10 Items I Buy From Aldi Every Week!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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Hope your week is off to a great start!
So...if you have been reading my blog for awhile- you know how much I love shopping at Aldi.  We do about 85% of our grocery shopping there! Aldi's prices are INCREDIBLE and honestly- have made it possible for us to feed our family on a med student now turned resident's budget!
I have been shopping at Aldi for almost 6 years now- so I really "know" the products and the ins and outs of the store. 
I feel like it is getting more "popular" to shop at Aldi- so if you have never been there before or are a newbie to shopping at Aldi- I thought I would share 10 items I buy on a weekly basis.  This list is just scratching the surface of all the products and items that I love from Aldi- so maybe I will do a few more follow up posts if you are interested in that?!?!

Okay- let's get started :)

//1// Snacks for the Kids
My kids love the cheese snack crackers Aldi carries called "Penguins." I buy a couple bags of them a week- between packing them in the kids lunches and filling up James' snack cup- they are gone in no time! I also get pretzels, Aldi's version of Cheez-Its (which we think taste better than the name brand version), whole wheat crackers (comparable to Ritz), graham crackers and granola bars. Aldi has done an AWESOME job of really cleaning up the ingredients in almost all of their products- and barely any of their snack foods have high fructose corn syrup in them. 
 If you prefer name brand crackers- Aldi carries good ol' Gold Fish! They are $1.89/ bag at my Aldi- which is about $0.20 cheaper than Walmart's price for the same size bag! 
 //2// Milk
Aldi- hands down- (at least in the area where I live) has the cheapest priced milk- ALWAYS. 
I do not buy organic milk (but if that is what you prefer- Aldi carries it!!), but I do appreciate that the milk Aldi sells is guaranteed to have no artificial growth hormones. 
 $1.49 / gallon of milk- that is SUCH an awesome price! And so great for my family- since my husband and kids drink about 3-4 gallons of milk A WEEK!
 //3// Macaroni and Cheese 
Yes- this is something I buy on a weekly basis- because my kids love it and it is such an easy "side" to make for dinner. 
I LOVE that Aldi offers these two organic types of mac 'n' cheese- which are comparable to the Annie's brand!
At my Aldi (prices do vary with each location), the organic mac 'n' cheese is $1.29!
Annie's mac 'n' cheese at Walmart is $1.49- so a price difference of $0.20- not huge- but every little bit adds up when you do a big weekly grocery trip for your family!
 //4// Frozen Veggies
I LOVE Aldi's frozen veggies!!
On a weekly basis, I buy frozen corn, peas, green beans, broccoli and I love these brussel sprouts! I take them out of the bag- pop them in the oven frozen- at about 450 degrees with some cooking spray on them and salt and pepper and roast them for about 20 minutes. They are SO delicious and so healthy!
Aldi's frozen veggies- depending on the size of the bag- range from $0.89 to $1.29 (large bag of green beans). I have never been disappointed with the quality of Aldi's frozen veggies- I highly recommend them!
 //5// Simply Nature Kids "Fruit Pouches"
I buy at least 4 of these boxes of fruit pouches a week. James and Celine LOVE them and I will sometimes throw one in Charlotte's lunch for a snack. They are $1.89 for a box of 4 pouches- which is a GREAT price. I have yet to find a brand of fruit pouches that is cheaper!
 //6// Artisan Lettuce (found in the produce aisle)
I eat A LOT of salad. I love it! Aldi has a great selection of pre-washed, bagged salad mixes and I definitely buy those on a regular basis. But- the best deal is this artisan lettuce mix for $1.99!! You have to wash and cut it up yourself- but you end up with A LOT of lettuce!
I love to mix some of the artisan lettuce with fresh spinach- which I get from Aldi- pre-washed and ready to go- a bag of it is $1.99 and it lasts me all week!
 //7// Seasonal Fresh Fruit
I know some people don't feel like Aldi's produce is the best. And I will agree with that sometimes the produce they carry that is NOT in season isn't the greatest. I always stick with buying the fruit that is in season- because Aldi always has it for a rock bottom price and it's always fresh! This past week- my Aldi had fresh, ripe pineapple for $0.99 each! I picked up two. Aaron and I LOVE fresh pineapple! They also had HUGE seedless watermelons for $2.99! I was so excited! Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits and my daughter Cora loves it too. So for $5- I got us our fresh fruit for the week!  I also always get my bananas from Aldi and about every other week pick up a bag of apples from there. Their Fuji apples are always really good!
And just FYI- if you are ever unhappy with your produce or anything you buy from Aldi- you can return it! Save your receipt and return it as soon as you can- but I have NEVER had a problem making a return there! One time I got a really bad bag of apples- so I returned them! Another time- I got a weird bag of Halo mandarin oranges- they gladly took them back!
 //8// Individually Packaged Applesauce Cups and Fruit Cups
My girls like little fruit cups in their lunches and Aldi carries a great selection of them! I get the all natural applesauce cups for Charlotte (they are the exact same as Mott's or any other name brand) and diced peaches/pears/mandarin oranges- in 100% fruit juice for Cora (exactly the same as Dole fruit cups). 
 //9// Various Baking Staples
I buy my sugar, flour, powdered sugar, all of my cake mixes, brown sugar, chocolate chips, instant pudding mixes and cooking oil from Aldi. They have a GREAT baking section!! Around Thanksgiving and Christmas- they carry a lot of extra, "seasonal" items and it is such an awesome selection for all of the special holiday baking a lot of people do (like me!) 
FYI: If you are following a Whole30 or Paleo diet and don't cook with vegetable oil- Aldi carries organic coconut oil in their baking section!
 //10// CHEESE!
Aldi has an AWESOME selection of all different types of cheeses. I buy all of our cheese from Aldi. I get the shredded sharp cheddar for tacos, my kids love the string cheese (Aldi carries several different types of cheese sticks!), we use the shredded mozzarella for our homemade pizzas and Aaron loves their different types of deli sliced cheeses for his sandwiches. Aldi also carries several different types of "fancy" cheeses- perfect for entertaining!!
So- I would love to know- do you shop at Aldi??
What are some things you buy from there are on a weekly basis?
Would you be interested in me doing a few more posts on items I love and regularly buy from Aldi?
If you've never shopped at Aldi before...have I convinced you to give it a try??

