Weekly Walmart Finds: Cute Fall Clothes- Part 2!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hi! Happy Wednesday!! Thanks to good ol' Labor Day...this week is just flying by! :)
Last week, I did a post on a super cute clothing brand that Walmart carries called Healthex. You can check it out here!  Leigh, who always leaves the sweetest comments!!, commented how challenging it can be to shop for cute, affordable AND age-appropriate clothes for school age girls.  UGH.  Seriously- just because my daughter wears a size 7/8 in the girls' section...doesn't mean everything needs to be a crop top and super tight skinny jeans!! I am featuring some girls' clothing, that comes in sizes 4/5- 14/16, that I think is totally age appropriate, the prices are amazing and everything is super cute!
 You can find these clothes online at Walmart or in the store!

I just love this shift dress! This dress is the perfect Fall dress!  It comes in several different colors/patterns and is only $6.97!! While the weather is warmer, it can be worn as is and when it gets cooler, how cute would this be with a denim jacket and some fun leggings or tights?

My girls have several of these long sleeve embellished t-shirts and they LOVE them! They have just the right amount of sparkle and are so cute paired with some jeans or a skirt and leggings!  They come in several different colors and are only $5.86 each!
Aren't these stars fun?  Wouldn't this shirt be cute paired with a denim skirt and a colorful pair of tights? Or paired with a silver or red tutu or skirt for a pretty holiday outfit!
This dress looks SO comfy and CUTE!  Again, another perfect "transition" dress!  The 3/4 length sleeves are great for Fall and Spring and in the Winter, you can just layer a long sleeve t-shirt underneath the dress- or wear a pretty cardigan over it!
I think mixing and matching patterns is so fun with young girls...I love the idea of pairing this pink striped pattern with some fun polka dot tights or leggings!

I am totally picturing this dress paired with a big cream bow and cowboy boots!! How fun would that be?!?  It also comes in gray and is only $6.44!

Loving this plaid tunic!!  It comes in several different color combinations and would be so cute with some jeans or leggings!

There is a great selection of leggings at can check out solid colors here, really cute patterned leggings here and leggings made out of jacquard fabric here!

My girls do not like to wear I don't have a lot to say about them- HA!
However, this super cute pair of jeans has AWESOME reviews and they are only $6.92.  They are calling them skinny jeans, but they kind of look like a tailored boot cut to me.  Either way- I think they are the perfect cut and color to go with lots of different tops!

So what do you think?  If you have an "older" daughter, do you think she would like any of these clothes??  

My oldest daughter said she would be "willing to try" wearing a pair of jeans this I think I will get a pair of the jeans pictured above and see if she approves- HA!

Hope you have the best day!!

(I know I have said this before, but just wanted to mention it again- none of the posts I do are sponsored in anyway-I am just featuring products I love, that I use, from stores where I like to shop!) 


  1. Being a mom to an 8 year old (almost 9) it can be frustrating at times when it comes to clothes. The clothes that we are seeing in stores lately are disgusting to say the least. I know this is totally my own opinion, but just walking by the store Justice at the mall makes me completely cringe. I know there are probably some "decent" clothing in there, but 90% of the store front looks like clothing for an 18 year old. And even then i'm not sure I would want my 18 year old wearing it. Thankfully my oldest still lets me pick out her clothes for the most part, yes she does have her own opinions but thankfully they are pretty good opinions! I LOVE LOVE these options that you have chosen for older girls. My favorite is the blue with cream colored lace...and I can totally picture it with cowgirl boots and a bow too =) I love these posts that you do...and now I will be going to and placing an order! ha! =) Happy Wednesday, Justine!

    1. Johannah- I feel the exact same way you do!! I am so glad you liked some of the options I found!! I am totally in love with that blue/lace accent dress!! Your daughter will look so cute in it!! Happy shopping!! :)

  2. I love your Walmart finds and we have the same taste in clothes! Last week I bought the shift dress, plaid tunic and blue dress for my daughter. I love that she can wear these dresses now and then in the fall/winter as well!


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