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Friday, June 15, 2018

Hey friends!!! Happy Friday!!

How was your week??

Our's was good! And FULL. But we also had plenty of chill time too. The perfect combination of busy and relaxing...just how I like summer to be!

Here's a few FAVORITES of mine from this past week!!!

One of main reasons our week was pretty jammed packed is because my sweet Charlotte joined our pool's swim team!! Charlotte has always been a great swimmer and I have been trying to encourage her to join swim team for a couple years now. I swam competitively when I was younger and it is still my absolute favorite way to exercise!
It took some convincing...but once she found out a couple of girls she knows were on the swim team- she was sold! She had her first meet on Tuesday and girlfriend did amazing!! We had a blast cheering her on and I am so excited for her to challenge herself AND have a ton of fun this summer!
I will tell you what, and all you swim moms already know this, swim team is no joke! She has practice 4 times a week and one meet a week! Luckily, Aaron can take her to her night practices and her morning practices aren't a big deal. But wow. it's kind of a lot! HA! Thank goodness she is our only kid involved in an activity this summer! I am such a wimp when it comes to shuttling kids around to different activities! HA!

My sweet Cora Maye caught a little virus earlier this week and had a fever and felt like crap for a solid two days. The first day she was sick, Charlotte, Celine and James got together and made her this "get well" card!!! The girls help James write his name and I can't even handle the cuteness!!! All 5 of my kiddos are a bunch of RASCALS most of the I just love seeing when they are sweet and care towards each other!! (Makes me feel like I am not failing too much as a parent. HA!)
Oh my goodness. If you have a kiddo in a size shoe 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12 or 13/1- RUN to your local Aldi and see if they have these shoes!!!
We picked these up for Marshall and they are SO GREAT. They are made out of the "Native" perforated rubber...but are shaped like a sneaker and have some mesh and a little bungee toggle to keep the shoes on. There is a little velcro strap too.  They are SO sturdy and super cute!! And only $9.99!! I am super impressed with how "sturdy" they feel for a summer, rubber shoe! They come in a pink/purple for girls and this navy/turquoise combo for boys. Also- if you aren't into this type of shoe- they currently have knock-off crocs for $3.99 and a variation of Native "knock-offs." 
Aldi is SO random and I just LOVE it! HA!
The RUG SAGA continues. If you read my post on Wednesday- I shared about how I ordered a 9 X 12 rug from Walmart, not once but twice- to have it delivered FOLDED multiple times. Well- I ordered another 9 X 12 rug from Wayfair and they promised me it would come rolled. GUESS WHAT. It got delivered yesterday and it was FOLDED.
I called Wayfair and they were SUPER nice. They are refunding my shipping and my rug. They also called their warehouse to see exactly what the deal was. And apparently if you order a rug larger than 8 X 10- it will come folded because of size limitations. Who knew??!

So- since I got such a STEAL on the rug from Wayfair (under $115 with tax included), I have it rolled up and am going to leave it that way for the whole weekend to see if it can get the kinks out. If it works- GREAT! If not- I will ship it back to Wayfair- and because they are SO great- I won't be paying shipping to send it back.
Moral of the story: 1) if you order a big rug- it's going to come folded. 
2) Wayfair is amazing and their customer service is stellar. HIGHLY recommend them!
It's Father's Day weekend!! We are going to be adventuring and I can't wait to spend some extra fun time with Aaron and our crazy crew.
Last year, on Father's day, we were surrounded by boxes in our house in Indiana and we (and I mean Aaron) were packing our U-Haul truck to move to North Carolina!!!
Crazy how fast this year has gone!
Look at baby Marshall!!! AAAHH. I can't handle it!!! :)

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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  1. Way to go, Charlotte! Those native-lookalikes from Aldi are a real deal! Hope y'all have a happy Father's Day weekend!

  2. Swim team is going to be so much fun for all of you. I love watching my kids be brave and find something new that they love. I never knew how much I would enjoy and love watching my kids do sports on the weekends until I became a sports mama! Before I thought "no way!" Hahaha! Happy Friday!

  3. My little one loves to swim and I think swim team is in our future. How on earth do they fold a rug? That is just crazy! Found you through Friday favorites!

  4. That swim team schedule sounds intense! Glad she's having such a fun time and that you can tag team the practices. Sorry to hear about your folded rug. I had such high hopes. If you end up needing another rug shop, I'd recommend Rugs USA. You do have to pay to ship it back to them if you want to return it (they don't really advertise that important fact), but the two big rugs I ordered from their both came rolled and were around $100. Super happy with both of them. Hope Cora is on the mend. Sick kids in the summer are no fun. We're going on day SIX of sick Fletcher!! It's been so pitiful. I'm hoping he wakes up a little better tomorrow. We're all going a little crazy trying to get him well. Poor guy :( Happy Father's Day weekend!! I know you've got some fun plans to celebrate Aaron

  5. So proud of Charlotte! What a big step!
    That is the sweetest card ever!!
    I hope y'all had a great weekend celebrating Aaron!

  6. RUGS USA has sent me two giant rugs and they were rolled up! They are great! Because they are cheap, and for the stage of life we are in, I knew I wouldn't be sending them back even if the colors werent exactly right:)


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