Favorite Things: My Favorite Scarf!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend?  We did!! It was very FULL- but super fun :)  Now I need a couple days to recuperate from our weekend before the week officially starts! HA!
Today is super fun because I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for their Favorite Things Party! Today- the topic is "favorite scarves!"

Okay- so you are going to think I am super weird... BUT- I am just going to be totally honest- I don't really like wearing scarves!!!  I know they are SUPER in style and are a fabulous way to make your outfit look awesome- but I just can't wear them on a regular basis!
Here are the reasons why I can't get on board with wearing scarves: 1) I have A LOT of hair- and I feel like when I have my hair down + a big, fluffy scarf around my neck- it is just TOO much.  2) I feel kind of suffocated when I wear them.  I KNOW. I am such a freak- but I just have a hard time having all that material around my neck!  3) I just don't think i meant to be a "scarf" girl.  I will try on a fun scarf I have seen multiple people wear- and they look great in it; however, I will put it on and just look ridiculous! HA!

So with that being are the few scarves I have in my collection...
The scarf on the far right is really is chocolate brown and kind of an open weave- it is very light weight- and while I don't ever wear it- I really love it! (That makes a lot of sense- doesn't it??)
Here are a few more scarves...just very simple scarves...I do like to wear the red scarf in the middle occasionally during the holidays!
Now despite my difficult relationship with scarves- I do have a FAVORITE scarf! 
I have it in two colors....
Pardon the lighting in these next couple of pictures...I was taking them when the sun was setting!  Anyway- this scarf is from Old Navy!
I got the bright magenta one 2 years ago.  It is SUPER soft, NOT itchy at all and SO warm!!
I love the magenta one so much- that I had my husband get me the same exact scarf- in an oatmeal color last year (when they went on sale for $8!!!)
This color is such a great neutral and looks good with everything!
To prove that I am not lying and that I actually do wear my favorite scarf- here are a couple pictures of me wearing it! :) 
(This is a picture from Christmas time, 2 years ago with my sister, mom, 2 of my aunts and my cousin :)
 You can see- it is quite large and bulky....but it is SO warm and cozy- I don't feel over powered by it's size...does that make any sense??
(Sidenote- my girls look SO little in this picture!!)
Old Navy currently has my FAVORITE scarf...they have it in this gorgeous "asparagus" color and a couple other neutral colors.  From the looks like they might have gone down just a little bit in the stitch size of the scarf...but other than that looks exactly like the two I have!

I am LOVING this golden color, that Old Navy has title "busta rinds" (HA!)...I am thinking this one will have to be added to my collection this year!! Currently they are $17- but they are not on sale.  Like I mentioned, I got my oatmeal colored scarf for $8 last year.  Old Navy runs CRAZY one day sales during the holidays and that is how I was able to score it for that low of a price.  I am lucky I have a super nice hubby who happens to work about a mile away from a ton of stores- including Old Navy- and he is always willing to make an "urgent" run for me! :)

So there you have it! I REALLY don't like wearing scarves.  They make me feel claustrophoic and itchy.  BUT- the one scarf I do LOVE is my chunky-knit infinity scarf from Old Navy and I wear it all the time during the winter!

Hope you have the best Monday!! Here's to a great week ahead!! :)


  1. I love the chunky knit scarves too! They look great on you and not too bulky at all!

    1. Thank you Leigh!! I definitely feel like this is on the scarf I can wear!

  2. Love those Old Navy scarves. I might have to go check them out in person!

    1. Yes!! I would love to know what the golden color looks like in person!

  3. I'm really not a scarf person either, HOWEVER I love the chunky knit scarves too! And now i'll be going to Old Navy in the next day or two to see if they have these!! =)

    1. Johannah! I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who isn't all about the scarves!! Seriously though- I think you would love the old navy chunky knit scarf! It is SO soft!!

  4. I know exactly what you are talking about with the tons of hair issue!!

    1. Ha! I am glad you know what I am talking about! It can get a little crazy, right?!?

  5. I'm making a trip to Old Navy this weekend and I'm going to keep that infinity scarf in mind. It looks so cozy!


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