 

What about you? Are you in "back to school" mode?
Any fun plans for the week, other than laundry and grocery shopping?? HA!
Hope you have a WONDERFUL Monday!

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Friday Favorites!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Hi friends!!

Happy Friday!! PHEW!! It was quite a week at our house!!
We're ending it on a high note with all of the girls having their first day of school!

James went to school (he is in preschool at the same school the girls go to) yesterday for a couple hours and today the girls go for a half day. On Monday, all 4 of them will go all day!

I can't believe our summer break is went by SO fast. But we had a TON of fun, did more traveling than we've ever done before and went to the pool all.the.time. It was just a great summer!
Thank goodness it's still hotter than hot here in North Carolina..while summer break is officially over...I am not ready for summer to be over. I LOOOOVVEE hot, sunny days!!!

How was your week? If you have kiddos, have they gone back to school yet?

It's time to share some favorites of mine from this past week!!

The girls wanted to bring their teachers a little treat on the first day of school, so we spent Tuesday afternoon baking pumpkin bread! Our absolute FAVORITE recipe for pumpkin bread is from one of my favorite people, Johannah! You can get her amazing recipe HERE.
To make 8 mini loaves plus one regular sized loaf, we doubled the recipe!
To accompany their teachers' pumpkin bread, the girls wrote their teachers letters and they were just so sweet and excited. I love that my kids love school so much!!
As long as we don't have something else going on, we always take the kids out on Saturday morning to get some kind of exercise. Sometimes we run laps, sometimes we "power" walk and sometimes we go on easy hikes. This past Saturday we tried out a new hiking trail that branched off of the walking trail we were on and we had such a FUN time! The mosquitoes were horrible and it was super hot...but we just kept moving and laughed a lot and before we knew it- we had finished the trail! One of my most FAVORITE things to do is be active with my family...I am so thankful we are healthy and able to get out and move our bodies!
So. CUTEST thing ever is happening at my house. My oldest daughter has started a business and invited her sisters to be her business partners. She has written out a "business" plan, she is creating inventory and has given her sisters specific jobs. 
It is SO awesome to see her organize all of this totally on her own! 
She has asked Aaron and I questions here and there...and we give her our "business advice," but for the most part...everything has been totally done by her!

Charlotte is crocheting scrunchies and tasseled bookmarks. She is also making a couple tassel necklaces as "prototypes" to see if anyone is interested in buying them!!
Her brand is "Crocheted Creations" and she has about 10 scrunchies ready to sell at school!
The girls have spent the past couple of days packaging their "products" and they are SO excited. 
I can't tell you how much it makes my heart swell to see my girls grow up into these creative, independent young little women that are just doing amazing things!!
It has been a couple weeks since April shared the devastating news that her precious daughter, Charlotte, has a rare and terminal disease, Leukodystrophy. There has just been an INCREDIBLE outpouring of support and love for the whole family and it has just made my heart, while still broken for April and Ian (and the rest of their family), filled with so much joy to see the astounding amount of people praying, giving and donating not only money but their time and talent
! If you are on Instagram, be sure to follow April's account @charlottesjoy. April is bravely and generously sharing their journey with Charlotte and it is inspiring to be able to witness the love and devotion they have for their precious Charlotte.
Also- if you feel led...please consider donating to Charlotte's Go Fund Me account. There is a goal of $100,000 to be raised to help cover the EXTENSIVE medical bills April and Ian will incur and because of people's AMAZING generosity...that goal is not FAR from being met!! 
And finally..if you are looking for other ways to support the hashtag #CLTforcharlotte on Instagram. There are sooo many small businesses contributing part of their sales to the Robson's!!
I can tell you..April is SO very appreciative of your support, kind, encouraging words and especially of your prayers. This online community is so incredible and I humbly ask you to keep praying your hearts out for my dear friend, her precious Charlotte, her husband and her other 2 sweet babies.
We have a low-key weekend ahead of us...Aaron is on call all the kiddos and I will be flying solo tomorrow and a good portion of Sunday. I promised the girls we would do "makeup" tomorrow afternoon while their brothers had nap and quiet time. I need to get us ORGANIZED because we have our first full week of school next week plus I have several days of training for a new (!!) job I am starting! I am especially excited about our monthly date night that is scheduled for tomorrow night. We have plans to grab a quick, inexpensive dinner and then go to a couple of stores that we avoid when we have our 5 hooligans with us. HA! You can just call us the most ROMANTIC and EXCITING couple EVER. HA!

