Weekly Walmart Finds!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hi friends!!
 Happy Wednesday!!!

How is your week going?? We have had a FULL last few days. PHEW. I am happy the middle of the week is here :)

I was doing some shopping at Walmart this past weekend (what else is new?!? HA!) and found a few, random finds I wanted to share with you! Also- the last item I have to tell you about is Aaron's favorite gift he got for Father's Day and it's under $20!!!

So- first up is this super bright, fun disposable serving tray! I found this tray, along with matching paper napkins and paper plates over on the side of an aisle in the craft area of my Walmart. Doesn't this just scream "SUMMER!!" ?? 
I picked up two of these trays, to bring fresh veggies and a variety of dips and hummus to our church picnic we had this past weekend. The tray is $0.97- which you just can't beat!!

Along with this super fun pattern, they also had a red and white gingham pattern. It came in the same style serving tray with matching napkins and plates. It would be SO perfect for a 4th of July party or just a cute backyard cookout!
I am ALL ABOUT disposable dishes, plates and napkins when we have people over. It just makes everything SO much easier! And when you can find items that are so pretty- sometimes people can't even tell they are a "paper" product!
Next up are these individually packaged cookies!
Last fall, I shared the Alphabet cookies on Instagram. I ALWAYS have these cute cookies on hand because they are made in a nut free facility- so they are a great snack to bring to school and daycare. This past weekend, we saw these Mini Chippers chocolate chip cookies for the first time! They are also made in a nut free facility!!
For a box of 12 individually packaged cookies- this box is $2.97. Such a STEAL!
My Walmart carries these cookies over in the snack area where they keep their bulk, individually packaged snacks!
Definitely check and see if your Walmart carries these...they really are a great snack to have on hand, especially when everyone heads back to school in August!
Another fun food find were these Great Value brand yogurts! They have the same ingredients as the Yoplait Simply Go-Gurts- but so much cheaper!!
A box of 8 of these yogurts are $1.78 (versus $2.42 for a box of the name brand yogurt tubes)! I love putting these yogurts in the freezer. They are the perfect snack for the kids on a hot summer afternoon!
And the final FUN find I have to share is this amazing backpack we got Aaron for Father's Day! I totally ordered it on a whim- it was on sale for $19 and I thought he would like the fact there was a space where he could put his laptop.
What I thought was going to be a simple backpack ended up being a super sturdy, high quality backpack! There is a padded area dedicated for laptops and iPads plus a large separate "storage" area for clothes (you could probably fit 2 outfits plus workout clothes and a pair of pajamas). It is "hydration compatible" which means if you have a Camelback- you could take the water bladder out of it- and put it into this backpack!
There is a special spot for sunglasses and your cell phone and it has a sleeve that slips onto  luggage handles. It really is an awesome backpack- and I think the gray is totally neutral enough that it would work for men AND women! This would be a great bag to get a new graduate headed off to college or for someone who is always taking little weekend trips. I think it would also work as a great diaper bag if your family is super active and on the go a lot! And for $19?? You can't beat that price!
Have you found any fun finds at your local Walmart??

Seriously! I get overwhelmed with all the fun stuff I find that I want to share with all of you!
I think the next "Weekly Walmart Finds" post I am going to do will be all about home decor items. Would ya'll be interested in that??

Let me know!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

Monday Musings!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Hi friends! Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend??
Was it busy? Full of activities? Or did you get a chance to slow down and have some time to just chill out??

Our weekend was a good one! Aaron was working/on call this weekend- so it was just me and the kiddos for most of Saturday. We went and grabbed some donuts and headed to a really nice park that has a big playscape and a beautiful nature trail. We did one lap around the trail and then the kiddos ate their donuts and played. We had a ton of fun! Then it was time for us to head to Aldi AKA one of my favorite places EVER ;)
We are going on vacation soon and I needed to get us stock up on staples and snacks for our beach house!

This is the current view of my dining room...I am just piling everything up so I can keep track of what I have bought!

