Remembrance on Memorial Day

Monday, May 30, 2016

While Memorial Day weekend represents the start of summer, pools opening, back yard barbecues and picnics, the day itself has a heaviness to it.  
Many people think that Memorial Day honors ALL service members who have been in the military- but Veteran's Day is actually the official holiday that honors all individuals who have served in our Armed Forces.  Memorial Day is the official holiday in our country remembering and honoring the people who have died while serving in the Armed Forces.  So knowing that, it is hard for me to say "Happy" Memorial Day.  We are privileged to have multiple people in our family who have served in the Armed Forces and are still currently serving.  We are SO fortunate that no one in our family who has served/currently serving has lost his life while fighting for our country's freedom.  

My heart absolutely aches thinking about the women and men who have lost their loved ones while they were away serving our country.  I wish I had the ability to eloquently convey my thoughts, but honestly I don't.  


Wishing you a beautiful day spent with loved ones, filled with gratefulness for the great country we live in and the ones who have and continue to make that possible for us.

Friday Favorites!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Hi!! Happy Friday!!
It is going to be a fun day at our's the last day of school for my oldest daughter!!
It is also "Fly Up Day" at my girls' school...which is where all of kids get to "Fly Up" to the next grade and see where their classroom is going to be and meet the teachers in that grade. Since Cora is starting kindergarten next year, we have a special little meeting to go to and then she will get to "fly up" to kindergarten! She is SO excited!!
After "Fly Up Day" is over everyone is going to Mass together one last time. I LOVE going to all school Mass- so that is what I am looking forward to the most!! :)

It's time for me to share some FAVORITES from this past week!!

Marshall's nursery is currently my FAVORITE room in the house :) It is SO cheerful, bright and just full of sunshine! A couple of months ago, I shared some pictures of artwork the kids created for Marshall's's a little more up close of Cora's canvas (top) and Charlotte's (bottom)! The other big piece of "art" we have in his nursery is a poster I created on Zazzle. Aaron made the frames for all of the pictures. I just LOVE how it all turned out!!
And this is my other little FAVORITE nook of Marshall's room! We have had the glider since we had Cora...we just washed all the cushions and it looks good as new! The new edition is that cute pillow...which I got at Walmart!
Minus my oldest daughter, all of my kids have been home with me this past I have made sure we've had some structured activities and a nice little routine in place. My kids are so much happier when there is structure and predictability in their lives....ahem...I have no idea where they might have inherited that trait from?!? HA!
Two of our most FAVORITE activities this week were playing with play doh and doing our Water Wow books! The kids have LOVED getting out our big tub of play doh and cookie cutters and making trays of "food." The water wow books are a big hit as well...and all you need is water!! There is virtually no mess associated with this activity (BEST IDEA EVER)!!!

Speaking of playing with play doh....this has become one of James absolute FAVORITE activities!! We have been doing some sort of a craft/art project after the kids have had their breakfast and every morning after he has finished his toast or waffle- he looks at me and says, "Play Doh?"  SO CUTE! And I can't tell you how huge it is for James to sit still for longer than 2 minutes and do an activity. This little guy has happily played with play doh for OVER 30 minutes!! It's been life changing- HA! Seriously though- he is buckled in his chair, happily playing, which means I can either feed Marshall without him coming and jumping on top of us (totally a frequent occurrence- HA!) or if Marshall is sleeping- I can race around the house getting a few things done. Play Doh for the Win at my house!!
And FYI- we have several sets of these fun tools- I got them off of Amazon and my kids LOVE them!! James has a ball with them!

These two sweet girls have been my BIG helpers this week!! 
All of the kids have done amazing with the transition of bringing Marshall home...but because my girls are older- they have not only LOVED having a new baby in the house but they are super helpful with him!! None of the girls are phased when Marshall is screaming like a baby dinosaur :) and they are always willing to hold him, grab me a diaper or get him a new outfit. 
And there are times when Marshall has been sitting in his bouncy seat crying and one of the girls, unprompted, as gone up and given him his paci and just started talking to him and rubbing his head and he has totally calmed down!! 
They are wonderful little mommies! Love them so much!

