Confession Session :)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hi!! Happy Thursday!!
I hope your week has been going well...the weekend is almost here! :)

Since it's Thursday, I am linking up with my fabulous friend, Leigh, who hosts a super fun link up party called "Thursday Confessions!" 
//1// I love to watch QVC. Yup. I sure do. But I have NEVER bought a thing from QVC!! I just get a kick out of watching the show hosts just go on an on about the most random items. 
I particularly enjoy the fashion and beauty shows and Cooking with David. Any other fellow QVC watchers out there?!?! 

//2// I didn't buy anything from the Nordstrom Annual Sale. I looked at a few items that other bloggers linked to- but that's about as far as my #NSALE experience went. HA! I just CAN'T spend money on fall clothes right now. It's too hot!! Just give me my $2.87 t-shirts and I am one happy gal :) I will say- I have had my eye on these candles...I have heard AMAZING things about them- and for $15- it is quite a steal to be able to try them out- or I was thinking I could get them to split up as little gifts for people. What do you think? Do have experience with these candles? Are they as amazing as everyone says they are??

//3// Speaking of shopping...I confess I have a HUGE problem when it comes to buying clothes for my kids. I have no problem not buying new clothes for myself- but oh my goodness...I have to use SO much self-restraint when it comes to getting stuff for the girls and James and Marshall!!! Belk has the CUTEST little boy outfits right now (their exclusive store brand j.Khaki is my FAVORITE place to get fun, unique boy clothes) and I am constantly getting emails from Southern Tots and Lolly Wolly Doodle (I know- I should just unsubscribe from them) and I want to buy ALL THE THINGS for my girls!! I have two things helping me not go off the deep end- 1) I would be in big trouble with my hubby if I went on a spending bender :) and 2) my girls wear uniforms- so there really is NO point in buying a ton of fall/winter/spring clothing...because they just won't wear it! But I still "shop" all my favorite websites anyway and my "carts" may or may not be full of outfits that I really am never going to buy! HA!

//4// I have gotten into a really good groove of working out again- which makes me SO happy. I confess, though, I absolutely DREAD the days I do my Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD. It is only 20 minutes long- but I am still pretty out of shape and Jillian is NO JOKE. Seriously- I am drenched in sweat and sore by the time the workout is over. I am always so glad I pushed 'play' on the DVD player and just powered through the workout- but wow...leading up to it- I just think about every excuse to avoid doing it! HA!

And on that note- it's time for me to go sneak in a run before the kids wake's NOT a "Jillian Day!" YAY! HA!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

Also linking up with Annie and Natalie today!

What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 is the last Wednesday of the month...which means it is time for a What's Up Wednesday Post! It has been a hot minute since I have done a "What's Up Wednesday" post- so I am extra excited to be joining MelShay and Sheaffer for their super fun link up party today!

What we're eating this week...well- this week is a little different- because the kids and I are visiting my parents and Aaron is back at home. My mom always makes super delicious meals AND the fact that I am not the one having to cook- well that's making me pretty happy! HA!
Next week- once we're back home- I plan on making some easy ground turkey + black bean enchiladas and some meatballs to have on hand for meatball subs and to go with pasta and red sauce. If I am going to the trouble of cooking- I always try to make a double batch of whatever I am's so easy to do that and I am always SO happy when I have a couple "go-to" meals stocked in the freezer!

What I'm reminiscing girls not being so little anymore!! When we were setting up our garage sale a couple weekends ago, I got SO emotional going through all of their precious clothes!! When they were younger, I dressed them alike ALL THE TIME and it brought back so many fun memories to see all of their cute little matching outfits again! 
I mean...can you even handle this amount of cuteness???? 
What I am loving....SUMMER! Pool Days! Super early morning runs where I get to see the sun rise! My little Marshall's smiles, coos and the beginning of him laughing! Having all of my kids with me during the day and not having to be anywhere at any specific time :) 
All things I am currently LOVING. 