We plan to eat at our beach house while we're on vacation about 90% of the time. It is just a really easy way to save A LOT of money (I know I am stating the obvious here! HA!). 
We have budgeted for a couple meals out and of course, for treats and trips to the ice cream shop- but our plan is to keep the eating out to a minimum! Eating out with our kids, while it continues to get easier, is still not the most fun activity. Parents of toddlers- you hear me, right?!? HA! There are very few things that frustrate me more than going out to eat...not being able to enjoy my meal because of my 'spirited kiddos'...and then..having to pay $70 for our bill. UGH. What a waste of money!
So- for this season of life...eating "at home" on vacation is the way to go for us!
Speaking of eating out...Aaron and I had our monthly date night on Saturday and guess where we went??? CHIPOTLE. HA!
We had all intentions of going out to one of our favorite restaurants and then by the time he got home from the hospital...he was exhausted. I was super spent too...just even the thought of putting on makeup sounded tiring. HA! We both decided we just wanted to do something EASY. 
Our little date at Chipotle ended up working out great because we had several errands we needed to get done and by having a quicker meal- we were able to get to all the places we needed to go. And our burrito bowls were DELICIOUS! And we got to eat outside- which is always our favorite!
Simple, easy date night for the WIN!
Last week, I posted a little Insta-story about changing sheets....I was curious how often everyone changes their sheets!! I KNOW. I am inquiring about earth-shattering topics. HA!

I am in the every other week camp. Ideally I would change them every week...but it usually takes me 2 days to get all 6 of our beds changed. I don't typically have the time to get them  done all at I have to spread it out over two afternoons while Marshall is napping and James is having quiet time. 

Most people replied they change their sheets every other week too! What about you??
Do you change them every other week?? Or are you an every week "changer?" When I first met Aaron he didn't feel like he needed to change his sheets regularly- because he said since he takes a shower every night before going to bed...his sheets never got dirty- because he was always sleeping on them clean. HA! Such a bachelor!! He also just kept his clean clothes in the dryer instead of putting them away. When he wanted to wear something- he would just fluff them in the dryer and then they were ready to go. I took over doing his laundry shortly after finding out those fun facts. HA!

I changed our master bedroom sheets last Thursday but little Marshall crawled into our bed yesterday and had a very wet diaper which happened to get on our sheets. 
Aaron- being a typical dude said, "It's fine. It will dry." HA! SO GROSS.
I promptly stripped our bed and threw our sheets in the wash. I also decided to wash our comforter since it had been a couple months since I had washed it last. 
Sidenote- I am SO SO thankful for a washer that is big enough to wash comforters!! We purposely bought a HUGE washer when we moved into our house and I am very grateful I can shove so much into it! HA!

After I got our bed made...all I could think about was climbing into and taking a nice long nap. THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN! HA! But really- is there is anything better than fresh clean sheets?? And the slight smell of bleach? I love having white's nice to be able to get it extra clean with a good dose of bleach!
That's all the randomness I have for you today!
I have dentist appointment this the kiddos are getting dropped off at daycare. This mama is NOT trying to pretend like her kids will sit nicely while my teeth are being cleaned. HA! Depending on the weather we will either hit the pool or go to the library!

What are you up to today?? 
I hope you have the BEST day!

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Friday Favorites!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Hey friends!! Happy Friday!!

How was your week?? It has been a good one here at our house! We haven't done much other than go to the gym, go the pool and run a few other errands here and there. We have a low key weekend ahead of us...Aaron is working and on call- so the kiddos and I will be on our own :) We have plans for a park/donut date on Saturday morning and our church's annual picnic is on Sunday- so we definitely a couple, fun things planned!

Okey dokey- it's FAVORITE day for many of them being it's pizza night at our house- which means I don't have to cook (YAY!!) AND I get to share a few, fun things with all of you from the past week! 
I always have so much fun "storing up" items and/or just plain randomness throughout the week to share in my 'Friday Favorites' post!

