Hello Monday!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Hey friends!! Happy Monday!!

I'm back!! YAY!!

We got back from our trip to Illinois super late this past Friday. I was so tired I barely remember anything other than taking a shower and collapsing into bed. The next morning Aaron and I were talking about how out of it I was and he was like, "you were OUT." HA!
That's what a combined 32 hours in the car, multiple 4:30 am wake-ups and spending time with NINE awesome kiddos will do to you!!!

Our week at my parents' house was filled with LOTS of noise, SO much dirt and sand (my mom is a "YES" grandma- and she has a sand box- AND she let them use the hose to make "pies.) and TONS of fun.
So grateful for the time these 9 cousins got to spend with each other!! It is rare they are all together and it was definitely precious to see them all enjoying each other so much!!
Here's the big daddy van we rented to drive up to Illinois. It was a beast! HA! My brother graciously drove the WHOLE way to Illinois. I got to drive the van around all week, taking the kids to the park and to do other activities. We jokingly started calling it my "daycare" van. HA!
We had a little snafu with the van and had to switch out to another 15 passenger van for the ride home. I would give Enterprise a B+ for how they worked with us to get our situation figured out. We ended up with a new van, I think it was a Ford Sprinter, and the kids REALLY loved that van because there were tons of windows and it felt more like a mini-bus.
My brother liked it because it drove smoother than the daycare van and we got home a little faster than we anticipated. Needless to say, I was so thankful we had a safe, uneventful road trip and I was SUPER grateful to see my FAVORITE Toyota Sienna when Aaron picked us up in Raleigh on Friday night. I was down with the daycare van for a week- but I missed my Sienna!!! HA!
And now it's Monday and all the girls can talk about is going school supply shopping!!! AHHH! I am just NOT ready to admit school starts in 3 weeks!! 
I love summer SO much and jumping into the fast paced schedule we have during the school year is just not something I am ready for yet! Anybody else feel me on that??

My goals for this week is to be "normal." We aren't traveling anywhere, we don't have much going on and I just want to keep a chill pace. 
I haven't been to the gym in over a week- so we will be going there every morning and I know the kids want to make a trip to the library. Other than that, our schedule is pretty wide open and that feels REALLY good! July has been JAM PACKED and I really like the idea of transitioning into August at a slower pace :)

What are you up to this week??

What's on the menu for dinner at your house?

Here's a super quick run-down of what we're having:

Monday: Grilled Chicken, tossed salad and green beans (kids will also have cheesy bread)
Tuesday: TACOS! (using lean ground beef)
Wednesday: Hot dogs on the grill and steamed green beans
Thursday: Taco salads (using shredded chicken seasoned with taco seasoning) + cheese quesadillas and applesauce
Friday: Pizza!!
Saturday: We're going to a pool party and dinner is being served! A NO cook night for me! YAY!
Sunday: Burgers and grilled veggies

It is GLOOMY and raining in our neck of the woods- and the rest of the week's forecast doesn't look much better. BLEH.
Here's to making it a great week regardless and doing everything I can to keep my kiddos and ME from going to stir crazy!! HA!
Hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful week!

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Friday Favorites!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Hi friends!!

Happy Friday!!! How was your week??

I don't know about you- but I seriously feel like the month of July is flying by at WARP speed. The kids go back to school the second week of August and I just can't wrap my head around that!!!

I am going to avoid reality at all costs and just NOT pay attention to the school supplies set up in the stores. My daughters keep begging me to go school shopping and I just keep saying, "NOT YET!" HA!

Anyway...that's where I am with school starting so soon. HA!

 now for some FAVORITES from this past week!