What we've been up to...It has been a full month for us!! We went on a 10 day vacation to North Carolina and Virginia Beach at the end of June and got back July 3. I then promptly got a HORRIBLE cold which ended up turning into bronchitis. NOT fun. But I am all better now (modern medicine is AMAZING)! Two weeks ago- we had a huge garage sale- it went great- but it was also a TON of work. Last Thursday, Aaron had surgery for a torn ACL- so this past weekend was spent keeping the kids busy while he rested and was laid up in bed. And now the kids and I are in Illinois visiting my parents! PHEW! I am looking forward to having a couple weeks of "normalcy" before the girls head back to school in the middle of August! :)

What I'm dreading...if I am just being completely honest- I am kind of dreading school starting up again. I LOVE my girls' school. They LOVE going to school. I DON'T love getting all 5 of my kids out the door for school at 7:05 am Monday-Friday. I have gotten really accustomed to our lazy summer mornings and I am just not ready for them to go away yet!

What I'm excited about...well...for starters- tomorrow I am getting my hair highlighted! YAY! I always get my hair done when I am back home- because I LOVE my stylist and her prices are SO affordable compared to expensive Indianapolis. And she does such a great job!! On Friday, I am seeing one of dearest friends- we haven't seen each other in almost 4 years and I can't wait to catch up and give her a big hug! And on Saturday, my mom, my sister and I are attending a wedding shower for my cousin! It's always busy when I come back "home," but I love being able to see so many friends and family members!

I am also excited to be teaming up with Erica and Leigh for our monthly link up – Pinspiration Wednesday!  Our next link up is Wednesday, August 3- which is next week! Our topic for August is: Favorite Crockpot RecipesWe would love it if you would link up with us and share your best crockpot recipes that you have found by "pinning" on Pinterest! August is a busy month for most people with school starting up again and I know we could all benefit from having some great crockpot recipes to help make dinner time a little bit easier! :)
What I am watching/reading...I am SO embarrassed to admit this- but I am watching NOTHING. I am also reading NOTHING (except my morning devotional books). By the time we have all the kids in bed, it is about 8:30 pm...and then I usually have to finish cleaning up the kitchen from dinner time...and then this ol' lady is BEAT. HA! I usually plop on the couch with Aaron for about 20 minutes...but then it's time for bed for me! And while I would love to be reading a good book right's just not the season for me. The little pockets of time that I have available during the day are spent doing household chores, prepping meals and playing with the big girls (while the boys nap). And I am totally fine with that!! There will be plenty of time for TV and good books once Marshall is a little bit older. Right now- I am loving the place in life I am RIGHT NOW- even though that means I am completely out of the loop as far as TV and good books are concerned :) 
Side note: I just saw a preview for a new fall show called: "This Is Us"- UM. it looks SO good! You can bet I will be watching that come September!! :)

What I am listening to...Kidz Bopz and the local country stations on the radio. Also- loving my running songs I have on my shuffle....the faster the beat- the better!

What I'm wearing...Just yesterday I posted about my current favorite outfit- it includes a t-shirt that only costs $2.87!! Check it out: HERE!
What I'm doing this weekend...Attending a wedding shower for my cousin on Saturday and driving back to Indianapolis with my 5 kiddos on Sunday!

What I'm looking forward to next is starting and I guess I am kind of excited about that- only because my girls are so excited :) I am most looking forward to celebrating my precious Cora's sixth birthday! She wants to have a little art party with her sisters and a couple of girlfriends from school. It should be a super fun morning celebrating what a sweet girl she is!

What else is new...nothing that I can report on as of yet :) We have some exciting things happening regarding the future...but for now- that's all I can say about that! HA!
I hate when people do stuff like that...cliffhangers are SO annoying. so sorry about that!! :) HA! But really- as soon as I can share- I promise I will!!

BONUS QUESTION: What was your favorite part about summer?
Hands down- the favorite part about this summer was spending a week at the beach with my family and Aaron's side of the family. 
To be completely honest- I was a little unsure of how it all would go...traveling 12 hours with a 7 week old + 4 other small children...being gone for 10 days???...but it was such an AWESOME vacation and we had the BEST time! 
So thankful for our week together at the beach!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!! I hope you have the BEST day!!

Tuesday Talk: New Favorite T-Shirt!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!!
I hope you had a great weekend and your week is off to a good start so far!!

Before I dive into my post for today- I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your kind thoughts and prayers for Aaron!! His surgery went perfectly and while the recovery hasn't been super fun- he is doing just fine :)  He has had to have his leg in a HUGE brace which has really made any kind of movement difficult and awkward...but as of yesterday he was able to get a different brace that allows him to be much more mobile- which makes him a lot happier...which in turn makes me happier- HA!  
Anyway- so appreciate all of you thinking of him- THANK YOU!