So- I had to share what a great customer experience I had with the brand Chacos. I got a pair of Chacos sandals when I was in like 17 years ago and I have worn them like crazy ever since then. A couple months ago, a chunk of rubber broke off of one of my sandals and while I was pretty bummed out they weren't wearable anymore- I figured they had a good run and I could feel ok about getting another pair. Then I remembered that Chacos has a lifetime warranty on their sandals!! I filled out the paperwork and sent my sandals in- and they qualified for a FREE replacement pair! BOOM! I picked out a pair of sandals worth $110- which is how much I paid for them (maybe a little less since it was so long ago) and I just got them in the mail! I love them and they are the BEST shoes to wear during the summer when you are out and about doing fun things. They are super sturdy, comfortable, can get wet and clean up super easy. They are definitely an investment- but totally worth it! I have always loved my sandals- but now I REALLY love them given the amazing customer service experience I had!
The rug saga is finally over. HA!
So- you can catch up on the rug saga HERE and HERE
Before we left for Asheville last Thursday night, we rolled up the rug we got, FOLDED, from Wayfair and crossed our fingers that it being rolled up for 3 days would help get most of the kinks out of it. We got home Sunday evening and unrolled it- and while there are still a few bumps that need to be "worked out"- we thought it looked really, really good!
 Here's another view- you can see the "bumps" a little bit better in this picture. We figured since the rug was SO inexpensive- $110 for a 9 X 12 rug (!!)- we can deal with it not looking perfect initially. I know with time- the kinks will settle and it will look totally fine! 
We got a 9 X 12 carpet pad off of Amazon and put that under the rug yesterday morning- and that made a big difference in smoothing it out even more!
So...after ordering 3 rugs, returning two, rolling up one for 3 days, we finally have a rug. HA!

And I really do love it! 
I think it totally changes up our living room and just really brightens it up!!
Fun gift alert!!!
We picked up this North Carolina mug from Starbucks for Aaron for Father's Day!
It is part of a new collection they are doing and I just love the artwork on the mug, the fact that it is painted a pretty color on the inside AND it can be re-heated in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher. With tax, it was under $14! Such a great price point! We want to get as many mugs from as we can- we are headed to Georgia soon and I will be going to Illinois in July...I am definitely going to hit a Starbucks in both of those states and get a mug! 
Wouldn't this be such a neat souvenir or even a gift for someone watching your dog or watering your plants while you are on vacation? Pair it with a package of good coffee (Aldi has some AMAZING dark roast coffee for under $4!!) and you have got yourself such a great (and affordable) gift!!
Look at these gorgeous hydrangeas Aaron brought home for me the other day!!
I have NEVER seen a yellow hydrangea...have you??? 
Hydrangeas are my favorite flower and our local Harris Teeter sometimes has them in their floral department. Aaron said he had been stopping by there almost every day for a month...looking for hydrangeas and they just didn't have them!!
He hit the jackpot when he stopped by this week and they had this stunning yellow colored hydrangea!!
Hydrangeas are my FAVORITE flower because my mom had (and still does) several huge hydrangea bushes growing around my childhood home. They were also my wedding flower! I just love them! I think they are the perfect mix of classy and cheerful. Does that make sense??! 
Totally curious: What's your favorite flower??
Tomorrow is our one year "North Carolina Anniversary!"
UGH. I am SO happy to be done with moving trucks!! HA!

June 23, 2017 will always be such a fun, special day for us!
We built our house, totally remotely, from Indiana and the FIRST time I saw our house was the day we closed on it and moved into it! It was NUTS! HA!

It is SO crazy to me that we have lived in North Carolina for a year. In many ways it feels like we have been here FOREVER and at the same feels like we just got here!

Here we are...closing on our new home...after a 10 year journey of school and residency and several rental homes (which we loved! renting was so great for the season of life we were in!) - we were SO, SO excited to be homeowners again!!
(P.S. look at baby Marshall!!! Can you even stand his precious little face?!?)

Aaron will be working tomorrow- so the kids and I are going to celebrate our "North Carolina anniversary" by getting donuts...and the kids have already told me we have to drop one off to daddy while he is working :)
 Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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Adventuring and a Yummy Sandwich!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hi friends!!!

How is your week going so far??

So- yes- the title of my post is SO RANDOM. 
But- I wanted to tell you a little bit about our weekend AND also share how I make Aaron's FAVORITE sub sandwich. I know- the two topics don't really go together..but I don't feel like splitting them up into 2 separate just go with it. HA!