And finally- for another fun post about Aldi- check out April's post she did last fall about her top 10 favorite items she buys from Aldi!! 

 Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. Replies
    1. Our Aldi had eggs for .69 this past week, too! Our Aldi has milk for $1.85, still .40 cheaper than Wal-Mart!

  2. I have shopped Aldi a few times.
    You turned me into a Walmart shopping:)

    1. Love it Heather!!! My two favorite stores!! :)

  3. We don't have any Aldi's in Maine, and now I'm so wishing we did!! Such great deals you find there!!

    1. Hi Johannah! That is such a bummer!! I think you would really love shopping at Aldi. Fingers crossed they get a store in your area soon! They are popping up everywhere!!

  4. We have an Aldi right down the street --- but I can't order online and pull up to pick up!!??!! I have gotten spoiled FAST by eliminating my grocery shopping excursions!!

  5. So glad you did this post, would love if you do more in the future. I have been going to Aldi about the last 4 months and am really liking it, I don't get a lot because I don't know if it will be good or not. But glad to see what you have been happy with I will give some of those a try. You can't beat those prices!

    1. Hi Susan! It definitely takes a little bit of time to get to know the products and the ins and outs of the store! Glad this post was helpful! I think I will do a few more- including items we don't care for- although- there aren't many!! :)

  6. Thanks so much for this post. We have an Aldi just a few miles away, and can you believe I have never been. Looks like a great place to stock up on snacks and basics. Thanks for the tips!

  7. I LOVE Aldi and loved this post!

    1. Hi Kristen!! You and me both! So glad you enjoyed it!! :)

  8. I have started to do most of my shopping at Aldi. I love it! So far everything I have tried has been the same if not better than a "name" brand. Their granola and cereals taste the same as a name brand for a lot less and Aldi's Simply Nature products carry are wonderful! And their Sweet Potato chips are amazing!! It's hard not sit and eat the entire bag!

    1. Yes Jodi! We love their cereals and they have so many great products in their Simply Nature brand!! Have you ever had their veggie sticks or chips?? Those are also addictive :)

  9. Thanks for sharing your favorites! We have an Aldi in town, but I haven't been there yet. It's not the most convenient location so I tend to forget about it. I feel like I'm really missing out after seeing your favorites. Those cheese/milk/lettuce prices are great! I'd love to know things you DO NOT like to buy at Aldi. Maybe things you've tried and disliked or things that you just don't care for. Then I'll make my list of all the things I've got to try and got to avoid.

  10. Great post, thanks for the tips! I have had some success with Aldi's products that I don't believe were mentioned. I ALWAYS buy their Willow Soft 2 ply toilet paper. So much cheaper and very comparable to name brands. Their vanilla extract, pretzels and red pepper hummus are all good. They sell very thin frozen green beans which are absolutely delicious. I did not like a European chocolate bar and some "knock off" type crackers. They refunded me. Please continue to post more of what you like.

    1. Hey Steph! LOVE all the products you mentioned! I also use their vanilla extract, we LOVE their pretzels and OMG. That roasted red pepper hummus is amazing!! I am also a huge fan of their classic hummus! You can't go wrong with any of them!!

  11. I am there weekly!! I also love their Greek yogurt and frozen fruit for smoothies!! The only thing i don't like is when they have. Special buy and you love it and then it's gone!! That and packing my own groceries!! That's my least favorite part!

    1. Hey Virginia! We buy the greek yogurt every week for my husband and kids!! And YES to the frozen fruit for smoothies! I buy 2 bags of strawberries, 1 bag of blueberries and a frozen bag of kale every week for my smoothies! Totally agree about the special buys- I just usually stock up on those items if I really love them!! :)

  12. This is AWESOME...yes, would love more of these type posts!!! Love your blog and your positivity is contagious...thank you!

    1. Hi Jen! So glad you liked bed this post! And thank you so much for your kind words- I really appreciate it!!

  13. Absolutely! I used to live in Michigan where I wasn't very impressed with the cleanliness or quality of Aldi, but since moving to Minnesota it is my go-to! I would agree that cheese and seasonal produce are on my go to list - Thank you Aldi watermelon for helping me survive all those pregnancy cravings at a low cost! I can actually get milk cheaper at Costco, but we've found that we prefer Aldi's snack food brands and prices (specifically pretzels and tortilla chips)!


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