Okay- now on to the fun stuff!!
Walmart. One of my FAVORITE stores. I know it's not for everyone- but I have an absolute blast shopping at Walmart- in the actual store and online!! Most of you already know this about me...but I just thought I would re-iterate this fun fact- HA!

So- I have a new favorite t-shirt that I wear- everyday- and you can find it at Walmart for $2.87. Yup. That's right- less than $3 for a super soft, perfectly long, comfy t-shirt!!
I know several people who have these t-shirts, including my friend Amy and they love them just as much as I do!!
At my Walmart- they are up in the front of the junior's section. How cute are my girls?!? I asked them to pretend like they were presenting the t-shirts on a TV show...HA!
On, you can find the t-shirts HERE.
My Walmart has a WAY better selection of colors that the t-shirts come in versus the options they have online. I have a lemony yellow one, a cotton candy pink one, a melon colored one (pictured below), navy, black, and turquoise. For sizing..I typically wear a small in most tops- but this is from the junior's section- so I am wearing a medium in them. They are fitted- but not crazy tight. I wash and dry my t-shirts in the dryer- and they come out beautifully- no shrinkage at all! If you like your t-shirts to be on the looser side- 
I would say maybe even go up 2 sizes...but it might be better if you just tried on both sizes and decided what you prefer :) Sizing can be funny sometimes! :)

So- here I am wearing one of my FAVORITE $2.87 t-shirts, layered with an Old Navy cami underneath it and a pair of city fit 3 inch chino shorts from J.Crew (I usually get mine from J.Crew Factory-  but I picked up this green pair from J.Crew on super sale a couple months ago). This is my MOMIFORM.
Colored shorts + layering tank + colored t-shirt. 

Unless I am wearing workout clothes- this is what you find me in everyday of the summer!
And you know what I love about these t-shirts from Walmart...besides the fact they come in such fun, cheerful colors...if I happen to get a huge spit up stain (or better yet- baby poop stain- HA!) or a smear of chocolate ice cream from one of the kiddos on them- I don't stress out. If the stain doesn't come out (which is usually does with my beloved Dawn :) I am only out $2.87!!! And I can just go pick up another one at my store.
They are perfect for this super messy, sweaty, and sometimes very dirty season of motherhood that I am in!

I will never claim to be super stylish or "on trend" with the latest fashions...but I am ALWAYS comfortable and try to dress in a way that fits my personality!  Love my $2.87 t-shirts!! :)

Do you happen to have any of these t-shirts from Walmart?? If so- do you love them as much as I do??
If you don't- you better go see if your store has any!!! I am telling you- they are AWESOME!!

Hope you have the BEST day!! And Happy Shopping! :)

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Checking In!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hey Friends!!
Just wanted to pop in and say "Hi!"
I am going to be taking the rest of the week sweet hubby is headed into surgery this morning to repair a torn ACL- so I am going to be busy taking care of him and the kids for the next few days!!
 I hope ya'll have an AWESOME day and a wonderful weekend!!
I'll be back on Monday!!

Recipe Club!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!!
I hope you're having a great week so far!!

Today I am linking up with my girls Johannah and Heather and sharing one of my favorite recipes that I make ALL.THE.TIME!
COWBOY COOKIES! Or you might call the "Monster" cookies!
Whatever you call them- they are DELICIOUS!!
 I originally posted this recipe back in the winter of 2015- so I thought it was worth sharing again!  

This recipe is a tad bit messy- but that is half the fun of baking! :)  This is a great recipe to have your kids help with because it is a lot mixing and dumping- but it is fool proof!

Now here is where you can have some fun with the recipe-
You don't like coconut? Leave it out! Just add another cup of oatmeal or rice crispy cereal in its place!

Substitute 1 1/2 cups raisins for the chocolate chips- best oatmeal raisin cookie you will ever have! 

Or- use a mixture of chocolate chips AND raisins- LOVE that combo!
One of my daughters doesn't like chocolate chips (I know- she is a weirdo :) So when I make this dough- before I add the chocolate chips- I will separate some and add white chocolate chips to half the dough and put regular chocolate chips in the other half.