So first...about our FUN weekend!!
We went to Asheville, NC this past weekend and got home right around dinner on Sunday. We stayed at the Omni Grove Park Inn and to describe it as FABULOUS would be an understatement!! Aaron had a conference there...and he graciously insisted we tag along with him! The kids and I had the best time swimming at the gorgeous resort pool and exploring the beautiful grounds of the resort while he was in meetings. When he was done for the day, we went and adventured more together as a family!
We stayed up WAAAYYY past bedtime every night, got ice cream for dessert every day and just had the BEST time!
I say it every time we's never easy getting everything packed up and organized- but it is always SO worth it!! 
I LOVE exploring new places with our kids- it is such a gift and privilege!
We hit the ground running Monday morning, unpacking from our trip, hitting the gym (I may have indulged QUITE a bit on our little weekend trip! HA!) and then we went to the pool. Charlotte and Aaron were back at the pool Monday night for swim team's our new home away from home! HA!
Tuesday was almost the exact same...gym and pool...with a swim meet on Tuesday night!

Which leads me to the "sandwich" portion of this post!!
I pack our family dinner on swim meet nights and I love making Aaron a "copycat" Jimmy John's sandwich. He LOVES a good, BIG sandwich from Jimmy John's- but- WOW. they are expensive!! You can't get out of there without spending close to $20 for 2 sandwiches, some chips and a drink! NOT the way I like to spend $20! So- I thought I would show you how I make an "at-home version" of a sub sandwich!

Ok- if you want to make an "authentic" deli like sub sandwich- you HAVE to use GOOD bread.  I have used many different kinds of bread and rolls- and I always come back to Walmart's fresh baked french bread that is ONE DOLLAR. We use this bread for sub sandwiches, garlic bread, meatball is SUPER yummy. It freezes great and did I mention it's $1.00?!?!
 Next- I use high quality deli lunch meat. You can use whatever your family likes..but I am partial to the Boar's Head brand. Now- don't get me wrong- $10.99 for a pound of lunch meat is NOT cheap...but- I can make A LOT of sandwiches with one pound of lunch meat! You pay at least $9 for ONE JJ Gargantuan sandwich from Jimmy John's! 
We like turkey and ham in our house...but this is where you can get whatever your family loves! Salami, ham, turkey, roast beef...whatever!
 Aaron loves good cheese on his sandwiches and I always get our "sandwich" cheese from Aldi! They have an INCREDIBLE selection of cheese of EVERY kind and for both of these deli sliced packages of cheese it was under $4!
 You have to have the "right" lettuce for your deli sandwich! Go to the area in your grocery store where they have salad mixes and get some shredded iceberg lettuce. Trust me- it's the best!
Now it's time to assemble the sandwich!!
I always lay a layer of cheese down first on both sides of the bread. That way there is a "barrier" between the bread and everything else you're going to put on it. Putting the cheese down first, on BOTH sides, helps keep the sandwich from getting soggy.
After the cheese layer, I put mustard on both sides. Aaron isn't a fan of mayo..but if he was- I would put it on the cheese instead of the bread. After the condiments, comes the meat! I just do layers of the lunchmeat....then I sprinkle the lettuce on the opposite end of the bread. 
 For a little something "extra," I added some banana peppers (I get mine at Aldi) and then a small amount of this deli dressing I picked up by the lunch meat counter at my grocery store. You don't have to have "special" deli dressing...any italian salad dressing works great! Just be sure to NOT over do it- because it can take your sandwich from super yummy to a soggy mess QUICKLY!
 And here is the finished sandwich!! They are SO good!
And I have found that if you make them ahead...they are even better...because the flavors of the lunchmeat and dressing all meld together and it's just good stuff :)
 Using one loaf of the Italian bread from Walmart, I get four HUGE sandwiches. Depending on how hungry Aaron is- he will eat 1 or 2 of these for dinner. And then I have 2 more sandwiches leftover to pack in his lunch for the next couple of days!
This sandwich is so great for days on the lake or for a picnic lunch or dinner! Or if you want to make lunch for your husband for the week ;)
You can make it ahead of time- which is always so helpful! 
I am not the greatest with numbers, but I would say that this HUGE sub sandwich, which can feed multiple people, cost about $6, if not less! Sooooo much cheaper than going to Jimmy Johns or another deli! And you get to be in control of your ingredients and what you put on your sandwich! That's always a BIG plus for me!