On Monday, I posted about all the fun adventures we've had the past couple of weeks. You can check that post out HERE! We went camping last weekend for James' 4th birthday and had an absolute BLAST. I feel like Aaron and I have never held back, per say, on traveling or going on adventures with the kids, even when they were little....BUT- we have definitely been saying "YES" to a lot more trips and activities as the kids have gotten an older. 
It is a REALLY fun season of life to be in!! 
Don't get me wrong- things are still CRAZY 98% of the time...but it's manageable. HA!
I LOVE exploring with these 5 kiddos- I feel like I am living out the dreams I had before I was married and had kids when we go to new places and experience new things together as a family!!
I know there has been a lot of hype about Amazon Prime Day and all the great items on sale- but I honestly didn't pay attention to most of it! HA! We really just don't NEED anything!
One recent Amazon purchase I did make this past week were these running shorts. I don't own anything by the brand Lululemon...but apparently these are VERY similar to a pair of running shorts they have! I actually won't wear them running (I like to wear workout capris when I run)- I got them more as an everyday pair of shorts to wear when I don't feel like wearing jean shorts or my J.Crew chino shorts. They are SO comfortable! They are under $25- which is still a little pricier than I would normally pay for a "workout" pair of shorts- but they are really good quality and I know I will get a ton of wear out of them!!  

Sunday, after we went to the pool- we hit up Sonic Happy hour and got slushies and diet limeades. Is there anything better than getting 7 drinks for less than $6??? HA!
I LOVE these sweet sisters SO much. There is a fair amount of drama always happening...but aside from that- they are my 3 little best friends and I am kind of obsessed with how sweet and fun they are!!!
I have been using a new shampoo and conditioner and I am LOVING it. It is by the OGX brand and I ordered mine off of (because anything that can get delivered to my doorstep versus me having to buy it in the store will always be my FAVORITE).
My hair has been feeling ROUGH between the chlorine from the pool and from the fact that I color my hair. I saw the word "miracle" and I am sucker for pretty packaging- so the rainbow colors in "coconut oil" sold me. HA! 
The good new is- I LOVE this shampoo and conditioner! It smells lovely- but is not overpowering. It makes my hair feel SO good. I really feel like the conditioner has "repaired" my hair- but it doesn't feel heavy at all. It is definitely worth giving a try if you are on the lookout for a new shampoo and conditioner!! I got mine HERE!

I posted some before and after pictures of the closet makeover Aaron did this past weekend!! It is kind of amazing the space we gained and just how ORGANIZED and CLEAN our closet feels now!!! You can check the post out HERE! The girls are obsessed with it and have told me our closet is their new FAVORITE room in the house! HA!
The kids and I are headed out on a BIG road trip this weekend!
We are leaving early Sunday morning, along with my niece and nephew, to drive to Illinois! 
I rented a 15 passenger van to fit all of us (I KNOW. Kind of insane) and my brother is going to drive with me.
(Aaron can't take off work- so my brother is really being amazing. He is driving with us to Illinois, will fly back to Raleigh for the week to work and then fly back up to Illinois so he can drive us home. He's a ROCKSTAR!) 
We will be staying at my mom and dad's house and my sister and her 2 kiddos will also be there. So all NINE cousins will be together!!! It's a going to be a super fun time and everyone is SO excited!
Just FYI:
I am going to next week off of blogging so I can spend all of my time focused on my family.  We rarely are able to get all of the cousins together and I haven't seen my parents since November. I don't plan on opening up my computer or being by my phone much!!
So- I will see you back here the week after next!

I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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Closet Makeover!!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Hi friends!!

Happy Thursday!!!

So- on Monday I posted about our weekend and that Aaron tackled the HUGE project of making over our master closet- you can read about it HERE!

Ever since we moved into our house last June- we have wanted to make our closet more functional. It is a GREAT size. But the space was being totally underutilized with the builder grade, wire racks. I don't like dressers in bedrooms (I know- I am SUPER weird)- so we also had 2 dressers in our closet and it was basically a HOT MESS.

Here's the before picture of my side of the closet....
If you walk into our closet- this is what you saw. This is the back wall of our closet and WOW. It was organized SO well. HA!
Here's Aaron's side....such a disaster zone! HA!
We started looking at closet organization systems and quickly realized we would have to do something on our own. Creating a custom closet and having someone else install it for you is about the same price as a used car. HA!

We ended going with Home Depot and because Aaron is amazing- he measured everything out, asked me specifically what I was looking for and then "designed" us a closet. 
He bought all sorts of different shelving, drawers, and rods to create our "custom" closet. 
In full disclosure- this was NOT cheap. 
But- it was TREMENDOUSLY less expensive than if we had it done by someone else.