And the biggest FAVORITE of all this of 2 pm today...SCHOOL IS OUT FOR THE SUMMER!!!
We have our first annual donuts and park playdate scheduled for tomorrow morning!
And as long as the rain holds off we will definitely be going to the outdoor pool at our YMCA!
And I can't even begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to having a break from rushing my crew out the door at 7:05 am every morning for school. 
High fives, fist bumps and any other other celebratory move one can do for slower mornings spent in our jammies!! :)

I sure hope it's been a great week for you!  Here's to a fun, 3- day weekend spent with family and friends!!

And if you are so inclined, please remember to keep the families of service members of our Armed Forces, who have been killed while serving our country, in your thoughts and prayers, this Memorial Day Weekend. 

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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Thursday Confessions!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hi!! Happy Thursday!!
My fabulous friend, Leigh, recently started a super fun link up on Thursday...where you can share what's on your mind and just have a good ol' confession session!

Here's some of my no particular order :)

//1// I really, really DISLIKE how all of my favorite shows are having their season finales and totally leaving me hanging until the END OF SEPTEMBER. That's a long freakin' time to wait to find out what is going to happen to all of my favorite friends characters!!
I think the two shows I am most anxious about are Chicago Fire and Grey's Anatomy. Do you watch those shows?? Are you as concerned as I am??

//2// Speaking of TV shows...I am completely obsessed with watching cooking shows. My ALL TIME favorite Food Network show is Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Now that we have Netflix I can watch multiple episodes in a row and it just makes me happy!

//3// It goes without saying how much I LOVE my kids. But- I also LOVE nap time just as much :) HA! My girls don't nap anymore- but now that they are going to be home for the summer- I am definitely requiring them all to retreat to their rooms for an hour to have quiet time. If they want to fall asleep- that's fine with me! James still takes a nap- and I NEED him to take one. He wakes up extremely early and literally is going 90 MPH until I put him down for his nap. My sweet buddy is precious- but he is a wild little boy! I am super flexible and easy going with our schedule UNTIL nap time rolls around. And then we are HOME. I do NOT mess around with James' nap time! Momma needs it just as much as he does! HA!

//4// Here's a confession that's going to show how weird I am :) I HAVE to wear flip flops when I am home. I am a pair of my favorite Reef flip flops that are strictly my "inside" flip flops. If I need to go get the mail- I put on my outside flip flops. I just can't STAND to be barefoot!! During the winter when it's colder, I have an old pair of Ugg style boots that I wear. They are my "inside" boots. And get this- when we have people over- I like them to take off their shoes because we have a lot of carpeting in our house. My daughter Cora ALWAYS tells our guests- "Mommy says you have to take off your shoes- but she still gets to wear her's." HA!

I think I'll end on this note :)

Do you have anything to confess??
I am all ears!! :)

Hope you have the BEST day!

Weekly Walmart Find!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!!

How has your week been going so far??
The weather here in our neck of the woods has been GORGEOUS and with some yucky rain in the forecast for later this week...we have been soaking it up and taking advantage of every sunshiney minute!!

So first- before I share my Weekly Walmart Find for the week- I wanted to give you all a friendly reminder that next Wednesday (June 1), Leigh, Erica and I will be hosting our monthly Pinspiration Wednesday Link Up!! The topic for June is to share what's on your Summer Bucket List!! This is going to be so fun!! I am going to get some input from my girls and husband and then put our bucket list together! I really hope you will join us for our FUN link up next Wednesday!!
And now time for my Weekly Walmart Find!
So I have just one "find" for you this week- but it's a good one :)
Summer is almost officially here and that means picnics, days at the baseball park, tons of time at the pool, beach, and lake...basically- life is spent outdoors! Which is why you need one or maybe a couple of these outdoor blankets!! The blanket is by the brand Mainstays, which is exclusive to Walmart.  It is 60' X 70' in size, it's water repellent and comes with an attached carrying bag! And guess what- this blanket is only $12.92!! 
I just got this blanket in the pattern pictured below...isn't it so cheerful and FUN??
I am also LOVING this patriotic pattern!! This would be perfect for 4th of July and everything in between!  Besides the two fun patterns I have pictured, the blanket comes in 4 other really fun patterns- you can check them all out here!
And last but not least :) I wanted to give you a quick little update on my search for a swimsuit! Last week, I "featured" several swimsuits that I was going to give a try- well...I gave them a try and here's the low down :)