So there you have it...a quick recap about our weekend and a super yummy sandwich you need to make! NOT random at all. HA! ;)

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!
I am working this morning, so the kiddos will go to daycare. Once we get home and have lunch, we plan to go to the library to stock up on books!  
think we might need to hit Sonic up for happy hour drinks too ;)
What are you up to??

Friday Favorites!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Hey friends!!! Happy Friday!!

How was your week??

Our's was good! And FULL. But we also had plenty of chill time too. The perfect combination of busy and relaxing...just how I like summer to be!

Here's a few FAVORITES of mine from this past week!!!

One of main reasons our week was pretty jammed packed is because my sweet Charlotte joined our pool's swim team!! Charlotte has always been a great swimmer and I have been trying to encourage her to join swim team for a couple years now. I swam competitively when I was younger and it is still my absolute favorite way to exercise!
It took some convincing...but once she found out a couple of girls she knows were on the swim team- she was sold! She had her first meet on Tuesday and girlfriend did amazing!! We had a blast cheering her on and I am so excited for her to challenge herself AND have a ton of fun this summer!
I will tell you what, and all you swim moms already know this, swim team is no joke! She has practice 4 times a week and one meet a week! Luckily, Aaron can take her to her night practices and her morning practices aren't a big deal. But wow. it's kind of a lot! HA! Thank goodness she is our only kid involved in an activity this summer! I am such a wimp when it comes to shuttling kids around to different activities! HA!

My sweet Cora Maye caught a little virus earlier this week and had a fever and felt like crap for a solid two days. The first day she was sick, Charlotte, Celine and James got together and made her this "get well" card!!! The girls help James write his name and I can't even handle the cuteness!!! All 5 of my kiddos are a bunch of RASCALS most of the I just love seeing when they are sweet and care towards each other!! (Makes me feel like I am not failing too much as a parent. HA!)
Oh my goodness. If you have a kiddo in a size shoe 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12 or 13/1- RUN to your local Aldi and see if they have these shoes!!!
We picked these up for Marshall and they are SO GREAT. They are made out of the "Native" perforated rubber...but are shaped like a sneaker and have some mesh and a little bungee toggle to keep the shoes on. There is a little velcro strap too.  They are SO sturdy and super cute!! And only $9.99!! I am super impressed with how "sturdy" they feel for a summer, rubber shoe! They come in a pink/purple for girls and this navy/turquoise combo for boys. Also- if you aren't into this type of shoe- they currently have knock-off crocs for $3.99 and a variation of Native "knock-offs." 
Aldi is SO random and I just LOVE it! HA!
The RUG SAGA continues. If you read my post on Wednesday- I shared about how I ordered a 9 X 12 rug from Walmart, not once but twice- to have it delivered FOLDED multiple times. Well- I ordered another 9 X 12 rug from Wayfair and they promised me it would come rolled. GUESS WHAT. It got delivered yesterday and it was FOLDED.
I called Wayfair and they were SUPER nice. They are refunding my shipping and my rug. They also called their warehouse to see exactly what the deal was. And apparently if you order a rug larger than 8 X 10- it will come folded because of size limitations. Who knew??!

So- since I got such a STEAL on the rug from Wayfair (under $115 with tax included), I have it rolled up and am going to leave it that way for the whole weekend to see if it can get the kinks out. If it works- GREAT! If not- I will ship it back to Wayfair- and because they are SO great- I won't be paying shipping to send it back.
Moral of the story: 1) if you order a big rug- it's going to come folded. 
2) Wayfair is amazing and their customer service is stellar. HIGHLY recommend them!
It's Father's Day weekend!! We are going to be adventuring and I can't wait to spend some extra fun time with Aaron and our crazy crew.
Last year, on Father's day, we were surrounded by boxes in our house in Indiana and we (and I mean Aaron) were packing our U-Haul truck to move to North Carolina!!!
Crazy how fast this year has gone!
Look at baby Marshall!!! AAAHH. I can't handle it!!! :)

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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This and That!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hey friends!!! Happy Wednesday!!

Um. How is it that we are already half way through the week?!? 
I feel like time has been FLYING by since the kiddos got out of school!
We've been having tons of fun and totally enjoying the slower pace!!

There is really no point to this post other than to check in and share a few things with you!!

