Friday Favorites

Friday, February 28, 2020

Hey friends!!

Happy Friday!!!

Wow. We're finishing up the last week of February and I will be honest- I am not mad about it! HA!
Aaron and I have coined this month: FUNKY February. It has just felt like an "off" month. 
Anybody else nodding their head "yes" to this?!?

I am ready for March and daylight savings time!!!

Despite feeling kind of funky lately- we've been managing to stay pretty busy and have lots of fun. I thought I would share some favorite moments from the past couple of weeks!

James was off school last Tuesday- so it was just me and my boys. I can't remember that last time I got to hang out with just them!
We went to the gym and then I took them to get a donut and we ended our fun morning at the park.
It was SO fun and I love getting some extra time with my boys!!
Speaking of James...I had to share what he has been up to in Tae Kwon Do!!
He just got his yellow belt and as part of his examination- he had to kick a board and break it!! He did amazing and I still look at this picture and can't believe my precious baby (who is absolutely no longer a baby) is breaking boards and just doing such an awesome job!!
 Switching gears for a quick second- I wanted to share a couple of Pantene hair products I picked up at Walmart this past week.
I have been straightening my hair more now that it is shorter and I thought I would try out this heat primer to add an extra layer of protection.
I used it once and will NOT be using it again.
It made my hair feel sticky and SO dirty. 
So- a big thumbs down to this heat primer!
The other Pantene product I picked up is this dry shampoo. I am CONSTANTLY trying out different brands of shampoo! I have a problem! HA!
Anyway- LOVE this stuff.
It smells AMAZING, it doesn't leave a weird white residue and it is under $7.00 at Walmart!!
A bigger winner in my opinion!!
You can find it HERE on Walmart's website!
Okay- back to fun life happenings :)

We celebrated Fat Tuesday by having ice cream sundaes for our afternoon school snack!!
We weren't able to have a full fledged Mardi Gras celebration because Charlotte and Cora had a music performance and Aaron was working...but the kids were thrilled to have a treat BEFORE dinner! :)
We always have ice cream sundaes every Sunday...but during Lent, one of the kids' Lenten sacrifices is forgoing dessert. The money we spend on ice cream and other treats gets put into our Rice Bowl and at the end of Lent we make a family donation. It's a simple way of teaching our kids that while it's not easy to do without some of their favorite things..there is tangible evidence in their sacrifices by the money we are able to give to people in need!

After a snowy cold LONG weekend, that also coincided with Aaron working (insert me going slightly bananas- HA!), we got some sunshine this past Sunday afternoon and we went to a local park to play and get some fresh air.

Aaron took this picture and it is HANDS DOWN, my new favorite picture of my kids.

And there you have it friends...just a little peek into what's been going on lately!

What do you have planned for the weekend?
We don't really have much going on and I am THRILLED.

I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL week!

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Splurge vs. Steal Walmart Finds: Classic Spring Look Edition!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Hey friends!!!

Happy Wednesday!!
So...we are just a few days away from it being MARCH and I don't know about you- but it's kind of a weird time for planning out outfits. It's not warm enough yet for the super "springy" clothing..but I am SO over sweaters and sweatshirts!

I started thinking about a few closet staples and how they could work for a transitional winter/spring wardrobe!

Here's what a came up with:

-denim jacket- EVERYONE needs a great fitting denim jacket!

-tailored white button down shirt- so versatile- can be dressed up or dressed down- and something that I need to add to my closet!

-ankle length black jeans- a classic wardrobe staple- they go with EVERYTHING and flatter every body type!

-cute pair of slip-on shoes- it's not warm enough yet for sandals...a classic pair of slip-ons is such a fun transition between boots and sandals!

Then- I did a little search for these items- ON A BUDGET. Because you know I love a deal! HA! And then for fun- I found a splurge alternative of each item- because I LOVE doing a comparison of splurges versus steals!

Ok...let's go shopping!

We'll start with a fun, cute pair of slip-on shoes. 

You can find these rose colored slip on shoes, by the brand Sperry, on for $54.95. Which, I think for a quality brand like Sperry, is very reasonable! Not inexpensive by any means...but not a crazy price tag either.
However, if you need a price point lower, you can spend almost $40 less and pick these rose gold perforated slip on shoes up right HERE on Walmart's website!
I actually just ordered these and they were delivered yesterday! They are SO cute and I love that they have a little "shine" to them!