I absolutely LOVED this tankini! The straps are adjustable, the tankini is long enough to cover my stomach and has a little ruching which helps camouflage my postpartum tummy and even though there is no underwire in the swimsuit- I felt very supported- if you know what I mean ;) So- major YES to this tankini! I am keeping it in this fun medallion pattern as well as in a really pretty solid coral color!
Both were a NO GO for me :(  

The swim skirt is SUPER cute, very well made and actually has a 5 star just did not look good on me. The small was too small and the medium just looked weird. 

The full coverage bottoms with the side ties were just "MEH." They totally fit fine...I just wasn't a huge fan of the ties. Again- these bottoms are really cute- they just weren't for me. I really am just more of a plain, simple girl when it comes to swimsuit bottoms :)

haven't received the OP Strappy Racerback Swim Cover Up yet- but I really hope it works- because I think it's SO cute, it's an AWESOME price and I know I will wear it a TON this summer!

I didn't end up ordering this one-piece swimsuit- so if any of you decide to try it out or already own it- I would love to know what you think of it!!! And P.S.- if you are on the fence about ordering it- it just went on sale AGAIN- it is now $20 down from $34.64!!

Happy Shopping :) and Hope you have the BEST day!!

Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!!

So- school's officially out for the summer for our crew starting Friday afternoon and we are ALL so stinkin' excited!!
I have to be honest- I love summer more than I do any other time of the year. Fall, Halloween and everything pumpkin related is fun, FOR SURE. I love Christmas and how festive it is- it is definitely a WONDERFUL time of the year. But for me- my happy place with my family is SUMMER. Slower starts to our morning. Establishing our own routine outside of having any REAL place to be. Going to the pool twice in one day if we feel like. Having a picnic for every meal. Its my most FAVORITE time of the year!

So- I started thinking...we have a lot of traditions we do as a family around the holidays...and we even have a "First Day of School" tradition (after I pick the kids up from their first day of school- we go get 1/2 price milkshakes at Steak 'N' Shake and talk about everyone's day) - BUT we don't really any "Celebrate School's Over and Summer's Here!" traditions. 
Well- time to fix that! HA!
I love the ages of my older girls because we can really have a conversation about things and they are NOT afraid to voice their opinion :) We started tossing around ideas for our new "Summer's Here" traditions and this is what we came up with!

Our first new "School's Out- Summer's In" tradition is to go to go get donuts and have a breakfast picnic at our local park the Saturday after the last day of school.
So simple- but SO FUN! The kids (and Aaron) love donuts and they love playing at the park. What makes it special and different is that we will go fairly early in the morning and have our breakfast there...which we really have never done!
This is such an easy tradition to keep up...even when the kids are older and don't necessarily want to go to the park any more- we can still all go out for donuts and coffee the morning after the last day of school. I am excited about this new tradition and so are the kids!!
 Our second new "summer" tradition is a "Mommy/Daughter Date." I am sure as James and Marshall get older- we might have to change this tradition or maybe they will go golfing with Daddy :) For right now though- this tradition is all about the girls :)
The girls and I love to walk around Bath and Body Works and smell all of the lotions, candles and we decided we are going to go on a date to Bath and Body Works and then stop off at Starbucks for a fun treat!
I get Bath and Body Works coupons in the mail- so they will be perfect for the girls to use AND my super sweet aunt sent me a Starbucks gift card when I had Marshall- so we will use that for our special yummy drinks! The girls are VERY excited to use "Mommy's flower credit card" HA!
I think one of the most wonderful things about having a family is creating "traditions" like this. I know for me- the traditions that stick out in my memory when I was growing up was going camping with my family and my mom taking all 4 of us kids to the pool EVERYDAY. And then sometimes my dad would take us back to the pool after dinner. 

I hope my kids will have just as fond of memories of summer as I do...and most of all- I hope they remember how much I LOVED spending time with them!!

Do you have any "summer" traditions? Do you do anything special to celebrate school being over for the year?? I would love to hear about them! 

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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Monday Musings and An Easy Meal Plan!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hi!! Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend?? 