First- fun news for Aaron- he got a new grill!!!
Which is also fun news for me- because grilling is my favorite to cook in the summer! Less mess in the kitchen...and I just think everything tastes better on the grill!

To break in our new grill- we made a bunch of chicken and grilled veggies!

I love using this olive oil spray on our veggies! For anyone doing Weight Watchers- it is 0 points and it has no fake ingredients in it! I liberally spray our veggies with it and then just season them with salt, pepper and a little garlic powder and italian seasoning. 
They are SO good!!
I usually use zesty italian salad dressing as a marinade for our chicken- but I had some of this Newman's Own Light Balsamic dressing in the fridge- so I used that as the marinade for our chicken. Oh my goodness- the chicken turned out SO good!! I first sprinkled the chicken with salt, pepper and garlic powder and then dumped about a 1/2 bottle of the dressing over all of the chicken and then marinaded it for about 12 hours. SO simple. And it was super delicious! My husband said this is some the of the best chicken we've ever had! 
If you are looking for a simple way to give your basic grilled chicken some flavor- pick up a bottle of this dressing!!!

The kiddos and I went to the library yesterday to stock up on books and I checked out a couple books for myself!!! I used to read ALL THE TIME when I was younger and it is just something I haven't done much of since becoming a mom. I will be honest- sitting down and reading isn't something that currently comes "naturally" to me. I am going to have to force myself to do it- but I figure if I am making my kids read for 20 minutes a day- then I can do that too!! I have read several other books by Elin Hilderbrand- so I am pretty excited to read these two! 
So- I have been dealing with a major FIRST WORLD problem- but I wanted to share- since I (think) I found a resolution to my problem!!

Here's the backstory: we need a new couch pretty badly- but just don't want to invest in one just yet. Our boys are VERY rough on our furniture and I really just want to keep the one we have for as long as we can. Hopefully it will hang on for 1-2 more years!
So- our couch is a light taupe-ish brown color and our area rug is a very similar color.

There is LOTS OF BROWN in our living room. HA!
Since we decided we aren't going to get a new couch any time soon- we decided an inexpensive way we could get rid of some of the BROWN is to get a new area rug.  I found one on that I loved, the price was super great- so I ordered it!

Much to my dismay- it was delivered, FOLDED UP multiple times. So when we got it out of the package- it was basically ruined because there were so many kinks in it! We called Walmart customer service and they totally agreed it shouldn't have been folded...but said they couldn't really do anything about it. 
So- we returned that rug and I ordered it again- except- I had it shipped to the store- thinking- they would roll it since it would be shipped on a big Walmart truck versus being shipped/delivered by UPS. Well- guess what? The rug was totally folded, the exact same way it came the first time. UGH. I was so frustrated!! The good news is- the rug is returnable- so it's not a huge deal.

Well...I set out to find another affordable rug, similar to the one I liked from Walmart and was so excited when I found it on Wayfair's website! Since we are getting such a big rug (9X12) and we would have to pay for shipping if we wanted to return the rug- I called Wayfair to see if they could guarantee the rug would NOT be folded. Not only did they guarantee it- the customer service representative made a special note in my account and told me if it was folded- I would not be responsible for shipping. BOOM. Done and done. 
Even better news- the rug on Wayfair was on sale for $101!!! A 9 X 12 area rug, with free shipping for $101?!? 

Here's the rug I ordered...I am so excited to get it and I am just crossing my fingers and toes that it is rolled up as it should be and I can just put it right in my living room!
I just have to give a major shout-out to Wayfair. The guy who helped me order the rug and assured me it would not be folded was AWESOME. He even price checked the rug to see if he could find it cheaper any where else- because they price match. CRAZY!! 
I HIGHLY recommend them and will definitely be checking out their website again the next time I need to make a purchase for something for our home!!

Ok- so now that I have rambled on about grills and rugs...why don't you tell me something that's going on with you!!

Made any delicious recipes lately? Anything fun going on this week?? Made any fun purchases??
Tell me all about them!!

Hope you have the BEST day!

Friday Favorites!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Hey friends!!

Happy Friday!!

