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Wednesday, November 7, 2018


How has it been over a week since I last posted?!?

Life got extra FULL last week and I literally felt like it was all I could do to just stay one or maybe two steps ahead- and basically all that meant was making sure I had food to make lunches for my family and some kind of meal ready for dinner. HA!

Anyway...I've missed checking in the past few days and I am happy to be rambling about a whole lot of nothing today!!

So- first- I must tell you that I have been VERY convicted by the screen time tracker on the Iphone. I JUST did an update on my phone (I think it needed to be done about 6 months ago- OOPS) and after the update- I was alerted about my screen time usage. OH WOW. 
The time I spend scrolling Instagram is pretty mortifying. 
Instagram is my one "phone" vice. I don't care about Facebook and all the other reasons I use my phone are purely functional- emails, texting, and researching/buying stuff via Google Chrome. I don't feel at ALL attached to my phone...but I do LOVE Instagram. I follow SO many inspirational, happy, and positive really makes me happy to check it throughout the day! BUT- after seeing how much time I was spending, on average, per day, on Instagram....well..I knew I needed to set a limit for myself. And I will tell you- while I have been cutting back significantly for over a week is still HARD to not just pop on Instagram. 
What has been amazing that I look at the use of my time completely differently. And I am looking at what I do when I want to "veg out" or "disengage." 
Who knew that little "screen time" tracker under the settings button on my phone could have sparked such a shift in me!! HA!

Tell me- do you feel like you spend too much time on your phone? Is it Facebook? Pinterest? Instagram like me??
Have you done anything to decrease the time you spend scrolling mindlessly?? 
I would love to know! I feel like it has been such a challenging- but VERY good thing for me to look at and examine the impact it has on my life!

Soooo...moving right along to my most FAVORITE comfy but cute top I am wearing lately!!
It's this "athleisure" sweatshirt from Walmart and it is seriously the perfect sweatshirt- that doesn't look like you are wearing a sweatshirt- but feels like it. You know what I mean?! HA!
The gathering on the arms just gives it that something "extra!" I own it in this pretty light aqua color and in gray as well. 
It is $12.96 and you really need to go to Walmart and get one! 
Fun News!!!
Our sunroom is 95% finished and we have been LOVING it!! I say 95%- because there are a few areas where some paint needs to be touched up and Aaron has a little bit of work to finish up around the doors- but all in all- it's done and I can't get over how awesome it turned out!! The next and final phase will be putting up some distressed shiplap on the main wall, getting an area rug and figuring out decor. We are going to wait until January to do all for now- we are enjoying the space as it is!

Currently my favorite thing to do is sit in one of the comfy chairs in our sunroom and get all of my work is just such a happy, bright space!!
We have been wanting/needing a new couch for quite some time....but as you know, couches are SO DARN EXPENSIVE. And I have 2 little boys who LOVE to use our couches as landing pads for when they decide they need to launch themselves off our coffee we have been avoiding getting something new while they are still in FULL ON CRAZY MODE.
BUT...our couch is really starting to show some major wear and we want it to stay in somewhat good of shape...because we plan to move it up to our playroom so the kids have a place to sit when they watch shows and movies.

My hairdresser recommended a great local furniture we went and checked out a few sectionals the other night and I think we have found the one we are going to get!! EEK!
It's not the one in this picture...although this couch is fabulous- its' from Paula Deen's furniture line! Who knew she designed furniture?? HA! 
Aaron and I need to go back to the furniture store to look at fabric and talk pricing with the saleswoman...but I am hoping by the new year we will have our new couch!! 
And of course, as soon as we get it delivered and in the house...I will share a picture with ya'll!!

Okey dokey...I think that's enough random rambling for today. Thanks for stopping by...I know it might sound silly...but this teeny, tiny space of the internet makes me really happy and I truly appreciate each and everyone of you who take precious time out of your day to come and read my posts!!! 

Hope you have the BEST day!!
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  1. Instagram is my vice. I got rid of Facebook in December and I don't miss it at all. However, if I sit down on the couch I find myself scrolling the 'gram more times than not and probably more than I would like. I should check my screen time. Also, I cannot wait to see your sunroom, it looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. Instagram is my downfall too. I don't get on FB very often, and not at all on my phone. But scrolling IG is definitely addictive! I have given up FB for many years for lent, but I think it will be IG for 2019. Your new couch would be gorgeous, and I love the glimpse of the sun room. Does it have heat/ac or do you just open windows?

  3. Yay for new couch shopping!! That exciting. Hope you have good luck finding one that you love. I always feel a little intimidated to make big purchases like that when there are so many options for fabric, styles, etc. Can't wait to see what you pick out! I've been feeling the same tug about social media and wanting to set better boundaries. Scrolling instagram is def my favorite way to waste time. I rarely check the usage on it bc I don't want to know. I think I'll start checking it regularly to be more aware. There are tons of things I'd like to do in my spare time and scrolling insta usually doesn't leave me feeling refreshed. Thanks for the reminder to be more aware especially as the holiday season is approaching.


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