We had beautiful, sunny weather and the perfect temperatures- right about 75-80 degrees.
My girls and I were walking from one park to another yesterday- and I commented on what a gorgeous day it of my daughters replied with- "Well yeah- except it is the HOTTEST day ever!"  Ha! I told her she was in for a rude awakening when July comes around AND that she could never survive living in a place like Phoenix. HA!

Speaking of the park...I was THAT mom who insisted we get a family selfie to document our fun time there. Well- then my husband decided to be a show off and he somehow found a tree that my phone could sit on and he set the automatic timer- which I don't even know how to do- HA! 
We got a super family picture out of the ordeal and I just love it!
(P.S. James looks really mad- but he isn't. If anyone has any tips on how to get a 22 month old to smile for an automatic timer picture- I am all ears!! HA!)
So- do you have a busy week ahead of you?
Our's is pretty chill- all of my kids are home except for my oldest daughter who is finishing her last week of school. On Friday, at my girls' school, they have a fun day called "Fly Up Day" where each grade "Flies Up" and gets to go see their new classroom for next school year. My daughter Cora and I have a special "going into kindergarten" meeting to attend and then she gets to "fly up" and check out her new classroom. She is SO excited!! 
And I am having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that I will have two kids in the "big" school!! 
Besides "Fly Up" day on Friday- I have really BIG plans to CLEAN. Things have definitely fallen to the wayside this past month with us having Marshall and it is starting to drive me batty. HA! 
I am just going to pick a couple cleaning "jobs" each day to accomplish- so by next weekend- everything will be done! Today- my BATHROOM. To say it is gross would be an understatement. HA!
Speaking of cleaning- have you ever checked out 
It a blog written by a woman named Becky and basically she is the Queen of Clean :) She offers tons of free printables on her website- they are so helpful if you want to get on a cleaning schedule or just get organized in general. She has a ton of great tips and it is just a fun website to check out!! 

Okay- and now time for our meal plan for this week.
I think I mentioned at the beginning of this month- Aaron and my mom spent an afternoon prepping all of the meat for our meals. We bought several large packages of 93/7 ground turkey and 85/15 ground angus beef. They mixed the two meats together and made meatballs, taco meat, and hamburger patties. It was all put in portioned out freezer bags and I can NOT tell you how easy it has been to make dinner by having this all done! The other thing we did this month to make life easier is Aaron did a HUGE grocery shopping trip at the beginning of the month. He bought all of our pantry staples and freezable items (pizza, frozen veggies, waffles, bread, ect) and we have only had to run into the store weekly for milk, eggs and fresh produce. Total life changer!! We will definitely continue to shop this way- it has freed up so much time for us on the weekend and helped up stay on track with our monthly food budget!

Okay- back to our menu's what's for dinner at our house this week!
As usual- our meals are no fuss. Super simple. I really don't have "recipes" I use- more a method of pairing a protein main dish with a green vegetable side! 
We are LOVING the warm, lovely weather and using our grill any chance we get! Also- the girls love eating outside at their picnic table- so they have been doing that! Not only is it fun for them- but it cuts down on kitchen clean up for me- which I am NOT mad about! HA!

And that officially concludes a very random post :) 
Gotta love Monday mornings when your brain isn't quite functioning at it's max potential. HA!
Here's to lots of coffee and laughing at the crazy moments that are sure to happen throughout the day!

Hope you have the BEST day!
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Friday Favorites!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Hi!! Happy Friday!!
The sun is FINALLY shining again, the temperatures are warming up and my 2 youngest daughters are DONE with school! They have had a wonderful year and I am so thankful for the amazing teachers they had! 
My oldest daughter's last day of school is next Friday....and then we are officially on SUMMER BREAK! I seriously cannot wait! I wait all school year long for summer break and I am SO ready for a more relaxed schedule!

Anyway....I could keep going on about how much I love summer break...but I will save that for another post or two or five :) I am sure I will totally be a broken record by the time August rolls around, talking about how much I love my kids not being school! HA!

It's time for some Friday FAVORITES!!