This white shirt is from Talbots- they call it the "perfect shirt" has solid 4 out of 5 star reviews and is $79.50.
This classic white shirt, by the Time and Tru line is $14.96 and has 72 (almost) 5 star reviews!
I don't know about you- but I am having a hard time finding any visible differences between the more expensive Talbot's shirt and the Walmart version. I am sure it would come down to how they fit! I will tell you- while I don't own the Walmart white button shirt- I have had it in my cart SEVERAL times- and then ended up not buying it because I don't "need" it. 
It is VERY well made, has a great weight to it and is also a great length. 

Now I think I need to go to Walmart and buy it. HA!

A good pair of black jeans are really a must have in my opinion. You can dress them up and also very easily pair a cute t-shirt with them and you have an easy casual outfit.
Paired with the white button shirt- you have such a TIMELESS look!

I love the idea of tucking the white shirt in and adding a belt for a polished look.
And for another outfit option- wearing the white button down shirt untucked or maybe even open over a white t-shirt or tank!

These black ankle length jeans are from Nordstrom and you can have these in your closet for a mere $188! HA! I mean- I had to laugh when I saw how much they cost! 
TOTALLY no judgement if jeans are the area of your wardrobe where you splurge...but for me- I CANNOT spend this much on jeans. 
Lucky for me- I found these black, ankle length jeans are PERFECT for Spring. They are high waisted, have over 150 (almost) 5 star reviews are $17.84!!

Also- I wanted to add- it is SO hard to find a good pair of fitting jeans. I try to find a balance between staying on budget and also valuing an item if they fit like a dream. Other places that have affordable and great fitting black jeans are Old Navy, Gap, and Loft!!

Everyone needs a denim jacket in their closet. It literally goes with EVERYTHING! 

You can find this denim jacket at Banana Republic...and it is $98.50. It has SUPER awesome reviews!! (Downside- not many sizes available online).
This denim jacket is from the Time and Tru line and is just under $20!!
It has amazing reviews and I love the cut of it and the wash of the denim!!
I love how these 4 pieces work so well together and can also be broken up separately and utilized in so many other outfit options!!

I used to be a person who bought A LOT of clothing...but most of it really didn't serve a great purpose. As I have gotten older- I have realized how important it is to have mostly classic pieces in my closet with a sprinkling of fun and trendy items.
It just makes getting dressed SO much easier!! 

I'd love to know- what do you think of this outfit? 
Is this something you would wear? 

What are some of your favorite classic closet "must-haves?"
Hope you have the BEST day!

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Hello Monday!!

Monday, February 24, 2020

Hey friends!!

Happy Monday! 

PHEW. Last week was WEIRD. Hence the reason I only wrote one blog post!

The kids were off last Monday for President's Day. Then James was off on Tuesday- and while that was super fun to have a special day with just him and Marshall- it was still an "off" routine day. Then- we got snow Thursday night and our whole town shut down. HA! Eastern North Carolina doesn't do snow very well!! So- the kids were off from school on Friday too.
AND- it was Aaron's weekend to work. 

Also- I don't know about you- but I am definitely feeling some funky February vibes...I can't quite put my finger on it- but I am just a bit off. 
Tell me I am not the only one feeling this way?!? 

All I have to say- is- I AM GLAD IT'S MONDAY.

How are you doing? How was your weekend?
We didn't do a whole lot due to Aaron working and the weather being cold and wet and then SUPER muddy- because by Sunday- all of the snow had melted.

The kids did make this ADORABLE snow man family on Saturday. They had SO much fun working together and my heart definitely burst multiple times looking out the window while they were having so much fun!
Last week, I decided our master bathroom linen closet needed an overhaul.
I am pretty organized and consistently go through our stuff- so it wasn't a huge project- but the short amount of time I spent on it- made a big impact!

It took me about 30 minutes to go through everything and clear out a bunch of boxes/trash.
I took everything out of the random bins we had everything in.
And organized everything into new, coordinating bins! I picked these up at Walmart- I definitely could have found cuter bins- but I wanted to complete the project immediately and wasn't willing to wait on ordering bins.
I am loving that all of our toiletries, sheets and towels are now tucked away in these bins.
Everything is organized and it all just looks so much CLEANER.
It was a fun, EASY project to complete....which is my favorite kind of project. HA!
Now I am ready to get our linen closet an overhaul!! Stay tuned for that! HA!