All the pieces got delivered by Home Depot...there were SO.MANY.BOXES. and Aaron got to work Friday night after the kids went to bed. He worked for a large portion of Saturday (we had a few other things we did) and then once we got home from church on Sunday, he didn't stop working until about 6 pm. So this was NOT a small job at all.

But look at the finished product!!
Aaron took this panoramic shot with his phone!
And here are some pictures with all of our things moved in!
Please excuse the's horrible because there is no natural light!

If you were walking into our closet- this is the left side...and it's where I have all of my things.
 Here's a different view of "my side."
Do you see all those little ceramic creatures?? The girls have painted them for me and they LOVE that I have them on display :)
 Here's Aaron's side!
 And here is the back wall!
You can see we still have SO much open space!! 
We gained so much room with this closet makeover! 
 The only thing that still needs to be done is add shelving to the very top of the closet so if we wanted to place things up there we could. Home Depot forgot to include hardware to install the shelves- so we are waiting on them to send that.

I absolutely LOVE the dresser "system" we picked out!! We went with one of the "higher end" options and I am so glad we did. The drawers are extremely high quality and super roomy.

It feels SO good to have such a clean, organized, functional closet. We both keep saying we feel extremely spoiled and definitely do NOT deserve to have this nice of a closet! :)

I am SO thankful to have such a handy husband. He truly is skilled when it comes to this sort of thing and I am so appreciative that he spends his precious time doing things like this for us!

YAY for a new closet!!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

See you back here tomorrow for my Friday Favorites!

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Hello Monday!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Hey friends!! Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend?? Our's was good!! And kind of nutty.

Aaron tackled a huge project of re-doing our master closet- which meant- our house was a total disaster for 2 days- because we had to take everything out of our closet AND he was totally tied up doing all things related to Project Makeover The Closet- which meant it was the kiddos and me (kind of) on our own. 

You all know how well that works out- right??
Both parents are home- but one of them is totally unavailable- but the kids know that parent is around- so all they want to do is find and "help" that parent?? HA!!
Please tell me you've had a similar experience!!

Anyway- I will be the first one to say I had a couple moments where I acted like a complete brat because I truly can't handle when things are in disarray. I would NOT be able to live in a home and remodel it at the same time. HA! Definitely threw a couple mini-temper tantrums related to crazy kids + unavailable husband (who was WORKING SO HARD) + a house that looked like a natural disaster occurred inside of it. 

Thankfully, I had a good, long chat with Jesus- and my kids and husband are very forgiving. We ended up having a fun weekend- and I am SO grateful for that!

Saturday- Charlotte, Cora and I whipped up a batch of cookies for a fun afternoon snack. We LOVE this simple 5 ingredient (gluten free!!) peanut butter cookie recipe:
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup chocolate chips (use dairy free- and then your cookies are dairy free AND gluten free!)
Mix the first 4 ingredients together- then add in your chocolate chips! Bake them at 350 degrees for about 9-10 minutes. Let them "rest" on the hot cookie sheet for another 1-2 minutes and then cool on a baking rack. Our cookies were still pretty gooey after I let them cool for a bit- which made them DELICIOUS- but if you want your cookie to stay in one piece- just pop them in the fridge for about 30 minutes, so they can firm up a bit!

They are SO good!!

Saturday evening- Aaron and I snuck out for our monthly date night! And when I say "snuck out" that's literally what we did. Marshall FREAKS out when we leave (but is always fine after a couple of minutes)- so while his back was turned to us, watching a show- we totally just left without really saying goodbye. HA! Anything to avoid a meltdown!

We went to our favorite restaurant here in Greenville (there is also a location in Cary- a suburb of Raleigh), Totopos! We sat outside and enjoyed a beautiful evening. Then we headed to the mall to smell some new cologne options for Aaron. We were specifically wanting to smell YVes St. Laurent- L'Homme and Versace Man Eau Fraiche. Both of these colognes have RIDICULOUS awesome ratings, so we were pretty pumped up that they were going to smell amazing. UM. NO. I don't know if it's Aaron's body chemistry or if we just are in the very small minority- but we didn't like either one of them! 