Earlier in the week, it was cold and gloomy outside and while I had a long list of things I needed to accomplish during my boys' nap time...I decided snuggling Marshall and forgetting about my filthy bathrooms was a better idea :) I truly don't know if there is anything much closer to heaven on earth, than a tiny, precious baby sleeping peacefully on your chest. I may or may not have joined Marshall and taken a quick nap myself- and it was delightful!! Definitely a FAVORITE moment for me :)
My daughter Celine had her annual well check and Marshall had a weight check this week- SO SO grateful for a healthy little girl and a growing baby boy!!
Not pictured is James- strapped into his stroller, watching "Wheels on the Bus" on my phone on REPEAT. You do what you gotta do when your pediatrician is running about 45 minutes behind and you end up being at the doctor for almost TWO HOURS.
It happens- right?!? And taking hundreds of selfies with my spunky little girl made the time go by a lot faster :) She is definitely one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES :)

So I mentioned above Marshall had a weight check this week. Little guy was a little slower to gain back his birth weight than my other kids and we have been on a super strict nursing schedule the past 10 days- to make sure he is eating A LOT and gaining weight! I have been feeding him every 2 hours from 4:30 am to 10:30 pm at night and then waking him every 3 hours at night to nurse. All of our "hard work" has paid off though- as Marshall has had 2 great weight checks and my doctor is no longer concerned with his weight loss! YAY!
Sooo...since Marshall is back to gaining weight- I have eased up on his night feedings the past couple of nights and guess what?? My sweet boy has slept SIX straight hours the last two nights in a row!!! This unheard of for me!!! The rest of my kids NEVER slept that long when they were newborns- and while I am not acting like Marshall is some super sleeper- I will take what I can get!! Getting 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep is a big FAVORITE of mine this week!!

On Tuesday, I wrote a post about 10 items I buy weekly from Aldi and mentioned that we got a HUGE seedless watermelon from there for $2.99 this past week!! Well- I am totally OBSESSED with watermelon- so I have already eaten the first one we bought and now we are on our second watermelon this week! I should probably be embarrassed I have eaten that much watermelon- but it is SO GOOD! It one of my FAVORITE summer fruits and I am loving it! It is also a great "alternative" treat when I craving something like a big chocolate chip cookie with a huge dollop of peanut butter on top of it. HA!
And because summer is almost here- I thought I would share this new scent I picked up from Bath and Body Works! It is called Love and Sunshine- I don't think it is a "new" scent in the store- just new to me :) Anyway- it is SO LOVELY! It is light, fresh, slightly floral and not at all overpowering. I feel like some of Bath and Body Work's scents can be REALLY strong- and just too much...but not this one! I just love it! Definitely my new FAVORITE scent for the summer!

Happy Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful day and a great weekend!! 
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Weekly Walmart Finds: Swimwear Edition!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hi! Happy Wednesday!!

Sooo....even though it doesn't feel anything like swimsuit weather here in Indiana...the pool and sunshine are definitely on my mind!! 
We live at the pool during the summer- like we literally go every day- sometimes twice a day- weather permitting! :)

Soooo....that brings me to today's Weekly Walmart Finds: SWIMSUITS. 
I don't live in a magical land with unicorns- so I am not even trying to think I can fit into my regular pre-pregnancy swimsuits this summer. I will definitely be back in them NEXT summer- but DEFINITELY not in the next few weeks- HA!
Which means I need to find a few swimsuits to wear this summer while we are at the pool and while we are on vacation in Virginia Beach!
Since I know I won't be wearing these swimsuits for more than just one season- I don't want to spend a ton of money on them. That's where Walmart always saves the day!
I found several cute options that I think will be perfect for my "in-transition" body this summer!

First up is this ADORABLE yellow crocheted two piece swimsuit!  While I personally do not feel comfortable wearing this style of swimsuit- I know many of you out there have the bodies for it!! So I had to include it :) And I love that while the top is a "bikini" top- it still provides a good amount of coverage and doesn't seem to be a top where things might get out of place...if you know what I mean?!? HA!  You can find the top here! It is only $7.96!!