We've got a busy week ahead of us...there are several nights this week where we have things going on- so I planned our menu according to that!
MONDAY: Trader Joe's lasagna, 
buttered parmesan noodles (for my picky eaters) and tossed salad

TUESDAY: grilled sausage, waffle fries and steamed green beans

WEDNESDAY: Potato corn chowder (recipe found HERE) and grilled cheese and carrots + ranch for dipping

THURSDAY: baked chicken tenders, buttered noodles and green beans for kids
for grown ups: crockpot salsa verde chicken burrito bowls

FRIDAY: leftover potato corn chowder and cheesy toast

SATURDAY: cheeseburgers, waffle fries and steamed broccoli

SUNDAY: Rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes and steamed green beans 
(and roasted brussel sprouts for the grown ups!!)

What's for dinner at your house this week???
Let me know if you are making something that I need to add to my menu..I am ALWAYS in need of new dinner ideas!!

Okay. That's all I have for today. Here's to a less funky week and NO snow days. HA!
Hope you have the BEST day!! 
Here's to an amazing start to our week!!

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THREE Around the House MUST HAVES!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hey friends!!

Happy Wednesday!!!
How is your week going so far???

There's been no blog posts for the last couple of days because all of my kiddos were off on Monday for President's Day and yesterday, James was off because of Pre-K teacher inservice. I had just my two boys with me all day and it was SO fun. I truly don't remember the last time it was just James, Marshall and I totally enjoyed being them!

Now- everyone is back to school today and I might be able to get a few things done around the house...who knows all depends on my motivation level. HA! It takes quite a bit of will power to get pumped up about changing my kids' sheets. HA!

Soo..I know this might sound weird..but I totally think about all of you who take the time to read my little ol' blog and I am constantly saying to myself..."Oh! I need to tell everyone about this!" Or "I have to do a blog post about this!" 

Which is how this VERY riveting blog post transpired (HA!)
Hang on to the edge of your seats...because I am going to share with you three of my current household MUST HAVES. 

First up is this meat/potato masher that I got from Amazon. You can find it HERE!
I have seen several other people share about this little tool and honestly didn't think I needed it. BUT....I decided to take the plunge and spend the $14 dollars and see what all the hype is about and YES. This tool is a life changer!! We eat A LOT of ground turkey and ground beef and this handy dandy masher gets the meat to the perfect texture you need it to be for tacos or to be put into a soup or chili!
If you don't already have this masher- GET IT.
Also- I am thinking this would be such a fun wedding shower gift or even house warming gift...pair it with a cute dish towel or maybe a non-stick skillet and you've got such a GOOD gift!!
 We love a good hand vac in our house. I am pretty psycho about keeping our floors clean and I just don't think a stick vacuum gets into all the nooks and crannies as well as a hand vac does. We have had several Shark hand vacs and most recently, this Black and Decker Hand Vac. It broke a couple months ago and we tried a Dyson hand vac out, then a stick "all purpose" vacuum out and none of them made me happy. HA!
In an attempt to silence my nightly grumbling about how gross our floors are, Aaron searched high and low for a hand vac for me and got this Black and Decker hand vac from Bed Bath and Beyond and I am LOVING it. It is a little higher in price than we have paid for our hand vacs in the past...but in my opinion- it is WELL WORTH IT. It's easy to clean and it WORKS. If you need a new hand vac- this one is definitely worth checking out!
Also- ANOTHER reason I love a good hand vac? My kids LOVE using it!! I have them clean our stairs with it, if they make a mess- they are expected to sweep it up and then use the hand vac to "suck up" the dust! James and Marshall especially love using it and they see it as a "reward" if I ask them the vacuum up all "fuzz" on our floors. So- if you are wanting to get your kiddos involved in helping you clean- get yourself this hand vac! HA!

Finally, I HAD to include my beloved Dawn Dish Detergent on this "must haves" list. I know my friend Erica is totally laughing right now, if she is reading this, because early on in my blogging days, I passionately shared about how much I love Dawn Dish detergent for getting out ALL.THE.STAINS. in our clothes! You can read that post HERE! And then I wrote another blog post on it HERE. HA! I love my Dawn something fierce! :)
There you have it! Three of my most favorite and most used items in my house! 
SO random- I know...but that's just how I roll ;)

I'd love to know- what are some of your MUST HAVE items in your house? Is there anything I need to be buying from Amazon Prime?! HA!