You have to tell me- what cologne does your husband wear?? Aaron wears Acqua Di Gio Profumo (it comes in a black bottle) and it smells soooo good on him. We are always on the lookout for other awesome smelling colognes- so give me your suggestions!!

Date night selfie in the dark parking lot of the mall for the win! HA!
Sunday we went to church and then the rest of the day was spent with Aaron working on our closet and the kiddos and I trying to stay out of his way. I took the four big kids to the pool while Marshall took a nap. When we got home- I decided that I was not going to let Aaron work like a dog inside the house while the kids and I just chilled- so we started breaking down all the boxes from our closet system. We ordered it all from Home Depot and there were SO.MANY.BOXES. We got them all broken down, filled at least 10 trash bags with all the packing stuff that came inside the boxes and took 2 trips to our local trash/recycling center! The kids were AWESOME and it really felt SO good to just work HARD and accomplish a big job together!!

All loaded up in the van!! Five kids, 10 bags of trash and probably over hundred broken down boxes in the way back of the van! HA!
 Once we got back from dropping off all the trash and cardboard, we had dinner and then surprised the kids after they had taken their showers, with a trip to Baskin Robbins to celebrate National Ice Cream Day! Aaron and I both downloaded the Baskin Robbins App and we were able to get buy one cone, get one free coupons- so we got two ice cream cones free! YAY!
I definitely wouldn't say this was one of our more relaxing weekends...but we got a lot done and I am just SO thankful for my husband. He worked himself into the ground and got our whole entire closet system completely installed. We moved all of our things back into the closet last night and both collapsed into bed around 1:00 am. I can't wait to show you the before and after- it's a pretty amazing difference!!

Hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful week!!

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Friday Favorites!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Happy Friday friends!!!!

How was your week???

We have had a very FUN but very FULL week! The kids have been attending Vacation Bible School at our church and I have been working in the nursery, watching all of the volunteers' babies! The kids have had such an awesome time....and I have loved getting to play with the sweetest babies...but WHOA. I am TIRED. HA!
We've had something going on almost every afternoon/evening- so there just hasn't been a lot of down time...which I now know is CRUCIAL if I don't want my kids to melt down for a solid 30 minutes during the super fun dinner/bath/bed time of day. HA! we are! Friday! YAY!
We have our last day of VBS this morning and then the only plans we have once we get home is to rest and have a pizza picnic for dinner :)

Okay- time to share some FAVORITES from our life lately!!

On Monday, I posted about all the fun adventures we have been up to over the past couple weeks. You can check it out HERE! Last weekend we went "glamping" at a KOA Campground in New Bern, NC. We met my brother and his family there and had SO much fun. The campground backs up onto the Neuse River and it was sooo beautiful!!
I had my heart set on an adorable, "happy," picture of the kids with the river in the background....and this is what I got after about one hundred tries. HA!
Even though Marshall looks like he is miserable- I still love this picture. 
This is what life with kids on vacation looks like!!
Our main summer activity is going to the pool. We are there pretty much every day!
Between the 6 of us, we go through sunscreen like it's our job! HA!
This is the 2nd year in a row I have used Walmart's Equate brand of sunscreen and I LOVE it. I used to use Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Body Mist Spray- and then I randomly saw that Walmart had the Equate version!! It is $5.97 and the Neutrogena version is $10!! 
I have had really good luck with MANY Equate versions of products- they are definitely worth trying out (and you can always return them if you don't like them)!!
James recently celebrated his 4th birthday and we got him a REALLY cute present!!
I wanted to get him something different than the usual things he plays with: builder tools, ninja stuff, ect. 
He LOVES "tools" of any kind- so I found this vet set by Melissa & Doug and thought he might like it!!
Well- he LOVED it. He loved the doctor tools that came with the set and what was extra neat was seeing him play so nicely and independently with the two stuffed animals that came with the set. He is such a ROUGH and TUMBLE little boy- I really want to start encouraging him to have some "chill" play time. Added bonus- my girls LOVE this set too- so James and the girls have been playing with it together- which is SO fun!
I got it off of Amazon and right now it's on sale for $23!! SUCH A STEAL. FYI: A couple of days ago- it was $18- so I think it's one of those items that randomly gets super marked down!All the items in the kit are super high quality.  I am thinking about picking up a couple of these kits to have on hand for gifts when the James or Celine gets invited to a birthday party!! You can find this play set HERE on Amazon!
I have always wanted to match my girls (and luckily they love the idea of matching their mama), but have never been able to find affordable, "older girl" mommy and me clothes. I LOVE Lilly Pulitzer- but there is NO way I am paying those kind of prices for the girls and I to match! HA!
We were SO excited when we were shopping at a Walmart while we were on vacation in Georgia and found these cute shirts!! They are from the girls' section!! They are super flowy- so I got away with getting a girls XL! They have several different patterns in this style of shirt and they are currently on sale for $5.00!! You can find them HERE on!
We are looking forward to having a "normal" weekend :) We have been traveling the last two weekends smushed in between very busy weeks and Aaron and I both ready to just chill out for the next couple days! Of course- there really is never a ton "chilling" at our house- our kids don't understand that concept! HA!
Aaron is actually going to be doing a REALLY fun project- making over our master closet!!!
I am going to make sure I get a before picture- so I can share the transformation!! YAY!
Our closet has been a hot mess since we moved into our house last year and we are SO excited to get it organized and functional!!
What are your plans for the weekend? Are you traveling? Staying at home and spending time at the pool??
Tell me! I would love to know what you are up to!!