This is the first Friday since the beginning of the school year where I am not rushing to get ready for work at the same time I am making sure all the kids are dressed and ready for school. It's kind of a weird feeling NOT to have to be anywhere....but I think I will get used to it REAL fast and manage just fine! ;)

YAY for summer break!!

So- a bunch of random things for this "favorites" post- with most of them being food related. HA!

On Wednesday, I shared our Summer Schedule and what I hope to do with my kiddos each day! You can read about it HERE! Of course, snack time is one of the most important parts of our day- and I have found that if I feed my kiddos a good snack, that sets us up for a great rest of our afternoon. I am such a genius...right?!? HA!
The most efficient and FUN way I feed the kids is by using a party snack tray!
I pile a bunch of items in each of the compartments and usually put a sweet treat in the middle compartment. This time it was a chocolate chip cookie cut up into little bites :)
The kids will either take the snack tray out to the back patio or have a picnic in the living room. It's definitely one of the FAVORITE parts of their day...and for some reason...this little snack tray just sends it over the top for them! For me it's easy and there's little to no clean up- WIN-WIN for all of us!
I have shared MANY items that I love from Aldi...but I don't know if I have ever talked about this HUGE container of organic mixed salad greens!?! I eat at least 1 if not 2 salads every day and Aaron loves to a have a side salad with his dinner. We buy one of these containers at the beginning of the week and use it all week long to make our salads. This 16 ounce container of ORGANIC spring mix is $3.99 at my Aldi (prices due vary a little at different Aldis)!!! It's washed and ready to go and is definitely one of my most FAVORITE grocery staples!
Speaking of favorite Aldi items...I did a specific post on items I love from Aldi a couple years ago...would be you interested in me doing another post like that? Or are you kind of over "Aldi" posts? Aldi has become a lot more popular and trendy- so I know a lot people have shared their "go-to" it might be overkill if I did ANOTHER post about that. 
Let me know!!!
Okay- final food item of this post! HA!
I know SOOO many people absolutely love this Everything But the Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe's...but I had just had to share my own personal obsession with it. HA!
It is SO GOOD!!!
I actually just got my first bottle of it back in April when we were in Austin, TX and we popped into a Trader Joe's to pick up a few things. I remembered all the hype about it and made sure to pick up a couple bottles of it. 
Well- we got home from our trip and I went through those 3 bottles of seasoning in like a month. HA! Lucky for me- my brother works right by a Trader Joe's in Raleigh (we don't have one in Greenville) and he was so sweet to pick me up another SIX bottles of it. 
If you have not tried this stuff and you have a Trader Joe's in your town- go GET SOME. I put it on everything...cut up cucumbers, lunchmeat sandwich wraps, salads, grilled veggies, eggs...EVERYTHING! And it's so good!
FYI: There are a lot of different little "seeds" in this make sure to check your teeth after you eat it. HA!!
Wednesday was our last day of school and we had our first "adventure" of summer break yesterday! We went to one of our local parks, had a picnic and then played at the park!
We happened upon this beautiful display of flags, called the Field of Honor. It was breathtaking! Each flag is in memoriam of a service member who has sacrificed his/her life for our country. It was such a special surprise to see this display and it got a great conversation going with my girls about the sacrifices of the amazing people who serve in our Armed Forces.
Picnic Lunch!!!
We use our Walmart picnic blanket EVERYDAY!!!
I got our's last year- and it is one of my most FAVORITE things! It washes SO well and we use it at the beach, at the park, in our driveway...everywhere! It is only $9.97 and you can find it HERE on Walmart's website or I am sure they have them in your local store!
(I just looked on Walmart's website and it looks like most patterns and colors are sold you might be better off checking your local store for one!!)

YAY for it being Friday and heading into the weekend!!
We are headed to the pool today and then are having a pizza picnic for dinner tonight!
Tomorrow- I have a fun surprise planned for Aaron and the kids and I are going over to a friend's house to swim! Saturday night is our family date night- first we go to church and spend a little time there- then we go to Mellow Mushroom for pizza!
On Sunday, Aaron's brother, his wife and their 2 kiddos are coming to visit for a quick little overnight! We are just going to grill and hang out and we are all so excited to see some of our FAVORITE people!
It's going to be a FULL, FUN weekend!
What do you have planned for the weekend?
Anything fun???

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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