Hope you have the BEST day!
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Friday Favorites!!!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Hey friends!!

Happy Friday! and Happy Valentine's Day!!!
I made some "semi-homemade" cinnamon rolls (store bought cinnamon rolls in the can + my homemade cream cheese icing) for my kiddos and hubby this morning and everyone had a fun little treat on their seat at the table. 
What a FUN way to start the day!!

How was your week?
Our's was good! I feel like it went by very quickly. On Monday, I started not feeling super well- but just kind of pushed on. By Wednesday night, I was feeling MAJORLY yuck. Yesterday, I pretty much did as little as possible. I was supposed to run 10 miles today to stay on track with my half marathon training..but yeah. My head is pounding and I can't that's not happening. HA!
I am resting as much as I can so I can get back to feeling better ASAP!

Here's a few FAVORITES from this past week that I thought would be fun to share with ya'll today!

On Monday, after I dropped Marshall off at school, I made a pitstop at Starbucks to organize my life :) I had a busy weekend and didn't get a chance to plan out our menu for the week or update my planner. I took 30 minutes to get things planned out and WOW. That sure felt good! I am definitely capable of flying by the seat of my pants and sometimes that just how it has to be...but I am a MUCH better human being if I have our meals planned out and my planner updated for the week!
On Tuesday, I shared about some of my FAVORITE Trader Joe's items! You can check it out HERE
This shrimp stir fry is a personal favorite! It is super low in WW points and I just love how fresh and yummy it is!!
This riced cauliflower stir fry is also a BIG favorite of mine!
Also super low in WW points and extra yummy if you add some chicken or shrimp to it!!
Since we're talking about yummy food- I wanted to share this recipe for lightened up lettuce wraps with you!! You can find it HERE! It is from the blog, Lite Cravings.
I made this for dinner on Wednesday night and it was a hit with both Aaron and me!!
I will definitely be making this meal again!!
If you haven't already, I'd love for you to go read my blog post about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. You can read it HERE. I shared my heart about how HARD it can be to get uncomfortable flash: if we never quiet ourselves down enough to let God guide us where we need to push our boundaries...we will never change. And I don't know about you- but I am not willing to spend the short time I have here on this earth doing "just enough." 
Since it's Valentine's Day...I had to give a little LOVE shout out to my best friend.
Most of you know this- but I met Aaron on and after a FAST and amazing 8 months of dating, we got engaged. Ten months later we were married and then one month later found out we were pregnant. To say our relationship has been a whirlwind would be an understatement ;) 
The fact of the matter is- God knew all along this was going to be our story and I am so glad he has been in charge of writing it...because it has been beautiful, hard, messy and SO MUCH FUN. I LOVE being married to Aaron and am so thankful he is my partner in this life!
So...what's on the agenda for this weekend?
Are you celebrating Valentine's Day? Keeping it simple and low key?

We're having our usual pizza picnic tonight....and I picked up a Valentine's cookie cake to make it extra special.
Aaron and I have a date night tomorrow night..not necessarily for Valentine's just happened that our babysitter was available tomorrow for our monthly date night! 

Whatever you are up to this weekend...I hope you feel LOVED!!

I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL week!

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Becoming Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Hey friends!!

Happy Wednesday!
How are we already at the half way mark for this week?!?

How are you doing? 
I feel like this can be a weird time of newness of the "new year" is wearing off a little bit, the weather is funky and for many parts of the country- it's SUPER COLD- and everything just seems to be in a bit of a holding pattern until we can get just a little bit closer to spring and warmer temperatures, and the possibility of being outside more and just overall, feeling a little bit more free...

I was doing a really hard run yesterday and the running coach (I use the Peloton digital app- it is AMAZING) talked about how we need to get comfortable doing uncomfortable things. He had us running for prolonged periods of time at a pretty high incline and it was VERY uncomfortable. But he kept on coaching us, encouraging us, that if we don't push our boundaries and FEEL uncomfortable, we will never experience growth in our fitness goals....

and just got me thinking about life in general and how it is SO easy to stay comfortable. to do "just enough." If things get a little hard or a little uncomfortable or we feel even a little bit stretched....we have a tendency to pull back. or maybe even just QUIT.