You can find the bottoms here and they are also only $7.96! If bright yellow isn't your color, this style of swimsuit also comes in turquoise, purple and black!
Another "bikini" style swimsuit top that I found and LOVE- is this "solid twist bandeaukini top" by Catalina. It is $16.84 and I just really think the style of this top is SO flattering!! And I love the color of it! Paired with a higher waisted pair of swimsuit bottoms like these- and you have got yourself an ADORABLE and CLASSY swimsuit!!
If you love the look of the crocheted material in the yellow bikini- but don't feel comfortable wearing that style of swimsuit (like me :)- check out this crocheted halter tankini! I LOVE it! It is $11.84! That is a GREAT deal for a tankini top!! You can find the matching bottoms (it is a swim skirt and super cute) here!
Okay...moving onto the first swimsuit top I plan on ordering :)
I thought this print was super fun!! I love the black, pink and aqua combination. I also love that the straps are bra style versus halter style- which has a tendency to give me a headache (I know- I am WEIRD!). This "bandeaukini" is by the Collections by Catalina and is $16.84. I am really crossing my fingers this top fits me because I really like it! :)
This is the other swim suit top I plan on ordering. No your eyes aren't playing tricks on you- it is the SAME style top as the one above- just in a pretty solid coral color :) I REALLY like the style of this tankini and I figured if I didn't like it in the print- but liked the way it fit- this coral color would be a great way to go!
I am all about buying a couple tankinis and then getting one pair of bottoms to mix and match with them. The first option for swimsuit bottoms are these- they are also by the Catalina brand and they are called the "Full Coverage Bottom with Adjustable Ties." 
Key Words being: FULL COVERAGE! HA!
I am not sure how these will look on me- so I am going to order them and just give them a try! Just another reason why I love shopping on I can order a bunch of different swim suit tops and bottoms, try them on in the comfort of my own home and then return whatever doesn't work! SO EASY. and slightly less painful than trying on swimsuits in the actual store :)
The other bottom I am going to try out is this little "skirted swimsuit bottom."  It is by the Catalina brand and is $16.48. I think this little skirt with the ties is SO cute and it might be just what I need in the whole needing a little more coverage department!! It's either gonna look really cute on me OR NOT. Thank goodness my husband is a very honest man. He will let me know if it is a "YES" or "NO" real quick! HA!
And finally- this one piece swimsuit totally caught my eye!! 
I can't remember the last time I wore a one piece- but this swim suit is a "Best Seller" and has an average 4.6 star rating from 2,279 people!! And it is on sale for $25.00 from $34.64.
It is supposed to be very slimming (yes please) and the style of the suit gives the illusion that it is a tankini/bottom set- even though it is all one piece. It comes in SO many fun prints and solid colors!! I am especially loving this gorgeous turquoise- but it also comes in a beautiful fuchsia color that I might also try out! 
And now for a couple cover ups. Aren't coverups just as important as swimsuits??
I don't know about you- but there are days where I never even wear real clothes- I am just in my swimsuit and cover up all day long!

Isn't this cover up super cute? It is by Ocean Pacific (OP) and it is in the Junior's section. It is very simple- which I really like- but has a cute detail on the straps!  It is only $7.96- which you just can't beat! It comes in a several really fun bright colors like hot pink and coral- but because I am super boring and always looking for the most slimming silhouette (HA!) - I think I am going to get black :) If I end up loving it- you can bet I will pick it up in another color!
Isn't this embroidered gauze tunic so pretty?? I love that it is made of a super lightweight material but has long sleeves. Perfect for great coverage from the sun when you plan on being at the pool, lake or beach all day! It is $14.88 and comes in this white color as well as in a pretty coral color and black!
Here is an up close picture of the detail around the neck. So pretty!
Walmart really has an AWESOME selection of swimwear for women this season!! There are so many other cute suits that I didn't even show you! If you want to look at everything they have- click here and then you can search by one piece or two piece separates or cover ups!
Also- I LOVE Walmart's selection of swimsuits for kids!!
You can find baby/toddler swimsuits here, girls' swimsuits here and boys' swimsuits here!

I would love to know- have you ever purchased a swimsuit from Walmart?? If so- do you love it?
I will definitely let you know if my purchases work out! I will DEFINITELY not be showing you any pictures of me in a swimsuit- HA! But I will give you my honest opinion on the fit and quality of everything I order!!

Happy shopping and hope you have the BEST day!