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Friday, June 22, 2018

Hey friends!! Happy Friday!!

How was your week?? It has been a good one here at our house! We haven't done much other than go to the gym, go the pool and run a few other errands here and there. We have a low key weekend ahead of us...Aaron is working and on call- so the kiddos and I will be on our own :) We have plans for a park/donut date on Saturday morning and our church's annual picnic is on Sunday- so we definitely a couple, fun things planned!

Okey dokey- it's FAVORITE day for many of them being it's pizza night at our house- which means I don't have to cook (YAY!!) AND I get to share a few, fun things with all of you from the past week! 
I always have so much fun "storing up" items and/or just plain randomness throughout the week to share in my 'Friday Favorites' post!

So- I had to share what a great customer experience I had with the brand Chacos. I got a pair of Chacos sandals when I was in like 17 years ago and I have worn them like crazy ever since then. A couple months ago, a chunk of rubber broke off of one of my sandals and while I was pretty bummed out they weren't wearable anymore- I figured they had a good run and I could feel ok about getting another pair. Then I remembered that Chacos has a lifetime warranty on their sandals!! I filled out the paperwork and sent my sandals in- and they qualified for a FREE replacement pair! BOOM! I picked out a pair of sandals worth $110- which is how much I paid for them (maybe a little less since it was so long ago) and I just got them in the mail! I love them and they are the BEST shoes to wear during the summer when you are out and about doing fun things. They are super sturdy, comfortable, can get wet and clean up super easy. They are definitely an investment- but totally worth it! I have always loved my sandals- but now I REALLY love them given the amazing customer service experience I had!
The rug saga is finally over. HA!
So- you can catch up on the rug saga HERE and HERE
Before we left for Asheville last Thursday night, we rolled up the rug we got, FOLDED, from Wayfair and crossed our fingers that it being rolled up for 3 days would help get most of the kinks out of it. We got home Sunday evening and unrolled it- and while there are still a few bumps that need to be "worked out"- we thought it looked really, really good!
 Here's another view- you can see the "bumps" a little bit better in this picture. We figured since the rug was SO inexpensive- $110 for a 9 X 12 rug (!!)- we can deal with it not looking perfect initially. I know with time- the kinks will settle and it will look totally fine! 
We got a 9 X 12 carpet pad off of Amazon and put that under the rug yesterday morning- and that made a big difference in smoothing it out even more!
So...after ordering 3 rugs, returning two, rolling up one for 3 days, we finally have a rug. HA!

And I really do love it! 
I think it totally changes up our living room and just really brightens it up!!
Fun gift alert!!!
We picked up this North Carolina mug from Starbucks for Aaron for Father's Day!
It is part of a new collection they are doing and I just love the artwork on the mug, the fact that it is painted a pretty color on the inside AND it can be re-heated in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher. With tax, it was under $14! Such a great price point! We want to get as many mugs from as we can- we are headed to Georgia soon and I will be going to Illinois in July...I am definitely going to hit a Starbucks in both of those states and get a mug! 
Wouldn't this be such a neat souvenir or even a gift for someone watching your dog or watering your plants while you are on vacation? Pair it with a package of good coffee (Aldi has some AMAZING dark roast coffee for under $4!!) and you have got yourself such a great (and affordable) gift!!
Look at these gorgeous hydrangeas Aaron brought home for me the other day!!
I have NEVER seen a yellow hydrangea...have you??? 
Hydrangeas are my favorite flower and our local Harris Teeter sometimes has them in their floral department. Aaron said he had been stopping by there almost every day for a month...looking for hydrangeas and they just didn't have them!!
He hit the jackpot when he stopped by this week and they had this stunning yellow colored hydrangea!!
Hydrangeas are my FAVORITE flower because my mom had (and still does) several huge hydrangea bushes growing around my childhood home. They were also my wedding flower! I just love them! I think they are the perfect mix of classy and cheerful. Does that make sense??! 
Totally curious: What's your favorite flower??
Tomorrow is our one year "North Carolina Anniversary!"
UGH. I am SO happy to be done with moving trucks!! HA!

June 23, 2017 will always be such a fun, special day for us!
We built our house, totally remotely, from Indiana and the FIRST time I saw our house was the day we closed on it and moved into it! It was NUTS! HA!

It is SO crazy to me that we have lived in North Carolina for a year. In many ways it feels like we have been here FOREVER and at the same feels like we just got here!

Here we are...closing on our new home...after a 10 year journey of school and residency and several rental homes (which we loved! renting was so great for the season of life we were in!) - we were SO, SO excited to be homeowners again!!
(P.S. look at baby Marshall!!! Can you even stand his precious little face?!?)

Aaron will be working tomorrow- so the kids and I are going to celebrate our "North Carolina anniversary" by getting donuts...and the kids have already told me we have to drop one off to daddy while he is working :)
 Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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  1. We just moved to Tennessee from North Carolina! Asheville is about two hours west of where I grew up:). We frequented it a lot:). I love that rug! I am in the great rug debate myself... it's a big decision! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love that rug - glad you finally got the kinks worked out! ;)
    I have never seen yellow hydrangeas, so pretty! My absolutely favorite flowers are wedding bouquet flower!

  3. Happy Friday! I love that rug and woohooo for getting the kinks out. I love hydrangeas as well. Happy one year anniversary in North Carolina! Have a great weekend.

  4. Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite too! So much so that I insisted on having them in my wedding bouquet for a December wedding. I have no idea where the florist found fresh hydrangeas in December but I was so happy she did!

  5. I have such a southern heart, so that fact that you live in NC makes me just giddy! Also, that rug is divine. I love Wayfair. They've always gone so far above and beyond to ensure all our purchases exceed our expectations (and they do!). Oh, and those yellow hydrangeas are divine! Our sweet new neighbors just delivered a boatload of blue ones to use, and I love them - but they're toxic for cats, so they're hidden in my room haha my favorite flower is a peony, but hydrangeas are my close second!

  6. Congrats on one year in your forever home. What a happy anniversary. That's so cool about the sandals. By the way, I ordered the flip flops you recommended and CAN'T STOP wearing comfy! Have a great weekend!

  7. Happy 1 Year NC Anniversary! I'm glad that you guys have been enjoying the Carolinas and seem to have settled in great here. I definitely want to pick up a SC and NC state mug from Starbucks for me and my mom since we are the only two coffee drinkers in our family. Also, heading to Aldi to check out this under $4 ground coffee.

  8. Good customer service goes such a long way! We also ordered a rug from Wayfair that had bumps in them but decided to stick it out because we liked it and it was such a great deal. They were completely gone within a few weeks and several times of vacuuming. I think it must be with the way they roll them up and package them or something. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  9. I love the rug! The mug is darling as well. Have a great weekend :)

  10. That shoe story is AMAZING! I've always wanted to try on some chacos to see how they fit and now I'm really tempted. LOVE your rug. So glad the rug saga has a happy ending. Those state coffee mugs are so pretty! We have a few from other states and they are so fun to collect. Hope you're having a great weekend! Your first year in NC has flown by :) Can't wait to see what adventures year two has in store for you.

  11. Okay ... so others have probably asked ... but do you have size recommendations for Chacos ... I would need to order online and I hate ordering two sizes and then having to pay to send them back. If you could provide some input I'd really appreciate it! :)


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