And that can be such a stagnant, even defeating place to exist, especially if we allow ourselves to believe the lie that we made for comfort...when in fact- we are made for SO.MUCH.MORE.

I definitely think we have to be very careful to make sure we are discerning where and what we need to be made "uncomfortable" in and make sure that we have PURE intentions for wanting to push our current boundaries of what feels easy and comfortable.

Choosing to challenge yourself in a certain area of your life should have NOTHING to do with your self worth or the idea lie that you are a product of WHAT you DO.

It should totally come from a place of knowing how much you are LOVED by God and that he is calling you to something bigger and better...which might feel scary and most likely, pretty uncomfortable :)

I know for me...God is speaking a lot of love and truth into my life in regards to loving my children in a way that is not based on CONTROLLING them but loving them...even at the MOST difficult moments. He is asking me to silence myself in moments where I really want to insert myself and give my two cents. He is asking me to give Him every struggle that I try to battle through on my own.

That is VERY uncomfortable for me. But I am trusting and believing and pushing myself and while it's very scary, it's also exhilarating and just the thought of there being so much freedom found in no longer being STUCK is enough for me to push through the feelings of discomfort and the voices that tell me to just stay where I am.
Maybe you don't feel comfortable sharing in the comments..but maybe you would want to share with me via email...where do you need to be made uncomfortable? What have you been avoiding...because it just might be too hard if you actually let yourself believe you CAN DO IT?
I would love to pray for you and cheer you on if you need some extra encouragement!

Okay friends...definitely some deep thoughts for a Wednesday...but it was on my heart and I just went with it!
Seriously- I thought I was going to share about some t-shirts I got from Amazon and this post literally just wrote itself (which was totally led by the Holy Spirit)!!!

Hope you have the BEST day!
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Trader Joe's FAVORITES!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Hi friends!!!

Happy Tuesday!!

How was your weekend???

It was a beautiful weekend for me as we had our annual women's retreat at our church and it was AMAZING. God was present in every detail and it was an incredible weekend of worship, vulnerability and encouragement.
It was also emotionally and physically exhausting. In a good way!! 
You know what I mean :)

Aaron and the kids were amazing and cleaned the whole house for me Saturday morning and then came and helped us after the retreat was over, to clean up, break down tables and bring LOTS of supplies back to our church. 
I was SO proud of my family for showing up BIG time to serve and help out!

Sunday morning I WELCOMED the idea of staying in bed a little bit longer (I am normally an extremely early riser) and one by one the kids joined us in bed. 
We had to document the fact that all SEVEN of us fit in our bed!! :)
I spent yesterday organizing my life and put together our meal plan for the week. While I was doing that, I realized that I have acquired quite a few FAVORITE items from Trader Joe's...and thought I would share them with you today! 

I know many people have their "must have" items to get from Trader Joe's- so this post might not be very exciting for some of you! HA! 
But since I don't have a TJ's in my town- I wanted to give the perspective of what I buy as a non-regular TJ's shopper :) There is a TJ's in Raleigh- which is 90 minutes from us. 

The items I am going to share with you are things that I look forward to stocking up on every couple of months, when we go to Raleigh to visit my brother. It's definitely worth the extra 30 minutes to me to swing by TJ's and get these items!

This list, by NO MEANS, even begins to scratch the surface of all the yummy and amazing things Trader Joe's's just a few of my GO-TO tried and true favorite items that I like to have on hand!

First up- their frozen bell peppers!
I have yet to find JUST frozen bell peppers at my regular grocery store. They have an onion and pepper mix...and I will get that if I need to- but I really just prefer only peppers. I tolerate onions..but they aren't my favorite. I will buy several bags of these frozen peppers to have on hand for various Mexican style dinners and they are also awesome in eggs or frittatas!
The next three items are my kids FAVORITES!