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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Hello Monday!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Hi friends!!!!

How was your weekend??

I feel like it's been forever since I last posted...even though it's only been a week! HA!!
We have been ON.THE.GO. since I last checked in!

I am linking up with Heather, Johannah and Lindsey today and just wanted to share a little bit about what we've been up to the past few days!
We were up bright and early (as usual!! none of my kids know how to sleep in! HA!) on the 4th of July and got on the road to head to the beach for the day!
My brother and his family along with several of his friends and their families were in Kure Beach for the week, so we made the 2 1/2 hour drive down there to join in on all the fun they were having!
Marshall is the baby that can fall asleep anywhere! HA!
I had given him a go-gurt, turned around to get James one out of the cooler and then found him totally passed out a couple minutes later! Such a sweet boy!! The beach is such a tiring place! HA! We put a towel on a boogie board and made a pillow for him out of another beach towel. He slept for over two hours on his makeshift beach bed!! We had to wake him up because it was time for us to head home!
We got back to our house around 7:45 pm and grilled out burgers for dinner. A MUCH later night for us than usual- but it was the 4th of July!! After dinner, we lit sparklers and then snuggled up on our back porch and watched fireworks. 
It was such a fun day and I just felt so grateful!!
(James is in that horribly awkward stage where he says "cheese" when we take a picture- but he doesn't smile and it's just so bad it's funny! HA!)
Friday afternoon, after Aaron got home from work, we headed out again on another adventure! James has been asking to go camping FOREVER. We decided it would be such a fun way to spend his birthday weekend- so we reserved a couple campsites at a local campground in New Bern, NC (which is about 45 minutes away from us). My brother and his family met us at the campground and spent the weekend with us! We ended up changing our reservation from tent camping to "glamping" and we stayed in some really cute log cabin cottages. There was supposed to be some pretty strong thunderstorms over the weekend and we just didn't want to get stuck in tents with kids with a bunch of thunder and lightening!

The campground backed right up on the Neuse River and it was GORGEOUS!!
We had the best time celebrating this precious boy turning FOUR!
We went swimming, fishing, and paddle boating. We spent the afternoon walking about the town of New Bern- which is absolutely ADORABLE. We ordered pizza (James' birthday dinner choice), had cupcakes and then roasted marshmallows and made s'mores!

Gosh. Words can't describe how much I love this precious boy. He made me a "boy" mom and is constantly making me laugh, challenging me and is one of my greatest adventures. 
I am so thankful God chose me to be his mama!!
We got home yesterday around lunch time, got everything unpacked and organized, went to church and had a nice Sunday dinner and of course, as bed time rolled around, Aaron and I were ready to collapse- and the kids "just weren't really tired." HA! WHHHYYY??? 