What are you up to this weekend?? Any fun plans??

I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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My Experience with Microblading!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hi friends!!!
We've had a busy start to our has your week been so far??

So- today I thought I would share about something that is NOT important at all...but that a couple of you have commented on and asked about...MY EYEBROWS. HA!

About 5 months ago, I got my eyebrows microbladed!! I know some people have heard of it and probably some of you know what it is...but maybe you don't know much about the process. 
I thought I would share my personal experience with it!!

First- before I get started- here is a definition of what microblading is (that I pulled off the internet): "a semi-permanent tattooing technique that creates hairlike strokes to fill in sparse or thinning brows." plucked the HECK out of my eyebrows when I was in junior high and high school. Because of that...I had A LOT of sparse areas on both of my eyebrows. For a long time it didn't bother me, but as I got older, I started wanting a "fuller" look to my eyebrows. 
So then- I started filing them in with a brow pencil and that was working fine...but I was starting hearing about micro-blading and became very intrigued!

I reached out a local hair stylist/esthetician who is certified to do microblading (and came highly recommended) and we texted back and forth and decided on a plan for my eyebrows!

Here is me with my skinny, sparse eyebrows:) You can see- I have a good amount of hair on my brows but they are thin and definitely sparse in some areas.
Here's a more up close picture I sent to the girl who did my eyebrows.
And one more...just so you have a good reference point of the "before." 
At the beginning of my appointment, my esthetician went over EVERYTHING with me. What she was going to do, the risks (the main one being infection), how I should take care of my eyebrows, ect. She was SUPER thorough and kept asking me if I had any questions.
Then we went back and she cleaned my face really well and we took a "before" picture!
Don't you love my SWEET headband!?
This is my FAVORITE picture. HA!
My esthetician measured everything to make sure it was perfect, filled in my brows with a marker and drew them on so she knew exactly how they would look before she started the microblading process. She checked with me and asked me if I like the look of them and we also picked out how dark of a color of I wanted my brows to be. I picked the most "natural" brown shade because I didn't want them to be SUPER dark.
The whole process last about an hour.....I think. I can't specifically remember! HA! It was painful but not horrible. I wore ear phones and listened to music because my esthetician recommended I do that and I am so glad she did. She also gave me some "stress" balls to squeeze during extra painful moments which was helpful.  

For me- the worst part about the whole process was not the actual microblading part- it was having SUPER DARK, SCARY looking eyebrows for a couple of weeks. HA!
Aaron and I went on a date after I got my eyebrows microbladed and I felt like such a nut. He kept laughing at me! It was pretty funny. You can see in this picture my eyebrows are DARK.
For the first 2 weeks after you get your eyebrows microbladed you have to be very careful not to get them wet and protect them with a layer of aquaphor to help them heal and NOT become infected. My eyebrows healed perfectly and I had absolutely NO issues. I followed my esthetician's care instructions and it was all good! Over the course of a month, my eyebrow color faded and settled into it's real color.

Here's a close up of my brows about 6 weeks after I had them done!
 And here's another one!
I got what you could call "partial" microblading done because I had a good amount of hair to start with. Because of that, I only needed one tiny touch up. Everyone is different and it totally varies on your esthetician!!
 And here's a picture I posted on Instagram this past weekend. You can see my eyebrows look much more defined and fuller than my "before" pictures. 
I will be honest- since I had such "skinny" eyebrows to start with- it took a couple a months to adjust to my fuller eyebrows...but I really, really love the results from my microblading experience. 
I will definitely get them re-done when they need it (usually 1-2 years depending on your skin and how the ink fades). I LOVE not having to fill my eyebrows in every morning when I am doing my makeup!

So- let's talk price now. Because what my esthetician did to my eyebrows was not a FULL micro-blade- the price I paid is not representative of what is normally charged to get your brows microbladed. My esthetician charges $400 to $450 to micro-blade a full set of eyebrows and that includes a follow up appointment at 6 weeks to touch up any areas that need it.  It is definitely EXPENSIVE- but if you have barely any eyebrows or your eyebrows are something you are really self-conscious about- it might be worth looking into!
My best advice is to ask around- specifically your hair stylist to see if he or she knows of an esthetician or a local spa where you have had other services. 

So there you have it!!
Do you have any questions??

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday...I will see ya'll back here on Friday for some favorites of mine from this past week!