Cat cookies!! These are delicious and the perfect little treat when your kids want something sweet but you don't want to give them a big cookie or dessert. I will give them 5-7 of these cookies with some pretzels and a yogurt and it's the perfect after school snack!
 Schoolbook cookies! Not only are these cookies SO good- they are only slightly sweet and have the yummiest hint of cinnamon...they are SO fun! The kids love it when I give them all the letters in their names, so they can spell them out. Again- perfect for just a little treat..I love to include a few of these in their lunches!
 White cheddar corn puffs. My kids are OBSESSED with these. They can easily eat a whole bag in one sitting if we let them! HA!
 I found this Simply Roast Chicken Breast in the refrigerated section (kind of by the salads) on my last trip to Trader Joe's and I LOVED it. It is exactly what it say: simple roast chicken breast. PERFECT for making a quick chicken salad, putting on top of a big tossed salad or throwing in a veggie stir fry. I loved having this on hand for nights when Aaron was working late and the kids were having chicken nuggets for dinner. 
The one thing I have to say about this chicken is be sure to check the expiration date. I found that it really only kept fresh in the refrigerator for 2 days after I opened the container. 
It's on the pricier side at $5.99 per container, so you definitely don't want it to spoil and have to waste it!
 If you haven't tried TJ's Everything but the Bagel Seasoning you are missing out!
I love it on veggies, in my eggs, as a seasoning for my is SO good!!
 My other favorite seasoning from TJ's is this Chile Lime seasoning. It has this perfect mix of heat, sweet and tangy. I LOVE using this seasoning when I make cauliflower rice for burrito bowls and I will use it to season chicken and beef! If you have never tried this seasoning- definitely pick it up the next time you are at TJ's!
 This riced cauliflower stir-fry is DELICIOUS, easy to make and very low in WW points.
I love making a couple cups of it and then adding some steamed broccoli and chicken to it for a perfect, healthy stir fry! I try to always have several bags of this on hand!
 If you love shrimp stir fry- then you must try this out! It is SO good!
And for my WW friends...this entire bag is 6 points!!
Another staple I love having on hand for dinner when my husband is working late or I just feel like having a light, fresh dinner- but don't want to spend the time making anything! HA!
 This family style lasagna gets the stamp of approval from my kiddos AND my husband which is saying A LOT. I did not eat this lasagna since it has dairy in it- so one lasagna fed 4 people, with leftovers for Aaron for lunch.
I would say if everyone in your family likes lasagna and eats fairly large portions you should plan on making 2 of these, maybe even 3 if you want leftovers. 
I love having a few of these on hand for nights when I don't feel like cooking!
 And finally- chicken cilantro mini wontons!!
These are tiny little wontons that are such a fun addition to stir fry or fried rice. 
For my WW friends- you can have 4 of these for 1 point (on the green plan)!

If your kiddos are adventurous eaters- these are the perfect size for kids! They are tiny and I bet they would even work great in lunches!
So those are my Trader Joe's staples! As I mentioned, I know this list is fairly small in comparison to other people who shop regularly at TJ's- but they are items we love and really like to have stocked in our pantry!

And before I sign off- I thought I would share the meals we're having this week!!
Since it is Tuesday- I am just going to share our menu without days assigned to them!
Hopefully if you need some inspiration for dinner this week- one of these meals might be something you can add to your menu!

Turkey kielbasa, mashed potatoes (I am pushing the easy button and using Bob Evans homestyle mashed potatoes!) and steamed green beans

Chicken tenders (these are our FAVORITE chicken tenders!) over big tossed salads for the grown ups
Chicken tenders, Pioneer Woman's Easy Shells and Cheese and steamed broccoli for kiddos

Ground beef Crunchy Shell Tacos with steamed corn and applesauce
Taco salads for grown ups

Lettuce Wraps and roasted broccoli for the grown ups
Cheesy baked hot dogs for the kids
**I rarely make 2 separate meals for the kids and adults- but sometimes I just want to make a "grown up" meal for Aaron and I- and don't feel like fighting to have the kids eat it. HA!
They get a "favorite" meal- which is super easy for me to make and Aaron and I get to have something special we love but don't normally have!

Pizza Night!

At home Chick-Fil-A sandwiches (I love to use these chicken patties!) and carrots with ranch for dipping for the kiddos
Date night for A + J 

4 Ingredient Chili and Texas Toast (I get mine from Aldi!)

Okay- so two questions to leave you with:
1) If you shop at Trader Joe's- what are some of your FAVORITES from there?
2) What's one meal on your menu plan this week that you are extra excited about?

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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