A mixture of peanut butter chips and chocolate chips would be SO good!
My husband's favorite is when I add M & M's to these cookies. I make the dough as mentioned above with the 12 oz package of chocolate chips.  Then right when the cookies come out of the oven, I will put several M & M's right on the top of the cookies.  It is important to do this right when they come out so they stick to the top of the cookie.  By putting them on top after the cookies have been in the oven, the M & M's stay nice and pretty and don't lose their color (sometimes when you bake the M & M's directly in the dough they lose their bright color or they crack). 
 This dough freezes beautifully- and the cookies do too!
Sometimes if I am in a hurry- I will make the dough, bake a dozen cookies and just freeze the rest of the dough for when I have more time to bake all of the cookies at once.
These are a great dessert to bring to a cookout, potluck dinner or to drop off at someone's house if they need a little cheering up! 
You can't go wrong with cookies. EVER :)

Hope you have the BEST day and Happy Baking!

Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

HI! Happy Tuesday!!
Hope your week is off to a great start!!

Sooo..yesterday morning- the plan was to go to the gym in the morning.  We belong to a YMCA and they have an amazing childcare center that is in included in our membership! The kids get to play and I get to work out- it's a great set up.
Well- it was a big day- because it was Marshall's first time going to childcare center!!
 I wanted to get there by 8:30 am- because after that things start to get really busy and I wanted to have Marshall there when it wasn't super crowded.

Anyway...I am up early like I usually am...get dressed in my gym clothes and then I went to see how my daughters were doing in their room. Minor crisis- one of them JUST DOESN'T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR. HA! We figured it out though and then it was time to get James out of bed. Then Marshall woke up- so of course every came along to get him up :)
The morning was going nice and smooth....SO FAR SO GOOD.

Well- then we headed downstairs for breakfast...and I look at the clock and it's later than I thought, so I change breakfast from waffles (that I have to make) to protein bars and fruit (the kids can get their own protein bars). 
One of my children was MAD about the change in our breakfast menu. Another one did NOT want to get buckled in his chair for breakfast. A little scream session happened...and I just finally gave up and started feeding Marshall...because the clock was ticking! HA!

Everyone ended up eating breakfast and then it was time to brush teeth. I was still feeding Marshall- and while I am doing that I hear a huge blowout between two of my daughters and LOTS of screaming and tears. 
Another daughter comes downstairs to tell me what happened- it wasn't a good then I talk to my daughter who decided to make some not great choices...which turned into her getting VERY upset...then calm..then WAY upset again...then we finally figured stuff out. 
Mind you Marshall is still eating- HA! :)

Everyone finally got their teeth brushed. The girls' hair got brushed and put up- with a bow of course- HA! I got my gym bag packed. 
It was time to load up....and it became crazy town again with not knowing where favorite shoes were...NOT wanting to wear shoes...Marshall started screaming because he was in his carseat- and that's not his most favorite place.

All this of this sounds SO SILLY right now- but I am going to be honest with you- yesterday- I was so frustrated and really just wanted to GIVE UP BEFORE WE EVEN LEFT OUR HOUSE!
I was already so exhausted from dealing with so many little "issues" throughout the morning...AND it was raining- so the thought of unloading all 5 kids and walking them into the gym sounded NOT fun.

I came up with a lot of really good reason NOT to go to the YMCA:
- maybe I am just trying to do too much 
- skipping a workout isn't a big deal
- you need the morning at home to catch up on laundry and cleaning- 
might as well just stay here
- Marshall might cry the whole time in childwatch 

The list went on and on....but you know what? I made a decision to not let the crappy morning we had so far- dictate how the rest of my day was going to go. The kids LOVE going to childwatch and I was REALLY looking forward to working out.
I got everyone loaded up, the crying, whining and screaming stopped as soon as I put on Kidz Bopz and everything was all good again :)

God knew it had been a rough morning and there just so happened to be an open parking spot SUPER close to the entrance of the YMCA that was waiting just for us. It was SO nice to not have to make a long trek from our car to the entrance in the pouring rain! 

I got the kids all signed into childwatch and went off to do my first workout at the gym since I had Marshall!! It was GREAT. It felt really good to be back and to know that my kids were safe, having fun and being so well taken care of!!
When I went to pick the kids up- everyone was all smiles and Marshall was asleep! He had done great! We headed outside and the rain had stopped. We were able to go to the post office after the gym- which doesn't sound like a big deal- but I was so happy to be able to get something else checked off my list :)

What a difference a couple hours can make!!! The kids' and my mood went from pretty darn yucky to happy and positive in just a couple hours. The change of scenery and little time away from each other was just what we all needed. I am SO glad I didn't GIVE UP before I even left my house.  
But you know what- I regularly have to make that decision- am I just going to do what's easy and stay home?? Or am I going to make the effort to load everyone up to go to the pool or to the park or to the playdate we have planned?