And now it's Monday and this is how I am totally feeling! HA!
No time for naps in a beach wagon though! It's Vacation Bible School week at our church!
I am in charge of the nursery with another friend of mine and Marshall will be with me while the other 4 kids are attending VBS! It's going to be a FUN, FULL week!

What's happening for you this week? It is it jam packed with activities? Or do you have a nice, slow week planned??

Hope you have the BEST day!

Post-Vacation Check In!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Hey friends!!
Happy Tuesday!!

We got back from vacation this past Sunday evening and I thought it would be fun to share a little bit about our trip!!

We started planning a little beach vacation on Tybee Island (off the coast of Georgia) for just our family back in January and we have been looking forward to it ever since!

Since Aaron and I have been married, we have always taken our summer vacations with either my extended family or his family. Which has always been SO fun!! 
And while we are so grateful for all the super fun vacations we have been on- we decided we wanted to go on a trip "just us." I have so many fond childhood memories of my family taking summer trips and I wanted to create those same memories for our kiddos!

We rented the CUTEST little beach cottage through a local realty group on Tybee Island called Mermaid Cottages. Our cottage was ADORABLE (you can see it HERE) and the whole staff at Mermaid Cottages was just SO nice and helpful. I would HIGHLY recommend going through them if you ever plan a trip to Tybee Island!

Our goal for this vacation was just to have A LOT of fun....doing a whole lot of just hanging out and enjoying the beach. And that's exactly what we did!

The boys were up SUPER early every Aaron and I would fill up our to-go coffee cups and we would all walk to a cute little park just a couple of blocks from our cottage. After a good hour of playing...we would head back to our cottage, have breakfast and then get ready to go to the beach!
We went to the beach every day- we were SO lucky to have amazing weather every single day we were there!
Our kids LOVE the ocean. Which makes me so happy- because the beach is my FAVORITE place!
Just had to share a Walmart find- we bought this Ozark Trail beach wagon while we were on vacation (YES- even on vacation- you can find me at Walmart. HA!) and we really like it! We had been researching buying a "higher end" beach wagon off of Amazon- but in the end just decided to go with this one. It is $59.00, which is 1/2 the price of the ones we were looking at getting. It holds all of our beach gear and maneuvered through the sand really well!
If you are looking for a beach wagon- or just more of a utility wagon for the pool or long days at the ball park...I would check this one out!
Another fun "budget" find that we used every day on our vacation is this "soft" cooler by the Aldi brand Adventuridge. We picked up this cooler on a whim when we were getting groceries for our trip and it ended up being a HUGE winner! I have never seen the Yeti soft cooler in person- but just from looking at pictures- this one seems very similar. I have no way to compare the two of the them- but I will say this cooler is awesome, it's lightweight, holds A LOT of stuff and kept all of our things VERY cold. We got it for $14.99!!! 
A TOTAL steal!!
If you have an Aldi in your town...I would definitely see in your store has these coolers!!
Other than spending most of our time at the beach, we went on a few adventures, including going to the Tybee Island Marine Science Center, getting yummy coffee drinks from Tybee Art and Coffee Bar, and checking out several cute little shops including Latitude 32 and Seaside Sisters. We took a fun, early morning trip into Savannah to get donuts at Rise Biscuits and Donuts and go for a walk along the riverfront!  

We cooked all of our meals at our beach cottage except for one night, when we enjoyed a very fun dinner out at a beautiful oceanfront restaurant called, The Deck!
It really was such a wonderful trip! 
Of course, it should go without being said, along with all the fun we had, we also had a few tantrums, not very much sleep due to little Marshall and James waking up in the middle of the night and then waking up before 5 am every morning and several moments of some super "special" attitudes from 3 little girls who shall remain nameless. HA!

I tell you what- even in the midst of some of the crazier moments we had- all I could feel was GRATEFUL! It has been a long time coming for us to be able to take a family vacation together and I am just SO grateful for the time we got to spend with each other and all of the precious, amazing memories we created!!
I am already thinking our next beach vacation for next summer! 
Now to just figure out where we should go!?!

Hope you have the BEST day!!