99% of the time- even though I might feel defeated and really frustrated- I decide to GO.
And 100% of the time- I am always so happy I made that decision!! 
It can just be so hard in those moments leading up to getting out the door where you just want to throw your hands up and say, "is all of this effort worth it???"
And the answer is pretty much always "yes."

I would love to know what you think about all of you struggle with making the effort to get out and about with your kids?? 
Do you sometimes just want to GIVE UP before you even GET OUT of the house??
If you do- know that I am right there with you!! HA!
But I am also cheering you on....get out the door...make that is SO worth it!! :)

Hope you have the BEST day!

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Hello Monday!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hi!!! Happy Monday!!
How was your weekend??
We had a great weekend...the weather was awesome and we had a super successful garage sale!
The girls did an awesome job and sold every last muffin they made and were really big helpers with the sale in general.
 Sooo..yeah...we actually made the exact amount of money we were hoping to make- which is so awesome! I will tell you what's NOT so awesome- our silly garage sale completely dominated our lives for two days! HA! I am SO behind on laundry and other chores- I feel like I need ANOTHER weekend to get ready for this week! HA!
Once we closed up "shop" on Saturday- we were still left with SO many baby/kids' clothes! We dropped a TON off at Goodwill, we are donating two huge boxes of baby clothes and some maternity clothes to a women's crisis center by Aaron's hospital and then we have a couple of boxes that we are going to take to a consignment store. We had some REALLY nice stuff that didn't sell- so I am going to try the consignment center route and see how that turns out.  All this to say- nothing that we had out in our garage came back in the house- in fact- we actually got rid of MORE stuff when we did our donation drop off to Goodwill.
While the whole process was super time consuming- I am so glad we did it and it is now checked off of our "Master To-Do List!"

Our Sunday was spent going to church, getting groceries at Aldi and playing outside. 
The kids haven't been riding their bikes much this summer (we have them hanging up in the garage so Aaron can pull his car in)- so we got them down and they had SUCH a blast!
Especially my little Celine! She is still using a bike with training wheels- but she was tearing it up! HA! Out of all 3 of girls- she is the one who is the least interested in playing outside/doing really active stuff- so it was super fun to see her so happy riding her bike! I have a feeling we will be doing a lot of bike riding from here on out!
(Please know that Marshall is totally safe in this picture :) Charlotte's had her kick stand down on her bike, both feet planted on the ground and she was securely holding him :) Just wanted to throw out that disclaimer!! )

And now we are back to Monday...I planned out our meals for the week...but decided not to post them as they are pretty boring, unoriginal meals- HA! Aaron is having surgery later this week and I am FINALLY starting to feel better (I ended up having bronchitis) - so I am trying to keep everything super simple when it comes to our meals this week!

We have big plans to hit the gym this morning- it will be Marshall's first time going to the childcare center!!! And then I deemed this afternoon: CRAFTERNOON. The girls are PUMPED. There is talk of painting, necklace making and so many other fun projects!
Fingers crossed- while the boys are sleeping and the girls are crafting- momma can be washing laundry and putting away the mounds of clothes that got neglected this weekend!! HA!

And one more thing...apparently there is this thing called the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?!? I guess it's going on now....and it also "starts" on this Friday if you don't have a credit card with Nordstrom....not sure if you have heard about it or not- HA HA!! ;)
Anyway- while I love Nordstrom and they definitely have beautiful, high quality items- even on sale- most of them are too rich for this momma and her teeny-tiny budget. 
Sooo...if you are in the same boat as me- you might want to check out Target's online clearance...because right now- there is a promotion where you can take an extra 20% off the CLEARANCE price!
I found this top- it's $8.04- plus another 20% off..making it $6.40!!!
How cute would this be with leggings or skinny jeans and tall boots?!? I am thinking I might get it to wear in our family's simple- but the neckline gives it that something special :)
Hope you have the BEST day and an AWESOME week!!

Linking up with my super sweet friend Johannah!! 
 And linking up with Biana and Meghan too!